Bad Neighbor

I’ve partied many times with my next door neighbors Jimmy 30 and Jennifer 27 mwf. They stay home most weekends drinking and partying to excess. I hung out, drank with them, listened to their stories, and took mental notes. I learned their ways, their habits.They both drink to the point of excess and I have … Read more

He watches his wife with a stranger

I was going crazy thinking about my wife, Anita, making love to another man… But I knew that I wouldn’t really like her making it with another man. I talked her into it! Not all at once of course… but after a while of fantasizing and talking to her about it, I got her to … Read more

Big brother & younger sister throw caution to the wind

Big brother & younger sister throw caution to the wind, indian incest stories, Sadhana’s baby was still fast asleep as the train moved in a snails pace inching alongside the platforms. A sense of unknown excitement went through her as she was restlessly thinking when the train would eventually halt. She looked through the window to … Read more