How i given pleasure to a lady

hello every one this is my story which happned in my life .
let me introduce my self .this is kumar age 20 .height 6
any unsatisfied lady in chennai and telugu states i will try to satisfy .your identity will be safe with me .you can belive me .you can do message on hangout or mail me .i will be waiting for your coments and replys .

Coming to the story .from my collage days i had a dream of fucking auntys .i used post add in some websites about me and my fantasy .one day i got a mail from a lady to give feedback of my add .I too gave replay.Our chatting continued for some days.One fine day she mailed me that her husband was going to a business trip to mumbai for a week.And she also informed me that she wanted to meet me at her place.

She then gave me her number and address.she only arranged every thing to go to her place .On the day of her husband went to mumbai.she called me and told me to come.I went to the address she gave ,her house at chennai.It was a big building and there is no watchmen infront of house .I rang the bell a beautiful lady of age 33 opened the door.Her status was 34-26-36 and she was milky white.She told me to sit in the hall.She went into kitchen and was back with a glass of juice she gave it to me and take seat in front of me she wore a black saree.She chit chatted for some time and went into her bedroom and back these time she sat beside me.Her breast was clearly visible through her transparent saree.

She told me that she actually want sex from me.After the last word from her mouth I liplocked with my lips she responded back with same pressure.We both smooched for 10 mins.She told i will lock the house and came in locked the room from inside.I pushed her onto the bed and jumped on her.I removed her saree and blouse know she was in panty and bra.She herself removed both and I started to suck both the breast in the middle I bit with my teeth on her breast she moaned as ahhhh……Plzzz slowlyy. Ahhhhh.

At the same time I fingered her pussy.And reached her navel after that I came to her pussy lips and started to lick her pussy she pressed my head into her pussy.She moaned like ahhhh…Ooooo plzzzz fuck me plzzz fuck me plzz.She came a lot of cum into my mouth she told me that she cummed a lot in her life for first time.She told that now was her turn I slept on bed facing the roof she came upon me removed my jeans and underwear.She was surprised to see such a big dick,she told me that her husband has smaller than you.

She kept it in her mouth and started to give me a blowjob and I am feeling I was in 7th heaven and a lot of cummed into her mouth she drank all the cum with out living a single drop.We both relaxed for 10mins .

Being a naked lady beside me my boss was standing in 90 degree position.I came upon her and widen her legs and inserted my dick into her pussy I entered with big push into her pussy and she screamed out loud saying nooo…. Plzz remove it but I does not listen her words and started to and fro motion after some strokes she was saying come on fuck me hard…… Fuuccckk and she was saying make me your wife ,make me your slave .And slept beside her after 10 mins I closed my eyes but I can’t sleep when I open my eyes I found her giving blowjob and with in 2mins my dick became soo hard .She came upon and seated as cowgirl and was moving up and down and these 20 mins I cummed in her .and i slept on bed even she also slept on me .after woke up.this was afternoon section

Then we went into bath room to fresh up ourselfs I opened the shower she was in standing position and I seated on the floor and started to lick her pussy and at the same time I fingered her pussy with fingers,after some time she cummed into my mouth I drank all the cum without wasting and cleaned her pussy with my tongue.I came back her and raised one leg into the and inserted from back and started my action after along session we cleaned our bodies and came to bedroom.

She ordered dinner and we had our dinner .I asked her that I want to fuck her ass hole and ignored that she told that she never fucked there and after a long request she accepted my desire I undressed her and licking her pussy and her ass hole she was pressing head into her pussy. And she was in 9th cloud.

Then made her in doggy style I hold my dick in my hand guided towards her ass hole with much difficult it entered into her ass hole she was screaming loud noooo …..Plzzz remove it plzzz and I don’t want to listen her words and started to fuck her in doggy style after some strokes her pain changed in moans she was saying as hahaha ….. Hmmm … Make me more happy with your dick.I am fan of ur dick plz fuck me hard plz plz pl z plz…..I continued to fuck her hole night.

In the morning when I woke up she was not there beside me.So I went in search of her I find her in the kitchen I went back of her she nude in the kitchen I stand back of her in order to touch my dick to her ass hole when it touched her ass hole she moaned, I sat between her legs and started to lick her pussy she pressed my head into her pussy she was in full mood now I made her into the air her both legs kept on either side of my hands and she guided my dick into her pussy I fucked her in that position for 10 mins.and cummed on her face .i fucked her in place of her home .even on top of her home in naked .in cool air at night .i was naked for three days in her home .even she was also naked .

We continued our session through the three days.On the end of day while living she gave me 15000rs to which I refused but forced me to take the money and she took a promise from me that when ever her husband was on business trip she will call me and I have to come to make her happy.And I promised her that I will be in touch with her and we continued our session many more times .

if like my story please coment .
if any unsatisfied lady in chennai and telugu states i will try to satisfy .your identity will be safe with me .you can belive me .you can do message on hangout or mail me i will be waiting for your coments and replys
dont feel shy you can share your feelings with me .only if you want .i wount revel to any one . no money is involved

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