My Wife Sameena’s Ex By Chance Part II

Hello again. I hope you guys enjoyed Part 1. Here is part 2 for you all.

Just a brief introduction, my name is Kaleem, lives in Bangalore, working as an assistant quality manager in a reputed IT firm. I am tall 5.8 inches with good body. I belong to very conservative Muslim family and happily married for 12 years. I am married to a very beautiful girl name Sameena. Her face is like she can be a heroine of Bollywood with hairs (zulf) falling on her face. She had very nice figure with small white boobs at the time of marriage and very shy innocent typically Muslim bride. Now after 12 years of marriage her boobs are round perfect milky maybe 34-36 size which is hard by any man to miss at the first meet and her main attraction in her body now is her ass which is developed in to round shape and fits her figure perfectly. We were and we are one happy couple after 12 years of our marriage with two children.

After six years of marriage Sameena and I have found new life in our sex. We were enjoying almost every day or at least every other day with Sameena imagining me as Ajmal and I used to come with new story every time we fuck. Sameena started enjoying the stories and started having orgasms two to three times in a session. For me just thinking that my wife likes having sex with other man makes my lund hard like a rod and I used to fuck her chut in all possible positions but Sameena never let me cum on her body again after the first time.

Now after the Ajmal story started Sameena was more interested in sex than me and she used to get ready every night like a bride just to have sex imagining Ajmal.

One weekend my whole family went for marriage out of town. I was not able to go with them because of work load in office, so Sameena decided to stay back and let rest of family go for marriage. It was Friday night and after my work my colleague took me straight for second show movie but initially I was hesitant because Sameena was alone at home but upon insistence I had to call her and let her know about our plan. Sameena was very angry but agreed later and told me not to disturb me if I am asleep. She said she will lock the main door and will keep open the bedroom door so do disturb me. After movie, we had dinner and my friend dropped me home at around 1 am. I saw the bedroom reading light was on which I could make out from window. I slowly went and opened the main door with additional key which I always carry with me. I slowly closed the door thinking that Sameena is sleeping but to my surprise Sameena was awake. My bedroom door was half open. I slowly went near the door without making noise and what I saw was unbelievable. Sameena was masturbating naked on our bed. This is the first time she was doing this as far as I know. She was naked. Her chut was shining with mix of sweat and her juices. Her nipples were hard and erect. Her eyes were closed. Her right hand was on her nipple pinching and her left hand was holding something which was going in and out of her chut. When I saw it again it was thick carrot which was longer than my lund which maybe around 9 inches and almost double my lung in width. My lund was hard and wanted to come out of my jeans. I was like a statue watching her. What took me by surprise was her language. While playing she was telling “Ajmal fuck me hard, fuck me hard, hard like a whore. I am tired of Kaleem’s small lund please fuck me with your big and mota lund. Yeh mote lund se mere chut phad do, aur zor se aaa, fuck, make me pregnant, yes I love you Ajmal. Hearing this dirty talk my lund exploded thick warm load in my pant. She was on the verge of orgasm. She shouted loudly before having ajmallll, her head was jerking, her legs were straight and she was relieved. I was standing there pressing my dick with my hand. Sameena opened her eyes and saw me standing pressing my dick. She was lying naked on bed.

Seeing me standing near the door she said
Sameena – Moron are you spying on me, come here

I without telling anything went near her. Sameena asked me to remove my pant which I did.

Sameena pulled my underwear holding the elastic part of underwear and saw huge patch of cum and smiled at me and said.

Sameena – go and clean this mess you small dick

She made me feel like cuckold and I nodded my head and removed my underwear and went to bathroom to clean the mess. I was sitting on the commode to pee Sameena came in naked. Her pussy was shining and wet. She came and sat on my thighs on commode facing me. Her naked boobs were touching my chest, her ass cheeks were on my thighs. Her pussy was pointing my dick in fact a little part of her pussy was touching my pubic hair. She came near my ear and said I want to pee. Before I could react she started pissing on my dick which was like taking warm golden shower on my dick. The feeling of her piss on my dick was like out of this world.

Sameena – Tera lauda mere pishab ke liye he bana hai (your dick is only made for my piss) saying this got up and turned around and bend down.

Her pussy and asshole was inch away from my mouth.

Sameena – Ajmal ke laude se chudi huye meri chut ko teri jeeb se saaf kar (Clean my pussy with your tongue which has been just fucked by ajmal’s dick)

Hearing these words from her my dick was again hard, I wanted to fuck that pussy then and there but I obeyed her and put my tongue in her pussy and cleaned her salty chut, licked her asshole. Her pussy taste I can still feel on my tongue. After I cleaned her chut, Sameena turned to me and saw my dick which is hard now and said

Sameena – such a shame though your dick is hard it is still small, so hurry up, wash and come let me show you what my chut deserves

Sameena went out and I cleaned myself and came out. Sameena was still naked lying on bed and carrot in her hand and was sucking the carrot as if she was giving the blowjob. She signaled me to come near her. When I went near her she got hold of my dick and pulled nearer to her. She kept the carrot next to my dick to measure and the carrot was much bigger than my dick and seeing this she had a wicked smile on her face.

Sameena adjusted herself and opened her both legs, still holding my dick in one hand and carrot in another hand. She took the carrot near her pussy with her right hand and started rubbing her pussy up and down and after three to four movements she slowly inserted the carrot in her pussy. Her eyes were closed and she really was enjoying the moment. My dick was hard enough to fuck her but she was holding it tightly. Slowly the whole carrot was in her pussy and Sameena started stroking it slowly and after few strokes she removed the carrot which was shining and wet with full of her pussy juices. Sameena pulled my dick with which I bent a little down and she asked me to lick and clean her pussy juice from the carrot.

I obliged her and started licking and sucking the carrot.

Sameena – yes Kaleem suck my Ajmal’s lund, yes suck it

Hearing those words from Sameena something happened to me and I was sucking the carrot faster and faster and I was imagining as if I am sucking Ajmal’s cock.

Sameena- Kaleem, you are born to suck my Ajmal’s lund and see his lund fuck me so hold Ajmal’s lund in your hand and suck. I did as Sameena said

She was moaning with her fingers in her pussy and asking me suck is properly then after a minute she said “Kaleem rub Ajmal’s lund on my chut and then make it fuck me like there is no tomorrow”. Saying this she opened her legs and held my hand in which carrot was there and guided me to her pussy.

I rubbed the carrot on her pussy from top to bottom and bottom to top and then inserted the carrot slowly inch by inch and within seconds the whole carrot was in her pussy. Sameena closed her eyes and her left hand was pinching her nipple and her right hand was holding my fully erected dick. I slowly begin to stroke Sameena’s pussy in and out with the carrot for a minute and then increased the speed.

Sameena – Kaleem, you cuckold bastard, you love your wife fucked by Ajmal’s lund, do you? Say yes

I started fucking Sameena faster with carrot hearing those words and said yes I love when you get fucked.

Sameena was moaning aaah fuck yes, fuck faster, even faster, Kaleem you motherfucker, you want your wife to get fucked by Ajmal every day, do you? Say yes.

I increasing the speed said yes my jaan I want Ajmal to fuck you everyday

Sameena with closed eyes, stroking my dick in her hand, straightened legs, said Kaleem you small dick you want your wife to get pregnant with Ajmal’s lund, do you? Say yes

I on the verge of cumming and increasing the speed of carrot said yes I want Ajmal to make you pregnant with his lund and shot my cum in Sameena’s hand and some of which fell on Sameena’s stomach.

Meanwhile Sameena was about to have orgasm of her life and she was shouting “fuck me Ajmal, yes fuck me hard, yes aaah, yes oooh, make me pregnant in front of my cuckold husband, yesssssssssssssss, aaaaaaaaaaaaaah Ajmaaal” she squirted with lots of fluid as if she was pissing.

Sameena was exhausted and breathing heavily and was lying there for some time with closed eyes. When Sameena comes to her sense she made me clean the cum in her hand and on her stomach with the tissue paper and asked me to lick her pussy clean and asked him to change the bed sheet which was wet with Sameena’s squirt.

I did as instructed and both Sameena and me slept naked in each other’s arm.

Sameena asked me very innocently – Jaanu will you let me fuck Ajmal in real.

I – yes jaan I want you to get laid with Ajmal and also I want to see you both making out. It is my fantasy now

Sameena – Oh jaan then please do something I cannot wait that to happen anymore

I – yes jaan don’t worry I will do something but now you are really exhausted so go to sleep.

Sameena – Thanks jaan

Sameena started kissing my lips passionately and I responded to that

We both went to sleep.

Next morning Sameena got up early only to find me in deep sleep on my back with morning erection. Sameena sat on my dick and had sex saying good morning jaanu……

What happened next will be continued in part 3.

Thank you

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