Desires of Mom and Aunt Part 1- The Awakening

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No sooner the clock turned 7am , Siddharth woke up with the words.”Good Morning Sir!” Naveena , Roopa greeted kissing him and knelt naked with heads down , hands behind their back , awaiting for master’s orders. It was their first task of the day for past couple of years.

“Good morning my whores!”, master Siddharth smiled back. Slowly he went to his imagination where it all began.

Naveena lost parents during her child hood. Herself and her younger sister Roopa grew up in care homes. They learnt the dark side of life along with education.

Might be because of roughness of their fate, she grew up to be a bold, beautiful and promiscuous person neglecting the facts of right and wrong in life and relationships. Her guardian was not willing to spend more for their living. Hence Naveena was married to Anish after her schooling and henceforth she became a guardian of Roopa.

They entered their marriage life with 21 St century. More than a wife, she slowly become an sexual admirer of Anish, not denying on his words.

Anish left his parents and started a pharmaceutical business on his own. They lived a bit outer in Bangalore to meetup expenses. On Anish’s compulsion, she took up part time Bachelor’s course in Pharmacy which would give a second hand in their business.

Within a year they had a boy child.Because of her commitments,she could not spend much time with Siddharth.

After her studies, Naveena had to take care of business too. Being a startup they had to work off their ass.

Siddharth spent more time with his aunt Roopa than his mom. Roopa on completing her degree, did certifications as fitness trainer and started her career as professional body trainer. She was 5’7″ with a plumpy assets and maintained it that way.

Within 10 years, their business started yielding profits. Their growth in financial status reflected on Siddharth’s life as he kept on moving to higher standard schools.

At the age of 32 , Naveena lost Anish. This was a huge loss personally and professionally. Entire work burden fell on her. Siddharth got admitted to international residential school.

It was the sprouting stage for social media. Naveena and Roopa grasped this and well profited their business on it’s course.

They moved up to a posh gated community and lived in villas side by side. The two floored villa even had a swimming pool inside.

Days and years rolled.

It was Siddharth’s 18 th birthday. Naveena and Roopa arranged for a house party with Sid’s friends.

A little intro to our birthday boy Sid. He resembled more like his father. He had mature mind, 6 foot tall , fair, sharp nosed, green eyes, well built and most importantly a professional swimmer. Needless to say, with his financial background he grew up with knowledge of all sorts of sex and dating.He is a bit indulged into kinky dominating sexual desires and was a horny guy. Without his realisation,he got attracted towards incestual relations . He was waiting for a long lasting relationship that expects nothing out of his wallet. A relationship that is fully bound by his words and thoughts.

As the years passed both Naveena and Roopa were at peak of feminine figure. Roopa never sticked to a single guy-girl relationship and remained unmarried. She usually wears modern cloths reflecting right amount of her exquisite assets that would keep a passing guy dreaming of her body.

Everyone had fun in his birthday party and left once the party was over. It was Siddharth, Naveena, Roopa who were cleaning the mess and doing dishes. After the chores, they all sat near Swimming pool for a pep talk.

“So 18 now! Big guy” exclaimed Roopa.”Any plans for future?”,she asked Siddharth.

“Nothing much aunt, by next year end will complete this Business Administration degree and would join mom. I hope to give her relief of it”, saying so Siddharth winked at his mom.

“That is great! I know you would handle it for sure.We are proud of you son and you do have that potential dear”, said Roopa.

“Oh yeah! you bet”, said Siddharth.

They discussed some usual stuffs.

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