Filthy mom and daughter part 3

Shanaya and Ruhi got back from the village. Ruhi had decided to leave the high class life. So they both lived as beggars in a roadside hut. They both begged everyday and ate piss and poop from the city sewage.

They both had torn clothes and Ruhi was sweeping the road and a man spanked her ass hard. Ruhi moaned and turned around staring at him. He groped her boobs and slapped her face. Ruhi was liking it and kissed him while tearing both their clothes. He lifted her and slammed her on the floor. Rocks hit her back and poked her ass. She controlled her scream. The pain was driving her with lust. He fucked her for 3 minutes and leaked inside her. He tossed a bundle of 5000 and walked away.

Ruhi thought of returning to her life as a prostitute. But as a cheap slut and a horny milf. She told Shanaya and Shanaya loved the idea of all the sex and that they could now buy cow poop whenever they wanted. Both of them wore a petticoat and a blouse without any inners or other clothes. They went to other beggars, drivers, laborers and got fucked for 2 rupees for 1 hour. They fucked them mercilessly and creampied every session. Soon Shanaya and Ruhi started dancing in small bars. They bathed in alcohol and stripped for sweaty, drunk and stinky men. They swayed their wet hips. Shook their boobs and twerked their asses. Their thighs jiggled to the beats and their lips curled looking at erections. The both of them dry humped men and gave them a taste of their lust. The men drank alcohol off their bodies and publicly molested Shanaya and Ruhi.

The mom and daughter would stay after hours and get gangbanged. A few men dragged them both to the back by their hair. They tied the mom and daughter up. Each man fucked them for a good 30 mins. Shanaya was getting drained. She squired for every cock and fist. Ruhi was similar her pussy tightened for every squirt and made the man hornier. To their surprise the men didnt leave them after it. Ruhi and Shanaya were kept tied up and used as whores. Men would come and fuck them. The owner would give them food and water but their bodies were used to piss and poop. Their bodies wanted it. Both of them felt tortured. Ruhi thought kf an idea. She proposed that the owner would let them go if she gave him a stock of lusty women with managers. He agreed. Shanaya and Ruhi went back to the village and got the women with their families. The husbands were forced to pimp their wifes and the kids kept masturbating looking at their mothers being fucked.

Shanaya and Ruhi thought of shifting again and living a different life. They both moved uptown and got actual jobs as maids. They wore low-waist with small blouses. Showing their waist and waistfolds with huge cleavages. They liked the feeling of working and sweating for other people. Both of them worked sedictively, flaunting and flirting. They would tie their pallu on the side showing their navel. They lifted their saree till their hips while sweeping the floor, flashing their pussy to anyone facing them. Shanaya and Ruhi worked at different houses. Ruhi seduced her boss and his son. Shanaya seduces her boss’s 13 year old daughter.

Ruhi was washing clothes while her boss’s son approached her from the back. He kissed her back and pinched her side boobs. Ruhi arched her back and unhooked her blouse. She pinched her nipples while he licked down her back to her ass. He stripped her and stuck his tongue in her asshole. She fingered her pussy and leaked poop in his mouth. He slapped her ass and punched her stomach. She stuck his mouth in her pussy and pissed all over his face. He got mad and left her naked. He went to his dad who came to her very angry. He saw her fingering her pussy. He got a boner and fucked her. He pissed inside her and leaked his cum. Ruhi became their sex slave and got a huge raise.

Shanaya worked the same way in her mini saree. She fingered herself every opportunity she got. She used the girl’s used bra and panties. Shanaya got caught. The daughter had a naughty smile, she threw herself on Shanaya. Kissing Shanaya’s whole face and removing her own top. Shanaya ripped the girl’s bra strap and nibbled on her boobs. Both of them licked each other’s bodies. Shanaya took control. She rammed her fist in the girl’s pussy in the first push. The girl yelled loudly and spurted milk from her young tits. She kicked Shanaya’s shoulders. The force pulled out the fist all of a sudden sending waves of pain through the girl’s body and making her squirt. Shanaya cleaned it with her pussy and rubbed it over the girls face. They both had sex everyday and did kinky fetish’s and roleplays.

Shanaya and Ruhi had sex at work and again at home. Both of them made money and shifted to a lower middle class colony

Part 4 coming.

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