Loving couple deals with a husband’s high sex-drive

I’ve been married for 20 years. It didn’t take my wife Tammy and I too long to figure out that I had a much stronger sex-drive than she did. Frankly I have thoughts of sex about 5 times an hour and my wife has the same thoughts about once every 5 days. I’m sure it is a rare occurrence when two married people have the exact same desired level for sex. The way we solved the problem with me wanting constant sex and my wife ‘not being in the mood’ at the same time was with a shared handjob. Nowadays we think we have perfected the mano experience to a fine art.

Our perfect handjob includes the following two aspects.

1. A loving and understanding wife’s participation

2. A self-administered well-lubricated masturbation session.

When my wife is not in the mood for sexual intercourse she definitely doesn’t want to put much physical effort into getting me off. Luckily I possess a vivid imagination and my kinky side lets her take my mind to the places it needs to find release.

Shortly after our marriage we discovered I was submissive and she was the dominate one in the bedroom. Over the years my submissiveness has morphed into many different avenues of sexual variations for us.

We started with the usual diversions. Strap-ons, spankings and Tammy always being in charge as far as sex goes. These games progressed into her dressing me in panties and lingerie on the occasional nights we played in bed. Then there was the Mistress/slave relationship and most of the aspects those games include.

Recently my mind has wandered to what I have found to be one of the most popular fantasies of many married men; watching your wife have sex with another man. These cuckold fantasies have definitely taken my handjobs to a totally higher level of sexual and mental release.

Before we go too much further let me tell you about Tammy. Her youthful appearance fools many into thinking she is much younger than her 40 years. At 5’5″ she has one of those perfect MILF bodies that many men lust over on the internet. Her firm rounded hips and trim waist leads to soft and full natural C breasts that I love to play with. Her short blond hair helps her portray the dominant look. I lust over her body as much now as I did when we first met.

We decided a long time ago that it was not healthy for a relationship if either party was to become sexually frustrated. So we felt direct communication was the best course of action for a strong marriage.

I’m allowed to get a handjob anytime I want one, all I have to do is ask. Sometimes I get them in the daytime, but most of them I get at night.

Many nights I’ll simply say, “Hey honey I’d love to get laid tonight or sweetheart, how about some sex tonight. Or a similar version thereof.”

Most of the time I’ll hear this response, “Handjob baby!”

The house rule is once I’ve asked, then I have to recieve the handjob. If I try to back out or try to coerce her into having sex, she is allowed to deny me sex for as long as she wants.

A while back while investigating the Hotwife websites Tammy discovered that orgasm-denial was fairly standard Hotwife training for submissive husbands. So one night when it seemed that my handjob might not be as pleasurable as usual and I tried to bargain for another time, Tammy used her rights and denied me sex for a whole month. Opps!!

I know it kind of makes me seem like a sissy to not push my wife into having sex with me. But I guess my submissive side really likes the fact that Tammy controls the sex we do have. And in actuality, when faced with a handjob or no sex at all, I guess I am no different than any other red-blooded American male. Settling for a ‘perfect’ handjob is really not such a bad bargain.

Of course I hear ‘handjob baby’ at different times besides the ‘getting ready for bed’ moments. There’s the ‘middle of the night’ times when I wake up at two in the morning after some sexy dream and start petting my wife’s butt hoping to arouse her sleeping passion. At these times when I have woken her from a sound sleep she usually slowly rolls over and coldly says, “Handjob you little fucker and you aren’t going to like it.”

Then there’s the ‘my horny husband is too drunk to fuck’ times. These are the times when we are at a party or bar and I start to get really amorous in public and my wife knows I’ll be a worthless fuck when I get home. At these times when I hear her tell me I’ll have to settle for a handjob I actually get more excited then if she said let’s go home and make love. The anticipation and knowing that she will take charge when we get home really starts my engine going.

There’s also the ‘afternoon amorous husband’ times. Sometimes I can’t keep my hands off of my beautiful wife. I’ll come home in the afternoon and according to Tammy she says I start pawing her. Of course I feel I’m just letting her know how much I want her. I pretty much chalk these moments up to that Venus/Mars thing; that men and women sometimes have differences we can’t explain logically.

And then there is the one time I really hate the most. It’s in the morning and I feel that Tammy is at the point where she hasn’t had sex in a few days and her sex-clock alarm must be about to go off. I start to play with her in hopes it will lead to morning sex and out of the blue, “Handjob baby, but you have to wait until bedtime.” Those can be some long days, if you know what I mean.

The House Rules:

1. The one I mentioned earlier and the orgasm denial penalty.

2. Tammy doesn’t have to touch me unless she wants to. So this means that most all of the handjobs I have, only my hands touch my cock.

3. I have to cum when she says to.

4. I always have to eat my cum no matter where it ends up.

5. I have to do whatever Tammy says before or during the handjob. In all cases I have to obey or we refer to Rule #1.

6. Sometimes there is a penalty if I can’t cum in the allotted time or upon her request and then she’ll make me do things after the handjob.

How it begins:

After Tammy has declared that a handjob is the night’s order of business I have to wait until I hear the words, “Get naked and ready.” This is my que that Tammy’s ready to start. I immediately take all my clothes off, lie on the bed and lubricate my 6″ cock with the oil we have on a bedside table (olive oil is our lube of choice) After I am lubed up I hang out and the wait to see what kind of handjob Tammy is in the mood for. Usually like I said she doesn’t have much energy and she mostly wants to get the handjob done and over with so we start right in. But sometimes she likes to tease me and she’ll make me wait a little while before she starts.

There are many perfect handjobs that we have. Below will give you an idea of just a few.

The Tammy’s Very Tired Handjob:

After I am naked a fully or partially clothed Tammy tells me to take the nipple clips out and put them on my nipples. She then takes her hand and puts it over the head of my cock. She then looks at the clock and tells me I have 5 minutes to cum. That’s it for the extent of her effort.

immediately I grab my cock and start stroking it. She knows the nipple clips really get me going and it usually doesn’t take too long before I pump my cum into her hand. Then she feed me the collected cum and she’s off to dreamland seconds later.

The Dress Up Handjob:

There are many versions of what can happen when Tammy has the energy and feels she wants to take an active role in the handjob.

In Dress Up the first thing she does after I am naked is she will pull out a pair of panties and make me put them on. Then she will get naked and put on a pair of panties also. “We’ll be girlfriends tonight having a sleepover. I think you’ll be Kelli tonight.” She teases.

Sometimes she’ll play with my cock and call it a pussy. We’ll kiss and fondle each other like a couple of lesbians. She’ll talk about how she lost her virginity to a boyfriend with a huge cock and tell me all about it. This time she calls him Bucky. We’ve played these games so many times; she has a boyfriend for every letter in the alphabet. She likes to tease me and tell me he was the best sex she ever had. That no lover could ever match up to his stamina and prowess. She tells me that not ever her sissy husband with his little cock can even come close to Bucky.

When she is finished telling me her sex story she turns the tables and makes me tell her mine. She tells me she wants to hear all about my first time and not to leave any detail out Then she’ll pull out her dildo and put it inside her pussy while I try to explain a woman’s first experience. If the story isn’t going in the direction she wants it to she’ll ask me leading questions, adding more to my mini-humiliation.

Sometimes she’ll make me hold her dildo it till she cums on it. After she’s orgasms she’ll pull the dildo out and make me lick the phallus clean. “Lick Bucky clean Kelli, someday maybe I’ll share one of my lovers with you. My husband doesn’t know that I take lovers all the time. I love a big cock once in a while. His is so small it could never satisfy girls like you and me.” She says with a grin to see how I react.

When we play Dress Up, sometimes, she’ll climb on top of my laid out body and rub her panties on the front of mine and tell me if I want to cum I have to do it without touching myself, just like lesbians. She makes me spread my legs. “You’re such a slut Kelli. Don’t you wish I had a big cock I could fuck your pussy with.” She whispers in my ear as she grinds her mons against my crushed cock.

“Tell me Kelli, tell me how you wish you were being fucked by a big black cock. Let me hear you moan like a little girl being fucked.” She demands.

It isn’t long before all of her humiliations and friction causes me to have a tremendous orgasm. I moan my pleasure in the highest voice I can to imitate a woman’s cries of pleasure. I cum in my panties with an intensity that almost matches the orgasms I have when I am inside her.

After I cum she makes me reach in my soaked panties and get as much of my cum on my fingers and then makes me lick them clean.

“Pretend it’s Bucky’s cum Kelli. Doesn’t he taste good. I always loved the taste of his cum.”

When I scooped up as much as I can she rolls off me and goes to sleep. To continue the humiliation she makes me sleep in the saturated panties.

Some times when I am made to wear panties she will use the dildo on me, but that’s another story. Or sometimes she’ll get in a 69 with me and makes me smell her panty covered pussy while I jack off in my panties. I especially love this position. Actually seeing and smelling the pussy I can’t have is one of her best teases.

Cuckold Handjob;

Recently the handjobs have been better than ever before because my wife has keyed in on my cuckold fantasies. These fantasies include my wife becoming a dominant Hotwife who wears an anklet on her right ankle letting other men know she is available for sex. She is sometimes bitchy and enjoys humiliating me.

Below is a recap of one of our most recent handjobs and my wife’s incredible ability to get into my head and take me over the top sexually.

“Get naked and ready,” she calmly states.

It seconds I am naked and I have lubed my cock with oil waiting to find out what kind of a night I will have. I can tell Tammy is in a very playful mood. She has stripped down and put on a very sexy thong. She sees me eying her luscious naked body.

“Look all you want baby but your little boy’s cock won’t be getting any of this tonight. Only a real man with a real cock can get inside my pussy from now on.”

She knows I love it when she talks dirty, and I know tonight I’m in for a treat.

“Lay down baby we’re going to have some fun.” She laughingly says.

I’m naked on my back and she kneels between my spread legs. She grabs my cock roughly and slowly strokes it. “Oh baby, I wish you had a bigger cock. The one you have is so small. In fact it’s too small to be called a cock. Real men have cocks, I think yours is really just a cockette.” She teases.

She has both hands moving up and down on my cock. Her eyes are focused on mine and she smiles knowing how much I am enjoying her manipulations.

“In fact it’s so tiny it doesn’t deserve a woman’s attention.” She says as lets go of me. “You’re going to have to do yourself little sissy. No woman could care about a thing so small.”

I grab my well lubed cock and start to stroke it. My knowing wife grabs the nipple clips and tells me to put them on. We keep a string with a loop on one end by the bed. She reaches for it and loops it around my balls like a lasso and cinches it up until the pressure is almost too much for me to bear. She tugs it a little to get my attention.

“Too bad, I thought all that stimulation might make that little thing of yours bigger.” She says as she tugs the string.

“I’ve decided that I am going to take you up on your offer of becoming a Hotwife,” she starts calmly.

“Your little cockette just doesn’t please me anymore and I’m tired of not being satisfied.” She says scanning my eyes for a reaction. I know she’s kidding but in the back of my mind I hope that maybe she isn’t. And these thoughts start a tingle in the tip of my cock.

“I really would love a cock that could make me feel like a woman. You’d like that wouldn’t you sissy?”

I can only moan as I play with myself.

“You now if I had a big thick cock in my pussy it would probably stretch me out so much that I might never feel your little cockette ever again when you are inside of me. My lovers would touch me in places that you’ve never been. Could you handle that sissy?”

I only moan.

“What I didn’t hear you!” She wants an answer.

“Yes my love, I want you to be satisfied, I know my little cock can’t. You deserve a cock that can.”

“You mean your little cockette don’t you? But what about my pussy never feeling your little cockette again? Would that be alright with you?” She tugs on the string forcefully.

“Uh huh.” I gulp nervously.

“Oh baby, I can’t wait for my first lover. If you don’t mind I think I would like a black man, bisexual maybe? You know what they say, once you go black…

“I’m sure his cock will be twice as long and thick as your little thing. You know I’ll probably bring him home and have you wait on us in a little maid’s outfit. He’ll be a demanding guy. I’m sure he’ll make you suck his big black shiny cock to get him hard for my pussy.

Then he’ll make you guide his big cock into my tiny wet pussy. Oh I can’t wait to be stretched by a real man again. I really need to be filled up properly, baby.”

I can’t hold it any more. My fist is pistoning up and down my cock so fast my hand is a blur. “I’m about to come honey.” I stammer out.

“Cum my little sissy.” She tugs the string as hard as she can and that puts me over the top.

I feel her hand covering the tip of my cock. I blast shot after shot of white hot liquid in her cupped hand. She brings it to my mouth and I lick the remains.

“Taste him.” She says as I suck her cum coated fingers in my mouth. “Next time sissy, you might be tasting a black man’s cum. I might even make you suck my lover’s cum from my pussy. Could you handle it. ” She calmly says.

I groan thinking about the future.


Yes, a Very Tired Handjob or a Playful Handjob it really doesn’t matter to me. My wife and I love both.

She can easily satisfy my sexual needs without much effort if she is too tired. Or she can get involved if she wants, it’s her choice. Now I know there are many of you out there that are probably thinking I’m a wimp for not trying to force my wife to have sex with me when I’m horny.

I also know in the Very-Tired scenario it seems like she’s not really involved. But if you’re a married guy reading this you know how many nights you have gone to bed frustrated wishing your wife would have sex with you and doesn’t. Sometimes I’ll bet you even fight about it. This practice that we follow is actually a win-win for the both of us. Tammy can feel like she was helping me get off and I get to go to sleep after a nice cum.

And then there are the times when she wants to take an active role to please me without actually having to have sex with me. Of course I love these ones the best. But it doesn’t really matter which handjob she gives me I love them all. She is an expert at getting into my head and I’m an expert and jacking mine off.

And let’s face reality here. When you have a relationship where there are not equal sex drives you will always have one person who feels frustrated. You have to come up with some methods to keep everybody happy. This is ours.

The End

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