Mother, Son, Father, Daughter-in-Law, Cuckold, Incest story

It was New Year’s Eve and Alex had been pregaming with his friends hours before he and his wife joined up with his family for the annual trip to Attean Lake. Their family had rented cabins every year to spend the New Year with nice scenery. They always pretended that it was a quiet retreat, but the truth was, several other families had the same idea, and the younger generation often spent the weekend downing alcohol and sneaking into each other’s cabins. That was how Alex had met his wife ten years ago.

“I have news for you,” Jackie said.

Alex smiled goofily at his wife while she drove their four runner up the forested highway that led toward the resort. She cocked a smile at him and flipped up her skirt to reveal the nylon stockings she wore underneath. He ran a hand on her nylons, loving the feel of them and cocking a smile back.

“You know how much I love nylons,” Alex said to his wife, his voice slurred.

“I know,” Jackie purred. “But that’s not the news.”

“It’s not?” Alex asked.

“Nope,” Jackie answered.

“Is it,” Alex began. He ran his hand all the way up his wife’s nylon-covered leg and pressed his palm into the warm spot between her thighs. “That I’m getting lucky tonight?”

Jackie moaned but kept her focus on the road. “That’s not news,” she replied. “You get laid every New Year’s Eve because that was our first date and I like reliving it.”

Alex smiled and nodded. “That’s true,” he said as he made circles between her thighs.

“Stop,” Jackie said with a laugh, lightly pushing his hand away. “I’m trying to drive.”

“Oh right,” he replied. “You’re driving.”

She smiled as he slid back into his seat and moved his hand back up to her knee. “So the news is that my parents have decided not to come this year. They said they are too old. Which means…”

“Ummm,” Alex tried to organize the thoughts floating through his mental fog. “We have to pay for the cabin?”

Jackie laughed. Alex was usually intelligent and clever, the kind of guy who always seemed to be thinking one step ahead, but whenever he got drunk or horny, all of that went out the window. Fortunately, the animal brain took over and as his intelligence went out the window, his libido kicked into overdrive. When he got like this, he became a demon in bed.

“It means,” Jackie explained like she was talking to a child, “that we have our cabin all to ourselves.”

“Oh,” Alex said. “‘Cause we’re not sharing a cabin with my parents or yours.”

“Thaaaaat’s right,” Jackie replied.

“Oh good,” Alex said with a goofy grin, “’cause you’re wearing nylons. Did you know I like girls with nylons?”

Jackie smirked and batted her husband’s hand away as it creeped up under her dress. Fortunately, they were only a few miles away from the resort and would be there just in time to catch the end of dinner and the start of the evening drinking.


Ruth picked up her husband’s plate and carried it over to the drop location. The kitchen staff smiled at her and took it happily off her hands. She smiled back and then pulled a red envelope out of her purse.

“I know this is unexpected,” she said to Maria before she could walk off with her plates, “but this is from Nico and me. It’s just a thank you gift for your staff for working this evening. We understand there are eight of you?”

“Si, Missus Makris,” Maria replied.

“Great,” she said, “so that would be $150 for each of you. Happy New Year.”

“Thank you, Missus Makris,” Maria said and took the envelope graciously from Ruth’s hands.

“Now,” Ruth said, “the real secret… do you think you could have a bottle of Champaign put in our cabin with Mister Makris knowing?”

“Si, Missus Makris,” Maria responded.

“Great,” Ruth replied. “I have a special plan for him tonight and I want to surprise him.”

“Si, Missus Makris,” Maria said, a conspiratorial smile growing across her face, “I take care of it myself.”

“And that is why you are my favorite, Maria,” Ruth returned.

Turning away as Maria took the plates and the envelope back to the kitchen, Ruth looked for her husband. Glancing through the glass of the dining hall, she saw him standing outside in the waning light of the sunset. He was laughing and smoking a cigar while standing in a circle with three friends, “the boys” as Ruth called them. She smiled and walked out the door near them.

“So then I said,” Nico was saying as she approached, his accent weak after nearly 45 years living in the US, “if you want to jerk me off like that, you should have got a hotel room.”

All four of the men laughed at her husband’s story. Ruth rolled her eyes as she approached the men, accepting that they were all still tween boys in their minds. That was how all men were.

“I bet that shocked him,” Levi Goldstein, one of her husband’s closest friends, said.

“It did,” Nico replied, puffing smoke from the cigar out of his mouth. “But it also got him to double his offer.”

“Damn right,” a semi-slurred voice said from behind Ruth.

Turning quickly, she smiled as her eyes confirmed what her ears had heard. Alex and Jackie were approaching the group, smiles on their faces. She could tell that Alex had been drinking, something of a problem she had begun to expect, but he seemed to be still put together. Plus, Ruth trusted Jackie to keep her son in line, which she had for a decade now.

“Kamari mou!” Ruth exclaimed as she opened her arms. “I thought you would never make it.”

“Hi Mom,” Alex said, wrapping his arms around his mother.

She had slowly gained weight over the years, mostly because of age and slowing metabolism, but Alex, even in his drunken state, realized that his mom seemed more fit. She still had a thicker frame than when she was younger, but there was something about the way she gripped him that seemed stronger and lither.

“You look good, Ruth,” Jackie said from behind Alex as if she could read his mind. “I guess those yoga classes have been paying off.”

“Yes!” Ruth said as she pulled away from her son. “I have been noticing quite the change.”

“My boy!” Nico shouted from the deck. “Happy New Year! Come have a cigar with the men.”

Alex stepped out of the hug with his mother and looked to his wife. She nodded and he gave her one of his goofy smiles before heading up the steps to join his father and the other heads of household clearly holding some kind of business meeting in their dinner jackets and fancy, sheep-lined bomber coats to fight off the cold. At least Alex was dressed like he should be there.

Ruth adjusted her clothes, including the panty hose she’d been wearing for the special occasion.

“Alex seems…” Ruth began, talking to her daughter-in-law.

“I let him have time with his friends before we left,” Jackie said. “He’s actually been pretty sober considering the holidays. Thanksgiving was the last time he drank.”

“Good, good,” Ruth replied. “I’m glad you understand that husband’s need boundaries and we’re the ones to give it to them.”

“Of course,” Jackie returned. “If we didn’t keep them in check, they’d all be riding lawn mowers to the bar every day.”

Ruth and Jackie both laughed. The men, for other reasons, laughed at something they had been talking about. Ruth turned her attention to them and saw Alex was holding a lit cigar and talking with his hands, ever the younger version of his father. She smiled because Nico was a good man and great husband, and so her son had become one as well. And, if she were being honest, Nico had been a heavier drinker when he was younger.

“How has business been?” Jackie asked, apparently hearing more from the men than Ruth had.

“A good year for Nico,” Ruth answered.

“Same for Alex,” Jackie replied.

“We are blessed with great men,” Ruth stated. “Speaking of great men, where is your father?”

“Mom and Dad decided not to come up this year,” Jackie answered. “They didn’t want to deal with the snow.”

“So true,” Ruth said, pulling her jacket around her neck as if she just noticed the snow dusting the ground outside. “At least our cabins are warm.”

Turning to the group of men, Ruth spoke, “Speaking of cabins, I am going to get out of the cold. Don’t stay out too late, Mister Makris.”

“Yes, Mother,” Alex replied, eliciting chuckles from the other men.

“I meant your father,” Ruth returned.

“Yes, Mother,” Nico replied in the same tone, cadence, and style as his son.

This elicited laughter from the other men.

“Boys,” Ruth said, shaking her head. However, the smile on her face betrayed her amusement.

“I’m going in too,” Jackie called to her husband.

“Yes, Mother,” one of the other men called, causing the group to laugh.

Ruth and Jackie hugged before heading in opposite directions to the cabins. The men on the porch continued talking and once the women were far enough away, one of the men brought out the bottle of vodka he’d been hiding in his jacket from the wives and the men began the serious drinking.


Stumbling toward the cabins, Alex shushed a garbage can he bumped into, trying not to disturb the people who’d already retired for the night. His father was standing by the semi-frozen lake, staring at the fireworks cannons erected by the staff while Alex carried both their room keys. They had dropped them so many times, neither knew which was the right one. Fortunately, as they came to the first set of cabins, they found one of the staffers on their way to load the fireworks powders.

“Excuse me,” Alex said, waving the staffer over. “I’m trying to find my room.”

“Of course,” the young man said as he approached. He pulled out a small device and began typing something. “What is the name?”

“Makris,” Alex replied.

“Of course, Mister Makris,” the staffer answered. “You are in cabin 48.”

Alex looked at the two keys and moved them closer and farther a few times until he could read the numbers. 16 and 48. He raised the one numbered 48 and put it into his pocket, assured that he wouldn’t mix them up again.

“Thank you,” Alex said and pulled a twenty-dollar bill from his other pocket. “Happy New Year.”

The staffer took the bill and smiled. “Happy New Year to you too, Mister Makris.”

Alex walked awkwardly to his father and handed him the key to cabin 16. His dad gave him a goofy smile and then reached up to pad his shoulder.

“You are a good boy, Alex,” Nico said. “And you have a good wife. I hope you are treating her well.”

“Very well,” Alex responded.

“Good,” Nico said. “When I was younger, I made a lot of mistakes, but your mother was not one of them.”

“I know, Papa,” Alex replied. “Why don’t we get you back to her.”

“Oh, yes,” Nico replied, moving his hips like he was dancing. “Your mother told me that tonight we might…”

“Huh?” Alex asked. He watched his father for a long moment before he realized the man was using dancing as a euphemism. “Oh. Then we need to get you back to the cabin quickly.”

“Yes,” Nico agreed. “I am beginning to get into my mood. Your mother says I turn into an animal.”

“Okay,” Alex said with a chuckle, “I don’t need to know that.”

“It should not be shameful for a man to want to ravish his woman like a tiger in the wild,” Nico argued.

“It is not,” Alex replied, “but his son also doesn’t want to hear that his father dominates his mother in bed.”

Nico stopped and seemed to think about Alex’s words for a long time. Then he chuckled and said, “I think you are right. Point me to my cabin and I shall not speak another word.”

Alex scanned the cabin area and realized cabin 16 was on the opposite end of the lakeside row as 48. He turned his father toward the cabin and pointed.

“And a good night to you, Alexander,” Nico said, his voice turned formal.

“Good night, Father,” Alex said in a similarly formal fashion.

Walking to cabin 48 proved to be a bit trickier than Alex imagined. For whatever reason, someone had put snow in his way, and snow was slippery. He thought one of the staffers was going to lose his job in the morning, and he did not want to be in that office when the boss man came down hard. Honestly, why snow?

The lock to cabin 48 also proved to be tricky. The darn thing kept moving around on him. He thought there should be some law against locks that move, but for now he would deal with it and talk to the resort manager in the morning. After all, it was only a few minutes to midnight, and he didn’t want to be calling the manager just moments before he started a new year.

The cabin was dark when he opened the door and Alex tried to be as quiet as possible. His wife seemed like she was asleep, laying under the thick blankets of the one bed in the room. Stepping in quickly, he closed the door and rejoiced that he hadn’t let most of the heat of the room out. In fact, it was downright hot now that he’d been in the frosty outdoors, and he started taking off his clothes as he got farther into the single room cabin.

Kicking off his shoes and dropping his outer layers, Alex noticed the bottle of champagne in an ice bucket on the small table in the cabin in the thin line of light that snuck in through a slit in the curtains. There were two glasses next to it, one filled with a bubbling, amber liquid while the other was empty. The empty glass was smeared with lipstick, and he smirked at his wife’s indulgence. She was a lightweight, so any amount of alcohol got her tipsy.

He downed his glass, but when he went to pour more, he realized there was nothing left in the bottle. Shaking his head, he knew Jackie had drunk it all. She was going to be in a good mood in the morning… if not now that he was in the room.

Taking off his final layer, Alex crawled under the covers next to his wife, realizing she was still clothed. Greeted by the feeling of her nylons, his cock began to gradually spring to life as he rubbed his hands down the side of her leg. She moaned quietly, as if being awakened from her sleep, and the moan triggered something inside him. Pushing his hips forward, he ran the trip of his cock between her thighs, feeling the press of her hosiery against his sensitive points.

He noticed that her thighs felt softer than usual, but it made it feel better, like he was able to feel more of her around his cock. He moaned lightly as he pushed all the way through, feeling the head of his cock come out the other end. Reaching around his wife’s hips, he pressed the tip of his cock up with his fingers, pressing it against her pussy as he thrust it back and forth.


Ruth woke slowly to the pressure on her pussy and smiled as she felt her husband’s body pressed into hers. She moaned light and reached behind herself with her free hand, the other pinned under body as she was laying on her side, and put a hand to her husband’s hip. She knew he was muscular, if a bit flabby because of age, but he had obviously been working out. His muscles flexed powerfully as he thrust his cock between her thighs and against her pussy.

She began to move with his thrusts, pushing her hips back into his. She may have been 49 years old, but she was still in her sexual prime. Digging her hips down so that his cock pressed against her panty hose, threatening to enter her despite the fabric, they both moaned in unison, slowly their bodies as they felt the movement.

Ruth repeated this motion again, causing both to moan. A third time and her heart began to race with anticipation. Letting his slide back out all the way, she felt him grab her hips and force himself back into the teasing position. She wanted him to take her like that, and she knew he wanted it too.

“Fuck it,” he said.

Before she could realize there was no accent, not even a faint one in his voice, he reached both his hands down and tore a hole in her panty hose. She gasped in surprise but was soon moaning as the head of his cock, slick with precum and hard as stone, pressed into her dripping opening.

She didn’t remember the last time Nico had been so hard, but as he pressed into her, she felt the strength of it. He was so hard, he gouged into the rough patch of skin inside and to the front of her pussy. As the tip ground against all her nerve ending inside her, Ruth could not stop herself from moaning loudly and he pushed all the way in.

Once he was all the way inside her, she tried to rest with him there, flexing her kegels around his cock, but her husband, like usual, pulled his cock almost all the way out and drove it into her a second time, harder and faster than the first time. She gasped as he drove unexpectedly fast inside her, shooting a bolt of painful pleasure through her whole body. The next thrust repeated and she felt the bolt rush through her.

Realizing he was not going to stop, she moved with him, easing the pain portion but keeping the pleasure. She began to moan and pant in time with their movements, and for whatever reason, she moved her pinned hand to the soft tissue of the front of her pelvis and felt him trying to push through her skin.

“Oh god,” she moaned.


Nico had come into his dark cabin and found his wife on her knees in the bed. He only saw her in the moonlight that came through the window of the second bedroom in their cabin, but she had been kneeling, her legs spread open and trapped by some kind of metal bar. She had never done that before, but he remembered she had been interested in that 50 Shades book a few years back. In the faint light, he saw her damp panty hose and the hole she had torn in them for him.

He stumbled across the room, finding it much larger than he remembered, but he also knew he was drunk. His clothes caused him some trouble, but they were off him before he climbed onto the bed and shuffled toward her on his old, stiff knees. His cock was also stiff, and he grabbed it with his hand, his thumb and forefinger barely touching around his girth. He spit on it as he approached his wife.

“You made me wait a long time,” she said. “But it made me want you more.”

Nico barely registered that his wife was speaking to him, and he grunted and agreement before putting the head of his cock at her warm opening. She was so wet, he realized he didn’t need to have spit on it. Making his customary circle, he pressed the head into her opening.

“Oh fuck,” she moaned. “SHIIIIIT.”

Nico was surprised at his wife’s language, but he suddenly forgot all about that as he realized she was the tightest she’d ever been. Whatever her workouts had been lately, they had done wonders for her… it was like she hadn’t even had a kid.

Grabbing her hips, he pulled her toward him with his powerful arms. He felt every inch of her as he took her pussy. There was a tension and suction as he pulled her all the way until his balls pressed against her clit and her ass came to his pelvis. An air bubble rolled down his cock, creating as strange feeling until it escaped her entrance with a bizarre gasp. However, as it did, the suction became intense as she completely surrounded his dick with her velvety interior.

“Oh,” she moaned as he tried to pull his hips back. It felt as if her cervix was to pull his cock into her, pulling him back. “You’re so big tonight.”

Nico pulled on her hips some more and felt something stop him. There was a sound like a chain, and looking toward the source, he could see something wrapped around the headboard that ran down to her wife’s wrists, which were chained together.

“That’s right, Alex,” she said, “you can do whatever you want to me tonight. Happy New Year.”

Nico stood still, his cock still buried in his daughter-in-law, as he began to consider what to do next. He realized now that she was wearing a blindfold, which seemed like overkill with how dark the room was, but Nico knew this was in his favor. As long as he did what he wanted and left before she took the blindfold off, he was safe…


Enjoying the hard thrusts into his wife, Alex lost himself in the excitement. He reached around her, realizing in his drunk fog that she’d put on some weight lately he hadn’t noticed, and tried to grab for her tits. Her dress was in the way, so Alex tore her dress and pulled one of her massive tits. It fell out sloppily, but Alex grabbed a handful if the soft tissue and began to knead it as he thrust into her, hard and fast.

After what felt like forever, he realized that if he wanted to cum, he was going to have to get faster and harder.

“I love your fucking pussy,” Alex said to his wife.

“Wait,” she began, “Al-”

Alex rotated her onto her stomach in a flash, mounting her in the same motion. He could hear her trying to say something, but he shoved her face into the mattress like she always enjoyed and placed his other hand on the small of her back to leverage himself as he began to rock his hips and pound himself into her.

“Allllllex,” she said in a well muffled voice. “Stoooop.”

He kept pounding into her, knowing their safe word was banana. She felt amazing, so velvety soft inside, that he didn’t recognize the feeling. He also felt the tickling sensation of her pubic hairs against his balls, a feeling he hadn’t had in a long time because she usually waxed. These new sensations made the whole moment feel magical.

“Pllleeeease,” she said.

“Please cum?” Alex teased. “I will if you are a good girl for me.”

He started slapping down into her, hearing the skin-on-skin as he felt his balls slap against her clit. Her round ass jiggled with each thrust, and it momentarily mesmerized him.

“Oh god,” she moaned. “Oh Alex… I’m…”

He felt her whole body tense and he knew what that meant. Tensing his own muscles to hold the angle, depth, and rhythm, he repeated his movements over and over again, feeling her pussy squeeze hard against his. He waited, smiling, expecting to hear her scream.


Ruth didn’t know what to do. She realized too late it wasn’t her husband who had come in the room, but rather her son. However, he was acting like he thought she was Jackie; he was probably drunk enough that he honestly did think he was having sex with his wife.

As she protested, he pressed harder, and now here she was on the brink of an orgasm. She could tell it was going to be an intense one since he had stimulated parts of her she’d forgotten about since his father had grown to rely on his size rather than his skill over the years.

Am I about to let myself have an orgasm with my son? She asked herself. Shouldn’t I be screaming and vomiting at even the thought of it.

But then the thought of her beloved son’s cock inside her, about to cum in his mother’s pussy, was the exact thought that brought her over the edge.

He continued to pound her relentlessly as the wave of pleasure pulsed out from her vagina, causing even the ends of her hair to feel like they were exploding with electricity. She trembled under him as he showed her his strength, leveraging himself off her and shoving her into the bed, even as she screamed through the orgasm that rocketed through her body. In that moment, she knew that if incest was wrong, God would not have made it feel so good.


Jackie had no idea what was making her husband feel so big this evening, but she wasn’t going to knock a good thing. She could feel him stretching her and she liked the feeling. She liked it more than she realized, but whatever was causing this had obviously sparked something in Alex.

She hung limp against the chains as he used her hair to pull her to their ends and couldn’t stop moaning in pleasure. He’d wrapped a hand around her and was playing with her clit as he pushed himself in and out of her. And the movements of his fingers seemed to be unlocking some kind of orgasmic combination.

As she fell into a second orgasm, the first having come the moment he filled her up in a way she’s always dreamed about but never experienced, she imagined his goofy face when he was looking up at her in the car ride.

“Oh Alex,” she moaned. “I love you.”

She felt herself squirt on him as the waves of pleasure rolled over her. Her husband paused while this happened, like she hadn’t done it several times over their marriage. But then he growled in excitement and flipped her over to her back in a single, powerful move.

She laughed as she landed on the bed, her arms still above her head and her legs still spread by the bar.


Alex was surprised when he wasn’t drenched by his wife’s orgasm, but it didn’t bother him so much to stop him. He stopped pounder her so hard, his heart beating heavily as a warning it might explode, so he leaned down onto her, putting his face into the back of her head as he began to work his cock into her pussy.

“Oh Alex,” she said.

She turned her face toward him, but he couldn’t see her in the limited light. Guessing, he leaned forward and found her lips. He kissed her passionately and she kissed him back. Ten years of marriage and she still managed to make their kisses feel the spark like it was their first time.

He slid his arms along hers and slowly raised them above her head as he continued to saw himself inside her wonderful, slick pussy. He grabbed her hands above her head and felt his ring clink against hers, making him smile.

Feeling sentimental, he stopped and leaned into her ear.

“Turn over,” he said. “I want to do something a little different.”


Jackie was surprised to be on her back. That wasn’t usually Alex’s thing. However, as she laid there, he was pounding her into the mattress, nearly tearing her vagina in the process.

She loved it.

Feeling another orgasm coming on, she arched her back and felt the tip of his massive cock grind against her g-spot while plowing heavily into her A-spot.

“I’m cumming again,” she whimpered.

Her husband reacted by pressing his body forward, bringing her ankles to her ears and accidentally pressing the metal of the bar to her throat. She panicked, knowing that if he pressed harder, he would cut off her airway.

“Banana,” she shouted instinctively.

Her husband growled a response, his mouth to her ear, but he did not stop. In fact, he sped up.

“Banana,” she said again. “Banana.”

Her husband leaned up and grabbed the bar as he suddenly started shoving himself as deep into her as he could. And now he was cutting off her air…


Alex slid himself back into his wife now that she laid on her back and lowered himself on top of her. The ring had made him a bit sentimental, and he wanted to make love to his wife. Plus, she felt so amazing.

He kissed her as he began to rock his hips and cock into her gently, feeling her with each movement. She gyrated her hips slowly in line with his motions and he loved it. He loved how responsive sexually she had always been to him.

He pulled her other breast free and began to fondle them as he kissed her, his hands running all over her body. She had given herself to him, as she always had to her husband, and when she tilted her hips up so he could sheath his cock all the way inside her he knew he would be finishing soon.

Pulling away from the kiss, he took the boob near his mouth and sucked the nipple into his mouth as his body prepared to cum. There was something different about the softness of the thing, but something familiar. As the fog began to fade in his mind, he didn’t know where he knew the boob from, but he knew it wasn’t his wife.

“Oh Alex,” said his mother’s voice.

Alex snapped his head away and pulled back. Underneath him, the woman locked her legs around his ass and ground him deep inside her. When he tried to pull away, she held him tight and pushed herself off the bed.

Alex was surprised when she used the motion to move him onto his back, his head at the foot of the bed. She came over with him, separating her feet so that he fell into the mattress. Her legs planted on either side of his hips, she pushed herself onto him, smashing her clit into his pelvis.

Alex was shocked and horrified, but he was on the edge of orgasm as his mother made clockwise circles with her hips. He reached up in the dark, but she guided his hands to her two massive breasts, and he felt himself close to finishing.

In the first burst of the firework light, Alex looked up into his mother’s face as he felt the first ropes of cum spring free. He could feel that his cum shooting inside her caused her pussy to tense. In the second burst of light, he saw the orgasm on her face before he heard her high-pitched wail.

Drowned out by the booms of the fireworks, both Alex and Ruth shouted their mutual orgasm into the night.


Jackie was choking, feeling her hold on consciousness slipping away. She pulled on the chain around her wrist, she pushed back with her legs, but nothing worked. She panicked, thinking that her husband was about to kill her during sex.

In a last-ditch attempt, Jackie pulled her blindfold off, hoping she could make eye contact with her husband, but the room was dark beyond.

She felt the strange sense of cum shooting into the airtight space and then there was a loud boom.

In the sudden light, Jackie found herself looking into the face of her father-in-law as he held her leg bar to her neck. His face was twisted, and she realized that he was cumming inside her…

And then, he let go of the bar.

As air came back to her, so did emotions and sensations. Everything felt different and the sudden cushion of cum around his massive cock was one of the best she’d ever felt. That was until the surprise orgasm hit her.

As Nico pulled out of her with a slick pop, Jackie moaned and trembled through her orgasm. She felt like a slut for not only having fucked her father-in-law, but also enjoying it. Because the first thought she had after seeing his face was not how wrong it was… but how much she had loved his thick dick inside her.

Lifting her legs suddenly, she brought the bar behind her father-in-law’s head and looked him right in the eyes, her orgasm still pulsing through her. He looked back.

“Put it back in, Papa,” she whimpered.


Alex did not know how to reconcile the fact that he’d just cum inside his mother, but Ruth made it easy for him. She pulled him back onto her and held him tightly while placing gentle kisses on him and calling his sweet Greek pet names.

They stayed like this through the whole fireworks show and when it was over, they laid together in silence, breathing deeply in unison. At some point, his cock had grown flaccid and fallen out of her, but they hadn’t moved. Alex suspected that if he said nothing, they would fall asleep like this.

“Ummm…” Alex started.

“Shh,” Ruth replied.

“No,” Alex said, “we should probably talk about this.”

“Talk?” Ruth asked. “What is there to talk about? You gave me the most amazing New Year’s present.”

“Mom,” Alex replied. “That was wrong.”

“Why did it feel so good then?” Ruth asked. “If God wanted it to be wrong, why would he make it feel so good? And what about Abraham, the father of nations? He married his sister…”

Alex was shocked but he could not deny that he had enjoyed what had just happened. He took in a deep breath and climbed soberly off his mother.

“Are you going?” She asked.

“I have to,” Alex said. “If Papa were to come in…”

Ruth did not protest. She knew that her son was right and Nico would not take well to finding out he’d been cuckolded by his own son. Instead, she turned on a light so Alex could dress himself quickly and leave. In the light of the single lamp, she appreciated his body.


As he walked into cabin 16, Alex heard his wife’s orgasmic cries. He made his way in the dark toward the noise and found the door to the master bedroom open. In the dim moonlight, he saw the bigger frame of his father and the slender, big breasted frame of his wife.

He could hear chains and other metal, but mostly, he heard the wet slapping sounds of sex and the grunting and moaning of both participants.

“Fuck me harder, Papa,” Alex heard from his wife.

“I fuck you all night,” he heard his father say.

Stealthily slipping back into the hallway, Alex quietly exited the cabin. He stood outside for a long moment, considering what was going on. It was clear his wife knew there was a mix up, but she obviously wanted to keep going. And if he knew her libido, she wouldn’t be done for hours…


Ruth had stripped off all her clothes and had turned on the shower when she heard the cabin door open. She hopped in the hot water, hoping to clean herself off quickly before her husband saw her or smelled her son on her.

The sudden opening of the curtains took her by surprise. Expecting to see Nico, she was pleasantly surprised to find Alex had returned. She stood there in the light of the bathroom, completely naked, and stared at him. He looked her up and down before reaching down to undo his belt.

Ruth smiled and turned around, offering her son access to her from behind.



Ruth and Nico sat in the lounge chairs on the beach and looked at the dozens of people skittering around the surface of the lake in boats, jet skis, and other summertime recreational vehicles. Ruth wore a light sundress that hung daintily on her thick curves. Nico wore nothing but yellow and blue swim trunks.

“Sorry we’re late,” Jackie said as she waddled up behind her in-laws, her giant, pregnant belly protruding. “Alex forgot the chairs and we had to go back for them.”

“It’s alright,” Ruth said, “you’re still very early for the fireworks.”

“Am I though?” Jackie asked conspiratorially.

Alex came up behind his wife and quickly unfolded the chair for her. She sat slowly, placing herself between her mother-in-law and her father-in-law. Alex kissed the top of his wife’s head and handed her a cabin key. She made a kissing noise in return and watched as her husband set a chair next to his mother.

“They are going to make buffalo burgers for dinner in the dining hall,” Nico said. “Can you believe that?”

“I guess that’s pretty American,” Alex replied to his father.

They all laughed and as Alex turned to look out over the lake, he saw his wife slip the room key he’d given her into his father’s swim trunk pocket.

“Happy 4th of July, Alex,” Ruth said to her son.

“Happy 4th of July, Mom,” Alex returned.

He felt his mother’s hand on his thigh and realized there was a key in his swim trunk pocket. He twisted off the top of his beer bottle and smiled, knowing that it was going to be another good holiday for the Makris family.

The End

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