Mom seduced me

Swati have lost her virginity as she got penis of his classmate Nikhil and it’s my vagina that’s in pain as I have seen blood’s coming out of it ,when Nikhil fucked me and as I reached my home ,well exhausted and feeling the pain inside vagina as well as both legs are not going straight as I walked inside home.lucky to not find my mom there as I frisked inside my bedroom and put my bag on table.walked inside washroom with my towel and a gawn ,as I removed my leggings and tops ,now wearing ba panty and brassiere ,I am under cascade as I opened the tap of it and started making my hot body wet.I am sitting under cascade as I removed my brassiere and panty ,as my body get wet ,I took a bottle of gel as I started putting gels on my vagina and boobs while massaging my whole body with my hand is moving on my vagina ,I put my finger in it to see if blood is still there after my hymns breaked. Now I took out my finger as my vagina looks like swelled and I have my nice bath as I rubbed my body ,now walked to my room nudely as I have pushed my door only ,it’s still open and while standing infront of a large glass ,I am looking at my vagina as I put my hand on bed to have my gawn ,mom’s reflection is in mirror as I can see him walking to me and in a hurry ,I put my towel on waist as my boobs are turned back to see my mom Urwashi standing there with smile on face………

“Swati ,you are looking sexy but what you were looking after ?
(Swati bit shamed)mom I missed my clothes here so I stand nude to see my body
(Urwashi)oh I see ,but have you made something indecent
(Swati)mom please trust me ,I have never got the touch of a guy
(Mom)ok will get love tonight.”

As my dad is out of town ,I am in my home with my mom and elder brother.It’s 09:45 pm as we three have dinner together and I washed my hand as my mom walked with me but it’s her bedroom ,where we moved inside and now I am standing on ground as she smiled……..

“no one is here to see us ,be on bed
(Swati moved on bed)as you wish.”

Now my mom locked the room from inside as we both are in our night mom Urwashi is a lady of 40 years ,as her whiteish complexion is nice ,she is a 5’5 feet tall lady ,her physical measurement seems to be 34-30-38 and her lovely boobs are big as well as somehow saggy ,her round dome shaped ass is her main attraction as she slept near me while facing me.
Swati is a 21 years gal as her lovely face with height of 5’6 feet ,figure of 30-24-34 ,small pair of breast and sexy ass are impressive .mom Urwashi with her daughter Swati is on bed as mom put her lips on my lips to kiss and my hand is on her heavy ass as it’s moving on it.we both have enjoyed physical love one night as I have lost my virginity today ,I am feeling bruises in my vagina with pain Urwashi took me in her arms as she is kissing my face to lips ,as she made me straight on bed ,she is on my top and her lips are loving my face as I have hold him in my arms.after a while,Urwashi took my lips in her mouth to suck as I am rubbing her back trying to lift her gawn she sucked my lips ,we both took out our tongues from mouth as both are touching tongue with eachother and blood started flowing fast in our minds and than my mom took my tongue in her mouth as she is sucking it and my hand have lifted her gawn upto her sexy while ,rubbing her sexy ass ,I can feel a full size panty on it as she is sucking my tongue ,I pulled down my mom’s panty down and now it’s my finger moving in her ass crack.later on , Urwashi left my tongue as she left my body and started removing my gawn.

I am nude as I hold my mom’s gawn lashes to open it and removed it fastly ,both are nude as my vagina and boobs are well nude without any protection ,my mom is in her panty as she pulled it to legs and took it out soon.we both are nude on bed as my mom leaned her face on my boobs ,hold it in her hand and than opened her mouth to put it my maximum portion of breast is in mom’s mouth ,she is sucking hard and my hand is on her ass as I am moving my finger to her vagina ,lastly my middle finger is in vagina as I am fingering her hot vagina ,she is sucking my tits while pressing other ones.later on I started screaming”oohh aahh mom suck it fast” and she left my reddish breast to take other one in her mouth ,Urwashi is sucking her daughter’s breast hard as I am fucking her vagina with a long finger.later on ,I pushed my mom’s head as my breast is reddish with nipple getting I am sleeping on bed nude ,my mom took a pillow and put it under my ass as she put my legs wider,now looking at me ,she leaned her face and started kissing it’s labias as I know my mom’s mouth love on it will give me immense pleasure and pain will be reduced Urwashi put her finger on it to widend its hole ,she started licking my cunt with her long tongue as I am pressing my breast hard.urwashi is rolling her tongue in my vagina as she is tasting it fastly ,I am feeling some sort of relief and she left my cunt as she woke up on bed and than ask me to sit.we both are sitting on bed as I hold my mom’s breast to massage ,it’s a big boobs with long browenish as I started pressing her breast hard ,she smiled……..

“now love your mom Swati.” As I pushed him on bed and than leaned my face on her boobs ,holding one breast as I put front portion of it in my mouth ,not going as a whole in my mouth ,I am sucking it while pressing other ones.urwashi have put her hand on my back as she is moving her hand on my sexy ass ,her other hand is on my breast to press it I am sucking my mom’s breast ,my vagina got her long finger inside as she is fucking my cunt fast with her finger and I left her right breast as I hold other ones to have it in my mouth to Urwashi is fingering my cunt as I am sucking her breast hard and now I can feel my vagina getting heated and I left her breast as I hold her wrist to take out his finger from my I sits on my mom’s face as my vagina is over her mouth and my legs are wide as I have put my ass upwards.urwashi hold my waist as she put her lips on my vagina and I put my fingers to widend its narrow hole ,as my mom’s tongue started licking it ,I am in joy”oohh aahh I will cum soon ,lick it fast ” and after a while ,my vagina started pouring cum inside it as drops are coming out of it and my mom’s face and lips are well covered with my vaginal cum but she licked my cunt for a while to taste it’s I left her mouth and walked inside washroom to urinate ,my mom followed me and after refreshment ,she is back on bed with an artificial penis in hand.looking at it ,I am bit afraid as it’s a long thick penis but if she will penetrate it in my vagina with lot of speed ,what will happen ? As I have got immense pleasure but with lot of pains today after losing my virginity with a guy.lastly ,my mom slept on bed as I put a pillow under her ass and than leaned my face on it.urwashi’s vagina is mature as it have little hairs on it ,both labias are well distracted as it have a black mound also ,now as I put my tongue on her cunt ,she opened her vaginal mouth and I pushed my tongue deep inside her cunt as I am licking it mom’s vaginal elasticity is at high as she is in physical love for more than 20 years ,now I am tasting her vaginal path as she is screaming in joy …..

“oohh aahh lick it fast.”

And I licked it for a while .now we both are sitting on bed as mom shows me the penis as I have to use it in her she slept on bed as I fixed the length and width of penis as I put it on her vagina and switched on it’s friction , artificial penis moved inside her cunt as I have hold its end and as my mom is enjoying fuck ,I enhanced it’s speed ,it’s an automatic vibrator ,going inside my mom’s cunt fastly and she is shouting”oohh aahh uumm Swati I will cum soon.” As she is getting fucked by it ,I am pressing my mom’s boobs and after a while ,I can see juice coming out of cunt as I stopped it’s vibration and than put my face on it as I am licking my mom’s cunt with my tongue to taste it’s cum.after a while ,I am on bed as my mom put penis on it as she starts the vibrator ,it’s inside my vagina as it’s hitting in my vagina indepth ,as my painful vagina gets brushing again ,I am shouting louder”oohh mom please reduce its speed
(Mom holding its end tightly)sure my baby but if you will say the truth
(Swati)oohh my vagina is tearing in pieces please mom leave it
(Mom)ok but say if you have lost your virginity
(Swati feeling it’s bruises inside cunt )yes mom I have been fucked by a classmate and today I have lost my virginity.”

And my mom laughed as she took out artificial penis from my cunt.

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