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Author Warning.
1.This is a work of fiction…so any names and places used in the story has no real relation or what so ever.
2.Ihis is a work of sexual elements and mostly safe sex is advisable.
3.This is a work for adults and people who cared and interested in subject matter of younger man relationship with older women…therefore if anyone felt violated please do not go any further. Underage is advisable not to continue if do anything happened is not a responsible
or causalities of the story and the author.
(Please refer at your legal states rules)

I was looking through the window of my dad’s Honda CRV as it sped into the MEX Highway heading KLIA2 (Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2). One lamp pole after another passed.

I looked at my watch it was 5am in the morning. The weather was chilled in this early morning of the second day of Chinese New Year. I was still in a doze to wake up so early. However, I was excited since we were going on a holidays in Phuket Thailand. It was a four days three nights trip. As usual, my family will take a trip on Chinese New Year where everyone is on holiday and free. But this year, it was a little different as we had engaged a tour by travel agency since mom was too tired of planning for the holidays.

The car stopped at the highest level of the car park in KLIA2. I helped my mom and dad to unload the luggage. Since it was holidays, the KLIA2 mall was loaded with people even at this early hours. Some of the shops were not open for operation yet. The crowd became even more when we reached the main departure hall. From far, a lady in her late thirties waved at my mom. I presumed she must be the travel agent. Next to her, there were a young couple, and two families of about 10 persons.

Soon, we started to check-in our baggages and entered immigration as a group. The immigration officers greeted us Happy Chinese New Year and let us through. Once we were at the departure area, the agent who was introduced herself as Ms Ling told us to meet up at gate P09 in half and hour time. Therefore, we were free to roam around the place.

As usual I followed mom to the free duty chocolate store while dad was browsing around the liquor store. I got a pack of red wine brookside dark chocolate and passed to my mom to pay. Once we got off from the store, dad will accompany mom to a perfume and cosmetic shop near the food court.

“Wah… shopping already,” Ms Ling greeted us as we bumped into her.

“Just looking around,” my mom replied.

So we walked together to the departure gate. Before that we still needed to pass through another security check point. Today, it was particularly long queue. As we queue, I helped Ms Ling to carry some of her stuff as she seemed having difficulty carrying too many items. Occasionally my hands brushed through her silk purple long dress as well as her ass. She looked at me and smiled. I just kept quiet and blushed. Luckily, mom and dad didn’t notice what had happened.

After a long queue, we finally reached the gate. Ms Ling begun to distribute our boarding pass before we boarded the plane.

The flight to phuket took about one hour and 15 minutes. On the flight, I continued reading e-books which I download at Amazon Kindle. My favorite theme is older woman & younger man erotic novels by YJ WONG. Time passed fast, as I read .Soon we have arrived to HKT (Phuket International Airport) as the same hour we left KLIA. For information, Thailand time is an hour slower than Malaysia. We passed through immigration and collected our baggages. I looked at the watch, it was 9.30am local time. It was a hot sunny day; we were at the entrance of the airport waiting for our driver and his passenger van.

“How old are you?” Ms Ling asked me.

“I am 16 going to 17 this year.”

“Wow… must have a lot of girl friends…”

I shook my head.

“Surprise… no girl, handsome guy like you”

“Don’t tease him… he is always a bit shy” my mother replied.

“Maybe, auntie can give you some tips about girl since I have a daughter in her twenties” Ms Ling added.

“I don’t believe it. You looked so young.”

“Hahahaha…” she smiled and the van had stopped in front of us. I helped the driver to load some of the baggages into the van.


The journey to Patong town/beach was an hour drive. Along the way, we passed through many small towns and villages. Many of shops are similar to Malaysia but along the way, the electrical wirings were hanging here and there on the roadside with poles. Then we passed a factory outlet in midway to patong. As we near to patong, the shops were denser and the traffic was heavier. We now came across more and more hotels and resorts till we moved up the hill and downhill toward the patong town.

We will be staying in Sawaddi Patong Resort, a hotel which located in the middle of the town. It was a 10 minutes walk to the Patong beach as well as the main walking street of patong (where the night life concentrated). The van stopped in front of a white Victorian style three storey building. We were then greeted by a resort personal and another personal helped our driver to unload our luggage.

From there, we were directed into the open air lobby of the hotel. It was furnished with wooden contemporary black furniture all around the resort. I sat quietly at one of the sofa while waiting for Ms Ling to check us in. Shortly, a waiter served me a cup of ice cold longan drink. It was sweet and refreshing as the weather in patong was very hot.

Occasionally, I look outside the hotel wall into the street. There were a few motorcycles passed by. Some were rode by local and a few were tourists. Then I was interrupted by the commotion of our tour group. It seemed there were some issued of the hotel arrangement and there was some discussion. I looked puzzled when Ms Ling approached me.

“Boy… do you mind sharing room with me?”


“The resort doesn’t have any large room for your family and since it was peak season so they have limited room. So you need to share room with someone… since I am having a deluxe room, we can share a room together. It is okay with you?”

I looked at mom.

“I am okay with… Ms Ling can give you some tips about girls,” mom replied.

I just nodded.

It was settled then… and everyone now has their room assigned. Unfortunately, we can’t get into our rooms since their were not ready till 2pm. Lucky for us, we have a scheduled a half day city tour to get started with. Everyone was cheerful as we get into the van. So our tour began and unofficially I became Ms Ling’s helper.


The first stop we were going to see is the Karon look out point. The van passed patong main streets and headed uphill alongside the beach road. On my left was forest while my right was sand beaches. The road became winding and going uphill and downhill. Along the way, there were Karon beach, Kata beach before van went to a steep uphill.

Both beaches were less populated compare to the patong area. Anyway, many famous resorts were located in those areas like Club Med. As the van steered into winding road, I occasionally bump my body with Ms Ling’s. All she did was smile at me.

In a minute, we stopped at the look out point. From here, we could able to view the famous beaches of phuket. It was a magnificent view and most of us took photos with our phones. The sky was light blue bright with very less white cloud. Sunny sky which perfect for photos taking.

Then Ms Ling pulled my arm… “Come YJ, we take selfie.”

She was holding my left arm and I could felt her right breast pressing on my back. Suddenly, my brother started to harden. Since I was wearing jean, it was unnoticeable. It took sometimes before she released her grip. My face was flushed red.

“Shy… I see. From now, you will be more close to me okay,” she said.

I nodded. It was exciting moment and deep inside I would like to be close to her in fact.

At this point, I would like to described about Ms Ling. She was typical Malaysian Chinese lady about 5ft 5’ medium size body with meaty ass and a C cup breasts from the curve of her t-shirt outline. She was also wearing a long silk purple dress to match her t-shirt which looked casual and lady-like. Her dyed brown short bob-cut hair made her looked younger than her 42 years of age.

I was slightly taller than her a few inches as we stood together. She was a cheerful person as I get to know her more. A single mother with a adult daughter since she never got married as her husband ran away with another woman when her daughter was six.


The next destination was the Giant Buddha. By then the sun raised high above the sky. It was dreadful hot even we Malaysian got use to this weather. As we walked up to the Buddha, the place was crowded with tourists. Many from Singapore and Malaysia, some were from Europe as well as Australia and others.

It was another breathtaking view to see the view of the other side of phuket from a high point. Instead of beaches, we could see seaside with boats and jetties from far. On top of the hill, lied the giant statue of Buddha. We took photos of the statue before we moved to another stop.

It was a brief stop in the midway for elephant feeding. Everyone was enjoying themselves with feeding food to the elephants. There were adult and young elephants being taken care of by the thai’s tourism.


It was lunch time for the group. We were taken to a thai restaurant next to the seaside. Beautiful overlooking view of the sea with fishing boats while we had our lunch. As usual, pineapple fried rice, fried “kang kung”, phad thai, mango salad, basil chicken, BBQ crispy pork as well as tom yum seafood soup were the dishes served. Finally we were also refreshed with cold coconut as well as red ruby for desert.

After lunch, it was a shopping stop. Cashew nut factory, honey farm and jewelries factory were the destinations before we headed to phuket old town for sightseeing.


By the time we reached back to the hotel, it was 5 pm in the evening. The next itinerary was for us to wash up and relax in our rooms before headed for dinner at 7 pm.

I followed Ms Ling to the third floor where our room located. Ms Ling opened the dark brown door with her tag card, I followed her into the room. It was a big room with two large single beds, a balcony overlooking the view of the town. I helped Ms Ling to put her luggage at the luggage area while Ms Ling switched on all the lights.

“YJ, I going to have a shower first ok” she said.

I nodded.

I started unpacked my stuff as I noticed Ms Ling’s luggage was wide opened. Her inner wears were on top of her other clothes. There were maroon lace bra and panty set, pink satin bra and panty set, a brown satin chemise and 2 pieces silver satin sleepwear. I tried to browse through them and most of them were from lasenza brand. I also tried to sneak through the label… it was D70.

At that instant, my cock spring alive. Then I went back to unpack my stuff before she came of out the shower.

“I am done… you can come in to get ready…” she called from the bathroom as the door opened slightly.

I took my clothes and slowly walked into the bathroom. It was covered with mist and Ms Ling was standing in front to the wash basin applying her skin care. She was wearing a black t-shirt and a brown short.

I put my clothes on the side of the wash basin table as Ms Ling slowly walked out of the bathroom. The mist in the bathroom slowly disappeared as I closed the door. It was a large bathroom with two wash basins with large mirror. The white tile floor felt smooth as I need to walk more steps than the usual to the toilet bowl. The bathroom has a shower area as well as a bath tub. I removed all my clothes and sat on the toilet bowl to pass urine. Suddenly I stepped on a small piece of cloth. So I took it up and it was Ms Ling’s purple satin panty. Without hesitation, I put it to my nose and smell it. I was hoping there was some mushy smell of Ms Ling’s pussy but it was floral perfume smell.

Then something came out my naughty mind, I wrapped the satin panty to my cock and started jerking my hard cock. With every pump, my mind was wondering about Ms Ling’s inner wears on her luggage bag. My hands move faster and faster… till I growl a small moan. My semen splashed here and there, also stained some on her panty.

Then, there was a knock on the door.

“YJ… I left something in the bathroom, can you get it for me?”

“Okay… what is it?” I started panicking when I replied.

“My panty… so sorry”

I quickly wipe the stain with some tissue and quickly opened the door partly. I passed it to her and close the door. Then I started showering as the water will calm me down.


Ms Ling seemed that she didn’t aware what I had done to the panty. Soon we headed for dinner somewhere at the back of Jungceylon Shopping center. It was like a seafood market restaurants. We had lobsters, clams, crabs as well as squids with thai style fried. The place was crowded with tourists especially from China. Since the place has varieties of seafood and near the shopping center so we still decided to eat there.

After dinner, dad accompanied mom to Jungceylon for shopping. The rest of members went for thais foot massage. However, Ms Ling wanted to walked around Bangla Street (Walking street) where the night life of Patong located. She asked me to join… of course I wanted to follow since it was opportunity I could get away from my parents.

We walked passed through Jungceylon and across the street. The lights, leds and billboards were all displayed around the street. The walking street was right across the Jungceylon. Many tourists were walking along the street. Waiters and waitress were promoting their pubs.

I followed Ms Ling from behind but she suddenly slowed down and grabbed my arm. Then we were holding hands walking along the street toward the patong beach. Each pub has their own features, some have girls dancing on the table, some have Caucasian girls serving beers and some girls were dressed with cosplay costume. Along the way, there were some thais promoting tiger or ping pong show’s voucher.

Ms Ling looked at my puzzled face… “Want to see?”

Before I could reply her, Ms Ling already negotiating with a promoter for the show. Awhile, the promoter led us to her place. We passed a few pubs into an alley and climbed upstairs.

Then Ms Ling paid at the counter before the promoter opened the door and led us into a large lounge. Ms Ling choose a corner table and sat. The lounge was large and the lighting was dim. There was a center stage with a glass compartment on top which looked like a shower place. There were some dancing poles placing around the lounge and liquors bar on the right side which occupied with some Caucasian males. Near the stage, a few tables were occupied by some couples.

The music was loud and lighting was flashing here and there. A waitress came over and served beers to us. Ms Ling asked her to change mine to coke. Then Ms Ling sat next to me and hugging my arm.

“Don’t tell your parents that I brought you to naughty place like this..” she whispered on my ear.

Then I realized the dancer on the stage slowly stripping her top and her bottom as well. It was the first time, I saw live nude woman in front of me. The show went on for ten minutes before another dancer came into the shower compartment. Water started pouring into the dancer and slowly she removed piece by piece of her wet clothes. By this time, my cock was hard rock… as Ms Ling sipped some beer, she was hugging me tight. One of her hand laid down on my tight. I could felt my hard-on contacting her hand through my short. She smiled at me when I felt embarrassed.

We watched the show for an hour before we made a move back to the hotel. Along the way, we were holding hands and talking.

“You are very excited watching the show..” she commented.

“It was my first time”

“What else you haven’t tried before…?” she asked.

“Why… so many things…”

“Like girls…? Any girlfriend?”

I shook my head then I asked “How about you, do you have boyfriend?”

“Nope… because I got a daughter… and now old already”

“But… how when you feel naughty…?”

“You mean horny… yeah sometimes got one night stand from guys at the bar or pub. Nothing interesting likes you…”


“You so cute and a little naughty…”


She whispered… “My panty was wet…”

Indeed she knew about it.

“I am sorry… but…”

“It is okay… you fantasized about me izzit?”

I nodded. There was silent along the way till we reached the hotel.


I looked at my watch and it was 11pm when we reached our room. Ms Ling had headed to the bathroom while I whatapp my parents telling them I had reached hotel.

“Dear, I use the bathroom first…”


Then I could hear the shower water running. It was loud. Then I realized that the bathroom door was not fully closed. I sneak to the corner of the door. From there, I could see Ms Ling showering with her back facing me. Due to the position I was standing, I could see a partial view of her body. While I was admiring the view, my hands slowly moved down to my cock and rubbing it through the cloth of my short.

Into a minute, the water from the shower stopped. I started to panic since I might get spotted by Ms Ling if she came out of the shower cubicle. But what I witnessed was beyond my wildest dream. Ms Ling’s hands were moving around her lower body. Still facing her back to me, I could not see clearly what she was doing. When she lifted her right leg a little higher, I could see her fingers moving in and out.

At that instant, I dropped my short and started to pump my cock.

“Uhhhh…” she let of a soft moan.

“Huh…huh…huh… …eeehhhh”
“Mmmmmhhhh… your cock so bigggg…”

I became more excited than ever hearing her dirty talk. I was wondering who she was fantasizing.

“Yes… yes… push deeeppperrr… darling….”

“Huh…huh…huh….huh…. I coooomiiinnngggggggggg…. Yeeeessss YyyyJJJJJ…”

The moment I heard this…. I came straight away…spurting my semen on the floor. My body still jerking as I saw Ms Ling came out of the shower cubicle. I quickly rushed away.

There was a long silent till…

“I am done.. you can use the bathroom.”



I woke up by the alarm from my phone. I stretched my body as I opened my eyes. A small ray of light managed to punch through the gap of the black out curtain of our room.

Then I could hear the sound of shower coming from the bathroom. I started to sit up on my bed when the sound shower stopped. I was regaining myself before I walked to the bathroom.

By the time I stood at the bathroom door, Ms Ling was applying her skin care products. My cock spring to live again when I saw Ms Ling was only with her brown two pieces bikini.

“Morning…” she greeted me.

“Morning…” I replied.

“Go ahead if you want to use the bathroom… don’t mind me”

“But… you are here…”

“You silly… I saw everything when I came out of the shower yesterday. Unless you don’t want me see you…” she said while staring at my hard-on from my boxer.

I didn’t reply her, instead I removed my boxer and sat on the toilet to piss. Once I finished, I removed my t-shirt and headed to the shower. Suddenly… Ms Ling grabbed me from my behind. Her both hands already started stroking my hard cock.

“Arhhhh…. Ms Ling….”

“Nice?” she whispered near my ear.

“Ahhhh… I am so hard…”

“I want to see you cum… yesterday, you saw me…”
“Ahhh…. sooo nice…”

Her both hands were playing my cock well… with a tight pull, my forehead skin was pulled back exposing my cock head. It was feeling of chill on my cock head. Ms Ling slowly used on her fingers massaged my cock head… sending tingling feeling through my body.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..” my body followed the rhythm of her stroke.

She was hugging me close. I could feel her both breasts pressing on my back. It was nice… the sensation was excited.

“Arrrrrggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” I screamed as I had reached the climax.

Her hands still pumping hard my cock and I could see the sperm splashing all over the bathtub.

“Yessss… come for mama…”

“Coooomiiiiinnnnnnnnggg” I screamed as I splashing my last drop of sperm.

Her hands had slowed down but still stroking my cock. I turned my head and kissed her at her lip. Our tongues met as we French kissing. It was my first kiss. For a minute our tongues played with each other till she broke off.

“Ok… go and shower, I need to start working” she said.


The sky was sunny as the van stopped at the phuket main jetty. Some of the tour members already wearing sun glasses. I looked at my watch, it was 9 am.

From far, there were rows of large cruisers parked on the side of the jetty. Many tourists were boarding some of the cruisers. Ms Ling was talking to one of the operator while we wait. She was wearing a loose white t-shirt which slightly shown her brown bikini under and a denim short. In fact, most of us were wearing beach attire because we were having a cruise trip to phi phi island.

As soon as we board a large cruise ship with three levels, we were served with a light breakfast… donuts, croissant and coffee or tea. In the 1st level, there mostly seats for tourists. In the 2nd level up, there was a mini bar counter selling ice cream, drinks and food as well. On the most upper level, it was the open air deck where tourists can enjoyed the sun.

Soon the cruiser started moving away from the jetty. I followed mom and dad to the upper deck to get some sun. The wind was blowing on my face. It took about an hour to reach phi phi island area, along the way we could see small limestone islands.

The first destination was Bamboo Island. It was a small island with sandy beach and great swimming spots. When we reached beach, there many Chinese tourists swimming. Mom and dad were strolling on the sandy beach while I find a spot to swim. The water was crystal clear that I could see the sand at the bottom of the water. Further, the water was clearly in turquoise color. Then I noticed two Chinese young girls were swimming towards my direction. We engaged into small talks and they were from Hang Zhou. Into an hour, we were touching each others in the water. The taller girl has her hand under my speedo and I became so brave and grabbed her breast through her bikini. The fun was over when I heard mom called from the beach.

It was fun day. The cruiser slowly moved towards Maya Bay. We are not allowed to drop off the Beach where Leonardo Di’Carprio’s filmed. Anyway we took some photo before we moved to another bay where we will be going to do some scuba diving or swimming with the fish. The fishes were clearly visible in the crystal clear water. We swam for half hour and some even feed some bread to the fishes. You could felt like hundred of fishes gliding around your body.

By noon, the cruiser stopped at phi phi island. We followed Ms Ling to one of the restaurant to have buffet lunch. Fried chicken, thai sauce fish slice, mango salad, BBQ pork, mix vegetable, spring roll and pineapple fried rice were among the dishes. Of course it come with fresh fruits and thai coconut for desert. After lunch, everyone was allowed roam freely at phi phi island till 2pm. I followed Ms Ling since mom and dad were happy that I had someone to accompany with. They went to shopping as usual.

Once everyone was out of sight, we held our hands together and walked to a store for coconut ice cream. We sat there admiring tourists moving around shopping for swim suits, renting gears for diving and some just walking around.

Looking at her, I said “You are very pretty…”

She just smiled… “You are saying to just to be naughty with me, izzit?”

“No… but I don’t know why. If I could, I wish you can be my girlfriend. I know that you can be my mother but I just don’t know why I felt this way.”

There was a silent.

I continued… “I like the feeling that you holding me around and caring like a girlfriend. I know you might have many other guys or maybe a boyfriend. But I really like you.”

She just looked at me with pure emotion. Then she kissed me.

“Let me think about it. But now we need to move back to the jetty.”


We reached our hotel around 6 pm. Everyone were allowed to have a quick refresh before headed for dinner. Tonight, I will be following to mom and dad for massage. Lucky for me, Ms Ling is following as well since she had recommended a nice massage center. The place was about 15 minutes drive from patong center. It was a three level shop. The front entrance was decorated with two large elephant sculpture and the staff were standing there to greet us. Lounge or waiting area was large as the staff served lemongrass drink to us. We were then headed to wash our feet and then directed us to change into small short for male and for female a chemise like robe.

During the massage, Ms Ling was chatting with mom. They seemed to be close to each other as well. I was glad.


Once, our room door closed… I took my boxer and shirt from my luggage bag. Occasionally I glance at Ms Ling. She was picking up the silver satin 2 pieces sleepwear and went into the bathroom.

I took my courage and slowly walked to the bathroom as well. There she was removing her t-shirt and short leaving her bra and panty on her body. My cock instantly hard.

I spoke… “You want me to help you unhooked the clasp.”

“Thank you… yes.”

I stood behind her and unhooked the clasp of her pink bra. It slide down and dropped on the floor. Now I could see her D Cup breasts on the image of the mirror. They were sagged slightly with large brown areoles and her slight dark brown nipples were size of a ten cent coin.

“My panty as well as…” she asked.

My hands reached the band of her pink panty band and pulled it down to the floor. She turned and displaying her body to me as I stood up. My mouth was wide open when I saw her pussy with no single hair.

She took her hands to my cheeks and kissed me. Our tongues met and my hands were rubbing her breasts. She was busy removing my clothes as we kissed.

“Let shower together…” she said.

I just nodded and followed her into the shower cubicle. The cubicle was large enough for two person. Soon the water started pouring into our bodies and Ms Ling was applying soap onto my body. It was a silky feeling that someone was rubbing my body with soap. I did the same for her till I stopped at her naked pussy.

Being naughty, I slide a finger into her love tunnel. It was slippery. I was not sure it was from her wetness or the soap and water causing it. But every single time I pull in and out from her hole she gave a long moan.


She spread her leg wider… letting me easy access her love hole.


Then she lowered her hands to mine and guiding me how to rub her pussy. One of my finger could felt a bud on top of her love hole. She directed me to rub on it.

“Yesss…………..” she moaned.

Now I could felt her pussy was more soapy than before. My fingers occasionally glided in her hole and then rubbing her swollen clit. Her body jerked every single time my finger touched her clit. For about a minute, she started to scream indicating she has reach climax.

“Cominnnngggggggggggggggg……… ah ah ah ah… mmmhnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn”

Then I released my massage as her body jerked and jerked while her hands were on the shower wall. Her orgasm slowly reduced till she was panting to regain strength.

I stood there and wait.

“Let’s shower and get some rest… tomorrow is going to be busy tour”

I was frustrated with her comment.


I woke up in the middle of the night. I looked at my phone, it was 2 am in the morning. There was some noises and talking coming from next room. I thought the room was unoccupied. Suddenly there were laughing.

I turned and looked at Ms Ling. She was twisting her body and looking at me as well. She was awakened by the noises as well. I smiled at her. She smiled back and left her bed to the bathroom.

Suddenly… “Ah… ah… ah …. ah … yes push deeper…” the noises from next room was loud.

“Yes… baby…. inside…” clearly heard by both of us.

Then I could heard the water flushing from the bathroom. Ms Ling slowly tip toe out of the bathroom.

“Ah… ah… ah… ah…”

I though Ms Ling was ahead back to her bed… but instead she crawled up to my bed. She looked at me and smiled.

“Ms Ling…” I whispered.

“Shhhh…” she kissed me. Her hands was on my boxer slowly pulled down to the floor. I just lied on the bed… still regaining what was happened. The sound of moaning from next door became more frequent. Then I realized my cock was slowly engulfed by a warm and wet feeling of pressure.

“Ahhhh…” I let out a moan.

It was then I realized Ms Ling has slowly lowered herself into me. She has taken out her satin short as she came out of the bathroom.

“Let match … the sound…” as she started to ride me.

“Uhhhh…” I moaned knowing that my cock was now fully inside her pussy.

“Ohhh….” she moaned.

Then she raised her body abit letting her pussy slide out partial and then lowered it again. My cock was in full sensation of warm and wetness.

“Oh… Ms Ling…. Sssooo nice…” I growled.

“Yes… yesssss darling… push innnnn” she screamed.

I gave a strong push… plunging my cock deep in her pussy hole.

“Arrrhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!” she screamed.

It gave me more incentive to push even deeper. With every push… she scream louder and louder.

“Arrrggggghhh… yes yessssssssss!!!”

“Comeeee onnn, faster faster … fasteeerrr”

“Yesss… so deep”

“Yess… baby…”

I couldn’t hold much longer… I growled “Ms Ling… I can’t hold … I want to come…”

“Baby …yes… yes come inside me… I want your sperm inside meee…” she moved her hips faster and grinding her body towards me.

It was beyond my control as my cock spurt wave after wave of semen into her hole.

“Huh..huh … huh … huh… argggghhhh” I moaned as I burst my finally wave of semen into her pussy.

She kissed me and we hugged each other. Then we dozed off to sleep till the morning.


The alarm has woke us up. The room was quiet not like mid night. Then I felt a kissed on my forehead. I looked up at Ms Ling where she started moved up.

I held her hand and said “I love you.”

She smiled and I pulled her hand dragging Ms Ling down to me. We kissed.

“I got to get ready,” she said.

I nodded.

Then she turned her head and said “Shower with me.”

There was an understanding as I moved to follow her.


The sun was high up as we stopped at the floating fishing village for buffet lunch. This morning we have been island hoping and cave exploring along the Phang Nga Bay area.

It was a tiring activity for this trip. Everyone was exhausted and resting at the village. The floating village were mostly occupied with wooden colorful houses with floating wooden plank connected among house as walkways. We could see children running around playing with their bicycles.

During this time, many boats started returning to the village with their harvest from the seas. The jetties were busy with fishermen unloading their catches.

As I was day dreaming, Ms Ling called us to hop on our boat.


Our boat stopped in the middle of the sea surrounded with small lime stone islands. They were a group of kayakers waiting for us. We will be riding their kayaks. One person per kayak as we slowly load ourselves into those kayaks.

The sea water seemed not as clear as Maya Bay, our Phi Phi Island trip. Anyway, my kayaker slowly peddle the boat toward a large cave. I have to lower my body to a sleeping position as the boat enter the dark cave. There stalactites all around the dark cave as I turned on my phone led.

The boat slowly passed through the cave to an open top cavern. Trees and vegetation ground on the 360 walls of the cavern. Our group were busy taking photo of this beautiful scenery. The sun light from the top shone the cavern has make the place remarkable beautiful. Even the water below was emerald in color.

One of the group member jumped into the water and swim. Then he was followed by a few more members. I just lied down on the kayak admiring the sky while listening to the birds chirping on the trees.


After dinner, my parents wanted to hang around Hard Rock Café. I was too tired to stay on so decided to head back to the hotel. I was wondering where Ms Ling will be.

Once I opened my room door, there was showering sound coming from the bathroom. Without hesitation, I took off all my clothes and rushed into the bathroom. Ms Ling was expecting me as I jumped into the shower cubicle, she hugged me. We kissed and she lifted her left leg up.

“Fuck me”

I rammed my hard cock into her love tunnel.


My hands were busy grabbing her breasts. Her nipples started swell for attention. So I lowered my head and nib her nipples.

“Naughty… ehhhh” she moaned.

By now, I was thrust my hip up and down … as my cock disappeared into her pussy and reappeared again and again.

“Ah… ah … ah .. ah ah ah ah… soooo deeppp baby…”

“Darling …do you want me to come…in you…”

“Noooo… not yet… baby…feel meee”

We kissed as I humped my cock into her pussy again and again.

The shower water dripping all over as we making love in the shower. My cock could hold the sensation … so I growled.

“Darling… I cannot stand… I need to comeee….”

“No… please hold for meeee…”

However… Ms Ling was matching my pace furiously… even faster… and kept saying… “Hold baby… hold baby… I want to feel your hard cock…”

I was too excited to hold back…

“I cannn’’’tttt…”

Before I could burst out… she quickly withdrawal out… leaving my hard cock flushing with hot water. I just stood there as she kissed my cheek.
She was teasing me so bad as she left the shower cubicle to dry herself out. I washed out and rinsed my body while looking at her wearing her brown chemise. Her nipples were poking out through her chemise and she was not wearing any panty as she walked out of the bathroom.

I quickly dried myself out. I could smell the perfume in bathroom that she just applied. I decided not to wear anything and slowly walked out of the bathroom.

The light of the room was dimmed. Ms Ling was on her bed typing something on her phone as I moved toward her. I lifted her chemise up exposing her pussy to my sight. Then I lowered my head to her opening lips and lick it.

“Ahhhh…” she moaned.

Ms Ling spread her legs wide open. My tongue was finding her clit while licking her pussy lips. Her hole was continuously leaking juice. It was wet.

“Yes…. yes.. that is.. lick my clit.”
“Oh… god… mmmmh… yes yes… yes… arrggggggggggggghhh”

She climaxed as my tongue furiously massaged her clit.

“Baby… I want you in me… nowwww!!!!”

I adjusted my body as I shoved my cock into her wet hole.

“Arrrhhhhhhh… yeeessss”

By now I furiously pumping my cock into her hole as she moaned and screamed for climax.

“Yess… yess…baby… harder… harder…”

My cock gliding in her wet pussy was so easy and fast. Her wet juice was leaking out… I never felt my cock could go so hard. Every single thrust my cock tip felt sensational electrified as it touch the end of her pussy.

I growled… “Ah… ah… ah… I cannootttt hollddddd…”

“Yes.. yess… baby… we climax togethhheeerrrr”

I could felt her pussy wall pulsing and that is the point my cock exploded out waves of waves of sperm into her sweet hole.

I was hugging her tightly as I pumped harder matching the rhythm of my spurts…till dropped down to the bed.

For a minute, we laid on the bed. I looked at her as I panting to regain my strength. She smiled at me and kissed me. I lifted her up and again I plunged my cock into her pussy.

“Again…?” she said.

I smiled as I started pumping my cock in her pussy.


The plane landed at KLIA2 around 5pm in the evening. Everyone was waving goodbye while collecting they own luggage. Ms Ling was shaking hands with everyone before parted. I was rather quiet and I really going to miss Ms Ling.

On the way home… mom still excited about the entire trip. She was mentioning how nice Ms Ling was and everyone was comfortable. She suggested that we will look for Ms Ling as our tour guide for the next vacation.

I nodded.

“Boy, you seemed close to Ms Ling… what do you think?”

“I like her very much, she seemed like a sister to me.”

“I don’t mind if you want to be her god brother…”

Dad interrupted… “Look more like boy friend and girl friend to me… hahaha”

“Come on… maybe she have some one in mind.”

Everyone laughs.

Then I received a message from Ms Ling.

-Darling, can we meet weekend… I missed you already.


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