Mom Fucked by best friend

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Hi guys my name is nayan.This story is about how my mom got drilled by my best friend sai .My mom’s figure is 35-30-35.Just imagine Raveena Tandon .She is so hot that even i can’t handle it.Most of the peple admire her.My dad is a hotelier in northern India and has few branches in Canada.So most of the months he has be out of station.Me and my mom live in an apartment.My best friend also lives in the same apartment he is handsome taller and a great physique .One day i called him to my flat for playing games.So sai came and we went to my room and started playing games.That time my mom was washing clothes.

Sai: bro i want to drink water
me:okay go to the kitchen and have it.
Sai went to the kitchen and i news busy playing games.After 15 minutes he came back.
me: what took you so long?
Sai:sorry i also went to the washroom.

it was weird because mom was using the washroom and i didn’t heard mom going to the kitchen neither or coming out of washroom.So how he went to the washroom.

Next day at school sai asked me that when i will be at home.It was weird because he always calls me before she comes to my flat.So i told him that i havwe tutions from this time to this time.
Sai: Great
me: but why?
Sai: just for sake i was asking you.

That evening luckily i got a call from my tution sir that he is busy at school so he will not attend tution. Moreover as i went home my mom was asking about my tution and even about sai.Now i was clear that something was wrong so i set 3 gopro cameras along with mic in my mom’s room and went to the terrace saying that i have tution. As i went to the terrace i started spying then i saw sai at thre door. As mom opened the door he started kissing her.Then took her in arms and went to room.I was shocked on both of them.The camera was covering the best angles.Mom got on her kness kissed on his pant slowly unbuckled his trousers and his dick sprang free damn it was so thick and long almost 7 inches my mom was so shocked to see his big dick and slowly started sucking his dick.

mom:mhhhhhmhhhh mhhh mhhhh ah mhhhhhh. Its so bigger than my hubby
Sai. Aunty take it more take it how big is yours hubby
mom:mhhhmhhhh mhhh he is very puny just 4 inches
I came to know why my mom and dad had fought all those days I saw mom sucking his dick and balls as if she’s gonna eat it she was pro in sucking.

Then they got naked, I saw my mom’s body for the first tym it was so hot I started to jerk off watching my mom nude she had boobs so well shaped for her age, sai started to suck her boobs very nice she went was moaning out like hell. She Said ” come on boy suck my tits I’m burning aahhh..ahh..go on” after 5 minutes of suck she pushed him on bed and bought her pussy to his mouth and he started to suck her pussy, like a pro. She was caressing his head and moaned out “aahh..ya..son you are so good at this all these years my husband didn’t lick my pussy at all” sai was inserting his long tongue inside her vagina after few minutes she groaned and had her he put her in doggy style I saw his body he was muscular build with broad chest covered with hair abs big arms there’s no doubt that he can seduce any woman easily, he put his big mushroom dick head slowly inside her vagina and started having sex.My mom was beneath of him,it was missionary position, he had nice back my mom was holding his back .After 15 minutes they were having doggystyle. By now my mom had cummed multiple times but sai was still fucking her hard, he had a great stamina he put her to cowgirl style and she rided on him. Now he fucked her fast putting her to doggy style I saw his balls become big he grunted like a a****l and he cummed over her face, she drank all his sperm
Now it was going over my head so i went down to my room and caught them red handed I pretended as if I’m strict but I was happy to see my mom Fucked by my friend.

mom: Ahhhh Ahhhhh Ahhhh
Sai: yeah aunty yeah baby yeah so hot you are
me: mom!
mom: son what are you doing?
Sai: bro i can explain everything.
me: i had no tution today it was off so this is what you do with sai in my absence.
mom:no beta no we just had today.

Then sai wore pants and told me
Sai: dude your mom is sick and she wants to have sex, since your dad is out i wanted to give her what she wanted.
me: shut up and get out of here go away
Sai: okay i am going but please dont tell anyone.
me:i will think about that go out first sai
Sai go back to his flat.
Mom lied naked infront of me crying .
me:mom why are you crying
me: dont worry

I cant believe my cock my getting hard that time by seeing my own mom.
Mom looked at my hard dick.
mom:is it hard hard?
me: yeah natural, everytime when i see a hot woman.

mom pulled of my pants started sucking my cock.
Wat happened was a dream


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