Love letter to divorced neighbour

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Hello everyone,

I am new to here. Bear with me, This is my first story posting here.

Myself, Mithun, aged 21. I am short and thin guy with white skin. This real incident happened during the lockdown for Covid situation.
I had to come back to home from the college hostel when lockdown was called for. I had no friends nearby and after somedays being in home it was really boredom. This online classes were not at all interactive and I got frustrated out from those.
This is when I get into mastrubating more times in a day by watching porn.

While one afternoon I was walking on my home terrace and got to see a washed bra hanging for dry at neighbours terrace. It was red laced transparent bra. I knew a elder girl, Shreya , who is 26 of aged stays at my neighbour home. By looking at the bra size I could easily tell it was hers. I couldn’t take away my eyes from that bra as I was able to imagine her with that bra. I jumped from my terrace to the neighbour’s one . I took that bra in hand from hanging and started to pinch the cloth. I was feeling weird of it , looked all other sides to see anyone noticing me. I then started to lick my tongue over the cloth and lowered my shorts. I put the bra inside my underwear and started to press my cock with it. I was very conscious that no one should caught me. But by then my dick was hard and wanted to release it’s juice.
I undid my underwear and started to stroke my Cock by holding along that bra. In my mind I was dreaming about my neighbour girl. In within few minutes I ejaculated my sperms over the bra. I then went to wash it and hang on the same place before anyone get to know.
But later in my mind I thought to keep it as it is. I wanted my girl to see it and start think about it. I hanged it as it is and went back to my home.

I then came back at evening as I was familiar they will take cloth back around same time. I was as usual walking on our home terrace. To luckily Shreya came up to take clothes. She did noticed me and smiled. We both had conversation about boring these lockdown is. Even she as me overwhelmed with these holidays.
She works in a BPO center and recently divorced from her husband. Now she living with her around two years soon in her mother’s home.
She then said had to go after casual talk with me, she picked all clothes and went down.
I didn’t get to know that she saw sperms on her bra. So I decided to do it even tommorow.

Next day it was bra with different colour flower graphics. I did the same as yesterday.
But on this day her mother came and took the clothes back. Even she didn’t noticed anything peculiarly. I couldn’t get to know whether they saw when they shelf it in their home.

These went on for about three more days in same way. Then one day her mother came to my home and was talking about these. They didn’t know I was inside home and was earing them. Her mother said daily they are finding some sperm on her daughter’s bra. At first her mother was suspicious about her as she was divorced that led to judging tht she may have an affair. But her mother after talking to her that got clear understanding she is unaware of it. So then they talked to my mom about this as they were close neighbour’s from so long years.
While they couldn’t find any answer for this happenings. Next day I thought to take step forward things. I did mastrubate on her bra along I attached a paper by clipping along it.
While shreya came to take clothes that evening I hidden myself and was seeing. She took the paper and started to read.
I had written on it,
This is your unknown lover,
I knew I couldn’t marry you. But very fond of you everytime.
I was sending my love with my sperm everyday.
Why didn’t you understand it.
I really love you so much.
All this risk of sending my love to you is been taken only for you, as I really admire you.
I wish all these love I sent on your bra to get send inside your pink hole.
I know you are in need of it.
And I know I deserve it.
If even you love me, just tag your number on your panty tomorrow while hanging for dry.

She took the letter along with clothes down to home.

This story will be continued in next part.
I even waiting for her number. I didn’t get her number from past three days with her clothes.
I am even thinking to proceed this in some other way.
All the readers can text me to get know what is happening next and even you can suggest me what should I do further to my email, [email protected].

Even if have any comments or wanted to have sex texting do text to that e-mail.

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