My honeymoon trip:part-05

Rima got married two weeks ago as age of 22 years with white complexion ,figure of 32-26-36,lovely boobs with browenish aerola and sexy ass have got love with her hubby ankit.not ashamed of declaring that I have lost my virginity to my hubby on first night on a rossy bed ,even my hymens have been broken and blood’s coming out of vagina made my character strong in presence of my hubby ankit.we both are in Jaipur as three days have been memorable for us ,visiting historical places ,exchanging our thoughts and love on bed .now Udaipur is the next destination for us as my hubby have booked a large sonata car for our comfortable journey via road ,it’s 400 km from Jaipur as we both have lunch together in the afternoon and than we rested for hours.It’s 03:20 pm as our booked car started moving on busy path ,wearing a long skirt with crop-tops to seduce my hubby in journey as we both are sitting on back seat maintaining a distance.ankit is looking smart in his black denim jeans and a loose shirt ,as we both are leaving the town ,my body is moving closer to him and we are on a four lane highway as driver pushed the button to have curtains in between front and back seat ,as I am waiting for we both are safe as my thin strips of tops is going somehow near shoulder as my cleavage is seen easily ,it’s a sleeveless as well as deep necked I put my hand on his thigh as I started rubbing it slowly with my eyes going out of car through window looking at highway but my hand is moving towards his bulge of penis.ankit is close to me as he put his arms on my shoulder and I looked at him……..

“Ankit when we will reach Udaipur ?
(He smiled)it’s 400 km and I can expect 6-7 hours from Jaipur
(Rima)a long journey.”

As his hand moved to my boobs and he pushed his hand inside my loose tops ,he hold it on my brassiere as he is pressing it ,my hand started unzipping his jeans.we both are too close as I sits on his thigh and put my arms on his shoulder ,he took out his hand from my tops as he hold me tightly and started kissing my face to lips as my left breast is pressing hard on his chest ,he is kissing my rossy lips .now I put my tongue on his lips as I am licking it but Ankit opened his mouth as my tongue frisked inside ,he is sucking my tongue as I am feeling his hand on my back ,Ankit have put his hand in my tops as he is rubbing my soft back and trying to unhook my my eyes are closed ,we are breathing fastly and he unhooked my brassiere as I took out my tongue from his my head is on his shoulder as my front faced brassiere is out of my boobs ,I am back on seat.

Ankit is feeling the heat as I started unzipping his jeans again as he helped me to took out his penis from it ,I hold it tightly in my palm and now lifted my tops upto my neck as my both breasts are nude.ankit hold it in his hand as he leaned his face on it ,took my maximum portion of breast in his mouth to suck as I am masturbating his penis slowely ,it’s semi erected as he have put his face on my chest just like a kids drinking milk from his mom’s boobs.we both are getting hot as his penis is getting the erection and he left my right breast as he took my left breast in his mouth to suck.sonata car have enough space for couple like us to enjoy while having journey ,as he sucked my both boobs ,my body is in full sensation as I put my tops on place and now Ankit is waiting for my love on his I am on his legs ,he removed his jeans just pulling down to his knees ,car is moving at a great speed as I hold my hubby’s penis and started kissing its base to shaft.later on ,I put it’s glans on my nose to smell its odour as rubbing the soft glans on face and lips have made me horny ,I opened my mouth as his 2/3 Rd penis is in my mouth.while sucking it with my head still ,I can feel his dick going hard ….harder and harder and than I took out his wet penis as he is screaming”oohh uumm Rima suck it hard” and my tongue is licking his penis wildly as Ankit is pressing my breast hardly ,my vagina got the sensation that need a good fuck ,but inside car ,on the way …….see where things go I licked my hubby’s dick for a while ,he hold my hairs tightly and put his long cock in my mouth ,now my face is moving fastly while giving his cock a nice jerk,Ankit is screaming in joy”oohh aahh my baby suck it till I cum” but sound of music inside car is louder than it .now giving him a nice blowjob ,I can feel his hand massaging my breast as it have been sucked also.after a while ,I left his cock and back on seat ,I took a bottle of water to I can see Ankit lifting my skirts towards my waist as I asked him….

“Ankit put your cock inside
(Ankit)why darling ?
(Rima)ask driver to stop car at a lonely place ,I want to urinate .”

As he put his erected penis in his jeans ,I have put my brassiere in my purse as Ankit asked…….”please stop the car.”

And driver stopped it near roadside ,now we both left car as we walked to a deserted place and I sit near bushes ,as I lift my skirt up and removed my G string to make my vagina while sitting on my legs ,I urinated as my hubby is standing there and I washed my vagina with i put my G string in hubby’s pocket as he took out packet of cigarette and lit a cigarette ,he is smoking it as I moved inside car.later on ,Ankit came inside as driver moved the car on road ,Ankit moved to me as he hold my skirt lifting it towards my waist.lastly my thighs as well as vaginal zone is nude ,he kissed my face……..

“your dress makes your sexual organs easily accessible
(Rima)a long road journey ,so I put it ,not for love
(Ankit put his hand on my thigh) I know it you sexy gal.” As his hand is moving on my thighs ,I have stretched my legs wider and he is rubbing my thigh as I started unzipping his his cock is in my palms as it’s in full erection . Ankit made me sit as my ass is near seats corner ,I have widend my legs as he is on my legs ,put his nose on my vagina and smelt it he put his lips on my burning hole as I widend it ,he started licking it with his tongue fastly ,my one leg is in air as I am pushing my ass towards his mouth to have his long tongue in my body is feeling the sexual activities going for an hour ,as i am screaming in joy……

“oohh uumm my hubby lick it fast.”

And his tongue is fucking my cunt fastly ,as he took my vagina in his mouth ,his hand is on my breast and I am enjoying every second of love going inside need to be afraid as driver also know us being in a honeymoon trip ,after a while ,I screamed” ooh aahh Ankit it’s juicy” and vagina released the cum as he got the taste and licked it for a while.we both are sitting on seat as my next goal is to enjoy fuck in car.its 04:45 pm as driver is driving car at a great speed ,we are waiting to reach Ajmer as its half an hour and we both are taking break as Ankit put his cock inside jeans.after some time ,we are in Ajmer as driver crosed the town and than stopped the car near a small dhaba .as car stopped there ,my hubby left the car as I can see him walking towards a wine shop ,I waited inside as driver came there with a bottle of cold he put it in disposable glass and walked away ,I drink it as I put it more to have it and after a while ,my hubby Ankit came inside car with two canes of chilled beer.looking at him ,I asked……

“why you have bought this ?
(Ankit)for our long journey
(Rima)you are already drunk Ankit
(Ankit)oh darling have it ,you will enjoy the journey.” As driver moved the car ,Ankit put beer in a glass as I started drinking it ,looking at me my hubby lifted my skirt as he put his finger on my vagina.just rubbing his fingers on my vagina as I have my drinks ,now I put the cane near my legs as Ankit started removing his jeans and undies .His lower parts are nude as his long cock is in full erection ,now I slept on seat with my one legs on it and other hanging on seat as Ankit sits on his legs ,he slowly pushed his glans and penis inside my wet my vagina is getting the hard cock inside as he have put his hand on my mouth ,I can feel his 2/3 Rd cock in my vagina and he fucked hard as I screamed louder”oohh it’s rock hard ,don’t tear my cunt ” but who listens the voice of a newly married lady ,no one ,as my hubby is fucking me with speed and body is getting the sensation it needed ,he is penetrating his cock fast as my vagina is dry and Ankit is pressing my breast Ankit leaned on my top as he is pounding his cock fast in my deep vagina,now I hold my hubby’s back as I started bouncing my ass fast on a Dunlop seat.ankit is kissing my lips as he is fucking me hard and my hot vagina is in fire as he started ejaculating sperms after 7-8 minutes of fuck only.unexpected from my hubby as he poured cum in a short span ,but my vagina got dirty after sperms filled it and he took out his I cleaned his penis with my hanky and than my vagina also ,Ankit put his undies and jeans.

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