Father in law

Im petite at 5ft even, 95lbs brown hair, blue eyes, 34b. Married my hubby jack when i was 15.

2 mornings ago my hubbys cousin attacked me and had his way with me while my hubbys dad watched from outside and then blackmailed me to do what he wanted. I wanted to tell jack so badly but knew he would partially blame me so i kept quit. I just kept my distance and made sure i was not home alone with his dad.

Jack told me today his dad steve had went back home and that today would be the last day he would be working doubles for a while. I was glad i would be home by myself finally. Finally could go back to sleeping nude and walking around the house nude. Yay….

As soon as jack left for work i took a long shower and as i walked out of the bathroom towards my bedroom i was pushed to the floor. i looked back startled and afraid to see my father in law standing there taking off his pants. He smiled and said good your already naked, you think i was gonna leave before getting in that sweet young pussy again.

I yelled no its not happening again. Got up to run to my bedroom as he pushed me from behind again i fell against the side of the bed. Steve grabbed a hand full of my hair and yanked me up, before i could move he had my arms bent behind my back and bent me over the bed. I tried to push back away from him, as i yanked my arms free steve straddled me holding me down on my stomach. I told him to stop and get off me. ” your alittle cock tease and your gonna give me what i want or else and i know you want tell jack cause your as much to blame as me ”
As he is talking he is rubbing his dick between my ass cheeks pushing his head against my lips trying to enter me. I twist and wiggle trying to get free and in doing so steve rammed his dick forward managing to get his head in. I screamed out no to stop. He laughed. ” your already wet how nice now stop moving and enjoy it ” he slowly pushes forward his dick sliding in my little pussy till he is all the way in me. He holds still enjoying how tight my pussy is around his cock. I can feel his head swell and throb in me. He pulls back and pushes back in. With each thrust in me i cant help but get wetter against my will i cum with a low moan escapeing my lips.
” that’s a good little bitch i told you that you would enjoy this ” he starts pumping faster grabbing my hips pulling me back into each thrust. ” dont you dare cum in me ” i told him. It was to late i felt his cum shoot into me. He climbs off me and gets dressed and leaves.

It had been over a year since jacks dad steve had been around and we had moved to a not so good side of town. We didn’t have much furniture, our bed was a mattress on the floor. Things were not so good for us at that time
And Things were not going so good with jacks new job and they wanted him to move to over nights. Which he did. We put up black out curtains on the windows making our bedroom very dark during the day but Of course that would now mean i would be home alone at night and jack didnt like the ideal. Without even talking to me jack had asked steve to come stay till we could afford to move again.

Great i thought. We lived in a one bedroom house i asked where would he be sleeping. Which jack informed me that his dad would either sleep on the couch or he could make a pallet in our floor.

His dad had also been working nights which meant he to slept during the day now.
The first day his dad was here he wasted no time. We had already been in bed asleep when i heard the bedroom door open and close. Few minutes later i feel a hand on my hip and pulling me towards the edge of the mattress. I push his hand off me turn my head and whispered to him ” are you stupid jack is laying right here ”
His hand slides up my leg pushing my gown up over my hips. I again push his hand away. I feel his on my ass sliding down to between my thighs. His fingers rub against my lips.
” your wet already ”
He moves his hand away. Min later his hand is on my hip again pulling me back to the edge of the mattress till my ass is on the edge. I feel the head of his dick touch my ass cheek, slides forward between my legs till its touching my lips. Slowly he pushes forward sliding in, the head first then more till he is all the way in me.
All thats going through my mind is jack is gonna wake up and kill us both.
Steve starts pumping his cock in and out of me slowly at first. The more he moves fucking me the more i notice jacks body swaying with each thrust steve makes forward.
I almost jumped out of my skin when i seen jack start to turn onto his back. I threw my hand back to make steve stop fucking me. As we lay still i feel steve making his dick swell up inside me.
After a few mins jack has not moved any more and steve starts pumping his dick again. He whispers into my ear i cant hold back i have got to move. Again he thrust forward and after a few thrust jack starts to turn on to his side facing me.
I pull forward causing steves dick to slide out of me. I stare at jack as steve whispers ” let me finish ” i tell him jack is waking up you have to stop.
” turn over and face me ” i know steve is not going to give up and i think jack is still asleep so i turn over to face steve. As i do so steve scoots up till his dick is even with my face. ” suck it” he pushes his dick to my mouth and begins pushing into my mouth. I have no choice i began sucking on him.
Steve begins fucking my mouth as i feel the mattress move and can tell jack is moving around. I try to pull my mouth off steves dick but grabs my head holding me still so he keeps fucking my mouth.
Jacks hand is on my hip pulling my ass back towards him, he rubs his cock between my ass cheeks till it pushes between my pussy lips, sliding in.
I cant beleave it jacks dick is in my pussy and his dad is in my mouth at the same time. Steve keeps fucking my mouth he whispers ” here it comes ” his cum splashes the back of my throat. I have no choice but to swallow. Steve pulls his dick out of mouth and gets up. As he does jack stops moving unaware what his dad had been doing to me. As soon as steve walks out of the room jack rolls me onto my stomach and begins fucking me hard and fast, i moan with the thoughts of i had just had a threesome with my hubby and his dad and neither of them knew it. I cum as i feel jacks cum fill me.

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