Helping Hands Part 2

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I hope uh like the part one if anyone interested to
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Coming back to the story, lil rewind in the 1st part i could get nice hairjob from her silky hairs also was able to shave my dick in her ass through clothes…

As she was removing her blouse i could see her mellons from side she has amazing boobs with black nipples like dry grapes 😻. When she completely removed her blouse i was able to massage her full back, her back was now covered in coconut oil. I came above her adjusted myself jus below her ass so that whenever I reach her shoulder line my dick would be pressed on her ass crack.

I was going slow pressing hard at the lower back then moving my hands slowly up to her neck while pressing hard, bending over her pressing my dick on her ass crack she wasn’t responding as expected. So this time I went up to her neck grabbing her hair’s by one hand another hand touching the side line of her boob dick hard pressed on her ass crack. She didn’t move abit but her breathing where going fast with ever touch near her boobs.

So i decided to play abit seat beside her, she raised her head, n asked is it done ? I said yes. She looked bit off nw so i said yes i have covered up all the back. Hope uh are relax now, She said yes i was relaxed when you where above me . I smiled and said it 5.30pm your husband can be home any time and if he see me above you he will be angry on both of us. She laughed, I don’t care about him come over me massage me more .

I told her now massage your legs Frist then the upper body, she agreed. Raised her legs took her sarre till her ass crack. Could see she wasn’t wearing inner , it was hairy down their. Took some oil in on my hands also pored some on her legs begin with massage, she was nw back in her relaxing mood. Step by step my fingers where getting closer to her greay area, could see what her intention where because this is something comman for me. She used to raise her ass abit whenever my hand where reaching her pussy. This continued for 10 mins , after teasing her for while, my fingers now started to touch her pussy intentionally was touching her.

Took her saree more up was having perfect view of round ass 😻 . By the time my boxers where off, dick fully erect to enter her ass hole. Nw came above her touched the tip of my dick on her ass she felt it but didn’t bothered so i pushed it in she moued. But that didn’t stop me it was tight as fuck but no one could stop me now from fucking that ass.

Pushed harder she raised her head , collect her hair grabbed them tight told her to raise her ass she did my dick entered her ass kissed on her neck bite her ears, the ass hole was tight it was struggle to get in but once it was in with every thrust the pleasure was incredible i was pressing her boobs hard and pulling her hair’s while thrusting, she moued louder with ever inc getting in and out , was completely over her dominating this 50+ age old submissive lady . I was owing her now, in 15 mins i came inside her. She was in complete mood to eat me up, I laid besides her pressing her boobs she came above me kissed me on chest slowly going down towards my dick grabbed it.

The semi erect dick was now completely in her mouth she was sucking it so hard. She licked my balls she made it erect took it deep till her throat i was grabbing her oily Hair and pushing my dick inside her mouth as deep as possible. She was chocking but didn’t wanted to stop. I pushed her on side came over her she was smiling from ear to ear .

Put two pillows under her ass, spread her legs wide, began to panatrate her pussy slowly it wasn’t tight as her asshole but she didn’t had sex for many years. It was painful pleasure for her. But she didn’t wanted me to stop so i fucked her hard from slowly puting it inside to thrusting it hard as possible pressing her boobs sucking them as hard as i can it was wild sexy she got many lovebites from me on her boobs back neck, enjoyed alot also where sweating and oily by the time i came 2 more times and was executed !!

But she wasn’t done yet we headed straight to the bathroom took shower. In shower I shaved her pussy made her clean , then she gave me another best blowjob I was pressing her big mellons. I dressed up and came home.

Now whenever her husband is out she calls me at her place we had 1 night stand in last week she is taking good care of her body as I told her to keep it clean or I’ll clean it like last time she became shy. Now here size is 38-32-40 her belly fat and love Handels have disappeared within 2 months she is getting sexy with hee age i must say.

If uh guy’s wanna share any experience with me or want to tell me correction feel free to contact me always ready to get better !

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