Fun with a repair man when I was 18 – Part 1

At 18 I had a relatively steady older boyfriend (Eric) and was still having regular fun with Tony. I had kept up my infrequent fun with Jim and Alf (two older men I had met) and also had a few one night/flings with a succession of other guys.

One of these men was a local Asian shopkeeper, an employer of mine who for a brief time I teased then had a few episodes of fucking and sucking with. I have already told a few of you about a couple of these times via e mail.

My other one night stand/ flings included:

* A guy from my college sixth form who I cheated with behind my boyfriends back. He spunked down my throat in the college gym cupboard one afternoon whilst at school.

* A married man from a couple who I had baby sat for a couple of times. He fucked me twice in total. Once in his car whilst driving me home and another time at his house when his wife was in hospital.

* A married man who was an ex neighbour of ours. We fucked a few times. Once in his home, once in his car and on another time in his garden shed.

Another one of the men was a gas repair man who had been carrying out some work at my families home.

It is this experience I am going to write about on this occasion.

We had been having problems with a boiler for ages and the gas repair people had been back and forward a few times.

On most occasions either mum or dad were present to meet them etc and it was during one of thee visits that I caught one of the men having a sneaky look at me as I was in my room.

A couple of them were working on the problem and I was doing some homework in my bedroom at the time.

One of them must have asked if they could use the upstairs loo and had been told it was OK. My bedroom was opposite the upstairs bathroom and I had left my bedroom door slightly open as I lay on my bed doing some homework.

I remember hearing footsteps as he climbed the stairs and then became aware of a presence on the landing.

I was still dressed in my school uniform and as I was lying on my bed facing away from the door I became aware of someone behind me. As I looked around I saw the guy watching me.

“Can I help you?” I asked him.

“Sorry love, I’m looking for the loo,” was his response.

“Its straight opposite,” I remarked to him.

It was at this point I realized my legs were slightly splayed on the bed and my little skirt had risen up slightly.

“Thanks love,” was his response, his eyes fixed on my legs as he said so. He turned to make his way into the loo closing the door behind him.

I decided to see if I could be a little bit naughty.

I listened for the sound of the toilet flush, and once I had heard it I positioned myself on the bed. I lay facing the door this time, raised my knees and slightly parted my legs. This allowed my little skirt to rise up and for a clear view of my knickers to be presented.

On hearing the opening the door of the toilet, I made sure I had my face covered by a magazine I was pretending to read as the guy left our bathroom.

I could hear him opening the door and then his footsteps on the stairs. I looked over the top of may magazine to catch him peeking into my room from the end of the hall.

“You OK?” I asked him, peering over the top of my magazine and making good eye contact with him as I did so.

“Yes thanks love,” was his smiled reply.

All the time I didn’t move my legs or close them at all, letting him get a good eyeful up my skirt as we briefly chatted.

He smiled as he began to descend the first couple of steps and within seconds he was gone from my view.

I hoped he had got a good sight and that maybe he had seen this as a bit of a come on to him, which it was!

The same guys would be back a couple of times more to the house to continue repairs and on the final visit things would take a more blatant sexy turn.

On packing up the van with their gear I heard the men talking to mum and one of them was obviously being a bit chatty with her. My mum flirting terribly with him in reply.

I quietly slipped downstairs and out into the street and stood not far from their van. After a few minutes they appeared, one of them getting straight into the drivers seat and the other one loading the work tools etc into the back.

This was the guy who had glimpsed up my skirt on the previous visit and also the same one who had been so chatty with mum.

“That you fixed it then?” I asked.

“Yeah, all done,” was his response.

“Pity,” I cheekily said smiling at him as I said so.

“I know,” he quickly retorted. “I’ve enjoyed coming here. Some interesting sights and very nice women in your house!” he added.

“Well you never know,” I quickly said. “Keep your eyes peeled and you may see us out and about.”

We continued a brief chat as he loaded the van and I flirted with him as best I could.

The upshot was that he told me he was in the area again over the next couple of days, a few streets away.

“What time?” I asked.

He told me when he next planned to be around telling me that he would be working alone on these jobs as his mate was off on holiday soon.

“Maybe I will see you around then,” I said to him as he left.

“Hope so!” he added as he got into his side of the van and they drove off.

On going back inside I chatted with mum and she told me how one of the repair men had tried to chat her up.

“Dirty bugger was trying to chat me up!” she told me. I think she was secretly pleased that she could still attract other men and we laughed as we prepared the tea for dad and my brothers.

I heard mum and dad fucking like furious that night and as I listened intently I could hear my dad teasing her about how she had an admirer.

“Imagine that repairman seeing you like this,” I could hear him telling mum. ” Your legs spread wide and dressed in suspenders.”

“I wouldn’t mind him seeing me,”, was mums shocking reply! “I bet his cock is bigger than yours. I would let him fuck me anytime, anywhere.”

I was astounded. I had listened to mum and dad fucking for ages and knew she dressed up, knew they used vibrators, porno videos etc to spice up their sex lives. I had used mums vibros often enough myself as I have told you all previously.

This was new though. My hand automatically strayed down to my pussy and I had a delightful fingers fuck session as I listened to mum telling dad how she would let the repair man fuck her. She was moaning loudly as she described how she wanted this other mans cock, how she wanted him to fuck her etc.

My dad was egging her on as I heard the bed creaking from the hard fucking my mum was obviously taking. I could hear mum clearly describing how she would wank, suck and fuck this other man. Dad sounded as if he was loving it

I listened intently as they fucked for ages, mum detailing how she would be fucked bandy legged by this other guy. My dad calling her all-sorts as they had sex. I was loving it and had an almighty climax listening in.

They obviously had this as a fantasy of theirs and the shagging session they were enjoying sounded really intense. It wasn’t to stay only a fantasy for mum either!

A couple of days later, late in the afternoon, I spotted the gas repair van at the top of our street.

I had changed out of my college clothes and had on a tight pair of jeans and a casual blouse style top. I sauntered up the street and as I approached the van I could see the workman completing some paperwork whilst sat in the drivers seat.

I continued up to the van and tapped on the passenger window as I got up to it.

“Hiya,, I said to him. “I see your back then.”

“Yeah. Ive just finished a job and am heading off now,” he added that he hadn’t recognized me out of my college uniform at first.

“So what you planning on now then?” I continued.

“Ive got to head off to another job now love,” he told me.

I was a little bit disappointed as I had hoped he was game for some flirty fun.

I needn’t have worried though he was the having the very same ideas.

“I will be back again tomorrow afternoon though!” he told me. “I have a free couple of hours after that as well,” he added.

“Oh that’s nice,” I responded trying to play hard to get.

“Maybe you would fancy a little drive in the van?” he asked me.

“Yeah sure,” I quickly blurted out. “That sounds like fun, we could go for a ride.”

“Oh I’d love to take you for a ride,” he laughed. Eying me up as he said so.

“Cheeky,” I retorted to him, twirling my hair in my fingers as I blatantly gave him the come on.

“OK then I will look out for you about the same time,” he added.

I eagerly agreed that would be fine, but maybe we should meet a street or two away from mine just in case we were spotted.

We agreed our meeting place and time and he drove off.

I was by now certain that he fancied me and that I was going to have a bit of naughty fun with him the following day. I finger fucked myself silly that night anticipating a nice fuck with this older man the next day.

I wasn’t to be disappointed.

I had rushed home early and had told mum I was going out with some friends. She thought nothing of it. I had gotten myself changed into a denim mini skirt, black shoes, nice top and a matching brief and bra set. I had wanted to go even sluttier for him but obviously I couldn’t risk mum seeing me too made up.

The time was fast approaching 5 o clock and I left the house heading for a neighbouring street.

I spotted his van parked and slowly approached, making sure I wasn’t being spotted by anyone.

Once at the van I could see him watching me walking towards him. His eyes were savoring the scene, and I was glad I had put on such a short mini skirt. I wanted him to get the message loud and clear.

I was more than willing for some fun, was gagging for his cock and willing to be a right dirty bitch if he wanted. My cunny was already wet from anticipation, my juices frothing up nicely in my panties.

“Wow!” he said as I opened the van passenger door to get in. “You look nice.”.

“Thanks,” I responded. “I thought you might approve.”

I slid into the seat of the van beside him, my skirt exposing a good length of my bare legs as I did so.

“Love the skirt, well what there is of it!” he cheekily told me.

“Dirty bugger,” I quickly replied, making sure I made no attempt to smarten or cover myself up at the same time.

“You fancy a little ride then?” he asked.

“Yeah I love a good ride,” I said to him in response.

“I bet you do!” was his teasing reply.

We then pulled away and drove for a few miles out of the town center area and out towards a nearby woodland.

We chatted on the way, flirty stuff and all the time the chat getting more suggestive and laden with innuendos.

Once we had arrived at a lay-by we pulled in and continued our chat. I had turned myself slightly around to face him easier, again making sure I had my skirt exposing plenty of leg.

His hand strayed onto my thigh and I offered no resistance.

“You have great legs,” he told me.

I offered him my thanks asking if he had enjoyed looking at them in the house.

He told me had and that the sight had given him a stiffy and that he had wanked thinking of seeing more.

“Well now is your chance then isn’t it,” I tartily said to him.

With one swift movement he was on me.

His left hand moved from my thigh and began to trace its way up my little skirt. I wantonly spread my legs, causing the skirt to ruck up and become even shorter.

“Oh fuck yes,” I whispered as his right hand found the front of my damp panties.

“Christ your hot,” he added. “Your panties are a bit damp and it feels warm down there.”

“I’m fucking so hot for you,” I told him. I wasn’t lying, my pussy was steaming already.

As his hand gently worked its way back and forth across my panties gusset we shared a long and sensual kiss.

He expertly used his tongue to probe my mouth and I responded passionately. My pulse was racing and my cunt becoming increasingly wetter by the second.

As our long french kiss continued, he eased his fingers inside my knickers. Tracing the gusset at first then slipping a couple of fingers inside. He fumbled for my cunt hole. After a short time he found it. With the ease of a knife slipping through butter his fingers found their way inside my pussy.

I was so sloppy and wet already that they easily splayed my quim and darted up my frothing fuck tube.

“Oh yes,” I moaned as he slowly dipped his fingers into my tight young gash.

“Let me make it easier for you,” I quickly said.” I wanna cum before we get down to some fucking.”

With this I simply raised my arse and slipped my panties off. I then hoisted my denim mini up to allow him full access and present a full view of my freshly shaved young cunt.

I sat in the front of this workman’s van. My pussy on full display and awaiting my first pleasuring from my older admirer.

“Fucking hell,” he said. “You don’t mess about do you.”

“Whats the point?” I asked. “Don’t you wanna fuck me too?”

“Shit of course,” he quickly blurted back at me.

With this his hand found its way back to my pussy and he easily slid two fingers up me.

“Go on finger fuck me hard,” I pleaded with this older man. “Really get my cunt wet and ready for your cock.”

He obliged and began pounding into my pussy. His furious fingers spraying my young juices over his hand and onto his vans seat.

“Oh fuck yes,faster!” I urged him. “Fucking pound it, pound me and make me cum off. Please make me cum.”

He looked down at me, viewing his handy work as he slid a third and forth finger up my gash. His fingers getting faster and faster, pumping into my tight young shaven hole as my cunt juice literally sprayed out. Gushing forth like a torrent, a torrent of sticky sex juice.

“Yes, yes!” I moaned as my first climax neared. “Faster, please. Oh fuck yes,” my climax crashed over me.

As I came I shook violently, my body arching in ecstasy as my juice spurted out.

“Fucking hell. you dirty little slut,” the guy said.

“Oh that was amazing,” I told him. “Are you hard?” I asked.

“As a fucking rock love,”,he responded. I looked at his crotch and could see a massive bulge sticking up in his work overalls.

“Let me take care of that then,” I brazenly said.

“Lets get in the back of the van love,” he added. “We will have more room in there.”

I quickly agreed and within seconds we were out of the van, my knickers having being left lying on the front seat!

Once inside the back we maneuvered a few of the boxes around to make space. It was a bit cramped but definitely gave us more room for some dirty fun and games.

“Wanna see my tits too?” I asked.

“Of course,” came his reply. We quickly began to strip off. I removed my skirt, slipping out of it over my hips and down onto the van floor. Within a few minutes I had removed my blouse and bra too. Leaving just my shoes on.

“What a fucking body,” he said to me. His eyes ogling my young, naked teen flesh.

“Your’s ain’t too bad either,” I quickly said back to him. He had fully stripped off, totally naked. His cock standing proud and erect, at least a good 7 inches in length and really thick.

He expertly sucked on my little titties for a few moments, getting my little nipples hard and swollen. He rolled his tongue around them, moving from my left tit to my right. Flicking my nipples with his tongue and occasionally tweaking them with his fingers too.

“Let me have some of that fucking cock,” I said to him, acting like a complete slut.

“Be my guest!” he replied as he lent against a pile of boxes.

“You wanna suck it for me?” he asked.

“Try and stop me,” I was saying as I got onto my knees in front of him. I had put some of our clothes down for me to kneel on and began to work on his rock solid cock.

“Mm-mm. this is nice,”,he told me. ” Go on love suck it for me. Get me really hard for to fuck you with it.”

“With pleasure,” was my response as I eagerly began to taste his cock. I spat on it, sending a stream of my spittle flying onto his bright red knob end.

“Christ,” he said to me. “you dirty little bitch.”

“What?” I asked. “Doesn’t your wife spit on it for you?”

“Not like that!” he said.

“Well you will have to get her too wont you,” I added. “Gotta get it all slimy and wet so it can slip in and out easier, does she not know that.”

I looked up at him as I took him into my mouth. Flicking my tongue over his pulsating cock end as I did so.

“Shes not such a dirty slut as you,” he told me.

My mouth was now fully stuffed with his hard cock, so I couldn’t respond to him calling me a slut immediately.

The thought of doing things with this older married man that his wife wouldn’t was really getting me going though.

I carried on slobbering over his cock as my young pussy was getting wetter and wetter at the thought of having this older mans cock up me.

My spit was dripping off his cock now, slimy and slippy as I slurped and drooled over his aching hard on. Working it ever deeper into my mouth and throat.

“Oh suck it you tart,” he ordered me. “Suck it.”

“I bet your fucking wife isn’t this good,” I spat at him in between gobbles. “I bet she can’t get you hard like this.” His cock was now dripping with my spit and the slime clung to my lips as I gobbled on his engorged prick.

“No she fucking can’t!” came his reply.

“Fuck me,, I quickly said to him. “I want you to fuck me.”

“Right,” he replied. “Lets see how fucking tight you are you dirty cunt.”

“I’m fucking soaking,” I said back to him. “Have a feel.”

With this he dipped his left hand onto my pussy and felt how wet, hot and sticky I was.

“Christ, your twats on fire,” he told me.

“I’m fucking gagging for a shagging,” I dirtily rhymed at him.

We then both positioned ourselves at the rear of the van. I stood upright and bent over. My young legs bare all the way down to my black high heels. I grabbed the handles on the inside of the van and eased my legs apart. My pussy was so wet, drips of my cunt juice had begun leaking onto the vans floor.

“Fuck me,” he said. “Your cunts dripping.”

“Well get your filthy fucking cock up it then,” I shouted at him. “Go on fuck me. Fuck me and think of your wife not knowing how dirty you are.”

He positioned himself behind me and I could feel his hands on my hips. His hardness pressed against my young pussy lips, slapping against my wetness, then with a shove and one heave he plunged straight up me.

“Fuck,” I gasped as his shove sent my face slamming into the vans doors. My face pressed up against the glass window.

“Sorry,” he said. “I was a bit hard there,” referring to how hard he had entered me and the violence of the shove forward.

“Oh don’t apologize, just fuck it!” I spat at him “Go on fuck me hard. Use me. Use my cunt. Fuck it now!” I was literally begging for a hard and fast fuck. My pussy was leaking heavily. his prick slipping fully up me easily, my juices coating his cock.

“I bet your fucking wife isn’t this tight,” I said to him as he started bucking into me.

“No she isn’t,” he replied. “And her pussy isn’t as wet as this normally either.”

“I fucking love it,” I told him. “I fucking love a cock in me. Go on fuck me. You’re not the first this week and you wont be the last.”

“You dirty little slut,” he retorted, as his thrusts slammed into my arse and his prick plowed in and out of me.

I could feel my big climax building up.

“I’m gonna cum on your cock. Keep shagging me,” I instructed. ” I bet you wish this was my mum as well,” I blurted out.

“Too fucking right”, he replied. “She’s almost as sexy as you.”

“She fucking loved you chatting her up,” I told him, all the time his rhythmic thrusts humping me hard and fast.

“She was dying for your cock, I heard her telling my dad. Telling him how she would fuck you, how she fancied you. Well I’m fucking having you. I want you to think of her, think of my mum and fuck me.”

I was in slut heaven now. My mind a whir of fantastic filthy thoughts.

“She wears suspenders and stockings when dad fucks her. I have heard them. she was gagging for your prick to fuck her. Dad pounded her the other night as she thought of you. Of your hard cock. Oh fuck I’m such a slut. I played with myself as I listened. I listened to mum begging for your cock up her, would you?. Would you fuck my mum?. Oh fuck me hard please.”

“Fuck yes,” he told me. “I would pay to fuck the both of you. I bet shes as much a whore as you are.”

He didn’t need telling twice. His hands grasped my slender hips and he rode me from behind faster and faster. Pistoning in and out of me with each ferocious thrust.

“Take it slut,” he cried at me. “Take it. This is how I would have ridden that slut of a mother of yours.”

“Fuck!”, I yelled as my second cum violently overtook me. I came off heavily, squirting my stickiness all over his prick. Audible slurps and slops filled the van as I absolutely soaked his cock and leaked more cunny juice onto the van floor.

“I’m gonna spunk up,” he cried out.

“Not up me,” I yelled. “Fucking cum on me you dirty bastard.”

He withdrew his cock just as it began spurting. His thick, red swollen member sending a shot of cum up and onto my back. His next spurt washed over my arse cheeks, the next joining this river of spunk being sprayed onto me. I quickly turned around, just in time to receive the next two jets of his cum. The first splattering against my stomach, the next spurting onto my shaven cunt.

I tried to bend down to take some into my mouth and face. His spurts lessening in intensity.

I managed to get two last blasts directed at my face, the first smearing my lips and the second hitting me fully on the nose.

I had cum dripping off my arse, smeared onto my pussy and tummy. My nose had a sticky rivulet of spunk hanging from it around my lips bore the fruit of his climax too.

“Jesus Christ,”,he exclaimed as his cock twitched and dribbled the last few drips of his spunking.

“Mmmmm,” I simply said as I dipped my head forwards and took his flaccid cock into my mouth.

I sucked it clean.Savouring his salty goodness.

“You’re fucking covered,” he laughed as I finished off cleaning his knob.

I laughed too as I stood up. He then stood back admiring his work.

“I got you good,” he said.

“I really enjoyed that,” I told him. “Thanks.”

He replied likewise and offered me a sheet of kitchen roll to wipe my cum stained body with.

“I think I may need more than this,” I laughed.

“Here love use this then,” he told me, handing me more of the roll of paper.

I wiped his cum from my arse, stomach and cunt. I then licked my lips to get rid of the jizz he had deposited there and then wiped my nose.

Still naked, save for my shoes, we enjoyed a cuddle and a kiss. We then redressed. Being the gentleman, he retrieved my panties from the front seat and I slipped them back on too.

We agreed that we had really enjoyed it and this wasn’t to be the last time he would have me, nor would he have me alone in the future either.

The next fun we had was shared with a guy from his works depot, a big heavy set man with a really thick, chubby cock.

He would also end up having my mum too, and then having me and telling me the details but that’s for another time!

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