Sex with a client in a Decorated Bedroom

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Hi all, I am Nani, a 24 yr smart guy from Hyderabad. my height: “6” feet, I am a call-boy. This is one of my best sex experience which happened a month ago, with one of my clients. I had many experiences, I do share my stories one after another.

I am a callboy. I do service for those, who have no satisfaction in sexual life.
I love being a callboy because I love to have sex with different ladies and girls by satisfying their inner sexual desires.

One fine day I got an SMS on my number saying “hi”, I replied “Hey”. She then introduced herself. She’s a friend of one of my client. She got my WhatsApp number from her beautiful friend. She directly opened to business saying, she wants sex with me, as she knows about me from her friend. I replied, ok sure mam. plz, tell me, mam, in what way I can help you?

She called me right at that moment and we talked for a bit while. She asked about the fee. I told her that depends on her satisfaction with my service. we discussed, a bit while more about the service.

I have given my security to her that, she will be satisfied fully to the deep and I will do the service whatever, however, she wants me to do.
lastly, I added a line, I will make you feel like you on cloud nine.

She felt overwhelmed, happy and asked me to share my the evening around 5.45 pm. She called me and said, she is at my location. I was shocked a bit. in the same way, I felt a bit much happier about her enthusiasm to have sex with me.

Damn, she is arousing. I’m stunned off by her beauty, she was in her half sleeve black blouse with black saree aha. her navel was clear to me, people roaming on the roads were having their lusty looks at that beauty.

while I am walking to her, I was looking at her navel, butts, and her boobs umm. I giggled inside about to have a wonderful feast with the sexy lady.

I went near her introduced myself to her by looking at her eyes aha she got sexier eyes, her lips were too good with pink lipstick and she had chubby cheeks.

she introduced herself after her introduction. she welcomed me into her Audi A3 car.
Her tits:36,26,38.I was having a complete scan of her inner beauties on half sleeve black. she gave a shy smile at me while I was staring at her properties.

she held the car at a medical shop and bought some pills and flavoured condoms. after that, we reached her home.

she welcomed me inside, she told me to sit on the sofa and went to the kitchen to bring some orange drink. I had it and she to had the drink with me. while she is having her drink, I saw her lips and suddenly something happened to me.

I dragged her towards me and started sucking her pink lipstick on her lips crazy feel. she tried off pushing me back, for the nth time she pushed me completely and had some breath.

I’m getting too horny seeing her in front of me, and alonely. I told her can’t wait to sleep with you.

She felt happy hearing this and nodded her head positively.

Then I asked her to show me her bedroom, she took me there.

before going to the bedroom she was walking in front of me and I’m her back. wah kya mall hai, her buts were dancing while she is walking. umm

I then in no time my dick got harder, I was rubbing my cock.seeing her buts Ummm, I slapped on her buts while she walks, she moaned with a crazy sweet voice.

it dragged me into the trance. after bedroom entry, I was mesmerized by her sex desire.

she decorated the bedroom with black and red rose petals, lights were off, she then lighted the candles and switched on the air conditioner.

ah, the room was dark, with a sexy lady. I’m getting hotter and hotter by seeing her. I just caught her from the back started rubbing her back. touching her butts, with my dick

I kept my right hand on her neck and licking her back. I turned her to my front, started squeezing her big melons on the top ber black blouse biting her neck, giving her lovebites.

her boobs got harder while I was squeezing them I clearly seen her sharp nipples from the blouse umm. I bite them on top of the blouse, she moans do it slowly without pain.

hmm, I was getting too hotter for her moans. she was enjoying my acts, I could feel that.

she gave a naughty prostitute smile and said to me u r a hard material, I’m in a trance I was sucking her white boobs. I was praising her sex tits.
I pushed her to the wall, lifted her saree and started licking her thighs, rubbing them. they were too smooth and so soft.
after a while I came up, squeezing her navel and butts, her moans were getting high.

I lift her in my arms and taken her to the arranged bedroom. laid her down on the bed I kneeled before her. I asked her to feel free and do me whatever she couldn’t do with her husband.

She began to start feeling open and she kissed me.

We kissed for a time again and she began undressing me and made me nude.

She was exhausted and doing crazy all over me. She was biting and kissing over my body. Then she kept me to the bed removed my shirt.

she started licking my chest by sitting on my thighs. for a while, I took to pain for her as she was dragging my chest hair.

I removed her blouse and her by squeezing them and having crazy was a good conversation having while doing sex with a girl.

she made me stood up and kissed my cock on top of my underwear, she is playing with it like a kid playing with toys, while she was with it.

I was getting exhausted. she is making me too horny, she kept squeezing my balls. dragging hair on that.

And finally, the show started aha. she taken my dick into her hand, rubbing front and back. she has done exactly like a professional prostitute.

Hmm, I felt super happy with her handjob to me. for a while after she took my dick into her mouth, lick the edge of my cock inner part (red colour) humm I felt crazy I’m on my cloud 9.

she has given me a lustful blowjob. sucked my balls, she has taken my two balls into her mouth aaaaaa. I was in heaven while was sucking my balls. I dragged her towards me very hard as my mood got too horny dragged her hair.

I cummed in her mouth, she took the cum into her hand. applied it to my cock and did massage to it humm lovely girl I got.

I dragged her up kept to the bed removed her red colour floral bra, and her panty. I sucked her pussy like a bastard. my hands were hitting hard on her boobs.
she was shouting her body was shivering. the room was filled with her moans I kept my tongue into her pussy.sucked her juices.
I kept punishing her boobs. she liked it very much, the harder I beat her, the harder she moans the harder my dick became.

Bought honey almond ice cream from the fridge, applied it all over her body to her pussy, butts, boobs, thighs, lips, cheeks and applied to her underarms and her navel.

already her pussy was wet by her juices, in addition to that I applied honey almond ice cream, she was enjoying it.

I started licking all with my tongue, tasting her parts. Started from her juicy pussy lips, her boobs were c in size and nipples were erected. I played and sucked all ice cream, and then navel ice cream.

I came down and started playing with ice cream on my navel. she was exhausted. unable to control her feelings. She pulled my hair, dragged with her fingers on my back. beaten on my buts. I loved it very much.

she started shouting and biting my chest to fuck her. without wasting time, I spread her legs.

I kissed and then started putting my cock into her pussy. hum. when both organs touched, we got a shiver.

After four to five tries my cock completely in her pussy.I can feel the warmness in her pussy such pleasure my cock had inside her warm pussy.

started fucking like a tortoise meanwhile when she avoided her pain and feels the pleasure. I boosted up my riding race.

her moans, darkness, candle lights Ummm heaven. after a while I cummed inside her pussy hahaha she felt too cool and relax.

I just slept on her for a while we had sex for the rest of the day. I lastly once again I suck her pussy and swallowed her juices.

I like sucking pussy and tasting juices, after
that we went to the bathroom and cleaned ourselves and did romance in the bathroom love there once more, and came back to the bedroom. We fall naked on the bed and slept in each other arms for some time.

We woke up and, she went to the kitchen to bring juices I followed her, while she was preparing juice. I again started squeezing her melons, beating on her butts.

kissed on her navel, I sucked her pussy by lifting ree and then had my juice.

she gave me some dash money and kissed me, and hugged me, she lastly kissed on my cock and send-offed me.

We meet many times after our first sex. I will narrate the story in the coming days. hoping you all will like it and support it.
hangouts I’d: [email protected]
please give me your feedback. any personal service for ladies and women I’m available 24/7 with full privacy.

Thank you.

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