New Girl In Kolkata School – Part 1

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Hey guys, I am back with another story. Thanks for the incredible response on the last one.
About me, I live in Kolkata and all my adventures are real. I have heard many feedback and some special requests on the last story.

Now on with the story:

All of the events in the story happened in my tenth class. The pressure on all of the students was a lot to perform well in their board exams. I guess everyone was frustrated with the way our parents put pressure on us. So was I. I expected nothing from this year expect hardships. But life had other plans for me, I guess.

It all started with me being late as usual to school. The problem was that all the seats were almost full and I could not find a seat at first. So my teacher sent me to the last bench. I saw my friends smiling. Not understanding the reason at first I saw a girl sitting there with another seat empty on the bench. I had not seen her before but she was a beauty. She already had fully developed breasts at that age and also had an hourglass figure.

I thought atleast something was going to be interesting. I sat down and all throughout the day gathered information about her. She was really nice, from a girls school in Kolkata. All day we talked about her and her past school and experiences and got to know each other better.
Her name was Sneha and she was single at that time.

The next couple of months passed by in the blink of an eye. We became really good friends still sitting with each other. Exams were nearing and I was getting frustrated under all that pressure. Along with frustration came horniness. Especially with a hot girl sitting next to you.

That day I was sitting closer to her. I tried to keep my hands on the bench to try and touch her thighs. She wore really short skirts as in her previous school the prying eyes of boys were not an issue. Eventually I succedeed. When I did, she glanced at my hand and quickly looked back. Before this day I never had the courage to do anything. But I decided upon the lack of resistance to keep my hand there. She did not move from there nor did she do anything herself. It was Maths class going on. It was our longest period before recess so I knew I had time. So slowly I took my hand further down and more towards her to touch her leg. Now, my left hand was completely on her bare leg. She did not say a single word. Instead she put her book on the desk to cover up my hand and anything I did. That was my signal. Being on the last bench also gave us a lot of cover.

I slowly caressed her thighs and legs, taking my time with each. I made my way up her skirt. She pretended to be busy doing math problems while breathing heavily. My friends from the other row saw what was happening and just smiled at me. She spread her legs wider when my hands went up her thighs. I could feel the warmth from her panties. It had us both feeling ecstatic.

I went further up and reached her pussy. It was steaming hot and her panties were completely wet. It was all new to me so I just took back my hand. She came near my ears, took my hand and said, “Abar Kor”(Do it again). Her words made me even more horny. I inserted my fingers up her skirt again and reached her pussy. I circled around her panties for a while unable to slide past it. I rubbed her pussy over her panties. Her breath became heavier and the two girls sitting in front of us heard her soft moans a couple times. They looked back and got an idea of what we were upto. One of them winked at me and turned back to the front.

We went into recess to both of our disappointment. When we came back after eating into the 5th period of school, she leaned into my ear and said, “Ebar dekh moja asbe”(Now you see it will be fun) and winked at me with a smile. I wasted no time in going back in there. With a bit of fear of being caught by the teacher and the camera on the other side of class.

I was completely surprised to see that she had no panty on. She smiled at me. I was in heaven. It was my first time fingering someone. I felt my way around there touching every part. She had closed her eyes and had her head down so no one would know. I could feel a few bit of hair down there but mostly it was clean. It was dripping wet. Not knowing what to do I inserted my finger directly in there. She did her best to suppress a moan. Thankfully no one heard us. She was really tight. It was her first time too. I caressed her pussy slowly up and down hitting the clitoris sometimes which sent shivers down her spine. Then I proceeded onto inserting the finger which she enjoyed a lot.

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