How my mother-in-law jerked me off

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This is a 100% true story. I can’t prove it but I swear this is real and it is time that I share this with the rest of the world. My name is Mohan (obviously all names changed here for privacy reasons) and I’m from Chennai and from a conservative tamil family. I’ve been married for 10 years now and live with my wife Sandhya and our three beautiful little children – I love my family!

My mother in law’s name is Kamini and she’s a widow since my father in law passed away 5 years ago. Both my in laws were very conservative people and there was hardly any interaction with them. It used to be very clear that there was never any fire in their relationship, you know the typical problems of a South Indian arranged marriage. Anyway, my FIL passed away
5 years ago and my MIL has been alone ever since, and the sexy story I’m about to narrate happened about 3-4 years ago.

Before this mega event, many micro sexy incidents occurred which I’m not going to narrate here. I’m just going to keep the intro simple and get to the main story – the sexier, hotter story.

Even before marriage, I’ve had this fantasy for flashing my dick to people mainly old women and old men and enjoyed the attention they gave for a healthy, young, rock hard and huge cock. I’ve had many instances where people (men and women) have squeezed my dick and played with it after flashing it to them. there have been innumerable instances where I enjoyed and the pleasure of any other person’s hand inside my pants or under my shorts. This was especially when traveling in the crowded Chennai trains to such an extent that at least 10 times I’ve happily ejaculated while enjoying a breezy train ride. My cock has been sucked and tasted by at least 10-12 people, many of them men in their late 40s at that time. Yes, I was bi sexual and my sex drive is crazy high and it continued even more after my wedding. Post wedding my wife and I started enjoying a beautiful relationship to this day and I don’t want to speak anything person about my wife, because I truly love her and respect her privacy, the sanctity of our relationship and the blessings for our family. However, it is true that I did explore the wild side of my nature and I’m not ashamed of it. Love and lust are two different things so what I have for my wife is both and what I experienced with others is just the lustful adventure – nothing more and nothing less. My MIL ultimately joined the party and became one of the several people who played with my dick and had mega fun.

So my sexual encounter with Kamini (I call her ‘mami’ meaning aunt in Tamil) began with fantasies of being nude and shagging in front of her. The thought of her expression seeing my mega rod gave me a HUGE kick! So I started imagining that I’m being nude and jerking off in front of her. Once I called here over phone and started speaking in a sexy voice. She was living in Chennai at that time and I was in Mumbai. Slowly I drew the conversation towards my work and how work makes me stay late in the office. Thereafter, I explained to her how some chicks dress in the office and expose their attractive cleavage. She seemed shocked but was curious to know more which encouraged me even more. Similar topics were discussed for the next 2-3 phone calls and then one fine day, I explained to her how I saw one girl getting fucked by 3 guys in the office and that I witnessed it. All of this was fake but my foundation to fantasize with her. She seemed interested and asked how it can happen and I explained how they fucked her… One fucking the girl’s pussy, one fucking her ass and the she giving a blow job to the third guy. This blew Kamini’s mind and she asked can 3 people do with 1? I explained in detail and also made moaning sounds to describe the event. I think it made her horny – I wanted to masturbate and told her I’ll call in 2 minutes.

2 Minutes later I called her from the bathroom, fully naked and a mega rock solid erect dick with my phone on speaker. Hearing my voice echo in the bathroom she asked me in a sexy voice “bathroomla irukeengala? (are you in the bathroom). I said yes and took the bold step to tell her I’m shagging. That’s when everything started – I ejaculated and imagined my MIL’s mega boos and that sealed my addiction to fantasize about old but horny my mother-in-law. Thereafter we had similar conversations openly for 2-3 times before she visited us in Mumbai 1 year later.

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