Gf banging fantasy part-2

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Gf banging fantasy part-1

After receiving the message. I took a pic of pooja blowing ram and forwarded to the group..

All of a sudden everyone seems shocked and then I asked everyone to come here.

Meanwhile ram completely undressed pooja and playing with his lips all over her body.

And finally he reached towards her pussy and started to suck her pussy like dog. She was moaning. Which made my cock more harder.

I went near pooja and took my cock and placed in her mouth. She tasted for a second..then realized and opened the blindfold..and very shocked to see ram licking her pussy and he started to lick faster at the same pooja moaning with pleasure. And I kept la kiss at her fore head..she just smiled and continues to enjoy the session.

After 30 minutes my friends have come. I asked them to open the door and come in.

All of them where shocked to see the live . Pooja clueless and shocked and covered her upper body by closing with her hands and pussy by crossing the legs.

Both of them walked right up to the sofa and they were scanning every inch of her nude body. Pooja was embarrassed and she was clinching her eyes.

I could see the lust in their eyes.( ashok, kishore)

Threesome to gangbang, let us also join in and make this a memorable experience, kishore added.

She is my gift given by harish, let me take her first Ram said. Ashok looked at me and asked me, “You don’t mind a gangbang, do you?”

I had no clue and just stood there. I thought all will fuck pooja 1 by 1. But they all wanted to enjoy 4 in 1 which means 4 men’s including me and 1 girl pooja at the same time.

kishore did not wait for my answer and he immediately turned toward pooja and started to kiss her face all over.

Meanwhile Ram continued to suck her pussy by fingering in deep.

Within a fraction of a second, both ashok and kishore undressed themselves and we’re nude.

I asked everyone to move to my master bedroom.
Ram stopped licking pussy and help pooja to got up.
Pooja was walking nude towards our bedroom. While kishore and ashok slapped her butt few times. she moan loud.

They got onto the bed and sat right next to pooja.

Ram had by then started smooching her again his hands grabbing her boobs. Ram did not stop for a second from there. He gradually started to kiss and suck and lick both her boobs as ashok and kishore sat next to her stroking their cocks and enjoying the view.

This was unplanned and unexpected but I had no choice but to enjoy. So I undressed myself and got on to the bed.

As Ram kept massaging her boobs and chewing her nipples I stretched her legs and started to eat her pussy. She was still wet.

After a couple of minutes, kishore patted on me and indicated me to get up and he took my place right in between her legs.

He slowly started to finger her and rhythmically started to build up speed. He started with one and then started to insert 2 fingers.

After about 3-4 minutes Ram got up; looked at me and asked “Wouldn’t you like my cock cum in her pussy?

I smiled faintly as I was enjoying the blowjob and answered, “Would you like to use a condom with such a hot chick?”

He knew what I meant and immediately got up, placed himself right in the middle with his cock right in front of her pussy, stretched her legs and started to rub his thick mushroom head on her clit.

It was getting too much for pooja who was shivering in excitement. Finally Ram pushed it in. The head was too thick and it stretched her pussy. She gasped and moaned as his dick penetrated her. Ram was enjoying every second of it.

He pushed himself in inch by inch in slow motion. As it went half in he took it out and thumped hard. Pooja screamed in pain, clenching the bed sheet. Ram was hard and his thump ensured that he penetrated her.

Ashok got up and moved towards her lips. He started rubbing his cock on her lips. Thump harder ram; she is enjoying it, kishore added.

Ram immediately started to increase the force of his pounding. With every thump now she gasped for air and her moans turned into screams. Ashok got the opportunity and pushed his cock into her mouth making her gag and gasp for air.

After a minute more Asif stopped and indicated others to pause as they changed position. He wanted pooja to be on top of him. Pooja had no choice and got on top of him.

Ram started to slap her bouncing boobs as she started to move up and down on his cock. It seemed a little painful but she was thoroughly enjoying it. Ashok and kishore stood up on the bed and from 2 sides started to rub their dicks on her face. Both of them wanted her to suck them and she started to suck them one at a time.

Pooja kept licking and sucking both the cock.

I could see my gf humping my friends dick and three more guys waiting next to me with their dick in their hands to fuck her.

Somehow all this turned me on like crazy. I could see the guys fucking her with maximum intensity as they had only 2 minutes each. After 10 minutes, we had all finished our chance. Pooja was tired so we made her lie down on the bed. Kishore started fucking her pussy.

She held my dick and ashok’s dick in each hand while Ram used her mouth. We all switched places every 5 min.

Then we made her kneel in the doggy style and fucked her one after the other. After this, we decided to take a break and have a few beers.

Ashok being horny as usual could not stop. He said he would take her to the Hall and be fucking her. We can join after the break. So Ashok and Ram carried her to the hall. As we were having the beer, we could hear pooja moan again. We could not control so we finished the beers and headed to the hall. Ashok was fucking her hard in the doggy style. He was holding her long hair in his hand.

Ram were getting his dicks sucked.

I told Ashok that I would like to try out her ass, and ashok obliged. So I told pooja to bend completely and started fucking her ass.

She told me to slow down as she had not done it too many times before. Her ass was so tight and warm. Everyone was getting too horny watching this and could not wait for their turn. So we decided to double penetrate her so that two people could get a chance at a once.

All of us had finished fucking her ass and pussy. Now it was time for the grand showdown. We made her sleep and made her suck our dicks. She helped us to come one by one. I excited seeing all my friends fucked pooja.

I was the first one to cum. I splashed a thick white cum shot on her boobs. I had always admired her face and wanted to cum on her face. I told pooja to suck my balls while I stroked my dick on her face. After a minute, I cummed on her pretty face.

Ashok and kishore also followed me. Ram made her open her mouth and came inside her mouth. We were all so satisfied and happy. Pooja looked like she had the best time of her life.

I would like to share my gf pics. This is no opinion to share hear.

I’d request the reader to share your feedback to [email protected]. the best feedback will get pooja’s pic ♡

Hope you guys enjoyed reading the story. hope to share more of our real-life experience with all of you. For any feedback or suggestions please get in touch at [email protected].

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