My friends cummed in my MOM

Hi, my name is Aryan, today I will be writing about my Hot Mom. Her name is Anita. Her figure is 36-26-37. Her big boobs and Big ass is all a man needs.

So I have been fucking my mom for many years, it was a secret between me and my mom. I am 21 and my Mom is 41. She has that slutty and busty look. She maintains her figure a lot.

I called my friend Ankur and Rahul to my house to play games and sleepover.

So they came to my house at 9 pm and I took them to my room to play games.

Me: let’s go and play games.
Rahul and ANKUR: let’s go

Then around 10:30 pm, mom called us at the dining table to have dinner.
Mom was wearing a cherry-colored robe nighty. She was looking too hot in that look.
After having dinner we all went to my room.
Then Rahul said that he wanted to go to the washroom. He went to the washroom while I was playing games. Then after few minutes Ankur also went to the washroom.
30 minutes passed but still, they didn’t return so I got up to check.
Then what I saw shocked me.
Rahul was slowly rubbing his cock in my mom’s pussy and Ankur rubbing his cock on her face. Mom was in her deep sleep.
They opened her robe on the nighty and luckily mom was wearing any panty or bra under it.
Rahul: I love your mom.
Ankur: Bro I just l your m
Then mom woke up.
Mom: What are you two doing?
Then Rahul then kissed mom on her lips.
Mom: Rahul!
Rahul: Aunty I love you so much. I want to fuck you.
Mom: Okay Rahul come.

Mom widens her legs and Rahul jumped on her with his big hard cock.
He grabbed her nighty and threw it on the ground.
Then he put his dick in mom’s pussy.
Rahul was calling my mom by her name,
Rahul: Take it, Anita.
Mom: Come Ankur bring your dick to me.
Ankur: Here you go Anita.
Mom: Mmmmm…..mphhhhh…mmmmmm… So delicious.
Rahul was fucking her like an animal.
Mom: Ahhh..ah..ahhhha….ah…..ah.ah.ah…ah.gpo slow Rahul.
Rahul: I will tear your pussy.
Ankur was playing with mom’s big boobs.
I was sitting and looking at my mom fucked by my friends.
Me: Mom I will also join.
Mom: Wait beta, wait. Let your friends enjoy it first. AH…AHHH…WAIT BETA.
Rahul: Wait Aryan let us enjoy first. You fuck her later.
Ankur: Yeah bro. She is your mom, you can fuck her anytime.
I stood there watching them.

Then Rahul got up and told mom to get up. Then they changed their position.

Rahul lied on the bed and Mom went and sat on his HARD DICK with his pussy. Then Mom bend a little and Ankur went back and put in his Dick in her ASS.
They were banging her hard.
Mom: Come in me Ankur…AHH,AHH,AHH …come in deep my ass.
Ankur: Ha,ha,ha….take it is this ha..
Mom screamed so loud: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

Seeing mom jumping and her big boobs bouncing was turning me up.
After a few hours, Ankur got tired, so he moved aside.
Mom: Ankur, done?
Ankur: Yes aunty.
Mom: Aryan beta come and join us.

I quickly pulled my pants off and went to her.
I took her ass.
Mom: Ahhh…beta…slow…
Me: No mom, NO…
Mom: Ah..ah…ah….ah

After a few hours, I completed it. But Rahul was still fucking her.
Mom: Rahul stop. Stop.
Rahul: No Anita. I will not stop fucking you.
They changed to Missionary then.
Mom: Ahhhh…ahhhh….ah…Ahah.
Rahul stopped after a few minutes and took out his dick out of mom’s pussy.
Mom and Rahul were lying on the bed.
Then mom went to the washroom to take shower but Rahul was not over yet.
He followed mom to the washroom and started fucking her there.
Rahul holds mom’s legs and raised her left leg on the wash sink and started fucking her again.
The door was open so I could see them both.
Rahul: Wait, Aunty, wait aaaaa I am gonna CUM.
Mom: NO Rahul…Get out right now.
Rahul: Yes Aunty……
Then Rahul cummed in her.
Rahul: Ahaaaaaaaaaa……
Mom: Ahhhhhhhhhh Rahul gets out.
Rahul took out his dick and moved out of the washroom.
I went in to check and saw mom with her pussy wide spread and cum slowly dipping from her pussy.

Me: Mom What happened.?
Mom: Ask that Rahul, he came in me.
Me: That means….

Mom: Yes, Rahul is your NEW DADDY.

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