My brother

Hi guys this is my first story so I would love some feedback….. Also please do not post my story anywhere else much appreciated… So this story starts whith me I’ll explain myself my name is Damian and ever since I was little I have never really been very boyish and I’ve always leaned towards … Read more

Bicousin surprise

I got off the bus and seen there was a car i didnt recognise in the drive way and i would have sworn it was a man and girl . Turns out my uncle and cousin have moved back to town and mat my cousin ( yeah not a girl he just had long hair … Read more

Touched for the first time

Here’s something I wrote recently for an erotic literature site…true story, I had to change my age from 13 to 18 because of site rules, but other than that its all word for word…let me know what you think.Dad was a big hunk of a guy. Old school handsome and sexy. He was already in … Read more