Fucked Mother and Newly Married Daughter 2

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Hello All, Myself Ravi from Hyderabad. In continuation to story “Fucked Mother and newly wedded Daughter 1”. I received emails asking whether this is real one or imagination. To give a clarity that this is a real incident. I still meet

Since I was preparing for my PG entrance, I had enough time for myself and everyday evening I used to go for an evening walk and obviously I used to go to their house. That was the time the whole family members will be watching TV Serials. Daughter aged 19years was asked to give me coffee. To prepare that she went into the kitchen. Since I was a regular guest there were no restrictions on my movements. I got a chance to talk to her in person. She was dam hot and very sexy, her stats were 34, 28, 34. She maintains her figure perfectly. Anyone who sees her feels like fucking her then and there.

During my conversation I understood that she had lot of aspirations in life and due to their family condition. She was forced to marry her mother’s brother. That fellow is lousy and always want to take rest always. He doesn’t work. The whole family was financially supported by Mother who is working as a Nurse and Grandmother whose husband was in Railways and after his death his pension is transferred to her. Two women earning and four people surviving on that income. I felt this girl has talent to work and have her own source of income and become a supporting hand to her mother and grandmother.

The first drawback of the daughter was that she knows only the local language. She has to learn English which is very important for anyone to survive in this competitive world. Since I have enough of time during my day, I asked if she is interested in learning English for which she readily accepted and was happy. On sharing this news with her family members they were happy and everyday evening she was prepared to come to my house for private tuition. I took her to the terrace and we settled there. I don’t want to beat around the bush to I expressed her that I am interested in her and want her. Then she immediately asked me if I can marry her. I was not expecting this answer from her, I explained her is it really possible for her to leave her family and specially her husband? Later she told me that she had sex only once since she married. I understood how she could maintain such a beautiful figure and what she actually wants now.

I made a timetable that every day I should teach her for 40 minutes and 20 minutes for our private play. I asked her if I can kiss her, she felt shy and told me that she too was interested in me but was unable to express it. We quickly jumped into my bedroom which was attached to the terrace. I made her stand next to the door and I held her face in my hands and went close to her lips and she closed her eyes. I could feel her breathing increased and lips were shivering. Without wasting time I placed my lips on her and started exploring her mouth. She started responding. It was so good to have such a beautiful girl.

I placed one hand on her left boob and it was my hand full, soft and stiff. I started pressing it softly and she started moaning. Continuing the kiss I placed another hand on right boob and pressing them simultaneously. I started to smell her perfume and I placed a kiss on her neck. My breath is touching her neck which is making her out of control. I started moving one hand into her dress and she stopped me as someone would come into my room. So I didn’t want to force her. So she left for the day.

Next day she came in a pink salwar with black paijamas. After our tuition we went into my room and this time I closed the door and started kissing her all over her face and locked the lips for few minutes exploring each other tongues. She was much bold compared to the previous day. The dress was more loosely compared to previous day this indicates that she is prepared for the show. Without wasting the time, after kissing her on her lips and all over her face, I started to kiss her ears and then down to neck. I was licking her neck skin, slowly inserted left hand into her salwar and placed my palm on her right breast. I was pressing her boob over her bra. She was enjoying the moment with half closed eyes. She was moaning slowly. I inserted another hand on to her left boob. Now I am pressing both the boobs.

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