My chithi tamil selvi part -1

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Hello readers I’m surya from Bangalore age 21. medium fit body. I’m a lover of armpit sweat. I was staying in my chithi chithappa home. i have been reading sex stories for a long time. This story is purely true of my life incident. The story of me and my chithi(father’s younger brother’s wife)

I watched pron at my age of 18 only i was so much addicted I’m a traditional lover of saree and thali(mangalsutra).
That I was a virgin i don’t have any sex experience

My chithi was Tamil selvi she looks like (Ava Addams) figure are 40f-36-40 she was chubby and hot she only wore saree’s she was very close to me and she takes care of me nicely. We share everything. Chithappa is lorry driver he only comes to home monthly 2 weeks the rest of the week he used to travel a lot.
Our house was 2bhk and it was a little small i had a separate room and one restroom for all

But I used to sleep in the Chithi room while Chithappa went to work. Don’t think wrong suddenly. I used to sleep down my chithi and baby sleeps in bed.

I’m used to bunk college often and staying at home. One day I watch pron milf(mother i’d like to fuck) it was so good and in a romantic ways i continued to watch the tag for rest my life. After watching a porn of that I went to the restroom My chithi was getting a bath,

Me: who’s there in the toilet. My chithi answer
Chithi: it’s me pa
Me: sorry chithi it’s urgent chithi
Chithi: okay 5 min ill come out
Me: okay chithi

She came after 5min with a red saree with wet hair and smelled beautiful I completely started to stare at her. I was imagining that milf video

Chithi: what happened soon. You said it’s urgent right go.
Me: sorry chithi you were so beautiful in saree..
Chithi: blushed and smiled poda goo

Then,I went to the toilet while I was pissing I saw her bra and panite( jadi) which was hanging on the hanger. I saw I came out

she was laughing at me. And asked
Chithi: what are you doing till now
Me : pissing and washing my face chithi
Chithi: okay pa

Later that night

Me and my chithi were watching a movie
Chithi baby was sleeping next to me
Suddenly the baby started to cry. I was managing the baby to sleep but the baby cried louder. Then chithi told me to give the baby on her lap

Chithi: baby got hungry so only baby was crying
Me: okay chithi shall I bring  food for baby ah chithi
Chithi was laughing and told me
Baby only eats milk pa
Me: ohh then shall i bring milk ah chithi
Chithi smiled and hit me on my head and told
I should only give her milk from my mulai(boobs) pa
Me:  ohh how chithi.
Chithi: okay pa ill show you but you should not tell this to anyone including your chithappa okay va promise ah
Me: okay chithi promise I’ll not say anything including chithappa
Chithi: okay

She just lifted her bouse towards the upper side. one of the big boobs(mulai) came down. Her nipples already were dripping milk and she kept her nipple in the baby’s mouth. The baby started to sucking the milk from chithi boobs(mulai). I was sitting on the side I asked my chithi if I could sit in front of you so I could watch this clearly chithi
Chithi: okay pa come

I put a chair and sat in front of my chithi to watch them

I was fully excited. After seeing that i was thinking that I would taste her milk for once but her saree for covering her boobs and baby’s face so I told my chithi it’s not visible chithi your saree is covering fully I couldn’t see anything.
Chithi was laughing and got shy
Chithi: Okay pa I can’t do it. you have to me for doing this.
Me: telling me chithi ill do anything for you
She laughed and said :Come Remove my saree pin.
Me: I don’t know how to do that chithi
Chithi: I’ll tell you to come pa
Me: okay sure chithi

She told me to lift her shoulder blouse little and keep ur one finger inside and hold the pin and push the pin from outside it will come. I did the same as she said. I took the pin out. Her saree was stripping and she told me to put on her saree fully and put on soft i did

She was wearing her big blouse and bra. I would see her one mulai and it was big and covered by a blouse. I told her
Me. Chithi it will hurt for you if the blouse is tight and u kept there shall i remove that for you chithi.
Chithi was shy and blushed
Chithi: okay pa
I started to Remove her blouse
I completely removed her blouse
I was in shock to see her big boobs. It was my first time seeing a woman breast in real life  I sat down and watched her feeding.
Me: Chithi you’re so beautiful Having these two big mulai(boobs) it’s super gorgeous
She was totally blushed and told me
You never seen any boobs in your life pa
Me: I didn’t even see a woman’s body till now you were the first chithi and you’re so beautiful
Chithi: okay chill pa
I was enjoying seeing my chithi feeding her baby.
Suddenly I asked her about chithi can i touch and drink your milk ah chithi
She was shocked and kept silent she didn’t respond for that
I again asked chithi please ill not tell this to anyone promise and including chithappa ill not tell promise chithi please

She smiled and said okay wait let baby sleep I’ll give.
The baby slept and I took the baby to the baby cots and covered with a blanket
I came to my chithi, she was sitting on the sofa watching a movie and she removed her bra also
I was completely super excited and watched two big boobs
She told me to come, i went near her i sat beside her
Chithi: see don’t tell this to anyone,one of them knows your chithappa will kill us
Me: no never I’ll not tell anyone about this chithi
Chithi: okay shall we start ah surya
Me: okay chithi

She took both the hands and kept on her boobs and told me to press it slowly i was rubbing it slowly and rubbing she was moaning, mmmm ahhh
I asked chithi what happened Chithi anything wrong i do or hurt you
Chithi: no no pa your doing this correctly do like the same
Me: okay chithi

I was rubbing her, she slowly pulled my head towards her boobs and said to open your mouth and keep your tongue out lick my nipple slowly
I kept my tongue out and slowly licked her nipple the milk started to drip i was licking it

She said now suck
I sucked her nipples and pressed her boobs and was sucking it harder and she was moaning (mmmmmmmmm,ahhhhhhhhhh)
Two of the boobs I was pressing sucking for milk were so good of taste she asked me to stand one min, and she also stood and removed her saree, she was only wearing her peticoat, she sat on sofa told me to lay your head on my lap and suck my boobs
I laid and started sucking her boobs
She told me to remove ur sleeveless

I removed and laid again I was pressing and sucking it harder. She was moaning and told me I was missing this from your chithappa he was not doing this for a long time he was only done on my first night. I told her I’ll be there for you chithi always
She kissed me on my forehead, her hands were moving on my chest and thoppul(navel)
And she saw my erect dick. She was shocked and surya you have soo big dick it was 7inches
I told chithi, I don’t know if I see sexy women nude or porn videos This will happen to me.
Shocked and asked, do you watch porn videos
Me: I’m sorry chithi, I was watching this month only
Chithi: there is nothing to be sorry pa, do u like it what they do
Me: chithi please don’t tell anyone about this mainly don’t tell chithappa
Chithi laughed and said:  no no ill not tell anyone.
Me: yes chithi I love watching that.
Chithi: super pa, I like it
Me: chithi you will also watch ah
Chithi: yes with a shy she told
Me: okay okay chithi
Chithi: Surya can you show me your sunni(dick)
Me: chithi it’s not wrong ah chithi
Chithi: it’s not wrong I’m like your second mother I have to teach you and I like to see
Me: chithi okay I’ll show
I removed my shorts and inner, dick stood straight facing my chithi

She kept her hand on my dick

Have you enjoyed reading my story and its not the end. It will continue to parts. You can give me your feedback to my mail id
[email protected]

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