One Time with my Mom

It was happened a week before. I never had any intention on my mother before that incident. It was a rainy day, as usual my mom and my father had a fight in the evening. I don’t know why are the fighting but I don’t want to know that. in night Mom gave me some dosas and went to sleep and after eating that I too went to sleep in my room. It was around 12 o clock mom and dad’s fight is on the peak so mom came to my room to sleep.

So I shared my bed with her. Now she is in my bed and we are under the same blanket. I don’t wear anything on my top and on my bottom I wore a shorts with out under ware. My mom wore a silly nighty. While she came her nipples are looking but I don’t care on that. After a moment she came near to me and said don’t behave like your father when you grow up. Respect women and then she kissed on my forehead. Then she hugged me tightly and started to fall asleep. I don’t know why that happened but my cock was errected after few minutes. I know she will feel it but I don’t know what to do. After few seconds she came even close to me and kept her Clint on my dick. I M horney now but my mind says she is my mother. Slowly she started to move on me and I got ebven more hard. But her Eyes are closed. I thought she must be dreaming. For few minutes we cuddled. My cock is leaking it’s pre cum. And in later she stopped moving. I was shocked and in fear. Then she opened her eyes our eyes met each other and our breathing went faster. I saw her beauty in the light of the night lamp. I don’t know what to do, suddenly she held her lips on mine. We start kissing and exchanged our saliva, I drink her saliva It was sweet and she drinks mine. One of her hand is my head and another is inside my shorts. See started massaging my balls. I can’t believe what is happening. Then she stopped kissing and removed her panty and throw it away. I quickly removed my shorts. again she started kissing and took my cock and guided it to her pussy. I stopped kissing and said mom it is sin.

Mom. It’s ok baby, nothing wrong if it is mutual. Do you like it or not?
Me. I like it mom.
Mom. Then penetrate me baby. Please fuck your mom kutty.
Me. I love you Mom.
And I started penetrating her she was wet and I penetrated easily.
Now I pumping my dick in my own mom’s pussy.
I was on cloud nine. And I am fucking her like a pornstar.
While fucking my tongue played with my mother’s tongue and my hands played with my mom’s huge boobs.
Slowly her moaning becomes strong. And she was saying in my years.
Mom. Ahhh.. ahhhh. Fuck me baby, fuck your mom da, please tear my pussy baby, uhhhuu I am yours baby, please baby….. Shhhh anhhhh.
Me. Love u mom.
Mom. Love u too baby.
I am madly fucking her and she said.
Mom. Baby why did you born to me, if you born for someone, sure I will marry you and bang with you every day. Uhhhhu….
Me. Ahhh mmmm don’t worry mom, hear after we can start a new life.
And I kissed her deeply.
Mom. Yes baby. Mmmmm, mmmm, uhuu.
After an half an hour of fucking I felt like reaching the climax.
Me. Mom I am near to cum.
Mom. Me to dear.
Me. Shall I take it out.
Mom. No…. Mom wants to feel your cum inside me baby and I want to give birth to your kind kutty.
Me. YES MOM!!!

but we were concious that not to let our moanings out side the room.
And all of a suddenly we collapsed each other. And we kissed vigrously.
Energy drained and my mom asked me to stay inside. So I reminded in my entry place. I don’t when I fall asleep.
At morning I woke up and I was nude under my bed sheet and I felt happy that day my entire room was smelled our fluids and I saw the strains in bed.

I went to the bathroom and took a bath and checked to my goodness father went to office. I wore my school uniform and went down to the kitchen. Mom was in the preparation of my lunch.
I went back to her and hugged her tightly.
She kept calm. I asked her what happened mom.

Mom. Nothing.
Me. Tell me.
Mom. I said nothing.

So to condolences her I kissed her on her lips.
Suddenly she sloped me. I got shocked and tears flooding on my eyes and I ran into my room.
I was crying in my room after few minutes mom came to my room and sat near me.

Mom. What ever happened last night is not good for our relationship. Please forget it dear.
Me. But u said..
Mom. What ever I said is in lust. You are a good kid but I am not a good mom.

After in the week I asked her many times she won’t accepted. I lost my hope.
But what my father said yesterday was shocked me.
He said Aravinth you are 16 now I hope you are adult now and I need a favour. He lost his sexuality but my mother is just 39 she had her feeling and sexual needs. To save our family name he asked me to have sex with my own mother.
I got surprised but I initially refused.

Me. Dad it is sin and I can’t do that.
Dad. It’s ok nothing sin in it so please help your mother. He literally begged me.
Me. What if mom won’t accept it.
Mom. I asked her already and she will accept.
I half mindedly said ok.

My went joy, and said from tomorrow your mom will shift into your room.
So this is the day all ready my mom’s things are moved. I don’t know what is gonna happen tonight. My mom did not spoke to me from that day. I hope from today’s night my life is gonna change. And I will share it afterwards only if this post got more comments.

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