My Wife Sameena’s Ex By Chance Part I

Hello. This is my first story and be patience as the story takes some time to setup.

My name is Kaleem, lives in Bangalore, working as an assistant quality manager in a reputed IT firm. I am tall 5.8 inches with good body. I belong to very conservative Muslim family and happily married for 12 years. I am married to a very beautiful girl name Sameena. Her face is like she can be a heroine of Bollywood with hairs (zulf) falling on her face. She had very nice figure with small white boobs at the time of marriage and very shy innocent typically Muslim bride. Now after 12 years of marriage her boobs are round perfect milky maybe 34-36 size which is hard by any man to miss at the first meet and her main attraction in her body now is her ass which is developed in to round shape and fits her figure perfectly. We were and we are one happy couple after 12 years of our marriage with two children.

The story begins on the first night of our marriage. We came home from marriage hall at around 1 am at night and after all the rituals performed I was allowed to enter my bedroom at around 2 am. There was sense of excitement in air in the room but we both were very tired after all the rituals in marriage hall and we both controlled our feelings. So nothing much happened that night except few smooches and foreplay. Sameena was so close to me for the first time that I can feel her perfume strongly and I removed all her jewelry. She had her eyes closed. I touched her face with my hands and rubbed my thumb on her lips. Her lips were so soft like fresh sponge bread and I touched her lips with my lips softly. I could feel her breathing. Although the night was so hot she was shivering so I decided not to go further and asked her to change her dress. She went to bathroom and changed to very sexy red nighty and came back. In the meantime I also changed to night pant without underwear (I had a habit of sleeping without my underwear) and had my brief (banyan) on. She was very shy and hardly speaking for some time and it was me who had all the questions to her and then slowly she was comfortable talking to me. I slept on my back with my right hand stretched and ask her to sleep on my hand. We talked about many things our friends, relatives, etc. to know each other and I suddenly said to Sameena that there should be no secrets between us and I asked her if she had any affair in the past to tell me and promised to tell her everything about me and I told her that we should accept whatever the past is since we are now married and she agreed to it. I started first and told her about my past life (not everything) and wanted to have affairs with every second girl in the area but had no luck and also told her that there is no such thing as love between boy and girl it is only lust that keeps them hook with each other. She did not agree with me as she was a Shah Rukh Khan fan and firmly believe in love and she started to tell about her past.

She told me that she was the center of attraction in her relatives, friends, school, etc. as she is very fair tall and good looking girl and every cousin in her family, boys in her area and school tried their luck to propose her or take advantage of her but she was too smart to fell for them.

She even said that one day she happened to go to their village where they had some get together and all her cousins come there for weekend and all of them used to sleep in one hall (around 15-16 maternal cousins). It was kind of congested place and all of them used to sleep in two rows, girls in first row and all the boys in second row. She is having one cousin by name Qhadeer who has proposed her once. At past mid night when Sameena was in deep sleep, she felt a hand on her feet which awoke her. At first Sameena thought it was by mistake as boys are sleeping in second row but the hand started moving up her feet inside the bottom she was wearing. In those days bottoms used to be kind of balloon types in which easily one hand can be moved underneath. Sameena was very afraid to move and her breathing was very heavy and she wanted to stop it, had no courage but at the same time wanted to see how far it will go. The hand started feeling her legs below her knee for some time and slowly it started to move up her thighs and feeling the thigh. Sameena was very sacred and she knew it was Qhadeer who is doing this and changed her position. Qhadeer took his hand off from her. Sameena went to other room and slept with her mother.

I had a hard on with the way she described things and Sameena saw the bulge in my night pant. I noticed her seeing my bulge, she was very shy. I took Sameena in my arms and smooched her wildly which she responded this time with same enthusiasm. My hands were all over her back and buttocks pressing her body to mine. Her boobs were pressed against my chest. After we broke from the kiss, I removed her nighty and bra hurriedly and she was lying next to me naked with only red panty which was way too small and revealing. I started to suck her nipples which were small like oranges and very soft. She was moaning heaving. Sameena tried to remove my brief but was unable to do so I removed it myself and again started to suck her small hard nipples. Her hands were on my head and pressing my head to her nipples. My left hand was on her stomach searching for her panty. I lifted her panty and my hand was on top of her tight fully shaved soft pussy. I just tried to part her pussy lips with my fingers and oh my god she was wet and soaking with her pussy juice. My fingers were drenched with her juice which I took out and sucked it clean. She was amazed to see this act of mine as she was not aware of these things. I just saw her with lust in my eyes. The energy was like there was not tiredness at all in our body. I kissed her lips again with her pussy juice on my lips. This time she was equally exploring my mouth. I broke the kiss and got up and went between her legs. She spread her legs and I removed her panty as she lifter her buttocks. I sucked her to pussy to a point where she had her orgasms with one load moan.

After that I got on my knees and pulled my night pant. She saw my penis for the time and I slept on top of her and we were kissing again with one hand on her boobs pressing. Her hands were on my buttocks pressing against her body and my penis was touching her soaked pussy trying to enter her. I took my penis in my hand and started rubbing her pussy and tried to enter her and was unable to do so. She literally took my penis in her hand for the first time and rubbed it from top to bottom of her pussy and pointed it properly to guide it in but her pussy was so tight that I was unable to enter it and after couple of trying we were exhausted and went to sleep at around 5 am in the morning. So after couple of nights of trying I finally thought of using some oil on my penis to enter her tight pussy and I was like in heaven that night.

Sorry I carried away from main story, so back to story.

So on second night Sameena told me that she was secretly in love with one guy called Ajmal who is a family friend of them. He is of same height as mine but well built and good looking, rich guy and had farm house in Sameena’s village. Sameena again told me that she had not talked to him in her lifetime.

I told her that it is just infatuation.

She again went on saying that it is love because tough we never talk we used to come face to face many times and when I think about him he was in front of me.

I told her that it just a coincidence.

She told me Ajmal used to stare at her whenever they come face to face and she knows that Ajmal also likes her but had no courage to talk to me and later things did not go in their way and he got married early and it was kind of one sided love.

I asked her whether she still loves him

She had no answer to it but I insisted her to tell. She said that as it was her first love she will never forget him till her death.

I was jealous a bit but was okay with it thinking that Sameena is mine now and I can have her whenever I need.

So time went on and I used to tease her with Ajmal’s name sometime. Our sex life was also good, almost every day we had sex until we were parents of one cute baby boy and it was six years past our marriage. After that sex was once or twice a week as it was not her first priority after all the hard work during the day taking care of our child. Our sex life had no life at all now but she loves me very much.

One night after our son slept, Sameena came and sleep on my arm as usual and we talked for some time and I came up with Ajmal topic again and I made out that she had immense respect towards him which kind of makes me jealous.

I asked her why you give so much respect to him

She said because he is my first love

I again told her that it is just infatuation not love for which she disagree

Out of box, I suddenly asked her if he comes now will you have sex with him

Sameena was stunned to my question and after a pause she said no but her eyes were telling yes.

I said Sameena don’t lie to me I know deep inside your answer is yes as I can read your eyes

She said “Kaleem stop this nonsense and go to sleep”

I told her that I want to have sex tonight for which she readily agreed though she was very tired with her chores during the day

I kissed her and in no time we both were naked fore-playing and she playing with my penis and I sucking her boobs.

Suddenly I stopped and told her that you are lying to me and you want to have sex with Ajmal

Sameena said “now it is too much Kaleem will you stop it or not“

I said I am serious Sameena I can prove that you want to have sex with Ajmal and also want to prove that this is not love and only lust

Sameena said it’s a love and I am not lusting on his body

I said “if you are so confident then why are you so afraid, let me prove it today if it is a love or lust”

Sameena asked me to prove it

So I started with “let me tell you one story….

She was curious now lying naked on her back listening to me. I was on her right hand side facing 90 degrees towards her and my one hand under her neck and another on her chest playing with her nipple.

I started with a story and asked her to imagine that one day she had been to her village and struck near Ajmal’s farmhouse

Sameena interfered me saying how it is possible as I never go alone anywhere

I said just imagine like a film story for which she said okay

I continued with my story that she struck near Ajmal’s farmhouse in rain and there by chance Ajmal saw you and invited to his farmhouse and after a moment you and Ajmal are in the house alone. You are drenched in water and he offers you towel. When you are drying your hairs with towel, Ajmal comes from behind and holds you on your shoulder and moves you hair and kisses you on your neck. As I was telling she was imagining what is happening and her eyes were closed, to my surprise her hand was in her pussy rubbing her clitoris. Her nipples were hard as ever. I was making circle around her nipple this was making her every hornier. I continued with the story, Ajmal slowly kisses your neck and he runs his tongue on your neck. By this time her rubbing on her pussy was faster. Out of curiosity I just put my hand one her pussy and put my finger in already parted pussy lips. I was amused to find that her pussy was wetter than it was on our first night. I continued with story saying that Ajmal now turns Sameena towards him and kisses her on lips.

Sameena interferes and asked me to suck her nipple and I obliged her and started sucking her right nipple and my fingers playing on her left nipple, her rubbing and fingering her pussy was very fast. I sucked her nipple as it was my first time. She straightened her legs and rubbing was at full speed. I know she was ready to have an orgasm so I sucked her nipple as forcefully as I could. Her eyes were closed and her body trembled and she jerked her head forward shouting Ajmal’s name like aaah Ajmal Ajmal aah Ajmal Ajmaaaaaal aaaah aah ah ah ah. She had the best orgasm of her life and this turned me on and my penis was harder like anything and I don’t know what came to me I got up and swallowed her juices from her pussy and shoved my penis in her pussy and fucked her hard as there is no tomorrow. Sameena was shouting with her eyes closed Ajmal fuck me, fuck me hard, meri chut ko phaad do tumhare lund se (tear my pussy with your penis). Hearing these words from her made me fuck her harder and harder and when I was about to cum I took my penis out of her pussy which I usually do shot my load on her body which was all over her stomach and boobs and some on her face, at last I came like never before. She had let me cum for the first time on her body as I usually used to cover my hand across my penis when I cum. With all my cum on her stomach, boobs and face for the first time she was looking like Ajmal’s slut.

I got exhausted and slept next to her with all sweat on my body and she was embarrassed with the reality that deep inside she wanted Ajmal’s body. She went and cleaned herself and I proved a point that it is just lust not love but still she disagrees and says that it was just a flow she went with and still loves Ajmal and not her body.

From then on I made a regular practice of telling story and having sex in the name of Ajmal. Our sex life had come to life again.

What happened next ……….did Sameena meet Ajmal in her next six year and had sex with him. Did Kaleem allowed them to have sex.

Will be continued…..


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