Naughty night with neighbour

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The story is completely work of fiction andis not related to anyone in reality

A regular morning of winter..woke up at 6..chills of whether with warm blanket…the best combination was not allowing me to get out of the bed…and… Erotic thoughts were filled in head…a typical morning or a 19 year old guy.. as I had to go for morning jog.. I forced myself out of the bed… stepped out after fresh up

The day was just like a normal day..chirps chills..breezes..ladies of respective houses cleaning the front of their houses… Drawing rangolis.. this could be seen n most of the streets of India

There was a single change…the house next to mine was vacant from past 2 months.. unlike every was clean…it was watered and I could see a girl drawing rangoli in the front..

It wasn’t too late for me to understand she moved into that house…she was cute..fair…aged around 20 to 23 years…she had beautiful face… erotic thoughts started arising once I started looking more..

She was wearing red salwar… sleevless…as she was leaning forward to draw rangoli…I could see her cleavage…boobs from tight salwar were gorgeous…I could also see her bra straps… which were visible as salwar slid aside…

I was looking at her gorgeous body…lost myself.. when came back to my conciousness she was staring at me…but she was in the same position… cleavage was still visible…i just shifted my view…but she was smiling at me…I just went back to home…but her gorgeous body stayed in my mind…

Later the day I went to my terrace as I had hobby of listening to songs sitting at isolated room on my surprise again… the girl I saw at the morning was on her terrace… drying washed clothes…

She was now wearing white T shirt and blue jeans..I was mesmerized by her cleavage at the morning…now..i could see her entire body walking… perfect curves could be seen through that T shirt and jeans..

She was unaware of my presence…she started hanging clothes on the
thread.. . As she bent I could see that beauty again.. . that cleavage of her perfect boobs.. as she raised her hands to hang cloth.. .her tight shirt raised along revealing her sexy waist and navel.. .as jeans wr low i could se her panties too..

I just came back as i ws nit ready to get caught again.. .

When i came back to home after playing football..voila.. she was there at my home..

I was scared as she would have come to complain about my doings.. to my shock and surprise the scenario ws completely opposite..

Her name was Kushi… Moved to the house today… She was married amd and her husband worked abroad.. as the place was new and she was scared to sleep alone she wanted me to sleep over at her place.. . I agreed t that and while returning se smiled at me and gave a seductive look..

I was awaiting for the night.. . Expecting some magical opportunity to get into her pants.. enjoying her sexy body..

Night came..i finished my dinner and went to her home.. knocked a door but there was no answer.. the door was open amd and went in..

She was in her bedroom talking to her bestie.. another shock was awaiting s i heard to her speaking..

She was married to rich business tycoon just because of his riches by her parents at the age of 18.. he was 35 years older than her and was almost incompetent..

She was telling hr friend how he ejaculates at the Moment he looks her and all he wants is baby from her and had no interest in enjoying sex with her..

He always tortured her to inseminate his semen wnever he was home and same happened the previous night..this time he warned her if she is not pregnant by next time he visits home she would be given divorce and even her family wont accept her back..

Being girl she too had her fantasies of sex..all she got was Bit of pleasure by prn.. masturbation and vibrator . she wanted me to fulfill her sexual need.. . suddenly se saw me through hr mirror.. . Keeping down the phone she came to me and said everything

She said that she saw me peeking at her on terrace too.. she wanted both pleasure and a child from me but taboos and beliefs are keeping her away from that

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