Experience with my neighbour sister

It All started when I was studying in final year college. I was in hostel. But whenever I come to my hometown, I have a neighbor sister. She is slightly black in colour and her age was 45. But she looks like a 30+ year lady. She always used wear saree, revealing her hips. Sometimes I get a glimpse of left side boob shape on her blouse side view. Her figure is 34-28-34.

I had a basic phone in college. In my semester leave, I used to wait at the door of my house every morning. She will leave her son and daughter in school bus stop and she has to pass my home and go to her home. So simply I started to have a chit chat daily while passing.

One day I told that I will come to her home today. She welcomed. Once her husband left the home for work, I went to her home. She was putting mop on the floor by bending. She was wearing a rose saree and rose colour blouse. Her saree was not covering her boobs and stomach, since the saree is passing only in the center of her boobs. Suddenly my heart was beating heavily and I got Erection. She didn’t notice me first and I was trying to take a good glance of her body.

She then got up and seeing me she adjusted everything and came near to me and spoke. I spoke to her sometime and returned home and masturbated thinking of her in that rose saree which reveals her boobs in rose blouse and stomach.

I started calling her daily and whenever I come to hometown, I will go to her home and spend some time. One day she told that she want to make masala puri. To impress her, I bought a bag of Pani puri and went to her home. She was wearing a yellow saree with yellow blouse fully covered. Her son and daughter were there, so I gave it to her and told her that I am leaving.

When I came out she was following me. And when I turned back to say a bye again, to my surprise her pallu was not covering her upper body. It is passing the center of her chest, so that her boobs and stomach are visible. She was seeing my eyes and speaking and I wanted to see her boobs and navel. Somehow I got courage and saw them in a glance. Suddenly one small boy came from next door to give some snacks, she covered everything instantly. Then I understood that she knows that her pallu is not in place. Wow! I then came home and maturbated thinking about her boobs in yellow blouse which resembled like a fully ripened stiff mangoes. Ahh!

I will continue my other experience like how I got a chance to bite her navel, kiss her lips and managed to press her boobs and Sucked her nipple.

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