How I used my slave!

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Tonight I want to hurt you
There are nights when I am gentle towards you.

When I see you sad, I gently pick you up in my arms and let you lie there while I softly rock you back and forth. When you are stressed, I cheer you up with silly stories and funny memes. When you wake up scared from a nightmare, I kiss you and spoon you and softly croon near your ears until you fall asleep again. When you are drunk, I get you back home safe and tuck you into bed while you mumble how hot you think I am. And when you feel burdened with guilt, I sit you at my feet, lovingly stroke your hair while encouraging you to speak, and kiss your forehead with each confession, and hear the pain dissolve from your voice.

Tonight is not one of those nights. Tonight I want to hurt you.

To drag you to my feet by your hair, watching your face your blank and eyes go glossy as my fingers grasp and entwine and tug on your strands. To lean down and look into your eyes, not with kindness, but a looming threat. To slap your pretty face with my hands if you dare to look up at me, growling at you, scolding you, putting you in your place, reminding you that you belong to me. Mine to tame, mine to use, mine to manhandle. To lift you up from the floor with my fingers around your throat while you quiver in half tears, choking you, restricting you, making your brain fuzzy. To whisper in your ears as I place you down on the bed, “I know you want this. You are dying for this. You dream to be choked and spanked and have your hair pulled. To be hurt. Isnt it?”. To have you look back into my eyes in trepidation, voicelessly nodding, and flash my evil smile back at you, “That’s like my good little whore”.

I won’t be gentle on you, I won’t be kind. I’ll throw you on your front, placing you ass up. I’ll rip your panties down to your knees and follow up with irregular, raw, rough, hard smacks on your cheeks until they glow redder than the growing loudness of your screams. I’ll put my full palm to it, put my full recoil, and feel you jerk into the mattress with each blow. You have been begging for this, for weeks. I can see it in your eyes, I can hear it in your voice. Your little body wants to be punished and tamed, to have a firm hand put you in your place.

And when I use your slutty holes to service my cock, I am not going to be respectful. I will use you like the depraved little slut, dirty little cockpleaser whore you are. I will watch you deep throat, gag and drool and suffer your lips and tongue over my length, while your eyes water from the humiliating pleasure. I will hold your hair and command you to look into my eyes while I lay you on your back, fucking your pussy raw, thrusting deep and hard, watching shameful desire dance in your eyes with every creak of the bed. I will brace you in place with my hands on your throat while I take your tight little ass, throttling your incoherent screams and pleas to fuck your ass, to own your body, to use you like my horny little anal bitch.

And when I fill you up I will have you finger yourself to drip out my cum and lick it up. Because your craving little face tells me you want my seed in every hole of your fucktoy body. My name is my hangouts address.

And only then, when you cry tears of release, of feeling fulfilled in every deep dark corner of your soul, will I wrap you in my arms and tell you how much I love you. You are mine, body mind and soul, as much as I am yours. Is that clear?

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