My innocent mom fuck by my dad’s brother part 2

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Thn next day they do not talk to each other. ….becz of last night incident jetu went to work …. Thn came back in noon mom was cooking food .. now jetu ask for towel to went to bath .

Today again jetu left his underwear in the well ….and jetu came back to room to change thn time mom intensionaly went to jetu room and she say jetu was change
Mom enters the room and said lunch is ready
Jetu,try to hide him and mom notic his dick
And mool tho the kitchen thn

Mom serve him food… thn went to bath….mom saw the under wear but this time mom not only too smell but she put his toung and lick the dick portion…..

This time jetu went again to see the act
Jetu- I forget my inner give it to me
Mom- bar bar keno bhula jan( why u forget every time)
Jetu – becz u like my underwear so much that u smell and lick it
Mom remain silent and jetu went to room

At night
Jetu again msg in what’s app
Jetu- hii
Mom- ajj ki chai ( today what do u want)
Jetu – nothing just to chat with u
Mom- oooo ta ki kotha bolbe( so what will u say)
Jetu- tomar amr underwear ato bhalo lage je smell now bolle amr bara tai diya dibo chusa niba( u like my underwear so much that u smell it… If u say I van give u my dick)
Mom- accha tai ( is it so)
Jetu -. But ota tumi chule ota dariya jabe r 10 ich er hoa jabe( when u will touch it it will becom 10 inch)
Jetu- r ooo tome bal bhora guda rukte chaibe r chudte mon jabe ( thn my dick will want to enter your sexy haire pussy and fuck u)
Mom- ooo tai… Ta eta tumi chao …na tomar bara( u want or your dick)
Jetu – tomar ki mone hoi( what do u think)
Mom- amr mone hoi tumi amake chudte chao*( I thing u want to fuck me)
Jetu- jano jokhon tho chudte dao na keno tomar oii kalo bal bhor gud ke( if u know thn why can’t u give to fuck your sexy black hairy pussy .)
Mom – na na tumi chuddte parbe na amr anek ros( u can’t Abel to fuck me….becz i m very horny)
Jetu- tobe tumi jano na ami gram a sobar e bou ke chuda chudi sex korechi…( Thn u don’t no I fuck each and every person wife in village)
Mom- oooo how did u do so
Jetu – i seduce them and fuck on field. And they enjoy my dick
Jetu- foffra** gud ke chuda jol ber kore diyachi tho tomar ta tho khubi tit( I have fuck large pussy and bring water from her ….and your is very tite compte to her)
Fofra**( means the pussy after many sex season it became large and small dick does not give enjoyment to that pussy)
Mom- accha tai…..ta ki kore bujle amr ta tite( is it so …so how u can under stand my pussy is tite)

Jetu – jokhon ami finger dukachilam r tomar gud ta chat chilam tokhon e tumi ektu te suk pacchilam…( when o finger you pussy and sucked your pussy …..u shever with great pleasure.. and I feet it is tite)

Mom hearing this she start putting his finger in pussy again and msg jetu

Mom- tomar khub sok amake choudar tai na( u have a great dream to fuck me)
Jetu – yes I can’t control my dick to fuck u

Mom- ta ato jon ke chude cho tho amr modde spcl ki acche( u have fucked so many girl what is spcl in me=)

Jetu- tomar gud r otar bal r tomar dudu ato boro… R tumi ato sexy pose awaj koro ( I like your hairy pussy , your big boobs , and your morning which sex activities)
Mom fingering seeing msg
Now jetu silently went near mom room and saw mom putting his finger in pussy…
Jetu went inside mom eyes wear close and fingering in its own mood
Jetu came near mom spread leg amr remove her hand
Mom immediately wake up and said
Mom- ki korcho jao ekhan thake ( what r u doing go from here)
But jet put his finger on spread pussy Nd start rubbing her pussy…mom mood change and with morn said ,,,, ummmmmmmm ahhhhh aaaahhh ki korchooooooo charoooo na but uncle start fingering her faster and mom enjoying a lot thn uncle open her lungi and came in naked body with 8 iche dick….took my mom hand and place at her dick….mom started rubbing his dick….thn she said can u do 69 position ….mom don’t no that…but mom sleep near mom and said to suck my dick and give your pussy to me …mom did the same….and both were sucking each other….jetu full excess of her pussy today….so he sucking like an animal…mom ahhbbhh hmmmm ummmmmmm uffffgfgggfff r o chusooo. Jore chuso…..
And she also took my jetumosai dick and sucking it….
Thn mom sleep down and mom saw the full length of dick of 10 iche wich is so big ….mom said ki boro bara tomar( how big is your dick)
Jetu thn start kissing mom mom also start kissing ….while doing jetu took mom in his lap … And dick is rubbing mom hair pussy …
Now jetu open her blouse and saree thn he saw her boobs ….and immidetly is suck it and bit it….mom aaaaaaaaa lagche aste koro oooo … Plz. Ummmmm ahhhhh
But uncle in his own mood he press it so hard and suck his nipple
And said jetu- amni boro dudu kokhono chusi ni r tar por ato boro kalo nipple ( I have never suck this big boobs and this black nipple. I love it)
Mom- close eyes and enjoyed very much…..and continuous morning ….

Ummmmm uffffff aste chuso

Jetu thn mad her sleep in bed and open her saya and remaining saree and through out of bed thn he saw her full white body with black nipple and a pussy thn full of black hear …mom also seeing him

Jetu…- ajj toke mon bhore chudbo ( today I will fuck u …and full feel my demand)
Mom – accha tai …chud amake mone bhore( oo is it so thn fuck my how u want)
Jetu then …sleep on mon and start kissing and mom speed leg and put on jetu back and jetu dick rubbing mom pussy and jetu kissing mom… And sucking boobs
Thn jetu took saliva on moth and put on his dick and rubbing there pussy hard

Mom- ummmmmmm chodo aii por r tarpao na( ummmmm fuck my plz ….now I can’t wait)

Jetu put her dick head on pussy and pussed inside it gose 1/4 part and mom sound came- aaaaahhhhhhhh lagche uffffff
Jetu start slowly and mom was sketching jetu back…

Mom- ahhhh ummmmm chudo amake ( fuck me
Jetu- give full force and dick went full inside mom hairy pussy
Mom- aaaaaaaaa more gelam go aaaaaa lagche ahhhh( I will die aaaaaa)
Furst ly jetu do it slowly…. Thn slowly slow increase speed

Jetu- ki vandana …..kemon lagche…( Hey bandana how it feel)
Mom- darun go….. Uffffff aaaaaa ahhhh chudo amake r o jore ( it’s fell kaam uffff ahhhhh aaa fuck me harder)
Jetu said – vandana ajj ami toke chuda sob ros ber kore dibo ….( Vandana I will fuck so much that I will make u came)

With in few min mom came and water came out of my pussy and mom enjoyed it jetu thake chahe the position he went back…. And lift mom leg
Jetu-vandana paa ta tulo…. Ami tomar paa ta tule tomar gud marbo( lift your leg I will fuck you by lifting your leg =)
Mom lifted her leg and jetu hold it and set her dick on wet hairy pyssy pussy and start fucking faster
Jetu- tumi ha sexy vandana( name of my mom ) r tomar aiii guda bal amake chudte dao ami gud the fatiya dibo( u r so sexy vandana and your sexy pussy … Let my fuck u I will fuck u hard)

Mom said nothing till now but now uncle came and stand and took mom on the lap and jetu lift my mom up and standing fuck to my mom
Now mom start saying
Mom – sapan( jetu name) da tomar khub jor tomar bara te chodo r o jore chodo amake( sapan. U have great stamena fuck me harder fuck me )

Jetu continually doing standing fucking mean while mom one again give water
Thn jetu make her sit on bed

Jetu speed my mom leg and start sucking and biting her pussy again … Mom now- uffffff ummmmm kamara o na ( don’t bite). Uffff suck it
Mom hole my jetu moth so titely and maybe her make more deep inside chusooo r o chuso( suck it more more)
Now jetu wake up and he thn saput her dick hain in mom pussy not speed it very high…
Mom – aaaa aaa aaaa aaaa aaa aaaa aaa ufff ufff ufff ufff ajjj ajjj ummmmm chudo
With speed now

Jetu said I m comming I m comming
Mom said put it inside me don’t wast it…thn jetu gave items all spen to my mom pussy and sleep above mom …
And kiss each other

Jetu asked ..- ki bandana kemon chudlam*( her bandana how di I fuck)
Mom- ami jibone Mai anubhob hoi ni(. I never experience this this of please)
Tumi amr do bar jol ber korle( u make me orgasm 2 time I love this )

Jetu ..- aii por ek din tomar pond marbo bondana bhaloi tho pond dilao( now I will fuck tour back ….u alway walk with this sexy way)
Mom-. Na tomar bara khub boro ami parbo na( your dick is so big I can’t take it )

Jetu huge my mom and sleep in her bed

To be continued
Next part how mom mom fuck her ass
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