Divorced mother Caring son

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Hello hi welcome to our Stories where I care about my mother. My name amit kumar age 19 and my mother name is Ramya age 43.

My mom and dad got divorced 10yrs ago on there different mindsets after there marriage the 1 yr love was me after my birth they both got into so many issues and both got divorce. I used to live with my mom . We r like we’ll settled family here in Mumbai we have our own apartment where we get gud rents . When I was 16 I got my first feelings on my mom
Story: summer holidays with mom
A: Maa I feel bore can u cook something for me
R: sure beta do u like to eat poori and chole Baji
A: sure maa can I come and help u too
R: help me na beta tht will be much better to cook easy

We both went to kitchen and started doing this poori stuff my was in saree she was like dam hot she was mixing the poori atta and her waist was with sweat it like most beautiful sexy thing on my mom I could not control my self and went near her took a towal and start cleaning her face and neck she was like it’s ok beta happen but I was not in mood listening her . I was keep on doing and where come to waist I skip my towal and did with my and tubing her slowly and pressing slightly . I was like in clould nine . She felt my touches and ask me

R: beta wht r u doing
A. Nothing maa just cleaning . Ur making for me na so supporting u thts it
R. Beta I love u and gave me huge hug I was like taking advantage of tht hug and took her more close and hugged her and started kissing her neck she was like enjoy my hug and kisses after 5min she realised something is wrong in me then she said let me finish ur food first . I said ok and we both done doing food and ate it . I said my mom tht I was to keep my head in lap and sleep while she rub my head slightly . She said ok . But I face up where I can see her face and talk to her by tht I can clearly she her blouse and my mom big Mellon she is 38d size which are touching my face I took advantage of the I kept her talking to where I was touching with my fingers pressing them slightly when her saree was moved a little i saw her navel .

Thts was my hiting point I asked her maa do u love me she said beta I love most in the world is u . I said love u maa and kissed her stomach mean her navel and said maa I came from here na did it hurt u .

She said yes beta but after u came out if there I was very happy . Maa I love this stomach maa and I kiss her again by saying tht I was kissing and licking her navel slowly .where I didn’t see her face and she even didn’t stop me . I was doing in for 5 min . When my mom lean back then I realised she was enjoying it but suddenly our door bell disturb us . My idiot watchman came to give us pressed cloths. I came to know tht she likes wht I’m going then after dinner I said mom I wanna sleep she said ok and we both went to our bedroom . I asked my mom to sleeping my bedroom for today she said ok . After 1 hour I hugged from back she took my hand pulled me close to her . Then she was wearing a sleeveless nighty it’s more like a rope one . My dick was hard I took it out my boxer and touching her nighty on her back .

Where my 1 hand was touching her Mellons . I started rubbing on her back she didnt move or trying stop so I continue doing tht slowly I up her nighty up till her back her panties r touching my dick . Then I started opening her top nighty buttons there r like 7 buttons I opened 1 by 1 and her mellons r open while sleep she won’t wear bra thts a big bonus to me . Sudden she turn towards me where I can face her boobs directly . I couldn’t control my feeling it kissed them and sucking them . She wokeup and felt shock . But I was not question to stop and talk to her I was touching her body and keep on kissing her neck and boobs untill she turn on . Finaly she stop talking and enjoying it then I kept my hands on her panties and rubbing it she was wet already I removed it she was like started moaning little I was kissing her from up and went near my birthplace smell and the wetness calling to lick it . I kissed it first and giving it rapid kisses it turn to lick . I licked her like 15 to 20 min then I stood and showed her my dick she gave me a 2 storks took it in mouth and gave me a beautiful BJ .

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