A night without passionate boyfriend

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Hey everyone, this is a real story of sex that i had with my boyfriend. Let me describe us first. I am fair, long hair, 34-26-36 and short. My boyfriend Rishi is 5’9 well built, athletic body and fair complexion. We both are of sane age, 25.

We have been in long term relationship of 8 years. This is a story when we went to Kashid. Its been long time since we had spent time with each other. We thought of taking 2 days of leave from work and go to Kashid beach.

We booked our rooms, booked a car and everything was going as planned. When we reached there we checked in our room and had dinner. It was almost 10pm when we came back to our room.

We both knew what was going to happen. I was wearing a short night dress and he was in tshirt and three forth. As soon as we reached room I bent down to keep keys on table. Rishi grabbed me by my belly from behind and hugged me tightly. I responded by placing my right hand on his neck. He then slowly moved his hands on my boobs. He started squeezing them making circles. He placed his index finger on my nipples which were now erect and started to massage them and tease them. I was moaning now. He grabbed my face and kissed me on my lips while his left hand playing with my left boob.

I was turned on by all these acts. Then he turned me towards him and started kissing me squeezing my ass now. I held his neck and chest and kissed him back. I wanted to touch his bare chest. He has one sexy chest with no hair. I removed his tshirt and started rubbing my hands on his nipples then pushed him on bed.

I held his hands with my hands and kissed his neck. He was moaning now. I slid down a little and sucked his nipples, he shivered a little. U slid down and removed his belt and button of his pant. He helped me to remove his pant and threw it away.

He was in his underpants now. I could see little pre ejaculation liquid drops on his underpants. I touched his cock on his underpants and he let out a small moan. I was turned on by his moaning. I slid down his underpants a little and I kissed his tip of cock. He held my head and said to go further. I held his cock in my hand and licked his balls. He loved it and moaned loudly. I licked his cock from balls to tip and took his cock in my mouth. He was enjoying all this and was pushing my head to suck it further. I sucked, licked and kissed his cock for 5 minutes, then he said he was about to cum but he didn’t want to cum so early so he said to stop.

He got up now and took me in his arms and made me sleep on bed. He came on top of me and started kissing my lips. He then told me to get up and removed my short nights. I was in my bra and panty now. He started kissing my neck with his hands pressing my butt. He then removed my bra with his fingers and made me sleep on bed. He stretched my legs and slept on me, his cock touching my panty. He kissed my right boob with my left boob in his hand. He started playing with my boobs I just kept moaning harder and harder. He slid down and licked my navel. Slid down further and kissed me on my panty. He removed my panty and slid down to my toes. He licked my toe fingers, it was so hot. He then stretched my legs and brought his face near my pussy. I could feel his breathe on my pussy. He then touched my pussy and I shivered. He stretched my pussy lips and kissed my clitoris. I rolled my eyes, my mouth left a moan and I wanted him bit to stop even for a second. He then kept his left hand thumb finger on my clitoris and stated rubbing it, he inserted his right middle finger in my pussy and started licking my pussy. It was so hot, I couldn’t even open my eyes. I was biting my lower lip and squeezing my boobs. He kept on sucking my pussy till I came in his mouth. He was proud of himself and I could see it in his smile.

He now came on top of me and started rubbing his nipples on mine. He kissed my neck and told me to roll over. He started kissing my neck and back while his hands were busy squeezing my boobs. I was turned on again.

He rolled me over again. He stood up while I was lying on bed. He stretched my legs and started to pat my pussy with his cock. I couldn’t control and started squeezing my boobs and biting my lower lip.

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