Spying on his mother, son gets shock of his life

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How can one define innocence? Leaving your back-pack in the bathroom; is that an innocent act? Without a doubt. Leaving it just before your mom goes in there to take her shower? Well, it can certainly be seen as a coincidence. Innocent, surely. Letting your phone in it? Nothing more than a fluke. All innocent. Then again, turning the camera on and positioning the phone so that the top corner peaks from the inadequately closed zipper… That’s something else.

I was sitting in my room, at my desk. Behind the wall just in front of me was the bathroom from where I could hear the shower running. Then stopping. Then the sound of the curtains being pulled opened. My heart was racing. Anyone looking at me would only see a twenty year old guy looking at his monitor. But in my mind’s eye, I was picturing my mom coming out of the shower, fully naked, drying her large breasts, nice hips and smooth thighs, rubbing at her pussy and bush before wrapping the towel on her head. She was all alone in there, had no reason to be prude or shy…

I don’t even know why I hadn’t thought of doing that sooner. Sure it was immoral, but immoral was the default mode of most teenagers. Maybe I wasn’t a teenager anymore, but when it came to my mom, I still felt like one. Oedipus complex, they would say. I knew it wasn’t the case. I wasn’t in love with my mom, nor did I mind when I heard my parents having sex together. In fact, I was really happy that they were still together and in love. It wasn’t oedipus at all.

My mother just happened to have an absolutely stunning body. Objectively. Even at 39. Even after 2 kids. My brother Felix, 2 years younger than me, seemed to be immuned to her charms. I still couldn’t understand how he could simply not look at her cleavage when she bends over. I guessed he had the normal child-parent blindness when it came to mom. That or a normal moral compass.

As mom got out of the bathroom, crossing my door with a towel on her head and one wrapped around her body, I grinned. My moral compass wasn’t normal. At least when it came to her, as otherwise I was a pretty ordinary guy. But no amount of instinctual disgust would turn me away from my mom’s body. She was just insanely hot. Ironically, I thought as I was walking to the bathroom, I couldn’t say if she was pretty or not. Maybe some part of that compass was working after all. But hot? That was as plain as the sun.

I was feigning nonchalance, but my heart was still racing and I discovered that my palms were sweaty when I picked my pack-sack up. Seconds later I was in my room, the door locked. Mom and I were alone in the house (it was the reason I tried that stunt today), so I wasn’t afraid that anyone would disturb me for a few minutes. I grabbed the phone, hurriedly started the video… and immediately felt my heart sink.

I’d been afraid that she would knock the pack-sack off-kilter by pushing the door all the way open. And she had. I quickly scanned the video and got a fully nude shot of her feet. Shit! I had waited for weeks for the perfect opportunity to do this and got nothing. Damn it! My cock was still rock hard in my pants and I was ready to masturbate! My vivid imagination would have been more than enough, but I was too angry to jerk off and knew I would spend the rest of the day pissed, disappointed and sexually frustrated. Sure I could masturbate later, and I often did with my mother in the house. In fact, I often tried to do it while she was in the shower, naked and so close… But today that would only add to the frustration. Fuck!

I forced my cock in a semi comfortable position and walked out of my room. In any case, I knew my mother would remain in her room for a while yet, as she had to get ready to leave for work. I was wrong. As I got out of my room and walked to the kitchen, I received a double shock. The first shock was that mom was already there, and the second was that she was wearing her sinful swimsuit. It was a one piece swimsuit, metallic blue, and to me it looked sexier than any of her bikinis.

For me, that swimsuit was a legendary artifact. There wasn’t much of a cleavage, even if she bent way forward. But the bottom part of the suit was cut really, really high. Mom had really nice hips, and the narrow V of the bikini highlighted them as much as was possible. In fact, the apex of that V, on either side of her body, was above her waist. I still didn’t know if my mom was completely shaven down there, but she was certainly trimmed very narrowly.

Now for the top: as I said, it didn’t offer much in terms of cleavage possibilities. I had gotten many looks at her very generous curves as her breasts threatened to pop out of her bikinis. And they did threaten: mom had really large breasts. So even in a swimsuit with a conservative cut up top, her breasts were pretty remarkable. But that particular swimsuit had a bonus: under the sun, it became slightly transparent. It hadn’t started that way though. But chlorine, laundry detergent and the constant strain of mom’s large breasts had gradually stretched the fabric, forcing countless micro-tears in it. I was now in for a show.

As for the back, it showed about half of her buttocks, which were really, really nice. Although I believed that my mom’s breasts were by far her greatest assets, her ass was also remarkable. And short of a g-string, this swimsuit was the best opportunity I had gotten so far.

Once, as she was coming out of the pool, her left buttock had been fully exposed for a second or two, the thin and taught material fully pulled between her cheeks. She had laughed and reddened, making me promise to keep my mouth shut about it. I had been the only one on the patio when it happened. Some people would think that it was luck, but given I tried to be there every time she went out swimming with that swimsuit… But suddenly, as I stood there in surprise and dismay, I wondered if mom ever noticed that I always came out on the patio when she swam. Well, no time to think about that now.

Why dismay? The erection, of course. I stopped walking as I saw her, surprised by her presence. I hadn’t expected her there, and so I had gotten out of my room with my erection really visible. Mom was facing me, perhaps eight feet away from me, gathering her thick mane of hair in a bun. Her movements made her breasts wiggle and dance as she did, and I couldn’t help but steal a quick glance. As I did, the tingle in my cock reminded me that it was still hard, making a very visible tent in my shorts. I started walking towards the table where the chairs would hide that fact. As I walked I noticed that my mom glanced at my cock for the briefest moment. Her expression betrayed nothing, but I was sure she saw that I had an erection. Shit!

In my mind I was swearing profusely, and imagined that she must be embarrassed for me. She smiled at me gently, with her breasts still moving about, and told me that she had decided to spend the day at home, enjoying the pool and the sun.

“Oh… Nice… Good idea mom.” I replied, mumbling.

“Wanna join me on the patio?” she asked, still smiling

“Er, sure mom, give me a few minutes to change.”

“Ok.” she said, before turning around to walk towards the back door. When her arms moved down from her head, her bun now securely clasped in place, she grabbed the bottom of her suit, pulled the material away from her ass and released it in a loud clapping sound. My eyes were glued to the flesh of her ass and she added “Come whenever you like, I’m planning on staying wet all day long.”

My jaw fell when I heard her. Obviously she didn’t mean what my filthy mind heard, but my imagination was already working overtime. Cum? Staying wet? Alone in my room, naked with my cock fully hard pointing forward and up, I tried to focus. My dad was at work and my brother at camp. The sun was already out and this would be a glorious day. All I had to do was get rid of that erection.

I could have masturbated, my mood much better despite my earlier frustration, but then again I didn’t want to spend that sexual energy so fast. I tried my best to focus on other things, like sports and the fact that I didn’t have a girlfriend, or that my days on the patio with my mom would probably be the highlights of my summers. Well, that wasn’t so… Stop it! Sports! Dead things! Puking!

I ended up laughing, but eventually managed to drive my erection down. I eased into my swim trunks, very glad that the speedo fad was gone. I grabbed my sunglasses and laptop and made my way outside. I spent the next hour surfing on a wave of pleasure, looking at my mom, talking with her, enjoying her presence and body as she moved around and as she lay on the patio to sunbathe. Damn! Even on her back, even with a one piece swimsuit, her breasts looked huge! When she got up after 20 minutes, my erection was back.

“Hey, Lew! Wanna join me in the pool?” she asked, walking down the ladder, her breasts heaving with each step.

“Nah, maybe later.”

“Oh come on!”

“Soon!” I said, knowing I couldn’t get up right now.

“Lew? Could you put your laptop on the table for a minute?” she asked, her face straight.

“What? Why?”

“Just do it.”

When I did, she grinning and threw water at me, drenching me completely. All the while laughing in the process, of course. The shock, the second one today, made me react before I could think. “Oh you little…” I stood up and ran to the pool, jumping over her, grabbing her hair clasp. I fell in the water with it in my hand, and burst upwards with a grin. “You damned rascal!” my mother cried.

She didn’t like to get her hair wet in the pool, as she claimed that the chlorine messed with them. But now they were free, tumbling down over her shoulder. I loved my mother’s hair, always had. She had thick locks, with only a trace of curls here and there. Now loose and already wet from her shower, her hair was falling down in the water, all heavy and dark. It only made her look sexier. And angrier.

Mom was now looking at me, no longer laughing. I slapped more water at her face and soon we were water-fighting. When we stopped, long minutes later, my cock was mostly down. We spent the next half an hour playing and talking in the pool. And I couldn’t stop staring at her nearly naked nipples. Every time she popped the above the water, the fabric was stretched taught, outlining her hard nipples clearly, and the sun made the entire aureolas visible. Clearly visible. It wasn’t even subtle. Someone would have to tell her soon. Not me though.

At one point she jumped on my back and asked me to run as fast as I could. It was our old game of water horse. Of course, back in the days it was me that was on her back. From time to time, she jumped on me like this, playing at being a cowgirl. And so I ran, with my sexy mother on my back, her breasts moulded against my skin.

It goes without saying that my erection back in full force. I could feel her hands on my pecks and abs, grabbing me firmly. I’m not as cut as I’d like to be, but this summer I got a few looks from girls whenever I took my shirt off. I probably didn’t even register as a man to my mom, but she was holding tightly. Of course, that meant that her breasts were flattened on my back. There was only a very very thin fabric between their skin and mine. And that I was holding her naked thighs in my hands.

After 3 laps, she released her grip, but her hand grazed my cock. Just a graze, not even a real touch. She started saying something, probably “sorry”, but stopped herself and tried hiding it in a cough. When I turned around, she had turned as well and said “Your turn! Get on my back!”

“What? No way mom! I’m gonna crush you!” I replied, terrified at the thought of my cock pressed against her lower back.

“Nonsense! Not in the water!”

“No no no.. No way!” To my great relief, she turned around, facing me, and I thought that she had agreed to drop the idea. Boy was I wrong!

“Oh come on Lew! I’m not made of chocolate!” And with that she proceeded to lower herself slightly in the water and wrap her hands around my waist.

Things happened really fast. When she started to lift me up, she crushed my cock against her belly and accidentally placed the tip of my cock between her breasts. Feeling that, which was impossible to ignore, she had no choice but to release me immediately. I pulled away, covering my face with my hands, moving towards the stairs.

“Oh shit… Lew!” My mom said. “I’m sorry, don’t go… Please stop.”

“No mom, it’s alright… I just wanna get out.”

“Come here… Come here Lew. Please don’t go out. I’m sorry.” When she saw that I wasn’t stopping, her voice changed, got harder. “Lew. Stop right there.” I did. “Now, turn around and look at me.” I did, trying my best to ignore her glowing breasts, visible aureolas and poking nipples. Mom took a deep breath. “I’m so sorry baby. I should have guessed why you didn’t want to… I just never thought that…” Another deep breath. “I’m sorry. Truly. Lew, can you stay here with me for a while? I think that if you leave now it will be really awkward later.”

I nodded, unable to say more now. Shit! She must think that I’m a pervert now! Getting hard because of my mother! “Mom,” I finally said, “it’s me that’s sorry. I feel so ashamed. There’s no reason that I… Fuck.” For once, she didn’t correct my language. “You must think I’m sick!” I added, unable to look at her.

“No no baby. Never.” She said, swimming close to me. “In fact, I admit that I had noticed that you had begun to look at me differently this last year.”

“What!! No! that’s not true! Mom, I swear—”

“Shhh,” she stopped me. “Don’t go swearing things that are not true.” My mom said, with a smile on her lips. “Look at me.” I did. “I really should have thought about it, son. How long has it been since you broke up with Lisa? Six months now?”

“Mom!” I cried, then sighed. “Yeah. Closer to seven now”

“Closer to seven… That sounds about right.” My mom added with a peculiar smile. Wait, was she talking about Lisa, or my cock? Nah, that was impossible! In any case I didn’t have time to think on it further, as she kept talking. “I know we’ve had the sex talk when you were a lot younger, mister, but remember that it’s normal. A healthy, good-looking twenty year old male, sexually active for a long while, and now this long pause…”

“Mom! Please!”

“Shush again!” she said, laughing this time. “You still have lots of things to understand about your body and your sexuality. And about the fact that you can’t control what, or who, will turn you on.” A brief pause. “So, if you want to swear something to me, swear that you don’t really think that you’re insane.”

“Alright… I don’t really think that. Still! Isn’t that weird?” I asked, really unsure.

“Bah… I depends on who you ask. Let me tell you this little secret, it may give you perspective.”

Mom paused, then looked left and right before continuing. “When I was young, I had the same type of attraction to your granddad.”

“What? Really?” We both laughed at the thought.

“Sex isn’t as simple and straightforward than they make it seem in hollywood movies, and even less than in porn.” My eyes opened wide when my mother said the word porn. But she didn’t comment on it and continued “So, are you alright now?”

“Yeah. I guess. Still feel like I have to apologize though.”

“Forget it… I feel like I should give you a hug right now, but…” We both laughed again, the tension really dispelled.

“It’s alright, I’m not… well it’s gone down… Shit.”

“You’re not hard for your old mother anymore?” mom added, a wicked smile on her face and she moved in for her hug.

A hug that lasted too long. Way too long. Even stunned as I was at that moment, I was fully aware of that fact. About 30 seconds in, inevitably, my cock began to harden again. And this time it was pressing directly against my mother’s pussy. When I clamped my muscles, making it bulge slightly, my mother made a small sound in her throat and pulled away gently. She was still smiling, a very soft and caring smile, even though she had just felt my cock bulging against her pussy.

She turned around and climbed the ladder, and despite everything I couldn’t keep my eyes away from her ass. The climb had pulled a lot of the material between her cheeks, and I could see most of her ass. This morning, though, instead of straightening it out, she didn’t touch it and walked to the door. Just as she was about to reach it she said, not turning around, “Are you staring at my ass young man? Because that would be really naughty!” I didn’t bother to reply. When she turned to look at me I was grinning widely, and she winked at me before grabbing a towel and entering the house.

And so I was left alone in the pool, my cock rock hard and my mind shaken. She hadn’t invited me into her sexual world, but she hadn’t kept me at arms length like a mother ought to have. Part of me wanted to follow her inside and see what else could happen, yet another part of me still knew that she was my mother, and that even though she had been playful at the end, she probably did it to ensure that I didn’t feel bad about the whole thing.

But shit! I’d flexed my erection directly against her pussy and she didn’t say a word! It’s even possible that she moaned! Nah… that was my own vivid imagination. She probably resisted the urge to say “ugh”, again as to not make me feel bad. I got up and dried myself quickly before entering the house. My cock was still hard and clearly visible through my trunks, but I didn’t care. When I didn’t see my mother anywhere, I called out. She replied, from the bathroom, that she was going to take another shower to remove the chlorine from her hair.

Damn it! I should have left the phone in there! I sat at my desk and began to surf the net when I saw her walk out fifteen seconds later. She had her towel around herself and I heard her go up to her room. In a flash I replaced the phone in my pack-sack and placed it in the bathroom again, in a safer location this time. It was a risk: why was it there again? But right now I didn’t care about that risk. I had flexed my cock against her pussy for God’s sake!

I managed to escape in time and she didn’t notice a thing. So she took another shower, much quicker this time, and I heard her pull the curtains open for the second time today. When she came out once more she flashed me a nice smile, but didn’t say a thing and went back to her room upstairs. Once again nervous despite everything, I grabbed my pack-sack and locked myself in my room. After our… moment, I was rather convinced that my mom was not going to knock on my locked door. After uploading the video to my computer, I muted the speakers and loaded it up. And there it was. After years of dreaming and fantasizing, I was now about to see my mother naked for the first time.

And what a show. The part when she entered went by really quick, and I got a decent look at her ass and nothing more. But when she got out, my eyes opened wide. Full frontal in full HD glory. And it was glorious. I was not disappointed. Despite her age, both her breasts were still perky and bouncy, arrogantly thrusting forward. And shit were they big! Her aureolas were decently large, very well proportioned and her nipples were standing up and out clearly.

My eyes were drawn to her bush, the last remaining mystery. Well, it looked like my mom only trimmed her bikini line. She still sported a decently thick bush, going high above her lips. The angle of the camera was good, but the lighting wasn’t: I couldn’t see much detail in the dark hairs.

She quickly untangled her hair with a brush, which made her breasts dance. Soon she was pretty much done and I was afraid that she would wrap herself up and leave. Just before doing so she paused, then looked at herself in the mirror. And then, as if influenced by my will, she grabbed her breasts and hefted them both. She followed that, improbably, by a tweaking of her nipples: she pulled her breasts up before releasing them. Then, looking down at her bush, she rubbed her fingers over it, then lower to cup her pussy. My mind was going crazy, and my erection was painful.

Mom then opened the little cabinet and grabbed one of her pink razors. What? Was she going to shave herself? Quickly my mind reminded me that she hadn’t stayed in the bathroom long enough for that. But had she really been thinking about it? After looking down at her bush and smiling, she replaced the razor and whispered “What would Matthew say if I dared? And what about…” Matthew was my dad, obviously.

I never learned where she was going with that second question because, with one hand on the wall, she reached for her pussy again and fingered herself for a minute. An entire minute. I was watching my mother finger herself, bent slightly forward with her heavy breasts moving freely. Her eyes were closed, her lips opened and she was starting to breathe harder.

By that point I was masturbating as well and while mom didn’t climax, I certainly did. I came and came and came, spreading my sperm all over my chest, belly and hands. When the video stopped, I was still trying to catch my breath, in silence. I could hear my mom in the kitchen, probably fixing lunch for the both of us. Using a truckload of tissues I cleaned myself up, put my swimsuit back on and went out of my room.

To my delight, my mom was now wearing one of her bikinis, one of my favorites. It was cyan coloured and it offered a great cleavage. The bottom was also halfway between a regular swimsuit and a g-string. I wasn’t about to complain, or point it out to her. Luck was with me, with her choosing her two sexiest suits today.

Before turning around, she asked me, laughing, “Are you presentable this time?”

“Of course mom… I’m always presentable.” I replied, smiling.

When she did turn around she looked at my trunks then her eyes lingered on my abs and chest. “Yep, very presentable. Now, can you please explain why you’re still single? I can’t believe that the girls in the village aren’t crawling all over you.”


“Oh spare me your little boy outrage. Especially since earlier, in the pool. You’re not a little boy anymore” she paused, grinning. “So, care to explain?”

“I don’t know what to tell you mom. I know that a few of them are interested, but I’m not. The only girl I really like is with someone else right now, and I’m not going to try anything as long as she remains with him.”

“Good. That’s good.” She said, bending forward to put a cake in the oven, offering me a great view of her cleavage in the process. “Now, care to put that body of yours to good use?”


“That pile of earth is not going to move itself!”

“Aw…” I cried, having forgotten about that task.

“Go!” she was laughing. “Lunch will be ready when you’re done. Think you can do it in 30 minutes?”

I mumbled something as I went out. I spent the next 40 minutes shovelling and moving the leftover earth from last weeks gardening project. It was boring, hard and sweaty work, wheelbarrowing the earth from the yard to the back of the garage. I also fell, twice, in the same goddamn hole. I was covered with dirt when I came back in, and mom laughed. “Shush! Don’t come inside! I’ll help you clean with the hose.”

When we discovered that the water from the hose was way too cold for my skin, mom grabbed the big watering can instead. It was filled with lukewarm water. But with the very low pressure, it wasn’t doing much. And so, with a very neutral mom-like expression, my mom began rubbing her hands all over my wet body. One large rinse, then rubbing for ten to fifteen seconds.

As long as she was doing my back, it wasn’t all that bad. But when she moved in front of me and kept doing it, her breasts dancing again right in front of my eyes… I felt another erection coming up. Fuck! Inevitably, some water and dirt fell on her breasts, and she rubbed them with her hands a few times.

Once again I was trying my best to think of other things. And was failing. When mom kneeled in front of me to do my legs, I pulled back. When she looked up in surprise, I was smiling and reddening all at once. Still on her knees, my mom said “What? You’re still way too dirty to come inside. It’s either that or the cold hose.”

“Damn… Mom,” I sighed, “have you already forgotten about earlier?”

“What? Oh.” She quickly glanced at my trunks and saw my erection. Again. Looking up at me with a smile, she said “Lew. I don’t know what to say. We’re all alone today. Can we just stop worrying about it? Let’s say I’ll take it as a compliment and move on, OK?”

“Er, OK, I guess.” I really didn’t know what to say, or do. I walked closer and let her resume.

Soon I was rock hard and you couldn’t miss my cock from a hundred yards. My mom wasn’t a hundred yards away. Maybe six inches, the distance between her nose and my cock slightly shorter than the length of my cock itself! I was mesmerized, staring at my mom’s cleavage from this amazing point of view and seeing her glance at my cock more than a few times. She took a long time to clean my legs, even going under the trunk legs a few times. I could see her nipples poking through her bikini, which only aded to my arousal.

When she stood back up, her breasts nearly touching my cock as they passed it, she rubbed her hands on my already clean chest and abs again. And did it way too long. I was breathing harder, and I was pretty sure that she was flushed as well. Then she moved just a bit too close and we both felt my cock poking her belly. Looking down at my cock, she smiled, took one deep breath, sighed and said “All clean! Take a towel and come inside, dinner’s ready. You’ll be able to eat anything you want.” Eat anything you want! Right!

As she was opening the door she looked back at me and caught me staring at her ass. “Staring again? How naughty! What if I were to stare at you like this?” I didn’t know what I could say, but I turned sideways, making my cock stand out. To my surprise, mom stopped in the doorway and stared at my cock for a long while. She leaned against the door frame, her pose highlighting her breasts and hips. I took the opportunity to stare, openly, at her breasts, belly, hips, thighs and bikini clad pussy. I don’t know how long we remained that way, in silence, openly enjoying each other’s bodies. Eventually, after another sigh, mom looked into my eyes, smiled and winked before going in.

We ate inside, but didn’t change out of our suits. It felt like mom was dropping quite a few things on her cleavage as we ate, bringing attention to it and forcing her to touch her breasts. Yet other than that, she didn’t give me any indication that something odd was going on. I was aware that my hormones and imagination were powerful enough and were most likely tinting everything she did with sex. It had been a strange morning with her, and while I couldn’t explain everything using coincidences and accidents, I certainly wasn’t inclined to think that she was doing that to seduce me.

But that soon changed. After lunch, mom grabbed her own laptop and I could see that she was chatting with one of her friends. Judith, judging by her face. Judith was one of mom’s best friends and was really funny. They chatted for a little while and then mom got up, announced that she had a few quick errands to run and left. She put a short skirt and thin camisole over her bikini and somehow it made her look even sexier. Alone in the house, I smiled: I was hard again. Part of my my mind told me that I should masturbate right now and take the edge off. I was really keyed-up, and for some unexplained reason, so was my mom. If I didn’t get rid of that lust, it could lead to dangerous “accidents”…

I loaded up my favourite porn video site and searched for Jodi West, who made a lot of videos of staged mother-son incest. Everybody knew they were fake, unless Jodi really had about 20 different “sons”, but it worked nonetheless. My plan was to watch that for a while, then finish myself off watching my own video of my mother. Soon I was jerking off, watching Jodi “accidentally” getting stuck half-way in and out of a window as her “son” walked behind her.

It was one of my favourites. I felt the first surge of pleasure as he touched her short skirt, but suddenly decided to stop. Closing the video, I looked down at my aching cock and thought “What if dangerous accidents did happen today? It’s not as if I was forcing myself upon her this morning. Mom was in a fey mood, and I would not be the one stopping… stopping anything that could happen.”

I got up and went to her laptop. From time to time, when I was alone in the house, I searched it in case she ever left nude photos of her poorly hidden. Dad was a photography buff, had a decent camera, and I’m convinced they did it at least once. But I never found anything. I now had a video of her, but why not get pictures as well? Ten minutes later, I hadn’t found anything. Damn! On the other hand, curiosity had the better of me and I loaded up her messaging app. I quickly found her conversation with Judith, and in a matter of seconds my entire life changed.

My mother was trying to seduce me. She was trying to have sex with me. I couldn’t believe what I was reading! At first they made references to earlier conversations, but alas my mother had thought to erase them. All I had was one from this morning, very early, and the last quick one. I was floored as I began reading the one from this morning. In it, mom told her friend that she had the entire day alone with me, and that she was going to try harder than ever to have sex with me.

Judith: Are you sure he’s going to spend the day at home?

Nicole: Oh yes. I’ll put my blue swimsuit this morning.

Judith: Not the one that’s essentially see-through?

Nicole: Yep!

Judith: Crazy woman!

Nicole: I know! It’s indecent, but I only wear it while I’m alone with Lew. I’m sure he believes that I don’t know how transparent and high cut it is.

Judith: Of course he doesn’t think you know… He looks at you as a mother! Hahaha!

Nicole: Yeah, looks at me like a mother with his erection in his fist! A big one at that! Lol! Just this morning, when I went to the bathroom, I found his pack-sack on the floor. I’m pretty sure he had a camera in it! But I knocked it sideways when I came in and couldn’t think of a way to put it back without giving up the fact that I knew.

Judith: Oh, my sons have discovered that trick last year. Since then I’ve found many things in the bathroom that didn’t belong. I’ve given them quite a few shows since!

Nicole: Naughty woman! Haha! In any case, I gotta put on my swimsuit and begin operation seduction! Talk to you later!

Judith: Bye!

I simply could believe my eyes! Mom was trying to seduce me? Shit! My cock was still rock had, and I pulled it from my swimsuit as I continued reading the last conversation, about 30 minutes ago.

Nicole: No luck yet! It’s so hard to crack that incest taboo!

Judith: What did you do?

Nicole: Everything! We went to the pool and I teased him until he joined me. We played around and I jumped on his back. When I jumped back down, I made sure my hand touched his cock. His very hard cock. Just a graze. Then I grabbed him by the waist and lifted him up. I felt his really hard and big cock against my belly and between my breasts! I was thrilled, but he recoiled. We had a long talk after that, and it finished with a long hug, during which his cock grew back up.

Judith: And then, did you grab it?

Nicole: Nah! I think he would have had a heart attack. Poor thing, so shy. But I held him until I could feel it pressed against my pussy. And then he flexed it! It felt amazing! But it was also very obvious so I pulled back, refraining from moaning out loud. Oh, and later he was all dirty from working in the garden, and I cleaned him all down with my hands. When I kneeled in front of him with my “hyper-cleavagy” bikini, he got a huge erection. It was inches form my face! Shit I should have pulled it out and taken it in my mouth.

Judith: Why didn’t you?

Nicole: I want him to make the first move!

Judith: You’re wasting time my dear… You know just how I love fucking my boys!

Nicole: I know! Today! I’ll have him today!

Judith: Go for it! Did you tell him you’re going to be alone the two of you all night long?

Nicole: Not yet. I’m going to the store to get some lube, and hopefully I’ll need plenty of it today!

I was shell-shocked, sitting on the couch with my mother’s laptop next to me. So focused was I on my mom that I barely registered the fact that Judith had said she was already fucking her sons. Once more I felt like masturbating, but I stopped myself. Now my path was clear, and I was going to enjoy every second of this with mom. I couldn’t believe that soon I was going to have my cock inside her pussy.

I suddenly heard her opening the front door, and my heart lurched as I replaced her laptop. I was still hard, and couldn’t get up. At least not right away. From where I was sitting, I saw mom come in the kitchen and place her bag on the counter. She looked at me, smiled, and proceeded to remove her camisole and skirt. I decided to stare openly at her quick strip. When she noticed my gaze, she grinned and struck a sexy pose once she was standing in her bikini.

“Mom, you’re gorgeous!” I said.

“Really? Oh thank you Lew. Let this be a lesson for you: all women like to get compliments on their look, regardless of their age!”

“Stop it mom, you’re not old!”

“Pfff… When I look at some of your girl friends, I feel old!”

“Nonsense!” I said, then added “At least two of these friends are jealous of your body.”

“Aw… thanks for the compliment, but I know that’s not true!”

“I’m serious! Carly and Steph told me that they would pay to have a sexy body like yours!”

“Hmmm… Ok then.” she said, walking right up to me. “What about you, Lew?”

“Would I pay to have a body like yours?” That came out before I could censor it, but instead of trying to turn it into a joke, I simply looked at her and smiled.

“Ha! Crazy boy! No, I mean do you think I’m sexy as well?”

Instead of answering, I got up. Mom was really close, and she didn’t move to give me space. So when I got up, we were really close and my cock was just about touching her belly. “What do you think?”

Mom laughed, saying “Oh… that much? So naughty… How did I raise such a naughty boy?” she asked rhetorically. “I’m sure that soon a lucky woman will enjoy that…” after a brief pause, mom took her gaze from my cock to my eyes and added “Lucky her!”

She then turned around, touching my cock with her hip before going to the kitchen again. I nearly took her right there, from behind, on the counter. I saw myself pulling her bikini down and burying my face between her buttocks. But despite what I knew, actually making a move on my mother wasn’t an easy task. It was utterly bizarre, in fact. In the kitchen, mom proceeded to lather herself with sunscreen. I was still rooted on the floor, looking at her when she came back and threw the bottle to me. “Care to do my back?” It was a classic, but judging by my heartbeat, it was working.

A minute later she was lying on the patio, on her belly, her arms folded under her head. I straddled her thighs, feeling my balls touching her skin through my swimsuit. I began applying the lotion, but took my time. Like the hug earlier, it lasted way too long, but nobody was complaining. Mom was hot, literally and figuratively with the sun glowing on her skin, and I was thoroughly enjoying myself. At one point I slipped my hands under her bikini and, to my surprise, it popped off on its own. “Wow, that was fast Lew!” my mom laughed. “I didn’t know you had such deft fingers!”

“No no, it popped on its own!” I said, laughing as well.

“Right, right… In any case it was in the way.”

I kept on massaging her skin, but I could now see the sides of her breasts, their size forcing them outwards. The first time my fingertips touched their swell, I was half expecting my mom to say something, but she didn’t. A few seconds later, I touched them again, more brazenly this time. Nothing. For the first time in my life I was touching the sides of my mom’s breasts. My cock was now painful again, so I took a chance. After squirting another glob of cream on one of my hands, I fished my cock out of my trunks with the other, feeling it slap against my belly. Now, if my mom turned around, she would see it.

Five minutes later, it was becoming way too obvious that her back was completely covered with the sunscreen. Without asking, without even thinking of asking, I moved down and began covering her thighs. “Hmm, that’s nice… You definitely have good hands Lew. If you wanna give me a massage, I’m all yours.” I’m all yours, she said! Right! I nearly choked. Instead I focused on her legs, from her ankles to the line of her ass, covering every last inch of her skin.

As earlier with her breasts, I gradually let my fingertips touch her ass. No comments, no reaction. My cock was twitching like crazy, but mom wasn’t stopping me. Then, throwing caution to the wind, I poured more cream in my hand and after spreading some on the top of her thighs, I let my fingers cover her ass. I felt my fingers glide all over her private skin, covering everything that was not already covered by her bikini. “Hmmm… That’s nice son.” she mumbled as I was doing it. My eyes opened wide as she said that. My heart was racing again, torn between all I knew, all I wanted to do and all that was taboo. When I squeezed her ass again, harder this time, she moaned softly.

The third time, I went all the way. I pushed my fingertips deeper against her skin and slipped them under her bikini. I remained there for a while, enjoying her flesh and burning hot skin, barely trying to keep up the pretence. Soon my mom arched her ass upwards against my hands. She then slipped her hands from under her head and grabbed her bikini bottoms, beginning to push them down.

And it was then that we heard and saw the delivery truck stop right in front of our house. There was high fence with bushes, so the patio was very private, but we still saw it. And it was clear that it was a package for us. Mom pulled her bikini bottom back up and hurriedly tied her top before getting up. “Can you go and get—” and then she stopped, looking at my cock, exposed and unmissable. “Shit…” she said, smiling slightly, before disappearing in the house.

Two minutes later we were sitting in the kitchen, looking at a big box for dad. It’s strange how much two minutes can change things. After the delivery man left, there was an awkward silence in the house. We both knew what would have happened if not for that delivery man. Our secrets were out, if not explicitly so. But now, with dad’s box on the table, somehow things were different. Mom took a deep breath and got up, winking at me before disappearing in the basement where her small office was. I looked at the time, 2 o’clock, and wondered if this was the end, or just a little break.

Hours later, we ate together. We were both dressed normally by then. Mom also told me that dad was going to spend the night away, and that with Felix at camp for the week, so we would be alone. She smiled when she said it, but the magic was gone. Nevertheless we chatted all through dinner, but we talked about ordinary subjects. After that we watched a movie, side-by-side on the couch but without any special closeness.

It was painfully frustrating. In my mind, there was a storm of images popping in and out as I tried and failed to watch the movie: her aureolas, nipples and ass in her blue swimsuit, her cleavage in her cyan bikini, the nude movie of her in the bathroom, the fun in the pool, her hands on my chest as she washed me, her grin as she told me I was naughty and especially my hands on her ass, fully opened, under her bikini…

When mom asked me if I had enjoyed the movie, I blinked a few times, not even having realized it was over. She sighed, and took my hand. “Listen Lew… What happened today… Shit. I don’t… I don’t know what to…” another pause, another sigh. “Maybe it’s for the best that we got, er… interrupted. That was a mistake… That was crazy!” she finished with a little laugh, but it felt forced. Nervous. I didn’t know what to say and only mumbled some noise as reply. It’s so frustrating! We had been so happy, so relaxed, so aroused! It had been so easy, so natural despite the utter strangeness of it all.

Alone in my room, looking out the window at the growing darkness, I felt like shit. I didn’t even feel like watching the movie of my naked mom, a movie I thought I’d be watching non-stop. Listening carefully, I could hear my mom typing on her laptop, probably sharing our failure with Judith. I felt ashamed. Wasn’t that fucked up? Ashamed that I didn’t get to fuck my mom! I got up, angry with myself, and took a deep breath. I put my swimsuit again and decided to face near-certain rejection; hadn’t she said that it had been a mistake? Taking a few more deep breaths, I got out of my room and went to find my mom.

She was surprised to see me and closed her laptop. I offered her my hand and pulled her up in a hug. She was puzzled. “Mom, I may get in trouble for saying this, but here goes.” Damn! I was shaking as I took one last deep breath! “I enjoyed each and every minute of our time together today. It felt like a dream come true, and I would do it all over again any day. I enjoyed looking at your nearly naked body, touching you, letting you see just how hard you can make my cock… Thank you, thank you so much. You may think it was a mistake and if it never happens again, so be it. I’ll cherish the memories of this day forever. But if you change your mind, I’ll be outside, having a last swim.”

I couldn’t manage the courage to look her in the eyes before turning around and going out. She didn’t say anything. On the patio, I removed my swimsuit before running and jumping in the pool naked. I wanted to let this pent up energy out. I did a few laps of the pool as fast as I could, looking at the door every time I turned around. Five minutes later, I finally stopped, breathing hard. I was still alone. I swam on my back, slowly, trying to calm down. She was not coming. It was over. Taking long, deep breaths, I was glad to see that I was calmer now. Sad, yes, but not frustrated anymore. It had indeed been crazy. Fucking my own mother? Shit!

As I laughed out loud, I heard the door open, and there she was. Despite the low light, I could see that she was wearing her cyan bikini again. She walked towards me slowly, her eyes locked into mine. “Are you sure about this Lew?”

“Never been more sure of anything before, mom.”

She grinned and just as she was about to sit at the edge of the patio, she saw my swimsuit on the chair. “Really?”


“Ok then.” she said, getting up. “Please turn around.”

“What? Are you kidding me?”

“Ha! Just turn around.”

I did, suddenly uncertain. Then I heard my mother jumping in the pool. Naked. I turned around. Of course I couldn’t see anything right now, what with the water up to her neck. I swam to her and saw, to my surprise, that she was really nervous. “Don’t worry mom… All I want to do is remove your damned clasp.”

“And get my hair wet?”

“Damn yes!” I said, pulling the clasp off. “You look extraordinarily sexy with your wet hair loose over your shoulders.”

“Hmmm… is that a way to speak to your mother?”

“Tonight yes.”

We swam around, talking little. But this time it wasn’t awkward. The air was positively charged with sexual energy. After a while, I said “Did you enjoy washing the dirt off of me earlier?”

Mom grinned, waited a bit before answering. “Yes. Oh gods yes. Wanna get dirty again?” she was laughing, still nervous.

Strangely enough, I wasn’t nervous anymore. “I’m planning to, but not that type of dirty.” And with that, I swam closer to her.

“Hmmm, what do you have in mind, son?” she asked.

“Too many things to list, mom.” That made her pause. “But we could begin with a little more horseplay?”

“Sure! Turn around, I go first!”

And so she did. I felt her body upon mine, her nude breasts on my equally nude back, and her pussy against the small of my back. I wrapped my arms under her thighs and held her firmly as I ran around the pool, creating a strong current. Every time she move or repositioned herself, I could feel her breasts sliding on my skin. She grazed and touched my cock a few times, but nothing more direct. Yet.

Without warning, I dropped down underwater, bringing her with me. As she twisted around, I felt my cock touch what I think was her thigh. Both above water now, we laughed, and she said, laughing “Now you did it! My hair is all wet.”

“And you’re the sexiest woman alive.” I replied, not laughing.

“Ugh! Your turn, charmer!”

When she turned around, I walked behind her, supremely aware that my cock was pointing right at her naked ass. “Sure you can take me?”

“Take you? I could take you and ride all night long…” she said, before exploding in laughter, realizing the pun.

“Try me!” I said, jumping on her back.

In the decently deep water, she could indeed easily hold my weight. I wrapped my arms around her shoulders, carefully avoiding her breasts. When she began running, using the current as I had already created, we were laughing again. My raging cock was a hard rock between our bodies. When mom slipped and dropped down suddenly, my hand slipped and ended up on her right breast.

And remained there. Firmly grasping her large mound. And massaging it. It wasn’t just an innocent accident, and I wasn’t going to move it away now. Mom kept running, proving to me that she was still strong and in good shape. Soon both my hands were on her breasts, as mom slowed down. But she pulled my own trick and dunked us both underwater again.

As we got back up, face to face, we hugged again, my cock against her soft belly. As my hands slipped down to her ass, she instinctively lifted her legs and wrapped them around my hips. She gasped. Pulling her up, I felt them around my waist now, as my cock slipped down directly against her pussy. “Oh my gods, oh my gods oh my gods…” My mom kept repeating over and over. Until I kissed her. Hard. And she returned the passion 100%. I felt my mother’s tongue in my mouth, her teeth biting my tongue as I entered her own mouth. It was insane. We were grinding each other, the underside of my cock against her burning hot pussy.

When I pulled her higher, her breath caught in her throat, but I wasn’t about to impale her. Instead, I guided us closer to the deck and lifted her up to sit her there. Naked, gloriously naked and glistening with water. I pushed her thighs opened and dove in. No warning, no more foreplay. I felt like the entire day had been our foreplay. I didn’t have a lot of experience eating pussy, but I did my best to read her body.

Soon, guided by her hands and few words, I heard her first moans as her taste filled my mouth. I was drinking in my mother’s pussy juices. Lips and tongue all over her until I recognized some spots she liked, where to suck, where to nibble, how deep to push my tongue… My entire face was covered with her juices as she began laughing softly. “My son is eating my pussy!” she whispered. “My fucking son is eating my fucking pussy!” she repeated, laughing.

Her thighs began to clamp my head more often, and I could hear her sharp intakes of breath. “Son… Lew… You have to stop, otherwise I’ll cum and scream your name out for the entire neighbourhood to hear.” As naughty as that idea sounded, even in my sexual trance I knew that it would be bad. Gently I stopped and moved away from her pussy. “Lew… Let’s go inside.” she said.

“My thought’s exactly!” I replied, then pulled her back in the pool. I then turned her around to face the deck, pressing her against it with my body. I grabbed one of her breasts with one hand, and my cock with the other. As I was guiding it between her cheeks, I said “I really, really want to go inside.”

And so I did. It was over in a matter of seconds, but it was mind bogglingly phenomenal. I felt myself slide against her anus, then found her hot pussy before her lips parted and I pushed upwards. As my lower belly pressed against her ass hard, I buried my cock as deep as it would go, crushing my mom against the side of the pool. She took a deep, very quick breath and held it. Her head was thrown back against my shoulder, and I could see that her mouth was wide open in a silent scream.

Slowly, as I kept pushing in hard, I could feel her pussy relaxing around my cock, slowly sliding back over it. I knew I had gone in too quick, too hard, stretching her flesh not only wide but upwards as well. She had taken me nonetheless, and now her pussy was deeply clenched around me but ready for more. As I fucked her slowly with short strokes, I asked “How long as it been since you’ve been wanting my cock inside you?”

“Since you were born…” she said breathlessly. “You?”

“Since about five years.”

“Damn… Five years lost!” said my mom in a whisper. “Guess we have a lot of time to make up for… Fuck me!”

We had water up to our bellies, so at first my penetrations were silent. With her head on my shoulder, her torso was arched forward and her breasts glowed in the dim light. Both my hands were now on them, squeezing them hard. She was pushing back against me with her ass with every stroke, and soon we were making waves. And noise. Probably too much noise for our neighbours. “Now we really have to go inside… in the house.” and so mom pushed back against me, forcing my cock out.

When she jumped upwards, holding herself up with her arms with her upper thighs pressed against the edge and legs still in the pool, she thought she was going to get out. Nope. From my point of view, I had her ass right in front of my face and all I had to do to keep it there was to push her upper body forward, forcing her to bend. And that’s what I did. Off balance, mom didn’t have any choice and she moved her hands forward to prevent a crash. She was now sprawled on the deck, with her legs hanging at 90 degrees down in the water. And her ass was in glorious display in front of my face.

I placed one of my hands on her back, forcing her to remain in the position, and my other on one of her cheeks. I squeezed her flesh pretty hard, using my thumb to spread her cheeks. And then I dove in. Once more I had my mouth on her pussy, finding it just as hot and wet as earlier. With this new angle though, I had new opportunities. As I ate her, driving my tongue inside her, I let my thumb touch her asshole. None of my girlfriends had ever let me do that, but judging by her sharp intake of breath, and the fact that she wasn’t pushing me away, it seemed that my mom was more open minded than I thought.

I then felt her hand grabbing my hairs firmly, before pulling me harder against her cleft and guiding my movements. Realizing that she was not going to push me away, I grabbed her ass with both hands and spread it open. Free to move around even more, I gorged on her pussy and ass. I felt my heart thump hard for a few beats as she pulled me higher, making me eat her ass.

When she moaned out loud, she immediately pushed me away and slipped out of the pool for good. “Now! Let’s get inside!” But I was faster than she was. As soon as I was on the deck after her, I grabbed her arm and pulled her away from the door. Before she could do anything about it, we were down from the patio to our backyard. The grass was cool under our feet, and since we were drenched, the cool air was a shock. But I didn’t care. We were both burning up and I wanted to stay outside.

None of our neighbours could see us, but they would hear us if we weren’t careful. We were whispering.

“Are you crazy Lew!”

“Yes I am! Suck me! I wanna see my cock in your mouth!”

Mom laughed and shook her head, but I pushed her down on her knees. “You are crazy! What have I gotten myself into now!” she added, laughing.

And suddenly, I saw my mom grabbing my cock and taking as much as she could inside her. This was only the third time my cock had been inside a mouth. This time it was my mother’s mouth, obviously a very experienced mouth. I could feel her tongue, her cheeks, the back of her mouth, I heard her gargle around my cock, sucking, nearly choke as I reached the limit… I had a fistful of her hair in my hand, but was not really guiding her: I was in too much of a shock.

I wanted to grab her head with both hands and fuck her mouth, but wasn’t sure how it would turn out. I also wanted to remain here for a long while, but knew that was not possible. She was going to make me cum too fast. I resisted as long as I could, but eventually, the sight of her lips stretched around my cock, and her eyes looking up at me were too much. I pulled her against my cock one last time and pulled away.

But not to go inside. I pushed her down, flat on her back on the very cold ground and mounted her missionary style. The cold seized her and she gasped, then gasped again as I slipped inside her. The grass was cold, I could feel it on my thighs. But we were just too keyed up to really care. As soon as I began driving her fast and hard, her moans changed. “‘Shit! Shit! Shit!… So fucking good!” She kept whispering under her breath. Suddenly, taking me by surprise, she turned me over and mounted me in the cowgirl position.

Before she could do anything though, I grabbed her shoulders, pulled her down and pushed her to the side, rolling her again. She gasped one more time, laughing, before doing the same to me. It was my turn to gasp and laugh, until she sat up straight upon my cock and rode me like a wild bronco. I was being driven in the cold grass, fucked like never before. By my mother! I was being fucked silly by my mother! My eyes were opened wide as I stared at her breasts and pussy. Her long wet hairs were whipping all over the place, all around her.

I sat up and took her nipple in my mouth, the first time since I was a little boy. Then I sucked on the other, hungry for more of her, more of her sex. One of my hands was holding the free breast, and the other was clutching her ass firmly. Between nibbling, I whispered “How does it feel to have me suck your breasts? How does it feel to have your son’s hand on your ass, teasing your asshole? And how does it feel to have my cock, your very own Lew’s cock, your son’s cock deep inside your pussy? You’re fucking your son, mom! You’re fucking me!”

I could see that my words were having an effect. I didn’t think I would be my mom’s best lover, but I was her son. Her moans changed, so did her breathing and finally her rhythm upon me. When I felt her body spasming, I pushed her on the ground once more and took her again in the missionary position. This time I leaned in for a kiss, a very passionate kiss as I pistoned in and out of her pussy. Inexperienced as I was, it was clear that she was on the verge of climaxing.

I was driving my full length in and out of her, keeping just enough awareness to prevent my cock from slipping out, yet thrust inside her as hard and deep as I could. “Lew… Oh dear gods Lew! Fuck me… Fill me with your seed. Fill mommy’s pussy with your sperm, your cum, your semen… I want all of it inside me. Shit this feels so good! Precious little boy, fuck mommy until she can’t even think straight!”

We were both panting hard at this point, having the most taboo sex imaginable in the most vanilla position possible. It took us, at most, ten seconds to cum after that. When she felt me twitching and spasming, it pushed her over the edge, where she had kept herself, waiting for me. I didn’t have such self-control, I just raged and exploded into her. We were kissing again, as much as we could given that we had to breathe very hard, and very quietly.

I could feel her entire body clenching around mine, and heard the deep, firmly controlled moans in her throat. I couldn’t believe that I was actually fucking my mom, making her climax, spending all this cum inside her very pussy… I wasn’t imagining it this time, I really was plowing her pussy, feeling her flesh and muscles clamped around my shaft. For a few moments it became intensely physical in the crude sense of the word, and nothing existed except my cock and my mom’s pussy. My entire being was concentrated in there, in the most forbidden of acts. Inch after inch as I pulled out, then in, then out, fully out and in the fumbling seconds before I found her hole again and pushed back in…

Eventually, my body couldn’t handle the intense sensations and I had to stop. We were both spent, breathing hard in a steaming mess on the cold grass. I didn’t want to pull my cock out of her, afraid that she would wake up and realize how stupid that had been. Soon, she whispered “Lew, my love… I’m freezing.” when she heard my frustrated groan, she added “Well, you know what I have to do after getting my hair wet in the pool…”

A shower. With my mom. I felt my cock tingle and twitch at the thought, and finally agreed to pull out. Once up, mom looked at my still hard cock and said “Gods I love young cocks.” Looking up at me, she added “Ready to spend the night fucking your old mom? I want you inside my every hole… Every last one of them, tonight.”

Was I ever ready! “If you don’t hurry, I’m going to take you again right here!”

Mom laughed and ran to the deck, as I stared. I took a deep breath, trying to regain my composure, my breath and my strength. This was going to be long night, a wonderful night.

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