Daughter sets out to snare dad

Daughter sets out to snare dad

OK, I wanted to set the record straight; I wanted to fuck my dad. It wasn’t an accident, it wasn’t some mistaken identity; in fact it took almost a month of careful planning to finally accomplish my goal. I had to enlist my best friend to finally accomplish it; her part of the deal was she got to fuck him next; it sucked but I had to agree if I wanted it to happen.

I know, its incest; but when you’re eighteen and horny as hell that doesn’t much strike on your radar. A lot of things had happened to lead up to it; not the least of which was my dad was single. No my parents had never been married. That didn’t mean he wasn’t a great dad, he was; it just means my parents weren’t exactly marriage material, if you know what I mean.

As dad explained it when I was sixteen; they were both eighteen; hot date, the back seat of a car. He didn’t have a rubber and she wasn’t on birth control. He claimed mom wouldn’t let him pull out, but either way there I was nine months later. Grandma and Grandpa nearly disowned mom; but finally gave in and she lived with them while she finished school.

Dad was always a part of my life, and much as mom’s folks tried to prevent it. The fact we all lived in the same city helped. I got to spend every other weekend and time in the summer with him. As I got older I even got to spend week days and he would take me to school.

So, the usual question would be why; I mean after all it isn’t every eighteen year old that wants their dad to bang them. But then, not every eighteen year old has my dad. At thirty-six he cuts that suave older man persona like butter; smooth and silky until your knees tremble. Dad is also into fitness; he has a gym in the basement of his house and works out every day. Add a hundred and seventy-five pounds of pure muscle to a six foot frame; then throw in curly dark hair with just that hint of gray at the edges; you get HOT.

I’ve seen him pull his shirt off mowing the lawn and watched girls my age damn near have an orgasm as his six pack abs comes into view. How do I know? I’ve seen them when we sit around dad’s pool on a Saturday; God they almost start drooling.

Now all you have to do as add the topping on the cake; the ten inches he packs in those shorts and the skill to use it. How do I know that? Same reason, two of my friends sitting around that same pool. It seemed dear old dad had a thing for the younger girls.

Not that I blamed him, Kelly had an ass to die for and Mindy had tits most guys would kill to get ahold of. It seems my adoring father had fucked them both; every which way but Tuesday by their descriptions.

I had been trying to get him into bed that entire summer. You know; the skimpy shorts and the even skimpier swimsuit. Oh he looked all right, and hell did he swell those shorts out nice. But I had come up dry all summer and I was getting desperate.

It wasn’t until early August that things clicked into place. Kat, one of my best friends had mentioned that apparently dad had made a pass at her. When I asked her how, she just blushed and said he does a good “tonsil exam.” I almost creamed in my bikini thinking of it. I looked at her, and realized that other than she had darker hair than me, we were almost identical builds.

We both are about five two and both weight in around a hundred and ten. Yeah, we’re pretty petite as you would call it. I knew my 34C’s were about her size, we had shared swim suits in the past. Suddenly the thought swam through my brain; if dad was thinking he was fucking her, but in reality….oh God I almost came at the thought.

It didn’t take much convincing for Kat, she always did have a perverted mind. The idea we were setting my dad up to fuck his own daughter drove her insane. I decided the slow build would work better, make him want it so bad that by the time he got her, the little differences between her and I would be lost in the mist of lust.

For two weeks we played the innocents; Kat lost her swim top in the pool; of course dad just happened to be nearby. Kat spent a lot of time bending over and showing off her cute tight ass when he was around. By then dad was almost in a constant state of arousal.

The week before we had the switch planned, the unexpected happened. I was in my room listening to music, Kat was in the bathroom. She was staying for an overnight, hopefully filled with teasing daddy.

What I didn’t know was that Kat was just exiting the bathroom when she ran headlong into dad. His immediate reaction to their headlong rush was to reach up his hands, and without realizing it grab a handful of tit in each hand. What happened next, she told me after she got back into the room, the little bitch.

“Sorry about that” Dad murmured.

“Why, I’m not” Kat told him, glancing down at his hands cupping her tits.

“Sorry” dad mumbled and jerked his hands back.

“I take it you like them” Kat smiled seductively.

“What’s not to like” Dad was apparently finding his feet.

Kat reached down and gripped the hem of her nightshirt, and in one motion brought it over hear head. “Then keep going” she husked.

“Fuck yeaahhhhh” Kat moaned as my father leaned down and sucked one hard nipple into his mouth. “A man who knows what he wants” she cooed.

“It seems you do like them” Kat said softly, as one finger traced the large bulge in his jeans.

“Kat what are you…Em is just…” but Kat ignored him and slid to her knees.

“Let’s see him” the young girl panted as she unsnapped his jeans.

Dad’s thick hard cock barely hit the cool air of the hallway before my best friend swallowed half of that log. It was at this point that I finally entered the picture.

I had been kicking out to the tunes when I realized Kat had been gone for a bit. I slid off the bed, opened the door meaning to yell at her in the bathroom; and froze as I watched my best friend swallow the biggest fucking dick I had ever seen.

“Fuuckkkkkkk” I heard my dad moan.

“Mmmmmmhmmmmm” Kat murmured.

God damn that thing was hard as hell and fucking HUGE; Kat barely got hallway down before the slut gagged. I felt a swamp hit my panties as Kat’s head began to bob up and down; Jesus I wished that was me right then.

“Suck it you little slut” I heard dad groan.

“Unnggggggg” Kat moaned around her mouth stuffed with dad’s cock.

“Tease me all fucking day” Dad panted. “Take that cock baby” he grunted.

Kat looked like a two bit whore kneeling in her panties sucking Dad; and I fucking loved it. It was hotter than any porn scene I had ever watched on my laptop. I jammed my hand down my panties and promptly rammed two fingers up my sopping pussy as Kat blew him like a pro.

“Oh fuck that’s it…Christ” Dad began to pant harder.

Oh God yes, he was going to cum, and I was going to watch. I saw Kat’s eyes water as Dad jammed that tool deeper; damn I needed to teach that girl how to deep throat. Then I heard the most erotic sound as dad lost it right there fifteen feet in front of me.

“FUUUCKKKKKKKK” dad roared.

I watched his cock pulse while Kat’s throat muscles worked; and then a thick wad of cream leaking from the corner. God damn how much does he cum I thought.

Shit dad must have pumped his load for at least four or five minutes before he let up. That wasn’t cumming; that was fucking unloading.

I closed the bedroom door and sat on the edge of the bed waiting. It was only a few moments and the door opened and Kat slipped inside. Her face was flushed and she was carrying her night shirt.

“Bitch” I hissed at her.

Kat didn’t say a single word; she walked over to me at the bedside, leaned down, and slammed her lips against mine. Hot sticky cream gushed out of her mouth and filled mine. Dear God she was giving me his cum. I swallowed as my eyes rolled back and I gushed out wet pussy cream into my panties.

“Oh my fucking God” I whispered as I came. I swirled that thick jizz on my tongue, tasting the flavor, and then swallowed.

“You want it from the source slut” Kat stared into my eyes. “I’ll help you, but when you’re done I want that fucking telephone pole shoved up my cunt so far I fucking split in half, or the deals off” she growled.

So that was how we made the deal of the century. She would help me seduce my father; in exchange she got him after I did. Like I said, I wasn’t thrilled but a deal is a deal.

The following Tuesday I held a pool party. I invited Kelly, Mindy and Kat over. It didn’t take more than an hour and poor dad was wandering around with a permanent woody. The invitation of Kelly and Mindy was deliberate, I knew Dad had fucked both of them before; hell they gave me stroke by stroke descriptions.

Kat and I would let one of them ‘wander off’ and then tag team find them. By the time the end of the day came I wasn’t sure who was more horny, Dad or my two poor friends who had no idea what was going on.

Their legitimate frustration only added to dad’s perception nothing was going on. Kat took a rather large amount of glee in interrupting Kelly and Dad just before Kelly slipped into the master bathroom with him; and I have to admit to a sense of satisfaction at walking in just as dad started to fuck Mindy’s big jugs.

When I told dad that Kat was coming for another overnight on Friday, you would have thought he was a kid in a candy store; except the treat he was getting wasn’t quite the one he figured on.

God when Kat arrive Friday, I thought dad was going to blow a load in his jeans. The little bitch came through the front door wearing a damn near see thru tank top, her hard nipples making bullet holes in it. The leather mini skirt she had on showed of her fantastic legs; and I knew from the way dad’s jaw hit the floor; when she bent over the hussy wasn’t wearing any panties.

At one point I heard Kat teasing dad in the kitchen, it was hot as hell and I knew then she was full bore for what was happening.

“God you’re good at that” I heard Kat moaning.

I peeked around the corner and dad had her sitting on the kitchen counter, her thighs spread and his face pressed in her hot pussy.

“Fuck, lick my pussy Mr. G.” Kat moaned.

“You like that teenage cunt Mr. G?” Kay goaded my dad. “I bet you want to fuck my nice tight pussy” God she had to be driving him nuts.

“Fuck yeah” Dad grunted, pulling his face away. Like a shot he was on his feet and reaching for his jeans.

“Oh nooo” Kat gave a giggle and slid off the counter. “You don’t want Em walking in here” she reached down and cupped my dad’s huge bulge.”

Oh I should tell everyone, I think in my lust I forgot. My name is Emily, but everyone calls me Em, even my dad.

“Tonight, after she goes to sleep” Kat half whispered. “I’ll come to your room; and then make you cum” her voice dripped with lust.

“God yes” I heard Dad groan.

“Oh and Mr. G; two things” Kat said as she started to walk away but turned and faced my dad. “Leave the lights off, we don’t want to wake Em” she smiled. “And skip the rubber, I want every fucking drop inside me” her voice dripped.

“Oh fuck” Dad shuddered and I hoped he hadn’t just cum in his pants; because Kat was right; I wanted every fucking drop deep in my belly. I watched that saucy ass sway as Kat walked out of the kitchen, and left my poor dad all but foaming at the mouth.

“You could be the wicked witch of the west and he wouldn’t care” Kat giggled to me in my bedroom. “He’s so primed to fuck he won’t know it’s you.”

“Yes he will” I rumbled. Kat looked at me. “I want him to hit that point, then just before he cums…I’m going to turn on the bedside lamp, look him in the eyes; and he’s going to dump his load into his daughter” I growled.

“You wouldn’t” Kat gasped.

“God that is so fucking kinky…and hot” Kat moaned. “Can I watch?”

“You can watch” I said looking at her. “But don’t you fucking DARE join, got that” I hissed.

Kat made a sour face but agreed; so the two of us tried to occupy our time until ‘bedtime’; which was easier said than done since I couldn’t stop leaking pussy juice at the thought my dream was about to come true.

By eleven that night, we heard dad in the hall and then head to his bedroom. Kat and I waited over half an hour; believe me it was the longest thirty minutes of my entire life. Opening my bedroom door, the two of us slipped out of my room and down the hall.

The door to dad’s room was half open, his invitation to Kat. I slipped through the opening and walked to the side of the bed. God, he didn’t even bother to cover himself up, as I looked down at him. I watched those pecs rise and fall, his biceps making me wonder what it would be like to be pinned down by this man.

Looking lower I drew my vision over his half illuminated body from a pale streetlight outside his window. Those washboard abs and that taut belly, gave way to a thick mat of pubic hair. Then, there it was. God even flaccid the damned thing looked huge; bigger than any guy I had ever been with.

I dropped my nightgown to the floor, and began to gently crawl onto the bed between his thighs. I listened to his even breathing as my face drew up to his crotch. I in haled deeply, smelling that musk of male that no boy gave off; fuck this was a man, and he was about to be mine.

I reached out and wrapped my slender fingers around his flaccid cock, my tongue drawing up one side and down the other; then feather teasing the fat head. I could feel blood surging into his dick even as he slept; making it thick and fill my grip.

I could feel my own juices drip down my thighs as I opened my mouth, and engulfed that swollen head. God the taste of him, it damn near made me orgasm right there.

I sucked and slurped as that cock turned into a steel pole in my hand, fuck it swelled and swelled; until my fingers couldn’t fit around the girth.

“Fuck” I heard dad murmur above me. He was waking up, now to see how well we had driven him insane.

I pushed my mouth further down his cock, relaxing the back of my throat as I drew him in. Deeper and deeper he slid, pulsing along my tongue. I almost gagged once, but got control; just as my nose bumped the hair at his groin.

“FUCK” Dad roared as he realized I had just deep throated his ten inch dong.

My head started bobbing at lightning speed, while my small fist jerked his stalk. I slid my other hand up his washboard belly, finding his hard nipple, and I gave it a gentle twist.

“Oh my God Kat…what are you…Oh fuck…” I heard him babbling. His cock began to well in my throat. I wanted his cum like I had never wanted anyone’s

“Oh shit…oh fuck…” obscenities poured out of him while he trembled and squirmed on the bed.

I slid my free hand back down his body, sliding it under my chin. I cupped his balls and waited. Just when his ass rose to meet my mouth I extended my index finger and drug it across his tight asshole. That flipped the switch.


Hios hands shot down and gripped the sides of my head, finger knotting in my hair. His hips rammed up, driving that thick pole completely down my throat. Tears came to my eyes, I wanted to scream for him to use me; but I couldn’t, as a hot thick wad of sperm erupted down my throat.

“CUMMMINGGGGGGG” Dad yelled. “Take that jizz you little slut” he grunted.

There are a lot of women out there who don’t like being called a slut or a whore. I’ll tell you this, when your own father is pumping his hot jizz down your throat; you’re a slut. And quite honestly I wanted to be his slut every god damned day.

I swallowed, I choked, cum dripped out my mouth. Christ he pumped so much cream out I swore it would come out my nose. How a man could produce that much jizz was beyond me, but I fucking loved that I made him cum that hard.

By the time he pulled my face away, I was gasping for breath; my face coated in his cream as it dripped off my chin. I couldn’t even speak as he jerked my body up the bed and dumped me on my back beside him.

I just lay there trying to catch my breath as this man moved like a machine. He was between my thighs and sliding down my body before I knew it. All I did register, was the bomb that went off in my gut when his hot tongue slammed into my cunt.

“YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS” I screamed as he probed deeper than half the cocks I had known.

I’ve been eaten before, but God help me this was getting devoured. Dad sucked my fat lips into his mouth, and drained the juice in my pussy. Then he drove that fat snake into me and scooped what was left. When I thought he had emptied me; he opened his mouth and sucked my clit in…HARD.

“OH FUCK…YES…YES…YES” was all I could scream. My fists pounded helplessly on the mattress as he ate me. My ass bounce like on a trampoline and my gut wrenched again.


Jesus Christ, he never let up. He sucked and licked right through his face being sprayed with my hot cream. I heard this inhuman gurgling and whimpering, and suddenly realized it was ME.

I felt two fat fingers slam home inside me as one orgasm rolled into another. What was that; two or three or four? God it seemed like it went on forever.

Finally my body collapsed limp onto the bed, I felt his face pulled from between my thighs. At that point; this millennial, strong willed girl; turned into a simpering slut.

“Fuck me…dear God fuck me” I begged.

“You want my fat dick” I heard dad husk above me.

I reached up my arms, locking my fingers behind his neck, pulling his face down to me in the dark. All my plans had flown out the window as he had powered my helpless body through orgasm after orgasm. I wanted him, and NOW.

“Fuck me…fuck me daddy” I whispered in his ear.

Whether he actually heard me or not didn’t matter; I felt heaven come to me as ten inches of once more steel hard cock drove into my belly. They claim size doesn’t matter; bullshit. Try having your walls stretched so far they burn; or your gut stuffed so full you swear it could come out your throat.

That was me right there; and none of it counted as the mother of all orgasms slammed into me like a freight train when dad bottomed out inside me. My sweat streaked body convulsed as juices poured out around his cock, soaking the sheets under me.

My hands went from his neck straight down to his tight ass cheeks; leaving nail marks the full length of his back. I remember jamming my hips up as I pulled on his ass with all my strength, trying to drive that monster even deeper into me.

There was no gentle wave as it hit, it was a tsunami that opened every sweat pour in my body; the atom bomb that went off in my gut sent a wave of pulsing heat clear to my curling toes.

“CUM IN MEEEEEEEEEEE…OH MY GAWWDDDDD” I screamed as I rocketed through my orgasm.

“Oh fuck…Kat…I’m going to cum” I heard dad grunt above me.

Not Kat, I was Emily; and I wanted him to know who he was cumming inside of. My arm flailed in the dark, trying to find the bedside lamp. “Not Kat…oh fuck don’t stop” I panted.

I wanted to scream in frustration as I fumbled my hand around, between the convulsions of my orgasm, and the bouncing of my body under his powerful thrusts; I couldn’t find the damned lamp. Suddenly, the entire bedroom was lit is a wash of light.

As my eyes blinked at the sudden brightness, I saw Kat standing at the bedroom door; her hand froze on the light switch as she stared at the two of us spread out on my dad’s bed. Dad’s body hovered over mine; like a huge feral animal above his captured prey. His cock was lodged half inside me when he froze at the light.

His head turned and he looked at Kat standing in her nightgown, watching us; then swiveled back to stare down into my face. “Em” was the only word he breathed.

I slid my hands back u and cupped his face; while my slim legs tried to wrap around his waist holding him to me.

“Please daddy” I whimpered. “I’ve wanted…so long…don’t stop…please…” I begged softly.

I watched my father’s eyes change before me; as they went from loving fearful father, to feral male in seconds. “Em” he grunted a second time, only this time it dripped with lust.

Before I could react he slammed his full weight down into me; driving every inch of him into my belly. My arms and legs fell limp to the bed as I opened myself up to him.

“God yes…fuck me…fuck me…” I groaned out.

I had been with guys who had cum, like I said I wasn’t exactly a virgin. Most of them were one shot deals, and the few that weren’t took time to reload. Not dad, his heavy cum filled balls slapped into me and I knew he was going to fill my belly like no one else ever had.

“Cum…cum in me…OH FUUUCKKKKKK” I screamed as another countless orgasm roared through me.

“Going to cum…in my daughter…oh fuck…oh shit…” Dad grunted above me.

“This is so fucking hot” I heard Kat moan beside the bed.

“Take it baby…take daddy’s seed” Dad moaned.

His one hundred and seventy pound frame dropped down onto me, the weight pinning my small body down onto the bed. I was captured, I was his. I opened my mouth, to tell him to give it to me, but my breath caught in my throat. I could feel that thick tube swelling larger inside me.

“Oh Emily” Dad gave a soft sigh. His thick cock jerked inside my gut, and wet warmth filled my insides.

It was really happening; it was finally happening. I was taking my father’s cum; and I loved every second. Dad raised his head as I felt a second pulse deep in my belly.

“Em” he whispered softly.

“I love you” I told him.

“It’s incest” his eyes filled with worry.

“I don’t care” I reassured him.

“You could get pregnant” this time fear in his eyes.

“I hope so” I whispered with a half-smile.

“You want that?” Dad was stunned.

“I’m not the only one” I looked over his shoulder.

A now nude Kat stood by the side of the bed, two fingers buried in her dripping pussy as she stared at us. The poor girl had to be about coming unglued, I realized.

Dad slightly rolled over, I sighed with contentment as his now softening cock slid from my soaked cum filled cunt. I shifted over in the bed, bringing dad with me.

“Want to join us?” I smiled up at Kat.

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