Hubby’s replacement:part-05

Last four days have added extra fuel in my life as my brother Jeet , neighbourhood guy Raj and delivery guy Yakub have given me immense pleasure.Its day five,left my bed nudely as I walked inside washroom and have my refreshment ,now my younger brother Jeet is missing from bed as I walked nudely to kitchen and prepared two cups of tea.later on ,as I walked to my dinning space ,Jeet walked also nudely ,both are sitting on chair and having our morning eyes are going on his erected penis as Jeet is looking at my boobs , smiled………

“tasty tea ,have you put yours boobs milk in it
(Bina)ideat don’t know it’s not giving milk right now
(Jeet laughed)oh but why darling ?
(Bina)let me conceive first and deliver a baby than you can drink milk from it
(Jeet) oh I see Bina.”

As he put empty cup on table and switched on the t.v ,while I walked nudely to kitchen to put round dome shaped ass is in friction with my boobs shaking as I am back in dinning space , sitting near my replaced hubby JEET ,as I put my arm on his shoulder ,my left breast is touching his body and he kissed my face………

“darling ,for today I am in rest
(Bina kissed his face)sure ,you will be in rest and I will work with your body ,isn’t it?
(Jeet)sure ,but who will give you company?
(Bina)too many guys will make me love ,if I walk nudely
(Jeet)ok let’s move out of home
(Bina)ideat ,it’s impossible but I will call someone if you want so.”

A married lady of 27 years with a figure of 34-26-36 and sexy ass is nude as Bina Mishra have never got emotional with her fuck buddy ,being a cock sucker and cum eater ,long cocks with a longer spending time inside my hole is my priority.never felt ashamed after being fucked by stranger as I am holding my younger brother’s cock ,he have put his arm in my shoulder as his hand moves down to hold my boobs and he is pressing it he smiled…….

“Bina,if there is more drinks in refrigerator
(Bina)let me see if there are bottles of wine and beer.”

And I walked to refrigerator as I opened it to see a bottle of wine ‘Signature’ and I came to Jeet with it as well as soda ,as I leaned forward to put it on table ,he pressed my breast hard”oohh aaauuch” and than I moved to kitchen as I came back with put it on table and started pouring wine and soda in glasses ,Jeet moved away as I am waiting for him to join me.later on ,he came with a packet of cigarette as well as lighter.while sitting close to me ,he took out a cigarette as he lit it to smoke and we both started drinking wine.It’s 10:20 am as Jeet is busy in drinking wine,I took cigarette from him to smoke as he put his one hand on my thigh ,rubbing it with his hard I am smoking cigarette and than our drinks end as Jeet took me in his lap,sitting with legs wrapped on his waist ,facing eachother ,he took my lips in his mouth and started sucking it and I am pressing my boobs on his chest.

Jeet have hold me in his arms as our mouth is in closest position and now I pushed my tongue in his mouth as his hand is holding my neck.our mouths saliva is meeting as my tongue is getting sucked and his long cock is straight inbetween our waist ,he sucked my tongue for 3-4 minutes as I pushed his face while putting my head on his shoulder ,I am kissing his neck as he is rubbing my back…….Bina ,now knel on my laps.” As I knelt ,my boobs are on his face and he hold it to push it into his mouth,my breasts front parts are getting sucked as I have hold his hairs ,his hand is on my ass as he is pushing his finger in my cunt ,a dry and hot zone he is fingering it fastly while sucking my breast ,I am screaming”oohh aahh uumm Jeet suck it hard” and he is making me horny as my other breast is in his mouth ,my nipple have become hard as boobs are tight after getting his mouths feeling sensation ,I am enjoying his mouth and lastly ,he left my breast as I left his looking at eachother ,we both walked towards bedroom as Jeet slept on bed with his legs straight ,I am on his top as my body is in opposite direction ,my mouth is facing his long tools as my sexy ass is over his face and I can see his mouth just below my vagina.its a 69 position ,as I removed it’s skin and put my rossy lips on it to kiss ,I am feeling his finger widening my vagina as his tongue is licking my cunt feeling too horny ,I took his cock in my mouth and started sucking it wildely as his tongue is fucking my vagina ,it’s elasticity is more than of a 35 years matured lady ,as I sucked his cock ,sexy voice “oohh aahh lick it fast” is coming out of my mouth and I put my tongue on wet dick to lick it as Jeet is rolling his tongue in my vagina.later on ,he started fingering my cunt as I took his cock again in my mouth to suck ,it’s a hard long object in my mouth getting more erection and than he left my vagina as I walked inside Jeet is not on bed as I moved to dinning space ,he is drinking wine alone and now as I sits near him ,he put some wine in my glass and I took it to drink.lpoking at me ,he smiled……….

“darling ,I want to fuck your ass hole
(Bina)it’s your choice but put oils and butter into it to make it wet and lubricated.”now we are in drunkun State as Jeet took me to bedroom,we both are on bed as Jeet is with a bottle of oil and a butter cake.
Bina Mishra is on bed with her back facing upwards ,as Jeet is going to love my ass as he put oils on surface of my ass and started rubbing it with palms ,his both palms are making my ass wet ,now he put a pillow under my ass as my ass hole with vaginal hole is little above of Jeet started rubbing butter cake on my ass hole as his finger is going inside with parts of butter ,he is fingering it fastly and my tiny ass hole is getting lubrication as I am feeling horny”oohh aahh Jeet ,don’t finger it” and he is pushing butter in my ass hole ,as he took out pillow from my ass and I knelt like a bitch on bed.looking back ,I can see Jeet rubbing his glans on my ass hole as he pushed it hard ,now my ass hole is getting the hard cock ,it’s 2/3 inside my ass hole and my sexy ass is getting rammed ,oh no! I have never enjoyed anal sex in a regular basis as my hole is still not too jeets penis is hitting my anus hole but he hold my waist and fucked hard to make me cry”oohh you bastard ,meri gaand fadega kya” and he is penetrating my ass hard as his cock is moving inside with hurdles,he is fucking it with speed and I am feeling bit relaxed as my horny cunt is going to cum ,making my hot body cool ,and I started moving my ass fast………

“oohh Jeet I will cum soon.”

As he took his cock from my ass hole and put it inside vagina to fuck ,as he is going hard ,my ass is moving fast and lastly ,my cunt become juicy as Jeet took out his penis and started licking my vagina with his long tongue .just like a stray dog ,moving in streets with his tongue out of mouth to taste something ,my brother is licking my vagina fast and again ,he hold his penis as he pushed his cock in my ass hole.its lubricated as his dick is brushing my ass walls ,I am swinging my ass fast to enjoy his penis in my ass hole.jeet have hold my boobs to press as he is fucking my ass and my sexy ass hole is burning as his cock is moving fast and hard inside it .later on ,I started shouting

“oohh aahh fuck my cunt Jeet ,it’s burning ” but he is pounding my ass fast as after 7-8 minutes of deep penetration poured his penis in my ass my ass hole is full of sperms as he took out his penis and pushed it in my mouth ,I sucked it to taste it’s cum.we both have bath together………..

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