My first love

hello everyone, before start of this story Let me introduce my self first
i m Ranveer singh. I m 25 years old .My height i about 5’11 inches tall. My dick size is not so big. its just 6 inches long
but i can satisfy any female easily.

i love to fuck that ladies that are elder than me (means i love to fuck milfs). and i love to lick pussy and do sex in doggy style.
so lets get straight to my story. it’s about 5 years ago.
when i was in my engineering’s 2nd year.

I was never talk to any girl in my college and classroom.
So that’s why i was so desperate for get a girlfriend.

In the summer of 2015 my cousion’s Maternal uncle’s girl come for spent her holidays.
her name is ishika we known each other. but we never talked to each other.
that time i seen her after 3 years and honestly she looking so beautiful.
her color is like a snow means she was so fair.
she was like a cotton doll.
her figure is 34/26/34.
everyone want’s girl like that
i was fall in love with her.
but i didn’t talked to her cause i got lot of ego.

Next day my cousin and other family members plans a trip to go somewhere else and i also go with them.
we 5 family members and ishika are ready for a trip we going to a amusement park . we take a bus and ready to go.
after 4 hours of journey we arrived at a amusement park.
we did a lot of fun in there .after all day long we take bus for our hotel.
all the family members are tired and fall asleep in bus.
ishika and i was awake.she was sit next to me in bus.
i still didn’t talk to her much.but then she talk to me
ishika : Why you stay silence every time.
(i give her a smile and say)
ranveer: it saves energy .
then she smiles and say
ishika : you’re so funny.but i have a question to you.why you never talked to me did you feel shy to talk to girls.
ranveer : No i m not shy.actually i talk to little. so that’s why people thinks i m shy or egoistic.
She laughed and then say
ishika: you’re so cute .

then we both starting a conversation and honestly once a girl start talking then she never stop easily. this conversation gone so long .
we arrive at hotel we take our room key and headded to our rooms.
i m very excited to talk to her more.
and suddenly she comes to our room with my cousin.
they come to my room and we all play some games at night.
at 1 o clock everyone with us are fall deep sleep.

but she still talking to me . i feel sleepy but she still telling me her stories.
then i ask her
ranveer: hey let’s take a round of this hotel and i need coffee.

She agree and we both go for a walk.we go to hotel’s park and sit on a table
she ask me

ishika : do you tired
ranveer: yes little bit why?
ishika: so why you don’t go for sleep.
ranveer: i want to spent time with you because i like to spent time with you
ishika : are you serious .
And then she hold my hand and say
ishika : Do you like me ?
ranveer : yes ,i like’re my crush
she smiles and then say
ishika : do you know one thing ?
ranveer : what
ishika : I like you since we were kids.
ranveer : really please don’t kidding .
ishika : you never talk to me but i only thinking about you all the time.
suddenly i feel so guilt about her feeling .and i say her
ranveer: sorry i always ignored you i m feeling so sorry.
ishika : it’s okay . that’s not your fault .i tried so many time to talk to you but you never notice me.

she have tears in her eyes
she down her head and try to hide her eyes
then i hold her. i clean her tears . And then i started kissing her on lips.
after our first kiss She held me tight in her arms.
that whole night we awake. next day we headed to some other places and then we headed to home.
after few days she gone back to her home we talked to each other daily on phone call.
sometimes i meet with her but not much. but she lives in another state so its hard to meet daily.
after one year of relationship.i decide to go to her state for my 40 days training.
everyone agree in my house for this decision . i got admission in good institute.
now we met daily .sometime i go to her home to because everyone knows me there.
one day we both talking to each other on video call .

ranveer : ishu you’re so cute,so beautiful.
ishika : what happened to you now
ranveer : i want to kiss you.
ishika : come to my home now and take it.

i don’t know she gives me dare or something but i suddenly get in action. i cut the call and headed to her home.
it’s winter time and so cold outside.
i wear my jacket and take my bike and headed to her house.
it’s 11 at night and no one is outside cause of fog.
i arrived her home and i call her .

ranveer : i m outside of your house
she was react nothing and come she opened her gate. she saw me and she smiles.
ishika : you take my words very seriously.
then she hugs me . and she take me inside to her house.
she take me into her room.i was feeling so cold so she give me her blanket.
i sit on her bed and she made coffee for us.
we drink coffee. and then she comes in to blanket.she hug me very tightly.

ishika : now feeling better.
ranveer : lot better,i think you forgot something.
ishika : no i remember.
she kissed me on lips. She hug me so tightly.
I felt my body on every part of her body.
my dick was raised.and i start to touch press her boobs.
her body was so hot at that time.
we do kissing each other continuously .
her body was so soft .
her boobs was so tight i continue pressing her boobs. she kissing me very badly .

i removed her sweater and then i remove her t shirt .
i think she was totally surrendered me. because she allow me to do anything without say .
i removed her bra and and suck her boobs. i put my hand into her leggings and slowly i touch her pussy .her pussy was so smooth there are no hairs. she take care of her own body so much i think
i kissed on her neck and then lips . she was so warm at that time. her body feels me so warm .
i remove my jacket because i feel to warm at that time.
i remove my t shirt i do workouts so my body is athletic.
she see my fitness and gives me compliment

ishika : wow my boyfriend got abs.
i smile and start kissing her again.
i removed her leggings and penty to. now she was full naked .
saw her naked body and honestly she was so sexy . her body is so smooth. She do some expensive waxing on her body. her milky + silky skin make me more uncontrolled. my dick was so hard in my jeans and i removed my jeans .
its her first time and mine also so i did everything like removing clothes etc.
i grab her tightly. and kiss on her lips . i put my hand on her ass and her pussy.
i press her ass and i touch her pussy.
after 10 minutes her pussy was wet. i lay her on bed and i start licking her pussy.
she was like

ishika:ummmmm…. i love this … do it …. mmmmmmm……. ………..mmmmmm……. suck my pussy……ahhhhhhaaaaaa…..
i suck her all juice from her pussy.

after 15 minutes her pussy was wet again.i licked her pussy and suck her all juice.
i don’t want to put my dick in her mouth. so i skipped that procedure.
after lick her pussy i m ready to put my dick into her pussy. so i hold my dick and rub it into her pussy she say
ishika : please do it now. you’re my man make me all your’s. please put this inside.
she begging me.

i put my dick slowly in her pussy and start pushing.
but her pussy was so tight . i push my dick again with some force.
this time my dick was half into her pussy she hold me very tightly and her nails was ripped into my back and she scream .
she start crying .i stop pushing and i lip locked her.
her pussy was very warm. and i feel something some blood comes from her pussy.
after 5 minutes she was little bit normal and stop crying .
I kiss her on the forehead. then i again push my whole dick into her pussy.
that time she was slowly scream but hold me so tightly . she closes her eyes and trying to fight with pain.
after 5 minutes she was normal . and she gives me some love bites .and now she enjoying this and scream like

ishika ; um……….ah…………..
after 15 minutes we both cummed . her juice and my juice got combined. she holds me very tightly and she kisses me once again. she say to me please never leave me (but she leave me).

we did three rounds that night . if you want to know what happened next . then email me your feedback .
my email is : [email protected]
send me feedback and share my story with others . and next time i promise i’ll tell you how i became a fuckboy and why ishika leaves me. i made some shortcuts in my story for not to be boring . i didn’t change her or my name in this story so that’s why i didn’t mention our city or place . by bye.

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