Finally Cuckolded by my Pakistani wife

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Hi my name is Aamir. Me and my wife Arooj been married for 3 years. This is a true story.I have always had fantasy watching my wife having sex with someone else. She was a gym goer had curves at right places with 38D boobs.

Like any couple our sex life started getting boring. Add to that i have had lower testerone counts so i started to have lower sex drive over the time.
One day while we were playing in bed she randomely mentioned guy name Nathan at her work. She started admiring how he takes care of her by buying her lotto tickets. They go out for lunch at times etc.
So i asked her if she likes him? My wife got very mad and said” what do you mean i like him?” “I admire him yes but i am not a slut”.

So i got quiet. And next day while we both were at work, my wife started texting me telling that she is very horny and she needs my cock right now.
We started texting each other dirty. I asked her where is she at? She said in her car fingering her pussy. While texting i decided to pretend to be Nathan. And sexting her that how i would love to fuck her brains out. And would love to let her ride my 9inches cock for as much as she wants. After two minutes my wife Aarooj texts me back saying that she came so hard.

At night after dinner my wife asked if i was being serious asking another man to play with her. I said. Yes Arooj…anything for your pleasure. Invite hime for dinner tomorrow. My wife then next day informed that Nathan will be coming on Friday night. I asked her if she has any sexy bra and panties. She said yes.
Fast forward, Nathan comes home for dinner, he admires my wife saying how intelligent she is and how lucky i am. So i winked and said you are one lucky man as well btw. He looked me and her and asked how?
My wife started blushing and went away. Afyer my wife went away i asked him if he would like to fuck her? His jaw was dropped and nervously looked at me. I assured him it will be discreet. And you would have to fuck Arooj front of me. He then started smiling and called out her name. Nathan stood up holded Arooj’s hand and she took him to our bedroom.
They started to kiss each other passionately. And Nathan was taking her shalwaar kameez off.
Long behold, they were both making love to each other like teenagers. Then she finally riding his 10 inch dick. Ill tell you what my wife was in heaven started shaking and screaming like. AAAAAAHHHHHHH. OHHHHHHHHH. AAAAAAHHHHHH, OHHHHHH FUCK ME HARD NATHAN I LOVE U..I LOVE UR COCK….PLEASE DONT STOP. OHH YAA BABY I LOKE ROUGH SEXX. To my amazement he was hitting her big curvy ass and saying things like. OHH AROOOJ UR SO SEXY..I ALWAYS WANTED TO FUK UR PAKUSTANI PUSSY SO HARDDD..
He then turned her arounf fucked her doggy style. At this time Nathan’s condom broke but he didnt stop ramming her. My wife obviously felt his condom broke so she said, ” FUCK NATHAN ..TAKE UR CONDOM OUT AND FUCK ME RAW”
I just couldnt believe it.

He then fucked her cow girl style and been fucking each other for half and our straight. At this time my beautiful wife Arooj started riding his dick again and both calling each other names. And then finally both came. My wife started squirting and started shaking alot with joy and both came together.

Nathan had shot cum inside her while she squirted. Perfect combination. Both were making out so i asked them if they need water. My wife said “thank u Aamir. Ap ne tu mujhe bahot acha surprise diya. Kiya mein har hafte Nathan ke saath sex kar saktee hon essi bistar pe apke samne”

So i said, no thank you to Nathan who satisfied your sex desire and i would love to allow you to fuck him. I told my wife that ” Arooj pregnant nahi hona dehan se”
To that my wife said while smiling, ” ho bhi gayee tu kiya hua ..ap bhi Nathan jasay dekhte hain” we all laughed.

Part 2 coming up..

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