My wife’s father..

This story happened about 2 years ago. I met my wife in 2015 and married in 2017. Her parents have been separated for 15 years I would say. He hasn’t dated anyone in years. First, a little more about me… I had a few encounters with other men in my past. Older men most of the time and those quickies in those peep shows. I was pretty young when it all started and my first was a friend of my fathers, but that’s for another time.

I always had an attraction for older men… I find a silver-daddy hot, not all of them, but some. My father in law isn’t by any means a stud, and that’s fine since I feel no attraction to that type of man. He’s in his early 60’s and works a lot. A good man and a great father, always there for my wife and her brother. My attraction to my father in law, we will call him Robert for the story, started 3 years ago. There was something one night that turned my on and it just stuck and grew. Just different things turned me on about him. His smell, his manly attitude… he made my cock hard very often. One night while helping him out in his garage and re-arranging a things he said a joke that just didn’t sound right… well, not from him anyways. So I just brushed it off has a “few beers” kinda thing. Fast forward to a week later and I am back in the garage to help him out. And I found a few old porno’s and started laughing. So he asked what was funny… I showed him what I found. But to my surprise there was one in there that caught my attention. So I was what’s this? pulled it out and showed it to him… he blushed and he didn’t know. So a said “she male fest”? I could tell he felt really awkward about me finding it so to break the tension I said “I was always curious about these… but I have no VHS at home so can’t borrow it” and winked in a funny way. His answer suprised me… he got closer and said “Well, I the old VHS downstairs if you to have a look”. I looked at him and said “all alone?” Ill watch it you if you want. So I agreed…

He closed the garage door and we went into the house. He set it up and he started watching it.. I was rock hard before the movie even started and couldn’t believe this was happening. So the movie starts, very dated from the early 2000’s but still decent… 2nd scene comes and I see him glancing at me from the corner of his eyes but I act as if I didn’t notice and make sure he see’s me squeezing my cock. So I noticed he did the same… 3rd scene comes on and he says “you could jerk off if you want… I won’t tell Laura” and chuckles… I said sure, but i’d feel odd if only I was doing it. So he leaned back and undid his buckle and said “you won’t be alone”. I was so anxious to see his meat but the way he was sitting down, I couldn’t a darn thing.

After a few minutes I shifted to get a glance and I could tell he moved in the opposite way so I could get a glance of him. At that point I couldn’t take it anymore so I looked at him and acted surprised… “wow… thats a huge piece Robert!” and laughed. He chuckled and gave me a good look at his piece of meat and said “Laura’s mom always had a hard time taking it down her throat” and he kinda wiggled it at me… so I while staring at his cock I licked my lips and said “I’m sure she still had fun sucking you off”. He got up and walked towards me… I froze… there he was about a foot away from my face and said “Try it… open your mouth and suck me off”. All I could say was “Yes sir…” I got on my knees and worshiped his cock. I licked that throbbing cock head like I haven’t eaten in a year… just hearing him moan while his cock was in my mouth made me cum. At that point I was drunk with desire and horny as hell.

So I sucked him as best I could. Gagging on his meat, slurping on his balls and holding his ass as I guided him down my throat. It didn’t long until grabbed my head gave me a few thrusts and I felt that hot cum slapping the back of my throat… squirt after squirt of that hot juice… I coudln’t take it all and some spilled out. He made sure he scooped it up with his cock head to slipped it back in my mouth. I was surprised because he was still rock hard after that intense load. At that moment, I wanted to be his cum bucket. I wanted him to use me as he pleased. So looking up at him I said, I always wanted to get fucked by a real man. He smiled and said turn around… I did and spead my ass cheaks and spit right on my hole. But I was so turned on that my man-pussy was already pulsating at the idea of his meat pounding me… He asked if I was ready as he pressed the tip to my ass and I was just moaned.

So he pushed in and it took almost no effort. Within a few a minute or two he was fully going in and out of my ass. I was shaking at how good this felt and I was dripping precum while I watched the movie that was still playing and having this man fucking me at a steady beat… I had just touched my cock and an orgasm just flew out of me… I was moaning and cuming. At this point I get couldn’t take anymore because I felt all his weight on me and he was grunting loudly… and that’s when I felt his beautiful cock pulsate inside my ass. Dropping all his hot cum into me. He stayed on top me and i felt him go soft. We stayed like for what seemed to be a long time.

We got up and got cleaned up. I looked at him and “My mouth and ass is yours… use me as you want, when you want”.

It’s been two years now that I am officially my father in law’s cum bucket and I love it!

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