My life story (chapter-1)

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Hi i am sultanate, a 28 year old female from Kashmir. I want to tell story of my life of how i became a local whore from a shy girl.
I wasn’t always hungry for cocks like i am now, my cousin played a big part of helping me discover my true self which is a cheap whore.
Yes, a cheap whore, that’s what i am, i just love being controlled by men and use me like a toy. I can’t control myself when i see a juicy cock.
For past 10 years i have been fucked by countless men and women, used like a cheap slut, also sold to men for short time periods and have done many adventurous sexual things, i enjoyed every moment of it since i gave in.
Now i wanted to tell everyone how i felt while going through all this, my story from being a little shy girl to a cheap whore whom everyone i know used and enjoyed as much as they liked.

It all began 10 years ago……

I have divided my story in chapters hope you enjoy them!

“CHAPTER–1: the beginning”
It was a shiny morning when i heard my mom yelling for me to get up and get ready for school as i always used to get late. I was lost in thought looking out through the window when the door to my room opened wide and i saw my mom coming in and throwing my quilt away, that’s when i came back to my senses and ran straight to the washroom to get freshened up.

I have no father, i lost him when i was 2, I don’t even remember anything about him. My mom is a hard-working women as she had to raise me alone and here i stand an 18 year old girl always causing trouble. She never remarried because she faired that i might be mistreated by her new husband because it happens often in our society.
She gave up that thought for me and i love her so much.

“i remember this day clearly because i lost my virginity on this day to my own cousin who was 6 years older than me at that time”.

when i was ready for school i went to mom to say goodbye, she said that she was going to be late that day as she had to do extra work (she was a bank employee) because it was end of the year. We said our goodbyes and left for our destinations.

It was a quiet day at school as usual as i was very shy, i even had only one friend obviously a girl, and i returned home early that day because i had to masturbate (i wasn’t an angel and i had that whore in me since my birth) badly. But to my surprise when i reached home i was welcomed by my cousin.

About my cousin: he was 24 at that time, well built because he was a gym freak, handsome insanely, good at almost everything, caring (he had a crush on me for a long time which i got to know later), rich, player (as in with fucking different girls) i knew it for some time but he was unaware of it, and lastly he had a big fat cock (which obviously became one of my favourite cocks later).

There was a lot more but let’s get back to story already because i will tell more about him along the way…..

he welcomed me with a warm hug took my bag and asked me to enjoy the meal he had prepared for me. I was a bit surprised by his extra sweet behaviour (he was usually sweet but not as sweet as he was on that day) but it made me happy somehow (honestly i also liked him from start, how cannot one like him he had everything a girl could ask for, i was confused at first but later it became clear to me). I enjoyed the meal and went to my room to get changed but before i could get up he held my hand which really surprised me and he looked directly in my eyes and told me to wear something beautiful as he was taking me out tonight, God i was in shock, i was out of words, i wasn’t sure of what’s happening but i somehow managed to say yes and went to my room and locked the door.

It took me few minutes to gather my thoughts and process what happened a while ago, i mean he not only took me by surprise but he also didn’t bother to ask me the answer he just said we are going out directly, what confidence he had, but i have to say i was impressed by what he did and it had me thinking what was going through his head and i finally decided to find out.

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