Indian Married Couple fulfilled their submissive fantasy in New York

Indian Married Couple fulfilled their submissive fantasy in New York

HI I am moupriya sen married 29 years old married last 2 years ago my hubby Manoj sen is of 32 years work In a mnc company we are from Chandigarh.

This is a real story of us we was gone to usa New York for our a vacation there we meet a cab driver Name Mr Mark to whom we did submissive & that become so danger.

I always very very attracted towards the men’s who are bit aged mature strong very wild and kinky dominating demanding naughty types who know how to make a lady dance on the tip of his figure the way he wish.

It was the story of last year 2017 may month .My hubby & me we went to the usa for 7days we are very friendly, frank, open minded, love to make friends, we love to watch porn movies also so we try to discover many thing from those movies & we try to do those to bring spice In our married sexual life.

So after spent 4 days on the 5th day evening we was went to a disco club & there we dance & drunk a lot so after we came out from club we was book a taxi but it was taking so long time to come we was feeling very irritating after a long time It came we get in to the cab & then we shout on him & told him we will complain against him for coming late to the agency .Then we was going to our hotel there we was normally chatting with each other we was doing smooch like this then In our mind our most craziest fantasy came how It will be If here In usa we do submissive our self to a unknown stranger man who will be strong tall very dominating naughty aggressive like that.coz no body know us there so for full fill our fantasy this Is a good option .we was discussing In this only then the taxi driver response Its nothing new many people comes here to do like this. we get shock we ask him everything In detail he was telling us .but we like the way he was speaking his personality was so good. so we was asking him detail like do u know any1 like this or not he told no he don’t know coz he only did like this with 2 couple already .so we get Impressed also coz he Is experienced so he must be know what to do & all. So we ask him how much does he charge & all ?

Then he also got the Indication what Is going In our mind? Then he start asks us many question? Like from where we are? What we do? From how many days we are here? How long we get married?Why we want to do this type fantasy? What Is our favourite pose In sex like this & we also start reply him all. Without hesitate
He told he like us he want to spend some time with us & lets have some drink .so we told him we can go to our hotel room & there we can have some more discussion & drink also .He agree so we 3 gone to our room .we came Inside the room there was a 2 sitter couch where me & my hubby Manoj we was sited & opposite that couch there was a single couch there he sit .

Manoj called to the room service & orders the drinks. we all was drinking then he ask us what type submissive you people are looking for ?my hubby told who can do 3sum with us & is toped my hubby & told him who can dominate us who can make us go crazy & In a line just a man who will make us dance on the tip of his figure & make us do anything he just wish. no matters what we think or don’t care for our opinion

He get happy listening to our answer he ask us then for how long you people want? We say for 24 hrs. He just smile & told ok. Then we was discussing normally about his life our life .In between the chat he was telling us to do this that things like open the windows curtain .make ac turn on & made the room very chilled ,play some song. & without saying anything we were also doing what he was telling us to do
He also understand & we gave him the green signal then he put his legs on the table where the drinks all snacks was there & told us to open his shoe from his leg .we look each other & decide to do all lets fulfil our wild fantasy tonight then I open his1 side shoe & Manoj open another side then he told me to make a hard peg for all of us he decide the alcohol how much to put In the glass I put, then we drink really that was so hard but we drink.

Then after complete that he told me hey priya y don’t u dance for us I would love to watch u dance for us. Dancing Is my hobby .so I ask him what type of dance you love to watch ?he told you people have some Item dance I love those .then my hubby take out his laptop & the speaker from his bag & from online he on the song “Shakira – Hips Don’t Lie
”. & I start dance I was In my Top & Skirt he took out his phone & start record those. After dance few time he told me to open the top. So I get bit nervous but I know we only want this so I start enjoy that & went near to the windows as those was open he told bit angrily who told to close those ?keep those open. Manoj also told no please close those windows as out sides can view also so. He told I don’t care its usa nobody care start dance & open It while dance. So as per his Instruction I get agree to Mr. Mark & start dance & remove my top & In my spregety & skirt I dance.
After finish that he told to come & sit & make another peg we did. & he order some more snacks from room service. then we was gossiping & again he told me to dance for some indian song as I dance amazing so then after complete that peg again I was dancing in laila mai laila. & he again start recording In his phone. then while dance he order me to remove the spregety & skirt while dancing so while dance I remove those also but then really I was feeling so shame ,horny, nasty drunk a very mixed feeling can’t explain that also .then I was dancing In front of mark & my hubby Manoj In my Inners of red colour.

After dancing few times he told my hubby to join me he also came & start dancing with me. & he was sitting In the sofa drinking & watching our dance & recording In his phone ,after few minute of Manoj dance he told Manoj aiso to open his dress & dance he open hist-shirt & jeans then we was feeling like a slut & a gigolo we r & he hire us for the night & we was doing for him.
suddenly the bell rang we get nervous mark told me to priya go & open the door I told how can I go? I am In 2 piece he told go It’s my order I went to open the door & seen the room service came to delivered the snacks .he came Inside then mark told start dance we was start dance again with chikni chameli but we was dying In shame that moment. That guy was also looking to us we was dancing. Which we was never want we want to do all in front of him only .then the guy gone & mark told Manoj to open my bra he want to watch my boobs to fly open In the air while dancing .I feel that very sham .
Then Manoj came back to me & he open my bra & mark told give that to me Manoj threw It to mark he took that & smell my bra I was put my head down & keep my hand & cross & cover my 38c boobs at beginning but we was dancing .we was so horny & he instruction me with his eyes & figure to remove my hands from my boobs & then dance i did that .
That time he called us .we thought now he will do the 3sum but he called & told me to make another peg as I was make pegs stand infront him & table manoj now he also sit in the opposite coutch of Mark .While I was making peg he told to Manoj to open yours jockey. he open & while I was giving the peg mark touch my boobs & press both side he told so soft so nice shape u have. Mark & Manoj was sitting each other opposite side so when I turn back to give the glass to Manoj from my back mark give me a hard slap In my 36 size fairy ass I get It like electric shock he told me not to move just made me bend & in front then he touch my ass Virginia all over he found me m so wet .

Then he told us to sit In the sofa beside Manoj & drink then while drink he told us to do masturbation. He want to watch us how we do masturbation which we was also needed badly .I Insert my hand In to my panty & start doing & Manoj start stroking his dick . & he was watching & recording everything In his mobile phone.
After few time he told me to stand & give me your panty get naked. This sentence comes to my 440 electric shock type but without saying anything I open my panty & gave It to mark.
He again smell It. & told me to do some nude dance for him. Now we was also start enjoying things so i dance for him In absolutely nude Trippy Trippy Song
. He ask us how you are feeling? we say mixed feeling cant say. He asks r u people horny we say yes. then mark told Manoj to lie In the floor In front of where he Is sitting there & told me to suck him I was sucking my hubby dick like a hungry beggar .who got food after a long time & he was touching my back my ass my neck with his toe figure. Which was making me more & more & more crazy & horny? Then after some time he told me to lie In floor & Manoj to suck my virginas he did that & I was shouting so loudly In pleasure like aaaaaaaaaaaa ooooooo huuuunmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmooooooooooooyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa please fuck now I cant take any more. I was thinking when he will join us? then he told finally Manoj to fuck me 1st In missionary position then he make us bang In doggy style then he make me sit on Manoj dick & bang while doing this he was touching my all over like In my face neck boobs belly all over he was touching me with his feet I was just dying . I told him mark plz u also join us & fuck me the way u want he told what so hurry Bitch? all will happen but when I will want u will do all just I want. & I was just screaming hard aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmuffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff fuck me moreeeeeeeeeee fk me fk me like this finally when Manoj Is about to come mark told me to eat that sperm which I do all time & I love to eat the sperm……
Then again we sit In sofa & some gossip me & Manoj was totally nude but mark was In his complete dress .he told us not to wear any dress told Manoj to collect all the dress from the floor & keep them in the cupboard & to lock that & give him the key so he did. & we was gossiping he finally made another peg for 3 of us as I seen he give a lot alcohol to Manoj & same quantity for me & mark. we was gossiping finally after some time Manoj feel pee he gone to wash room & from there we hear the sound he was vomiting so we gone to seen him .we bring him to bed & make him lie In bed.
After that i & mark came to the couch we gossiping then I asked him why he doesn’t join us & make us to do sex only ? he told Its my wish I like to watch how youre hubby make love to you so. Do u want to get fuck by me he ask me directly? I told him yes. He ask how much eager you are? I told him very badly? He told me I can’t see any eagerness on you prove me. If I feel happy then I will. I ask him what I have to do. He told me show me nude nasty strip lap dance to me. But before that go to washroom take a shower & wear a inners top skirt full makeup then do. I say ok.
He open the cupboard select me a set of Inners a top & a skirt. With that I went to the bath room it was a big wash room there was a bathtub beside that there was a transparent glass cover with curtain instead of wall so mark told me to remove the curtain coz he want to watch me taking shower .so i did that i went to wash room remove the curtain he was watching all and was recording all in his mobile and was having his drink .i complete my shower then get ready with the dress he was select along with proper makeup myself.
Then when I came out he took my several pics In his mobile he told me the pose & i give that pose. Then he on few song & told me to dance again & slowly to get nude I was doing that.1st while dance I open my top he was continuously recording all then while dance I open my skirt I was dancing In front of a stranger man for fuck me when I was thinking I was feeling what Is happening I don’t care let me do all whatever he want lets be a slut for a real handsome strong foreigner men .as who know us here no problem decide I will be a sulty Bitchy for him that time .no matters I will do all he will say was decide & was dancing as per his Instruction then I open my bra ,start pressing my boobs In front of him trying to lick them then open my panty get nude lie In floor keep dancing & fingering my virgins’ I was moaning loudly aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaoooooooooooooyaaaaaaaaaaaa uffffffffff like this i was not on me on that time .
I came close to him sit on his lap try to smooch him but he don’t smooch me he turn his face. I ask him what more u want to fuck me please fuck me I was literally begging to him for fuck me then he told me finally you remember just 2 hrs ago you people was shouting on me as i was came late u also told me you people will complain about me .i was really forget about that incident on that time he remind me that. but that time i was not in my control i was totally in his control i was already broken so i told him am very sorry we will not do anything complain against you please forgive all & do anything you want to do with me & fuck me. mark told me ok first you give a review excellent review from your mobile on your app . i took out my mobile & give him a excellent review after that he told me to sit me on the table in front his sofa in dogy style & he start spank me & told me to count after every count this way he spank 20 times each side on my back after that he bring a paper & a pen gave me that & told me to give him a note mentioning that we are submissive our self to him on our wish & he have all the rights to do everything with us he want as we have taken 25000$ loan from him which we can’t repay him & If we clams anything later that will be known as Illegal & how long we are In usa we will stay to him as his slave. i did that also after that he told me to give me both of yours passports i gave him .
After that he say so from now onwards I will call u Bitch you are a Bitch u will call me master & your hubby Is a dog u will just do all I just want i say yes master.
Then he told me to sit in the floor in 4 feet like a bitch i sat he start open his jeans belt i thought now he will do now but he open his belt & tie that in my neck another end on his hand made me walk in the room every corner i was feeling very baresment he was telling me u was shouting on me few hours back and now you are walking nude in 4 feet like a are a real bitch.
Again he came to the couch he told me to called room service to take all the bottle cutleries food was there .I called .then again he told me to keep dance again.I was dancing nude for him. the room service guy came mark open the door he told me to keep dance not to stop so I was Dancing nude In front of that room service guy & mark he came clean all the table. mark ask him do u like her dance he told yes sir she Is lovely.& I was dancing for them like a cheap slut..he stand watch my dance for 5 min then he say thank you sir & he gone.
Mark called me come my bitch to me In your 4 feet I went to him then he told me take out his jeans I open his jeans. open his shirt .after watching his physic I get mad so strong body he have like wrestler wwf .I start kiss his chest .he pull my hair & told me to lik his feet 1st and to beg him for sex i did as he was told me .while lik his feet i came upp slowly slowly then i rub his dick with my hand he push my head to his dick above the half pant he was wear i told him please don’t tease me any more i want to suck your dick very badly please give me .he slap me in my face & pull my hairs smooch him finally he keep pull my hair from back & told me to take out my dick I take out & seen It Is so big I never seen In my life before.12Inches so big fat fair complexion juicy big dick I start lick him first then I start suck him while sucking his so big dick some time he was Inserting his dick full In to my mouth which was going to my throat & he was pushing my head from back & from front he was Inserting his dick In my mouth. I gave him blow job for 10 to 15 min then he told took me In his lap & threw me In bed beside my hubby where he was sleeping & make me sit In doggy style & Insert his dick In my virgins which Is so wet & his big dick make me cry but he Insert that to me .I was screaming aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuufffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa yessssssssssssssssssssss o yssssssssssssssssssss o yaaaaaaaaaaa fuck me fuck me he was pulling my hair from back. While fuck me he was spanking me abusing me putting his figure inside my ass hole i was just dying coz no body was fuck me before in my life that way .Then he fuck me In missionary pose & after 30min when he come he take out his dick & cum in my mouth. he came with so much sperm my hubby never came with so much sperm ever. I was not destroying a single drop of sperm I drunk all.

Then we lie down in the bed in few minuets he again wake up wear his half pant & take out a cigarette & pull the belt which was in his hand i wake up again he made me walk in my 4 feet he was trying to take me to the balcony I told him no am nude I will not go he say come and pull the belt and i went there.
He sit i the chair i was till in my 4 feet he told me u have to lessen all I will say you .so I thought Its not out of country & Its night so nobody will be there & I gone their & sit on his lap .he was smoking & touching my all over, then I was also getting horny I request him to please can we have another round please ? He told for that 1st I have to lick his toe figure & have to beg me please fuck me 1ce more i am yours bitch If he like he will I get agree & start lick his toe & keep begging for 10 to 15 min i was actually feeling like a cheap slut my self that time. then he again told me to give him blow job ,he like my blow job I can give very nice blow job this complement my hubby also gave me many times .so I gave him blow job & then again he fuck me a long I was moaning In pain & pleasure In different position finally he came after 40 to 45 minutes at least. & then we all came to our room he wear a halp pant me & manoj we sleep naked beside him . That time in watch It was 3am.

Then next day at 5am he wake up & called me I also wake up then he told me just to brush your mouth wear a housecoat & nothing else we will go on a ride early morning. so we wake up & went to the wash room get fresh which Is just beside our bed but there was no wall there was a transparent glass with white colour curtain last night which he made me remove from the glass he wear the dress & I wear the only coat then we went out on his taxi.

We went some where he shows me the New York many place then we went to a cafe for breakfast there we had tea shop where there we was gossiping In different topic. Finally I ask him why he make me expose to the room service guy last night .He reply you are amazing I love to expose you & feel you people humiliate which I know you people also want to be. U look amazing you must show your beauty to every one .I get a mixed filings & I look down. & he also told me you people was told me u want for 24 hours but I will not return your passport until the last moment when you people will return to India. so till then I am yours master your my bitch & your hubby Is my dog. You people are going do all just I want nothing else. I told him please don’t do like this but In my mind I was confused what to do should I make him stop or let him do all he want .I keep silent.

After complete our breakfast we went to a sex toy shop from there he made me purchase a blind fold,2handcuff,a spanking scale, a dildo with remote vibrator ,2 lash, and few more things ,i ask him why are you taking this he say he want to apply those on us.i pay the bill and we came out from the store .
We was coming back to our hotel from a highway type road. Where 2 big lane & forest was both side. We was crossing from there I was got pee so I told him please take me some where I can do pee I got badly .after going few away he stop the car & told me to get out of car I was confused but I did then he told me to take off the coat & go near side of road then do pee & come to taxi & wear the coat .I was getting so shock so shame cant say. but I was no option also as I was got pee very much so nothing to do I have to lessen to him .Finally I open my coat get nude In the road went to the side of road & pee there .he took few pics of my there .Then when I was coming to the taxi I seen he start his car & going slowly I was get so afraid & shame as I was nude there road was empty but few car was passing many people was watching me I was running nude In road back to a taxi this way he make me run at least 5 min finally he stop the car I get In to the car .he threw me my coat . I was very angry but he just stop the car hold me tightly & start smooch me very badly I get melt & I also start enjoying there. he took out his dick make me suck his big giant dick I get melt like anything & start lick him give him blowjob forget everything I don’t remember anything that I was In road I was nude I was doing sex with a stranger everything he then just fuck me In his car like anything I was also enjoy there a lot then finally he came In my mouth I swallow that. Then he close his zip & i wear the coat but not tie the not whole road actually slowly i was also start liking his nasty exposing idea.

we was came back we was gossiping I told him your so nasty naughty dominating kinky man I was actually looking for your type man .It was my fantasy to submit my self to sum 1 like you who can make me completely his slave & make me do any thing he just want no matter what was that I like or not .not only sex but some thing also your doing to me like last nit u make me & my hubby did sex In front of you then u expose me to the room service guy bang me In balcony then today here you make me walk nude In road fucked me In car all I like the way you was humiliate us .he just gave a smile & told me don’t worry bitch this Is just a start just wait & watch what I will make you people do more I have lots of Ideas. I told him ok sir we are all yours whatever you want I will do & make my hubby also to do.

Then we came to our hotel at 8;30 am we came to our room open the door & came In & seen Manoj was sitting nude & surfing his mobile .he ask us where we was gone? Last night mark was taken all our dress & keep In the cupboard so he was not able to wear anything. mark told hey dog we was gone out to visit .Manoj told what you called me? I explain to Manoj yes honey we r till In his submissive he told he will call us dog & bitch & i love this name also. Then Manoj was not like that actually but he say ok i understand that very well. after that Manoj told ok mark so give my dress now so that I can wear some dress he told ok & he gave him only a jockey & told me to get nude & just to wear a same colour bra panty. nothing else. we was little shock but I start like his Ideas & I get agree. Then he call room service & told to give our breakfast .we was sitting In the balcony .& we was gossiping .but me & Manoj was getting very shame as we he was only In his jockey & I was In my one same colour bra panty set .then the room service guy came he told me to open the door & took the food I went to the door open the door was feeling very shame but nothing to do he came Inside gave our breakfast In balcony then he gone. While having our breakfast he told lets have our breakfast then we will go to the pool which cans b seen from our balcony down. we love to swim so I say very excitedly yes .then we complete our breakfast .& mark told me just to wear the overcoat inside a bikini & Manoj also to wear another over coat Inside a jockey which he was wear now..& from laundry he called & ask for 1 more that he wear.
Then we all 3 went to the pool. after we reach there we came to know we cant go to the pool with our dress we have to hire dress .so from there mark took a half pant for him & for Manoj he take a short pant .& for me he took a bikini which Is to short hardly top 1 which cover my nipple & little bit & panty which have string only cover my pussy nothing . I feel shame Manoj told no change It mark told shut up u dog who gave you rights to speak on me. she will wear this only. I get bit afraid & Manoj also so he don’t say anything else & we did change. & came to the pool all means was looking to us but normally so we feel bit comfort and there was many other people who was wear our kind dress . I was feeling so much shame. then we all jump to the pool there we swim a lot then after few time I don’t understand & how from my back side mark was came & he just pull & my bra open & before I could understand anything he put that in his pocket. I was so shock Manoj was not seen only what happen I told him please give that he told there are 2 foreigners middle age lady also who was lying In the pool rest chair without bra & was taking sun bath I seen that & understand Its normal here & I am not In IndIa. make my hubby also understood that then we 3 came out from pool like that & I took the bra from mark & we took 3 rest chair 1 side mark lie then me then Manoj. I was lying there only In my panty I was telling mark to plz let us go from here he told no not now when I will want then. after a long again we went to pool swim a lot there without my bra only In panty many people was seen me there then we came out & went to our locker & mark told not to wear us the court only me to wear the our bra panty which we was wear from hotel room not to wear the coat both of us we do as he told.
we return the bikini which we hire for going to pool & I was coming In my own bikini which I was wear below the coat which I was wear .now from the hotel lobby I was walking In my bra panty Manoj In jockey then we get Inside the lift after few moment mark was standing of my back he insert his hand in to my panty and start figuring me.i was start moaning ummmmmmmmm umm aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaa he again told my hubby dog how do u like all ?he say fine. then mark told to my hubby dog open her bra .he say not here again please he say my order Is order do as I say ask her she also want this? my hubby ask me do u also want to open I was going to say no but I just look In to mark eyes & I don’t know what happen to me I told him yes please open then mark told open It dog & then Manoj open that. then In the lift only he start press my 1sIde & told Manoj to press another side they start kiss In my neck I get so horny that way only our floor came open the lift we came out gone to our room. mark open my panty told Manoj also to open his jockey we get nude .then he mark told me to give manoj blow job I was sucking his dick .& honestly to say after suck mark so big giant size I was not licking my hubby Manoj dick muck. then I start tease Manoj I want to suck our master dick he have so big your Is so small like this Manoj was telling mou don’t say like this you like my dick all time .like this please suck me but In that time I was start suck master dick a long he was lying In bed his1 side I was sitting & another side my hubby was there he was watching I get so horny I think to lets give some more pleasure to mark so I pull my hubby & Insert his dick mouth every body was shock but later mark also like that he then force Manoj to suck him & told me to suck him together mean he was lying In bed & me & my hubby was sucking him. After some time he my hubby was also start sucking him all over from his own which I got so shock. Then he wake up told my hubby to suck my pussy & he was Insert his dick In my mouth. That was amazing my hubby Is sucking my pussy & mark was fucking my mouth deep and deep with his giant juicy dick.aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaauuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..I was not able to moan also In pleasure properly.was simply dying. then he told Manoj to bang me & make me sit In doggy style & then he lie In bed & I was In doggy style my hubby was banging me & I was till sucking his dick. & moaning like uufffffffffffffffff yaaaaaaa yaaaaaaaaaaa yaaaaaaa but my body was need of mark dick that time .after getting bang from mark I was not licking my hubby’s dick then I told him please bang me so many times then he told Manoj to lie In bed me to sit In Manoj mouth so that he can suck me In doggy style & then mark start fuck me so nicely hardly & sum time while doing that he was taking out his dick from my pussy & Inserting to my hubby mouth forcefully then & I was sucking my hubby & I was screaming also uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuufffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeee I am yours slut used me like a bitchy slut am all yours like this was shouting & saying & finally when he understand he will cum he Insert his dick In mouth & cum & told Manoj to don’t threw that & give to me then my hubby give his sperm to me I eat.
After that we all went to the bathroom for shower there was a big round bathtub we went there we 3 sit In 3 different position. we was drinking & taking shower then he told u both r just awesome. Manoj told But you are very kinky type we was not expect so much you will be. Mark told you r kinky u suck my dick .mark get shame then mark directly put his1 feet on Manoj chest & on my boobs & told us to lick his toe finger we feel very humiliating but don’t know why I start & told Manoj also to do. then we both was liking his toe figure then he told us to suck his dick together until he comes then we both start suck him together Finally he came In tub only. then after 2 minute he told you people take sour I am going he came out from the tub but again he told to come to him he pull both of us hair from back took our face to his dick I thought he want to make us suck him again but he start doing pee in our face body all over & he Lough & gone to the room & rub his body & get ready we was so blank not understand what to say or what to do. anyways we both again used soap take shower rub our self and came out he open the cupboard gave me a panty a hot pant a top and he gave a t-shirt and a half pant to wear we all dressed then we was just about to go out from our room to hotel restaurant for lunch suddenly mark call me he insert the remote vibrator inside my pussy at first i was not understand what was that .
We then went to the restaurant while i was giving our food order mark was turn on suddenly the vibrator o my god that was so uncomfortable and baresment situation he keep turn off turn on some time in high mode some tine in low some time in mid after we all had our food we went out we visit few place he keep play with the remote i was in so much baresment situation i came several times .
At 6 pm we came back to our hotel room i was trying to take out that remote control vibrator he told not to take out that he order us to just stay in your inners. But i was in mood to stay nude for him i told him no we would love to stay completely naked in front of you now please don’t keep us in inners. he agree just gave us a smile Manoj was shock to my this sentence.mark told manoj to collect all our cloths and keep them in cupboard and lock that then give key to mark he did that mark took the key and gon out of room i thought he must be back with some new ideas but after wait a long time he was not came back.we was so confused what happened & all we was not understand what to do. Finally we went out of bathtub & used soap & taken shower below shower we had our best sex ever then we our comp our bath we came out.
we have nothing to wear I have only the bikini & Manoj have only the jockey inside the washroom which we was wear at morning when we went to the pool as he already keep all our dress In cupboard. so we can wear also Manoj get afraid he told I think he gone as we was told him for 24 hrs so he might gone.
I told him the last night Incident that he make me a written of the note he took our passport after lessen to all we fall In tension but nothing to do.
then what to do I told to Manoj all what he did with me. we was thinking what to do but nothing coming to our mind but we was confirm he will be back. after thinking a lots we was not find any solution finally we think he will be back at night may be now he has gone for some work & we call the room service order few drinks and snacks as we was In bikini & jockey we again order the snacks drinks finally the room service guy came & serve us Manoj was taken the delivery’s recognised the room service guy he was the same guy who was came last night when i was dancing nude for mark and mark was offer him to watch my dance for 5 min.
He deliver the foods he was looking for mark but he just gave a smile and he gon.

Then we went to couch & we was taking about him only we was discussing he Is the exact man whom we was looking for very dominating wild nasty naughty very kinky aged man. some how we get horny again we had a round of sex then we was watching telivision.

Suddenly we listing the sound of some1 opening the door.I saw Mr Mark was came back. I gave him a smile & ask him where was u gone? He told I have much other duty also Bitch so I went there.
Listening to our conversation Manoj aiso talk to him a few then Mark ask us why both of you are In bikini & jockey i was told to stay nude till I want.
We told him you was not here so. he Told us ok so for your this fault I will punish both of you get naked right now & come to me in dog & bitch position he was sitting in the couch we was in the bed, without asking him anything we went to him then he open his jeans he was in a half pant he told us to lick his feet we start lick his feet for a long then he told Manoj to like your wife pussy & ass hole while i will like his feet & legs while he was taking some 1 in his phone then i was getting mad to take is big dick in my mouth i was tried also to times but he slap on my mouth after that he push me & while taking on his mobile he went to the balcony then again he call us to him instruct us with his figure in the doggy pose we again went to him there he took out his dick & instruct both of us to give him a blow job Manoj was hesitating at first then he complete his call & hold both of us head from back pull our hairs & he start insert his dick once in my mouth & 1ce in Manoj mouth then he made us suck them together. while doing this suddenly the bell rang he told come in the hotel room service guy was came to clean the room he enter the room & saw we both hubby & wife is completely nude sitting on his feet & giving him blow job. Then after the room service guy gone . Mark came in Manoj mouth & then mark told to Manoj split my sperm in your wife mouth .after that he stand & hold our hairs & tie the lash in our neck make us walk in our 4 feets like a dog & a bitch to the every corner of our room then he took us to the washroom he went to the tub & told us to do sex in the washroom floor we start do that then after few minute we was doing sex in the missionary position in the floor he came to us & pee on both of us & he start laugh & told us you dog & bitch remember yesterday you both was shouting on me now you both are my pee slut we both say him we r sorry master .he told complete ur sex & shower & come to the room we did as per his instruction we don’t have any other option also. so after complete sex & shower we came out

He give me panty bra a jeans & a top & gave a t-shirt to Manoj & a jeans we wear that .then I understood now we will go for dinner it was alredy pm when we was about to go out from the room he call me near to him told me to open your jeans bottom then zip then made me pull down my jeans & panty & he took out a that remote control vibrator & put it in my pussy i was so shock i told him please not this again he just slap in my face and smooch me ?he told me only 1 thing shut up & told me to wear my jeans as it was before i obey him. then we went to the restaurant while i was giving the food order to the water he start control that device (remote control vibrator dildo ) i was getting mad he was used that full time some time he was increasing the speed a lot some time normal i was just simply dying but nothing to do i was so helpless .
after the dinner we went out of the restaurant & went few place there also he keep using that way then at nigh we came to the hotel he told me to take out that device i follow his instruction then we all was gossiping normally

He told me bitch u start a strip dance & dog u give me a blow & bitch will keep on dance until the dog don’t make me cum. we have no option so i wake up from bed mark start the song from our laptop & i start dance & Manoj give him blow job he took 20 minutes to cum & i did strip dance nude dance for him after he cum he call me & told me again to lick him & make his dick hard as he want to fuck me so i start lick his dick which was full of his sperm & saliva of Manoj i suck that, mark get hard mark made Manoj lie on the corner of bed made me sit on Manoj mouth told Manoj to lick my pussy & he start fuck my ass i was just dying in the pain & pleasure of anal sex & liking my pussy .i was screaming in pleasure while fucking my ass i was tryed to say him please no stop mark but who will lessen to me mark slowly start fuck my ass then little faster .it was so pleasurable 1st time some body fuck my ass hole .i was feeling m in the heaven i was screaming with pain and pleasure aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ooooooyaaaaaaaaaa yaaaaaaa ummmmmmmm aaaaaaaaaaaaa fuck me plz ffuck e harder aaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaa some time mark was also fucking my pussy & also Manoj mouth so he have 3 holes for fuck at a same time he was doing that then he came inside my ass hole & say Manoj to lick & clean those he did after this we all sleep in the bed

Next at the morning we wake up near about 7 am we saw mark is having tea in the balcony it mean in between again a room service boy was came & serve tea to him & we both was sleeping nude in the bed there was no bed cover also on us . i wake up i understood now whatever he is doing it is not good but somehow i was aiso start like his all ideas so i wake up silently went to him sit near to his feet keep my head on his lap & told him i am liking all your kinky ideas i was never think it can be really happen but thanks for fulfil my fantasy what next plan?
Mark Now we will go place to visit some club for dance booze in newyork listening that i get very happy as i love going to club heavy beat dance drink . me and mark went to the wash room we took our shower we had sex there again he fuck my ass hole i was feeling so nic that .we came out manoj also wake up by tht time here my scream when mark was fucking me.mark told manoj to go and comp your shower we will go out .
Then he open the cupboard & open the lock where our dress are he select a t-shirt & a jeans to Manoj & a bra panty of Black colour top which is deep cut from front & back side & a micro mini. open Hairs, put some makeup as Mark told the way. i was wear those & look myself in mirror i was really looking so hot. Mark came from my back look at me hold me so tight from my back & start kiss & lick my ear & pressing my boobs from the top. From my back i could feel his dick also get so hard. Manoj was telling us hey lets go now we all are ready. Mark ask me in my ear do you want to get a bang before we go out? I reply him O master am your sultry bitch I just want to make you happy from all the way i could do to you in these days .He told to Manoj look at this bitch looking so hot i will fuck her now then we will go. Manoj told no plz plz plz not now let us come back then at night we will do .mark told shut up. I also told Manoj plz baby i also want to get a hard bang bang before we go.
Then he told us get get naked right now & both of u suck my dick. Manoj told no he say you have to do it .I also told Manoj to other than listen to him we don’t have any other option honey .Mark told 1st both of you get complete nude & show me how will you dance in the club. so as per his order we take off our dress get nude again mark play song from our laptop .me & mark we was dancing for on the song he was playing without any hesitation freely.Mark again start record all in his mobile then went to mark open his pant button pull down his pant till his knee length then I hold his dick & start lick his dick head then start take his dick In my mouth taken till my deep throat then I pull Manoj head & Insert his dick In his mouth & made him suck his big juicy cock . I start lick his balis .we was doing like this then keep his dick between our mouth & we smooch a long then finally he came in our mouth also to Manoj mouth .
After all he say us to get ready again we wear all our cloths & we went outside.he went different part of newyork then at evening time he took us to the same club from where on the 1st night we was coming & we was hire a cab & mark was came with the car we remember that .mark ask us do u remember this place we say him yes. mark told this is the same place where we was meet on the 1st day that day you dog & bitch was shout on me for came a bit late & today you both are my slave. & he laughs but we just gave a normal smile to him what to say on that. after that we get down from the cab & went inside the club.

1st we was sit in the bar seat mark instruct me to stretch & open your legs & to sit so that every 1 can watch my panty between my two legs.1st I was feel very shame & was decide not to do that & pretend as I don’t understand what he told but after have 2 pegs I don’t know I look at his eyes & he told again & without any second thought I open my legs & sit there. Manoj told me to sit properly few ties but I keep my legs open .i saw many people was watching also. i was like the way he was exposing me.

After that we went to the dance floor mark & me was dancing while dancing he was kissing me & also start crash my hip harder I was melting on him. then I feel he was insert his hand from below of my skirt & he was trying to insert that same remote control device in my pussy which I told him a lot not to insert but who will lessen to me & he insert .then mark dance few more with me thn he went to the bar again & was watching me & Manoj dancing in the floor & he was controlling the device from there which was killing me badly .but till we keep dance .then I found he stop the vibrator & I look at him but he was not there.
After at least 30 min I saw he again came & he was talking with a man there. then he call us we went to him & we had their few more drinks & dance & our dinner & we all went out of the club. & took our cab after we enter the cab mark order us to take of both of yours all dress. Without any hesitations I took off my top & my skirt Manoj was shock seen that. Manoj was tried to stop me I told him shut up Manoj let us make him happy . & I only start open Manoj dress & give that to mark.
Mark told me to keep the dress in car decay of the car I get out of the car & put the dress in decay & came inside the car & we went while going to his our hotel after few minutes mark told both of us to get naked & gv me yours inners I did that Manoj also did & we was shock he took our inners & threw from the car. Mark was laughing loud. now me & my hubby is sitting totally nude in the car few cars was crossing they was watching us also.

Then we reach near to our hotel he told us ok now you both get down from cab & take out your dress & come & sit in the car. we was feeling then dam shame to get down from car but we get out from car & was just touch the decay to open & mark start the car & he start drive we start run on his cab we was saying him to plz mark stop the car plz plz plz after 5 minute at least he made us run to his car nude then he stop & we open the decay & wear the cloths & came inside the car.
Manoj was get angry on mark but he hold his angriness & we went to the our hotel.

After we went inside his our hotel we sit with drinks again while drink mark ask us how do you like naked walk & travel ? Manoj say pathetic we was never thought you will be so cheap. mark told I was also never thought you people will be shout on me for coming late to pick you from club that day. Manoj say him sorry please now forgive us & return our passport & that note so that we can go away from him. mark say I will leave you people in only one condition if you people will make me happy more tomorrow then next day is your return tickets I will leave you. Manoj say we are listening to you always what more you want? he say its just the beginning lot you have to do for make me happy. Tomorow we will go to my home. we was drinking manoj can not drink much he feel sleep while drink.
Mark told me to move to the bed i went to the bed he bring out all the toys tie me in bed with 4 handcuff made me blind fold
so that I cannot watch anything. Which honestly to say i was feeling something really new. we start doing kiss each other everywhere in our body. He start play with my body he start press and squeeze my nipples kiss my belly thigh all over i was shivering then he was take out the vibrator by which he made me squirt 3 times . spank in my belly and boobs .he open my handcuff made me sit in doggy pose and again he tie the handcuff then he start spank me & made count with every spank i was counting that he spank my ass 125 times same time he was using the vibrator hard i was screaming for spanking pain and vibrator pleasure .he ask me who are you of my ?i reply am your bitch master .he ask me will you ever shout on me ever i reply him no sir. he ask me why was u shout on me that night ?i say i am sorry sir .he ask me what do you want i reply him whatever you want sir . please fuck me hard he told me for that you cannot open your blind fold i say him ok sir after after that he open my handcuff & told me not to open my blindfold he is coming. I say him ok sir.
After few min he came the room was full chilled he start touch my lips with ice to neck boobs belly, pussy, thigh, all over my body i was shivering he touch me all over bite my nipples start kiss my neck smooch me start fingering me deeper i was got totally out of control i was just moaning high that moment and was just begging him for please fuck me please fuck me but he was not fucking me he insert the remote vibrator inside me and start kiss my neck ear boobs for the vibrator i was got more mad that moment. then finally he insert his dick in to me in a shot i was feel that so satisfy i shout aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa then he start fuck me hard a lot in missionary pose then he made me suck his dick deeper after that again he fuck me made me sit n doggy pose a lot then again he made me give him a blow job i was sucking him & he came inside my mouth & he open my blindfold i was shock to watch he was not mark he is a room service guy.& mark was sitting in the couch and was recording all in his mobile and manoj is in deep sleep in the couch .i feel very shame i immediate cover myself by a bed sheet that guy was also wear his cloths he thanks to mark and he left.

Manoj was suck & bite my nipples suck my pussy .i was really going mad on that time .i was screaming taking mark name & saying him o mark I love you I am your slut make us do anything you want. i suck Manoj dick his balis then finally Manoj bang me for a long & finally he came in my pussy. Then we both just lie down to the bed & open our blind fold we got 2 shock.1st shock we saw a another man is sitting beside him & recording everything in his phone & 2nd shock is he is the same man with mark was gossiping in the club.

i was get very angry on Mark i told him what ever you are doing with us that is ok but why are u joining others? its not good we don’t want you.
Now Mark stand & came near to me & give me a smile & told shut up u fucking sluty bitch on the top of his voice hearing that manoj wake up .he was not understanding what happend exactly. you people have no way other than cooperate with me & do all i will just want & will say you people to do. & that night when i was ask you what type of service you people want then your bitch only told you people are looking for someone who can make you people dance on the tip of his figure & make us do anything mean anything he want. so am doing that. manoj told no we was told we want only for 24 hours .so we no need any more. now mark get angry & shout on us & he say shut up you slut i have your passport with me .you people will not get back if you don’t listen to me & make me happy. You people can not go to the police also as i have a written note from your bitch that write there clearly that u people has taken a loan from me which you cannot repay me so we are submitting our self to him & i have all rights to do anything with you i wish.then i understand we are in his full trap we have to do anything he say.
so we both sit in the sofa told mark i am sorry .Mark told what you say very angrily ?Manoj again told i am sorry. Mark told don’t say sorry like this way U have done mistake U people will be punish for this. or else i have yours many pic & video i will post them Mark told .we told him we are very sorry we will not say you no on anything but please don’t get angry & return our passport & don’t post those . He slaps me and split on our face & told me you people will get your passport only if you will make me happy. He went to the balcony have a cigarette. we was not understanding what to do. Finally we get broken towards him & we both gone to the balcony & hold his feet.

He told us let’s leave the hotel tonight only you people will stay at my our home. so we get ready . We pack our luggage call room service guy he came & took our luggage to the lobby there we did check out In the reception & came out from hotel went with mark on his taxi to his our hotel. In the taxi everything was got normal again few min all silent then again like before he was start cracking jokes with us we was also. Actually i was also wanting this type of man only who can dominate me make us do all he just want anyway.
Then we reach at mark house. it was in the road side about 3 hrs from hotel only we all entered to his house there was a swimming pool a garden & a garage where more 2 cars were keep & a room & in the 1st floor there was total 3 rooms. A kitchen 2 toilets a balcony road side.
Now mark told us to carry our luggage & show us our room & he told us your all the belonging will be stay with me other than my permission you people cannot take anything. We say yes like obedient students .he show us our room & told us to take of our dress & come to his room. So as per his instruction we open our dress & get in to my bra & panty Manoj in his jocky .
we was discussing our self we are in the bad trap now we don’t have any chance to escape or go back other than listen to him completely. but from inside i don’t know i was really feeling good & getting very horny. but i was telling to Manoj please honey cooperate with him we don’t have any other option. & no body know us here so no problem. I make understand Manoj .

Then we open the door & went to mark room knock the door we saw mark was sitting in a sofa & he take out a sari blouse petticoat & a inners for me & he keep a jeans & a tshirt for Manoj. he told us why you people are in the inners i told u people to take of your every thing .i told mark we are so sorry & i start open my bra & my panty then Manoj aiso open his jocky.

Mark told now stay like this it was your punishment for not listening my order properly & shout on me on the first day when i came late to pick you dog & bitch & for today understand we say yes .
mark told Manoj to take out the drink bottle from the fridge soda cold drinks & snacks & told me just to sit opposite of his sofa & do the fingering my self he want to watch. so i was already wet & liking his ideas so i sit opposite to his sofa & start doing fingering for him .& i was not taking out & sound from my mouth he told me i want to hear the moan sound from your mouth then i start moan like aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa uuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmm oooooooooo aaaaaaaaaaaa like this .then Manoj did all the arrangement & mark told me to stop but i was not in the mood to stop. but i stop.
And after manoj came we all had dinks then we all together did a great threesome hard sex and we all sleep.
Next morning we wake up at 8am from our room window i saw mark is doing work out he was looking so killing handsome he is more than 6 feet tall very good killing body bog hairs .i was thinking in my mind if i will get chance to serve him my full life then also i will be agree and decide my self tomorrow is our flight i will made manoj to understand not to say him no for anything and lets lessen to all his order .
I wake up from bed went to washroom intentionally i open the windows of washroom so that he can watch me clearly and i was taking shower he seen me he gave smile to me i also. then later manoj wake up he also get fresh. He gv me a bikink and manoj a jocky to wear and we all had our breakfast in the garden .he told us today morning we have to clean his all room washroom garden swimming pool everything .we obey to him and full day we was cleaning his room washroom stairs garden pool all in nude.he was just order us clean this that like he hire us for clean his home by us .
At afternoon we had sex again and at evening he told me to wear a Indian saree and manoj a jeans and tshirt.and we went to the club.
we was siting in the club couch Mark ask me how do u like? i reply .master I like old mature angry dominating wild man and you have all those quality on you so I also like and u made us your slave and we will be your slave forever. Manoj also reply ya you are right…..then Mark ask to Manoj ha Manoj how do u feel on the 1st night when I was having your wife and we was having our 3sum?Manoj reply very nice I cant explain that. Mark reply if I will say you that I also want to feel that enjoyment and I want to have sex with your wife along with my 1 friend? how will u feel?

Manoj keep quiet and he don’t reply anything. i was thinking in my mind o no it mean now Mark is want to make me sex with his friends in front of my hubby previously which he did last night back of my hubby.we was gossiping among us. now suddenly
I saw a man near about 6.5fit tall black .with big hairs in golden colors French cut bear, came in front of Mark and he say hello Mark how are you? Mark stand and he hand shake with him Mark introduce him with us as we are Mark friend and that man is Mr. James Mark friend. so he was also join with us we all was drinking vodka , whiskey ,gossiping cracking some sexy raw jokes also there .now James told me directly Priya you look dam sexy what’s your figure & age reply him i am 29years my fig is 38,34,
Mark told us you know when we were in college then we have done sex with many ladies together. This man have 9inch big penis and he can suck lady very well & he is expert in bdsm sex also which you will love coz you love pain & abusing humiliating domination during the sex. James say wow you like that you have lovely body I can enjoy with you in bdsm a lot. Manoj laugh hear this thing & I was bit confused actually what to reply Manoj cant drink much so he was already start getting loaded. Then Mark told to James hey James you know she can do very nice strip dance…

I feel so shame. I look down then everybody was laughing. Mr. James ask Mark how do you know that? Mark reply directly she shows me that many time . he suddenly take out his mobile from his pocket and show him few clips i was saying him no but he did .so james say ok you are lucky man. Then after some time we all was loaded and it was already 12.00am Me wish to Mark happy birthday. We all sang song for him then we cut the cake. Then Mark told to James today is my birthday stay with us. Tomorrow morning you will leave .I also say yes James please stay with us. Manoj also told him. Then he say ok but in 1 condition?

We all ask him what condition? James says directly then Moupriya have to show strip dance to us. I get so shame and Manoj was suppose to say no .but before Manoj can say anything Mark told him ok no problem she will do…and her hubby Manoj will also do that for us. Then we went to Mark house and we reach at his place. Now we all sit in his hall room Mark sit beside me and opposite of our sit Manoj sit and just next to our sofa James was sit. we was just chatting ourselves then James say us what happened Moupriya you told that you will show us strip dance what happened? come on show us.

We want to see that. Manoj say no she will not.1st i was also not in that mood to show him. but Mark then look at me & i don’t know what happen to me i say him yes .mark told today is my birthday and he is my guest and u both are my slave forever so u have to do all we both will order. i can understand Manoj was feeling bit uncomfortable but nothing to do Mark told to James see James they both are my slave whatever we will order them they will do. They like to get dominated so don’t request anything to do just order them they will do that and

Moupriya she is my sexy bitchy slut .she love to get abused hard wild sex teasing and all. James ok this really good. ha u our slave come show us a item dance first .i ask them which song? James told manoj to go and play a song of his choice so Manoj play the song ..(saya tere trippy trippy) now they all are sitting in the sofa & I was dancing for them Mark and James was using some abusive language to me. then first James told me to open my sari dance in my petticoat and in sari .then Mark told to open my blouse then James came near to me and open the knott of my petticoat & it fall down in the floor .

Now Mark told to Manoj open your all cloths I was told him na he will also dance with Moupriya so go dance with your slutty bitchy wife .Manoj also open his all cloths he was only in underwear. then we was dancing
After complete the song we both again join with them & mark was saying them all in detail how we meet all james was laughing listen to all story.

James told to Mark how will u like if they both will show us some naked dance Mark say y not? Mark say us both of you open your everything and get naked so James came to me and he remove my bra panty I was totally naked now Manoj also open his underwear. now they start play Afghan Jalebi song we wa dancing on that & they both was having drinks & making our video in there mobile after complete the song i ran to my sari and I rap that.

Mark told who told you to wear this you bitch? now you have lots of work. now James call me I went to him he start pressing my boobs and he start fingering me I was start getting out of control then James told us prepare some drink for us. I went nakedly to the wall drop I bring another bottle Manoj say no I will not drink anymore I’m not feeling well .Mark say no u have to drink .now Mark made 4 glass of drink I saw he gave much alcohol to Manoj and we 3 took normal like this we drink more 3 pegs now Manoj get out and he feel sleepy.
Now James came and he sit beside Mark in the sofa and they call me to sit between them I was sitting naked in the sofa middle of them. Both was pressing my boobs kissing in my ear, shoulder, they sucking in my brass, I was not totally out of control then that man start suck my virgin for few min .really he sucks so nice. I was shouting u please stop oooooo uuuu plzzzz lik this way now they both told me to suck them I sucking there big giant fat tall juicy dick for a long time. Then I was really want to be fucked but they was not fucking me I was asking them to please fuck me fuck me.

Mark told 1st u begging them to please fuck me fuck me. again then James wake up from that sofa and he sit opposite side sofa he told me sit like a bitch in your four feet’s and suck me i was doing .sudenly mark came from back and tie the lash in my neck and made me blindfold from my back Mark was fingering me and slapping me hardly. after few min James threw the lash end to mark i went to mark and giving him blow that time james was spanking sucking and finguring me they continu this for another 30 minuites atlest and was begging them badly for fuck me. I was also confused that tim to whom i was giving blow job coz they was continuously changing there position and pulling me with lash .now I was sucking 1 man and another start fucking me. I was shouting in pain and pleasure. aaa uuuu harder more harder please fuck me fuck me,…uuumm fuck me aaaaaaaaaa aaa uuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yssssssssssssssss .James was saying me ya you are a sexy slut …you are a nasty bitch .and slapping in my ass later
I feel any 1 is fucking me & also inserting his figure in my ass deeper also I say him not to do that. He is not stopping that. now James say him ha Mark u also come lets fuck this bitch together 1 from his pussy 1 from his ass I say them no I can’t take that they say ok no problem bitch if u can’t take both of us together then we will not fuck you anymore but I was so hot on that moment I don’t want to stop that I told them ok but please slowly. Then Mark was sitting in the sofa I went near to him and I took his penis inside my virgin and
James inserts his penis from my ass. I shout in pain and pleasure coz 2 9 inch big giant penis is going inside me1 from front 1 from back oooo outch ummm aaahhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i was screaming aaaaaa plz slowly plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Mark start suck & bites my boob’s nipple and all. But that was awesome after few minute that was feeling very good. James was slapping my ass. he made it red then Mark and James exchange there pose then again they fuck me few minute then they came in my mouth we all was satisfy then Mark James hold Manoj and they took him in the bed room we all sleep in the bed 1st Manoj then Mark then me and next to me is James.
Mark &James was wear a half pant .me & Manoj we was naked. Mark James was hold me from 2 side. Now next day morning when I wake up I saw James and Manoj was gossiping Mark was in the bathroom .now I wake up James told to Manoj see our sexy slave wake up.. I gave them a smile but I was bit confused coz Manoj knows last night I have done sex with Mark &James & now I am also naked under the bed cover.
But he is normal he is speaking with James as he know him from long time like Mark. Now I wake up from bed by cover my body with that bed sheet but James ha sexy baby don’t hide your body under the bed sheet remove that. I get shame and I told them no not now James look angrily to me and he pull the bed sheet. now James told me turn back .I did then he told me sit in your 4feets like a nice bitch. then come to me I deed that ,then he told me to suck my dick now. So I was start suck him at the same time he was gossiping with Manoj …sometimes
James was pressing my head also towards his big dick. now suddenly I got a tight slap in my ass I get shock then I saw that was Mark came out from bathroom and he did then James came in my mouth .he told me this is your breakfast and they all start laughs . I went to bathroom I took shower I came out. Mark gave me a bra and a panty with string type less the bra which hardly cover my boobs only its cover my nipples and the panty which only cover my virgin part my ass was fully open …they told me to cook some food for them.
After cook the food I went to the bathroom for bath James told I will bath with you so he came inside the bathroom .the door was open coz Mark and Manoj was watching us and they was recording that in his camera. James again fuck me from my ass only for a long time then he came in my ass hole we all complete our lunch .then James was going back to his home then he handshake with Manoj and he say you both are so broad minded couple come nice sexy slave .i really enjoy with both of you .i will be back in 2 hrs i will do some photo shoot of yours
As i like that i get exited so i ask him when you will be back he told soon and he told me next time when I will go to Chandigarh I will come to your place and again I will made both of you my slave at your place that will more fun…
Manoj say ok you can come now after all we both are yours and Mark slave….then James told something in Mark ear. then at last James

then mark give us our dress & told to wear all the dress.
In next part I will explain you how james came with his 2 more friend in his team for photoshoot how we get back our passport and we came back to our home .

After read my this real story if you people like this story then please reply me In my mail at [email protected] or you can ping me at hangout also .i lik only mature strong dom mark type means only .

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