Mother, Son, Father, Daughter-in-Law, Cuckold, Incest story

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It was New Year’s Eve and Alex had been pregaming with his friends hours before he and his wife joined up with his family for the annual trip to Attean Lake. Their family had rented cabins every year to spend the New Year with nice scenery. They always pretended that it was a quiet retreat, but the truth was, several other families had the same idea, and the younger generation often spent the weekend downing alcohol and sneaking into each other’s cabins. That was how Alex had met his wife ten years ago.

“I have news for you,” Jackie said.

Alex smiled goofily at his wife while she drove their four runner up the forested highway that led toward the resort. She cocked a smile at him and flipped up her skirt to reveal the nylon stockings she wore underneath. He ran a hand on her nylons, loving the feel of them and cocking a smile back.

“You know how much I love nylons,” Alex said to his wife, his voice slurred.

“I know,” Jackie purred. “But that’s not the news.”

“It’s not?” Alex asked.

“Nope,” Jackie answered.

“Is it,” Alex began. He ran his hand all the way up his wife’s nylon-covered leg and pressed his palm into the warm spot between her thighs. “That I’m getting lucky tonight?”

Jackie moaned but kept her focus on the road. “That’s not news,” she replied. “You get laid every New Year’s Eve because that was our first date and I like reliving it.”

Alex smiled and nodded. “That’s true,” he said as he made circles between her thighs.

“Stop,” Jackie said with a laugh, lightly pushing his hand away. “I’m trying to drive.”

“Oh right,” he replied. “You’re driving.”

She smiled as he slid back into his seat and moved his hand back up to her knee. “So the news is that my parents have decided not to come this year. They said they are too old. Which means…”

“Ummm,” Alex tried to organize the thoughts floating through his mental fog. “We have to pay for the cabin?”

Jackie laughed. Alex was usually intelligent and clever, the kind of guy who always seemed to be thinking one step ahead, but whenever he got drunk or horny, all of that went out the window. Fortunately, the animal brain took over and as his intelligence went out the window, his libido kicked into overdrive. When he got like this, he became a demon in bed.

“It means,” Jackie explained like she was talking to a child, “that we have our cabin all to ourselves.”

“Oh,” Alex said. “‘Cause we’re not sharing a cabin with my parents or yours.”

“Thaaaaat’s right,” Jackie replied.

“Oh good,” Alex said with a goofy grin, “’cause you’re wearing nylons. Did you know I like girls with nylons?”

Jackie smirked and batted her husband’s hand away as it creeped up under her dress. Fortunately, they were only a few miles away from the resort and would be there just in time to catch the end of dinner and the start of the evening drinking.


Ruth picked up her husband’s plate and carried it over to the drop location. The kitchen staff smiled at her and took it happily off her hands. She smiled back and then pulled a red envelope out of her purse.

“I know this is unexpected,” she said to Maria before she could walk off with her plates, “but this is from Nico and me. It’s just a thank you gift for your staff for working this evening. We understand there are eight of you?”

“Si, Missus Makris,” Maria replied.

“Great,” she said, “so that would be $150 for each of you. Happy New Year.”

“Thank you, Missus Makris,” Maria said and took the envelope graciously from Ruth’s hands.

“Now,” Ruth said, “the real secret… do you think you could have a bottle of Champaign put in our cabin with Mister Makris knowing?”

“Si, Missus Makris,” Maria responded.

“Great,” Ruth replied. “I have a special plan for him tonight and I want to surprise him.”

“Si, Missus Makris,” Maria said, a conspiratorial smile growing across her face, “I take care of it myself.”

“And that is why you are my favorite, Maria,” Ruth returned.

Turning away as Maria took the plates and the envelope back to the kitchen, Ruth looked for her husband. Glancing through the glass of the dining hall, she saw him standing outside in the waning light of the sunset. He was laughing and smoking a cigar while standing in a circle with three friends, “the boys” as Ruth called them. She smiled and walked out the door near them.

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