Evil step sister take advantage of brother

Serve breakfast-in-bed; Wash, dry, fold; Deliver clothes collect breakfast dishes; Mow lawn, wash car; Sweep, mop, spray and wipe; Do dishes, clean clean clean … That’s was my day, everyday; I did everything except cook. It was my 18th summer, my first since graduation high school and it was going to be the worst.

It didn’t used to be like that, before my father died our mansion was full of maids, gardeners, butlers and other people who did I don’t even know what. But then my stepmother squandered most of the money. More money still comes in from old investments but not at the rate she spends.

Last month everyone had to go, everyone except Tony the chef, he was kept on. I didn’t wonder why, not only was he the only one who knew how to cook, I had heard them having sex several times. He was about midway between our ages, and muscular, athletically built.

My stepmother doesn’t let on about her money problems though; she still goes out frequently with her aristocratic friends to lavish parties. Don’t get me wrong, there still seemed to be plenty of money for things she wanted, but why spend money on things she could have me do for free?

My work load was tripled when my stepmother’s two do-nothing daughters got home from school. My evil stepsisters; Amanda is a my age and went to a boarding school until her recent graduation, Lori is a year older and goes to an all-girl college on some mountain in Europe; Amanda will be joining her there next semester. Lori spends her time lounging out, living on what money we have left. Amanda seems to enjoy ordering me around; they both make more work for me than I can handle.

Serve breakfast-in-bed; Wash, dry, fold; Deliver clothes collect breakfast dishes; Mow lawn, wash car; Sweep, mop, spray and wipe; Do dishes, clean clean clean …

“MIKE!!” It was Amanda. I dropped what I was doing and walked quickly to her room. She was sitting on her bed talking on the phone with the TV remote hanging down between her thumb and index finger. “It needs batteries” she said. I took the remote and went to get batteries.

“MIKE!!” It was Lori this time. I headed down the long hallway to her room. She was standing in front of her opened closet. “This is all wrong!!” she yelled, “blouses go here and shirts go there!. I’m going to a party; make sure you have this fixed before I get home”.

I got the batteries, returned the remote and moved onto my next job. How could two people be so lazy and still have such gorgeous, toned bodies?

The next day I finished my afternoon chores ahead of schedule; mostly because Lori didn’t get up until almost noon. I needed a shower badly. I usually had about ten minutes before someone called for me to do something for them.

I had stepped in the shower and quickly soaped up and rinsed. My privates got a lot of extra attention; I loved the way my slippery hand felt sliding along my dick. Having a few minutes to spare, I took advantage and stroked myself hard, thinking about Tiffany, one of Amanda’s friends. I imagined her taking her clothes off, I had never been with a girl before but I saw magazines.

I quickened the pace; I closed my eyes and saw her standing there naked, red hair and tiny tits. She smiled at me and said…. “Get Out, my shower is messy and WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING!” My eyes popped open and saw my stepmother standing there in a towel with the shower door swung open. My cock was pointing straight up on the verge of exploding.

“N-Nothing I was just taking a shower.” I stammered. While she had never seen me in the shower before, she had come into the room at times; I knew that I wasn’t allowed to lock the bathroom door; in case someone needed something.

“Don’t give me that” she said “I know what you were doing in there, you pervert.”

I tried to deny it, I was too humiliated. It didn’t help that I was still standing there wet and naked and hard. She looked very angry but didn’t take her eyes off of my erect dick.

“Tell me what you were doing. Do I have to make you show me?”.

“No Please” I answered.

“Or better yet” she went on, ignoring or enjoying my pleas. “Since we seem to be tied, lets gat a second or third opinion. AMANDA… LORI… come here please.” She called out. I heard two doors open, one after the other from down the long hallway.

I didn’t have more than a few seconds, “ok, I was jerking off” I quickly admitted with my head down.

“Now doesn’t it feel better to tell the truth?” she said, “Now, my shower is a mess. You better clean it and I mean like it was new.” She went on, in a normal tone as if I wasn’t still naked with my two sisters only seconds away.

I told her I’d get it done and went to leave. She held me by the shoulder and looked down at my situation, “and we’ll have no more of you making your own messes, EVER. Do you understand?”

“Yes, I do” was all I could get out before I ran from the room as fast as I could just as my sisters got there. They were too surprised to notice at first but they definitely got a good look at my bare ass as I ran to my room. “Oh my god, what a jerk” Lori said. “Woo Hoo” was the reaction I got from Amanda.

My heart was beating hard as I scrambled to get some clothes on. I spent so much time doing work, my stuff never got done. Most of my clothes were old and stained and worn out.

I crept to the door, I could hear very little of the muffled conversation. Apparently my stepmother told Lori and Amanda what had happened, what I had been doing. I didn’t know how I’d be able to face them. I couldn’t think of anything more humiliating. “That disgusting little wimp! And he folds my underwear with those hands!?” Lori said sounding upset.

“Mom, how can we make sure he doesn’t do that again” Amanda asked. “Should we check on him when he showers?” She went on, sounding a little too anxious.

“No dear. I wouldn’t make you do that. I’ll have to do that myself.” Their mother answered.

Luckily I was able to avoid them for the rest of the day. I went out to clean the pool area while they ate dinner. It was one of few times during the day when I didn’t have to serve them. When I was sure they were gone I came in to clean up and then went into the kitchen to eat my own dinner after Tony had left.

Lori went to her party and Amanda had some friends over to use the pool; that I would have to clean again. My stepmother had a function to attend and didn’t get home until very late.

A couple days later my stepmother again entered the bathroom while I showered. She opened the shower door and looked to make sure I hadn’t been touching myself. She made me prove to her that I hadn’t just finished doing anything bad by getting myself get hard while she watched.

It was extremely embarrassing to have my stepmother see me naked, let alone forcing me to touch myself until I went from soft and hard. The only think that could be more humiliating than this was if she had her daughters watch me too.

She did this for several days and as much as she kept a stern face and posture, I could tell she was enjoying it, maybe because she was just evil. Each time, she got there sooner and stayed longer; each time making me continue stroking myself longer, sometimes until I was the edge, but always forcing me to stop before I could finish.

When she was apparently satisfied, she would turn and walk to her bedroom without a word. She left me standing there with the door wide open, naked, rock hard and wishing I could cum.

On the sixth day though, before she left she told me she needed me to help her with something. Having my shower cut short was nothing new for me, but this time she told me to come to her room in exactly two minutes. I had enough time to rinse and dry but not to dress, so I wrapped myself in a towel and made it the her room before the deadline.

Her room was the biggest in the mansion. When I got there I went in and stood inside the doorway, I didn’t want Lori or Amanda seeing me in just a towel. “May I please have a moment to get dressed before I help you?” I asked hoping to not sound as if I was disobeying her or asking for more than I was allowed.

“No, there will be no need for that” she answered, her voice coming from the bathroom which was part of the master suite.” Come in and lock the door behind you, then go to the table next to my bed and put on the mask there.” She said.

On her night table was her black frilly sleeping mask. I put it on as I was told and stood there unable to see a thing. I heard her come into the room, then silence for a few seconds before the sound of her feet came closer. I could hear her get on her bed. “You may drop your towel and keep your hands behind your back” she said, in a kind voice, as if it was some sort of favor to me.

This was much different that a shower inspection; my heart was racing. I was scared of what to expect. I hesitated, but not long enough to make her tell me again. I felt my towel land on my feet, still unable to see anything in the brightly lit room.

“Am I being punished? I swear I’ll never jerk-off again” I said.

“No dear, this isn’t punishment” She answered almost sweetly. “I just need your help with something. But I have to tell you if not for your transgression the other day and you forcing me to watch you touch yourself in the shower, I may not have ever thought of this. So I guess should thank you for the wonderful idea.”

Everything was still, but I knew she was looking at my naked body. She moved off the bed and around me. I felt a breeze, or was that warm breath on my dick. The sound of the sheets told me she was on her bed again, sitting or lying I couldn’t tell.

An endless few seconds went by and I heard a soft moan, then I heard what sounded like hair cutting clippers. I thought she was going to shave me, I wondered where. The sound continued as did the moaning for several minutes but nothing touched me.

“Come over here” my stepmother told me, sounding short of breath. The sound stopped as I blindly made my way over, I bumped into the side of the bed and she told me to kneel down.

I felt her hand on the back of my head then her cold feet on my back and then finally her smooth thighs on either side of my head. She pushed my head forward and said “lick”. I finally realized that she was naked too and what the sound had been.

Now, she wanted me to use my mouth to finish what she started. I obeyed. She used her hand to direct me. My lips and tongue tasted my stepmother’s pussy; she had no hair, not even stubble. Her pussy was shaved clean. I wanted to see her so bad. I had never thought about her before but Just knowing she was naked made my cock erect. I imagined her big tits and her thin body; I knew she would look great without her clothes.

She rubbed herself over me until my face was completely wet. I did my best to make her feel good as she moaned loudly. Then finally she pressed my soaked face into her and held me in place, I continued to suck her until she let go. She let out a loud sigh then I heard her panting but not moving.

When she caught her breath she commanded me to get out; adding that I was not to take off the mask, there was no way I would be allowed to see her. I couldn’t find my towel so I had to leave without it. I felt for the door. “Hurry up and get yourself cleaned up. And don’t you even think about doing anything else in the shower” were her parting words.

In the hall I pulled off the mask and stood there for a second. I had just eaten my first pussy. My stepmother had just used me to give her sexual pleasure. I was confused about how I should feel; though my persistent erection gave some indication of what I was really feeling. I had just about made it safely to my room when my worst fear happened.

Amanda appeared from around a corner, we both stopped short just a foot away from each other. Our eyes made contact for a second before hers went down. She didn’t turn her head or look away; she took in my entire frontal nudity, staring at my erection. I tried to step around her but she blocked me, keeping me in front of her.

“Now what are you up to?” she asked. “I should tell mother”.

I couldn’t tell her that I JUST been with her mother. I managed to get behind a large plant in the corner. She couldn’t see me but she was trying. I had minimized the damage; I didn’t think she got too long of a look. “Please let me go” I begged my little step sister. “It was an accident”.

She seemed to enjoy the power she had over me which now went beyond making me clean up after her. “I said I should” she continued, “but maybe I won’t”.

“What do you want?” I said, desperate to get out of there.

“I want you to show me what you were doing in the shower the other day” she said, looking up into my face, lightly biting her lower lip.

“I can’t, I’m not allowed to” I said.

Before she could say anything else Lori called her from down stairs. “Hey Amanda, come here you’re going to want to see this”.

Only loud enough for me to hear, Amanda answered with a sinister smile, “Hey Lori, you’re REALLY going to want to see this”. We both heard Lori approach the stairs.

Amanda realizing she shouldn’t be in this position either, left the scene to see what Lori wanted.

I let out a sigh of relief. I managed to get myself cleaned up, dressed and back to work. I was way behind my chores.

My stepmother acted no differrent than before, as if nothing had happened. Several days passed without her coming into the shower. Still, I didn’t dare touch myself there or in my room. About 3 weeks went by since the last time I came.

One afternoon while I was picking Lori’s dirty laundry up off her floor, my stepmother came in. “I will need your help with something in the kitchen at exactly eight o’clock” she said then left. The way she said it was the same as the last time I heard those words. Though I didn’t know what she would be doing in the kitchen.

I watched the clock go by, six , seven, almost eight o’clock. The closer the time came the more nervous I got. I told myself she probably needed me to do some dirty job that’s all, but a sinking feeling wouldn’t leave.

Eight o’clock arrived and I went to the kitchen. My stepmother was there, her face was flush and her hair was a bit messed. On the other side of the room was Tony. “I have a very special job for you” she told me. “You see we’ve fallen a little behind paying our wonderful chef here. He has very generously offered to continue until I can pay him next week”.

“However” she went on, “there is something he wants in return”.

What could he want that she needed me for? I asked her this.

She answered me, “There are some things Tony and I do together as you know”.

I told her I had no idea what she meant but she told me she knew that I had heard them before and accused me being a perverted spy. I didn’t dare contradict her again, especially since she was partially correct; I had heard them.

She continued, “But what he’s always wanted to try, what he really wants to do, is beneath me. You wouldn’t want your step mother to have to do something that demeans her, do you?”.

“No ma’am” I answered, still not exactly sure what she needed me to do.

“Good” she said, “so it’s settled, you are going to let Tony fuck you”.

“WHAT?! oh no no,” I almost fainted “I can’t” I was hoping I had been misunderstanding all of this.

“Well yes yes dear” my step mother said, “You can’t expect ME to do that. And we can’t let Tony leave and not come back until next week.”

I didn’t dare ask why Lori or Amanda couldn’t do this, at least they were girls.

She instructed me, “Before anything else you will need to help Tony get ready. It may take a little while for Tony to get hard enough to fuck you since he came just before you got here. So get on your knees, he’ll get hard faster if you use your mouth on him”.

Tony walked towards me from the other side of the big kitchen. He undid his pants and let them fall to the floor. He wanted me to see the tool he’d be using to violate me as he approached. I watched his huge limp cock swing back and forth as he took several steps towards where I was on my knees waiting. It was so much bigger than mine.

I thought about running away but I couldn’t disobey my stepmother. She knelt beside me as Tony stepped closer. His dick was level with my nose; I could smell my stepmother’s pussy on it still. Soon I knew I would be tasting it on him.

My step mother took Tony’s limp dick and pushed my head towards it. She rubbed his head along my closed, wet lips a few times. Without arguing I opened my mouth wide and took him in. I closed my eyes and felt him on my tongue. I did what I could to make this go faster; to get it over with I sucked his dick the best I could. I had never even gotten a blow job before and now I was giving one.

My stepmother was right; it took Tony forever to get erect. I felt him slowly grow in my mouth. Each time his head slid along my tongue and past my lips he was a little harder. When he was completely ready my stepmother warned me to stop. “You wouldn’t want to swallow his cum and then have to start all over. Would you?”.

I heeded her warning and stopped. Tony stated to stroke himself to maintain his erection. My stepmother gestured for me to get up; she walked me over to the counter and tapped her palm on it. I bent over with my chest on the counter. She pulled down my pants, exposing my bare ass and my vulnerable hole. “Don’t be nervous” she said, sensing my fear.

If I thought she would leave I was wrong. She decided to stay for the show. She even did her part to help. She held my ass cheeks apart and took a bottle of oil off the counter. She poured the entire bottle over my back side. Tony let his dick run along my crack to get it lubed up.

With his hands on my hips and my stepmother holding me open, Tony slowly guided his cock into my ass. He gave me the full length of his tool before stopping. I tried not to make a sound as I clenched my teeth. With his dick buried deep inside me he started to kiss my stepmother.

He pulled out completely and let his head rub all over the outside of my hole. When he was ready, he slid into me again. He did this several times and by the tenth time my own dick was as hard as his. My stepmother took notice and made a comment. She and Tony both laughed that I must be enjoying my first ass fuck.

He was going so slowly I could feel every inch of him. My stepmother was getting hot watching me get penetrated. She came around and sat herself on the counter with her legs hanging down on either side of me. I saw she had on no underwear as she lifted her skirt, revealing her saved pussy. No mask this time, I could see my stepmother’s pussy inches from my face.

I didn’t give her a chance to tell me what I knew she wanted. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her closer to me; she moaned as my tongue danced over her clit. She leaned back on her hands and put her bare feet on my shoulders. I continued to eat her as Tony continued to fuck me.

Watching Tony and seeing my hard dick got my step mother worked up so that she came pretty quickly. She let out a series of short yells and her body convulsed. I kept licking her until she was done. She didn’t get up but still sat there with my face between her legs.

When Tony eventually had enough, he started to pump me faster and harder until I could hear the flesh of his muscular stomach slap against my ass and feel his balls hit mine. He was about to come but instead of pulling out again he slammed into me harder and deeper than ever before. This caused my own cock to explode onto the floor as Tony’s exploded in me.

With weeks’ worth of cum built up, my orgasm lasted for several seconds. The puddle on the floor grew as my balls continued to pump; my ass squeezed and released Tony’s dick with each pulse. He continued to fuck me with the same rhythm until he was totally spent. He slid his dead cock out of me. I was wet at both ends.

“See that wasn’t so bad” my stepmother said to me “you even got to cum. I thought you’d like it, I know I did. She tossed me a towel to wipe myself with. The two of them walked out, leaving me to clean up the mess.

My ass was stretched and aching; I could still feel Tony hours later. And I couldn’t forget the thought that his cum was still buried deep inside of me. I had liked that it made me cum; though I would never want to do it again.

I was glad the girls weren’t home. Even after having them know that I masturbated in the shower and having Amanda catch me naked, if they knew that I had given another guy a blow job and let him fuck me in the ass, and that it made me cum … well that would be more humiliating than anything.

The next morning I had to go to the kitchen to get breakfast for my step mother and sisters. Tony was there but he didn’t say anything. I figured he was watching me, remembering the pleasure I gave him. Was he waiting for a repeat? I didn’t look at him; I couldn’t.

I went upstairs to bring the three trays. Amanda’s room was always first. I went in quietly, she was still asleep. I left the tray and turned to leave and stopped; I began noticing how cute she was when she wasn’t giving me work to do.

Next was Lori’s room. Unfortunately she wasn’t still sleeping. “It’s about time you got here. What’s the matter, having trouble walking today?” she said .

“N-No problem” I answered. Unsure if she was hinting at something. I put the tray down over her lap as she sat up in bed. She looked at me kinda funny as I was leaning over her. She looked somewhat amused when I turned to leave her bedroom; she wasn’t actually nice but at least she didn’t seem angry.

The last tray was destined for my stepmother. I got to her room and went in. She wasn’t in her bed but her bathroom light was on.

“Is that you?” she asked.

“yes ma’am” I answered.

“Good” she went on “I need you to do something for me”.

I went up to the night table and reached for the mask as she came into the bedroom.

She let out a short laugh that surprised her and much as me. She recovered quickly and acted as serious as ever. “No no, I just need you to get the large suitcase for my trip. I’m going away for a week”. She told me. I was glad that my assumption hadn’t offended her and surprisingly I was much less glad that’s all she needed.

I got her suitcase and picked up the breakfast dishes. A few hours later she called for me to carry the case down stairs before her ride got there. She was going to Europe with Mrs. Wellington and a few other ladies. Mrs. Wellington was very old and crabby and “proper” and way too stuck up.

My stepmother wanted to make a good impression so I was to make sure the entire foyer was shiny clean. I was at it for a couple hours and when the bell rang I was just finishing polishing the floor. I went to get the door and my stepmother along with Lori and Amanda stood by. The girls were dressed in brand new summer dresses, looking their best; I was wearing my dirty jeans with missing knees and a stained t-shirt.

I opened the door and Mrs. Wellington entered, she was with a couple other women and a cute girl about Amana’s age. I couldn’t help stare until she smiled at me and I looked away. She was introduced as Mrs. Wellington’s granddaughter and was going with her on the trip.

Introductions went around and Lori and Amanda performed their courtesies. Mrs. Wellington’s nose went up when attention turned to me. “Who is that?” she asked. My stepmother immediately responded that I was the cleaning boy.

Realizing how bad it looked for her that I looked so bad she said to her girls, but loud enough for all to hear “Girls while I’m gone make sure to get him a new uniform, since he apparently tore his old one. That IS why you are out of uniform?” She ended with more of a statement than a question.

I took the cue “yes Ma’am and I sorry I wasn’t prepared”.

Amanda had a familiar look on her face. “Mother, what kind of uniform should we get him?” She clearly knew her mother was in a bind and was playing with her.

“Whatever you feel is appropriate dear. I trust your judgment” she said, trying to get the subject over.

“Oh GREAT” Lori said,”I always have to do everything”.

Amanda offered to take on the job. She whispered to Lori for several seconds. Lori smiled and actually giggled and agreed.

“Well you girls be good while I’m gone. Lori you’re in charge” my step mother said.

And with that I carried my stepmother’s bag to the car and disappeared. I went about my regular routine for the rest of the day and the next. I had just one less breakfast to deliver and no worry about shower inspections. This occurred to me as I was sweeping the dining room. Should I take the chance?.

When my early morning routine was done I decided I could spare the time before getting the breakfast dishes to get in the shower. I stepped in and soaped up and there was Tiffany, I hadn’t seen her in a few weeks now. She was naked and under the warm water with me. She asked me to wash her little tits for her while she shampooed her red hair.

I imagined what her nipples would feel like and this time her pussy was shaved. A few more strokes and I would shoot onto her body. She smiled at me and said….in Amanda’s voice “HEY! When you’re done in there come to my room. I have your new uniform ready”.

I thought I had a heart attack. I stopped what I was doing and froze but it was too late. I felt my orgasm building, for a second I was glad the shower doors were frosted glass. But then; “what ARE you doing anyway?” she continued. She swung the door open just as I ejaculated. My first shot nearly hit her. She looked at my face and then we both looked down.

She stood there with the door in her hand watching as my dick throbbed and spit out semen. She saw my cum drop to the shower floor and get washed down the drain. I could do nothing but wait helplessly for it to stop. I was mortified and terrified. I was about to beg for mercy since denial was useless. But Amanda just stared wide-eyed; she didn’t move but continued to watch until my cock went from solid to flaccid.

She didn’t yell or even seem to get angry. We both knew I wasn’t allowed to do that, but she just smirked at me and shook her head back and forth as if to say “tsk tsk”. She tried to look cool and calm but I could tell she was a bit flustered if not excited. “Don’t forget to come get the uniform I picked out for you”. And she left.

From her reaction, I realized that she had probably never seen that before. Had she never seen a guy naked before either?. She and Lori both led sheltered lives; they went to private all-girl schools so it was possible she hadn’t. What about Lori?

I got dressed and went to Amanda’s room. On the way I tried not to worry about my new “uniform”. I wondered what she had come up with. A butler outfit? Wait, Oh my… she wouldn’t make me wear a French maid costume… would she? I would wear anything but that.

When I got to her room I saw her and Lori both sitting up in her bed. They had their arms crossed and were wearing big smiles. At the foot of the bed was a small box, a very small box.

“Well ain’t ya gonna open it?” Amanda asked.

“What is it, a joke?” I replied.

“No silly, it’s your uniform.” Lori answered, “You heard mom. She doesn’t want you looking all messy anymore and she put me in charge. Although I have to give credit to our sister for picking it out.”

I opened the box. Inside was … something. I lifted it up to see what it was. It was a small piece of cloth with some strings hanging from it. My face turned red and the girls laughed when they saw my reaction.

“Those are the strings that go around your waist and that one goes… well you know where” Amanda instructed me.”And you can put your front parts in the pouch there.”

“I can figure it out” I said with a touch of annoyance from my nervousness.

“Are you sure we can’t help you try it on?” Lori teased.

I was terrified at the prospect of actually having to wear this. Holding up a garment that was the size of my hand and would cover only one part of my body I said, “I’d be practically naked walking around in this”.

“Yea, practically” Lori said.

“You should be glad I didn’t get the one with the butt plug” Amanda jumped in.

“Speaking of which, you better cooperate or I’ll tell Tony” Lori said .

“What does that mean?” Amanda asked. My heart dropped.

“Oh didn’t I tell you?” Lori said to Amanda while looking at me. “I was in the kitchen one night and saw the whole thing. Why don’t YOU tell her” she said gesturing to me.

“The WHOLE thing?!” I yelled reflexively.

“Yup, saw it all. It was awesome. I only wish I could have gotten closer.”

“What? What?” Amanda asked anxious to know what was going on.

“Don’t worry little sis, I’ll show you. I got most of it recorded on my phone” Lori said,

“Now are you going to stop arguing or does Amanda get an actual live show?”.

“OK OK”, I said desperate to not be taken by Tony again, with or without my two sisters there to watch. I left the room to go put on my new “uniform”; during which time I’m sure Lori showed Amanda the video she had of me getting in the mouth and ass by Tony. Before I was gone they told me to return once I was ready.

I put on the tiny outfit. It cupped and supported my dick and balls but did nothing else. From the back and sides I was completely exposed. I took a deep breath and had to force myself to walk to the hallway. I managed to get back to Amanda’s room; I stood in the door way, my two step sisters staring at me wearing next to nothing. I was actually shaking with nervousness.

I had never felt so embarrassed, exposed and vulnerable before. I had never been in front of my sisters like this and even with the pouch I felt like they could see every part of me.

“Very good, you look umm nice” Lori said. “I must commend you again Amanda, it’s very appropriate, just as mother said it should be”.

“It is, isn’t it?” Amanda agreed with a chuckle “Just one thing though. I can see hair coming out. It’s gross”.

Lori looked at me with her hand on her chin as if she were thinking. “You’re going to have to shave” She said to me. “And not just enough so it doesn’t show. I want you shaved bald, completely”.

“OK Lori” I said , “Ummm when do I have to wear this? When can I wear regular clothes?” I asked.

They looked at each other and answered “That should be obvious brother, Always and Never. That is, you must wear your uniform whenever you are working around the house, which is always. So you wear it always and never wear regular clothes”.

“But what about…?” I tried to ask.

“Always and Never. NO exceptions, ever” Lori answered “Now go and shave yourself”.

I left to do what I had been told to do. I went to the bathroom and cut and shaved all of my pubic hair. I couldn’t believe I was doing this, I couldn’t believe any of it really. I expected them to show up to mock me but I was left in peace to do this job. When I was done I saw myself in the mirror, it looked and felt weird.

I put my uniform back on and quietly made my way to the hall. The girls hadn’t told me what to do next, so I went about doing my chores. It took a while for me to get up the nerve to go downstairs. I didn’t think I’d be able to remain unseen but I tried to put it off as long as I could.

That didn’t last long at all. Just as I was getting the feel for being in the main house almost nude, Lori called for me. She was in the game room with Amanda; they needed help racking to pool balls. They watched me intently as I reached across the table and gathered the balls. “You did very good with the shaving, by the way. I see you even shaved around your little hole” Lori said.

“Very nice and clean looking”. Amanda added. I quickly jumped up and turned to face them with my face bright red. With just a string behind me they were able to see my butt hole when I leaned over. “Will that be all?” I asked shakily. “For now” they said.

I walked backward out of the room and found something that needed to be cleaned as far away from my step sisters as possible. Later that day I had to mow the lawn, it usually took a couple of hours, The entire time I was outside in the wide open. I felt the sun warming parts of me that should have been covered. When I was on the side of the house where the bedrooms were I looked up and saw Amanda watching me.

The next morning I woke up and reached for my pants then realized I didn’t have any. I put on my uniform and vacuumed the foyer. At nine o’clock I headed to the kitchen to get the girls breakfast. I paused before I went in, then pushed the door open and tried to act casual. “What the…?” Tony commented from behind the counter. “I have to wear this, it’s my… uniform” I answered. He laughed at me.

I grabbed the trays and started for the door. I wondered if Tony was watching me, my nude ass, my hole exposed to him seemingly there for the taking, with nothing to stop him from taking out his cock and using it on me. What was he thinking? Did he know that with a command that I couldn’t disobey he could have me bent over the table, or on my hands and knees or even just my knees?

My palms were sweaty when I made it back out. I didn’t know how I’d be able to do that everyday. I dropped off Amanda’s breakfast first, as usual. She was awake and sitting up, waiting for her food, or me, or both. Her eyes followed me. “We’re going to have some friends over today to use the pool. So make sure it’s clean for when they get here around one o’clock” She said.

Lori was up as well, she told me the same thing Amanda had. I realized that, other than some looking, neither of my sisters seemed to make a big deal about me being almost naked. And as long as they could be cool, I could be calm. They had friends over occasionally and I was expected to stay out of site. Usually it was just a few girls, including Tiffany. Today I guess was their turn to host. It was now the beginning of August and it was quite hot out so a pool party was expected.

I was glad I’d have more than enough time to get all of my downstairs cleaning done and the pool before anyone got here. I took care of the living room and bathroom and anywhere else I thought they might hang out. I was making sure there were extra towels in the pool house out back; it had a couch and TV and its own bathroom. The clock on the wall told me I had almost an hour before company would arrive.

Then I heard talking outside, figuring it was Amanda and Lori checking on things I opened the door. But instead of just my two sisters, funneling though the doors to the house were about 16 girls. I shut the door quickly but quietly. I had seen most of them before. They were a collection of various heights and hair colors and body types, and they were all gorgeous. They were all between Amanda’s and Lori’s ages.

In just a few seconds they were scattered around the pool area. How could they all be here so early? I was trapped; I couldn’t let all these girls see me like this. I thought I could sneak out of there and into the heavy landscape foliage. I reached for the handle on the door but heard someone coming; I jumped into the bathroom and hid behind the door.

“I’ll be right out, I just have to change” a girl voice said.

“Hey look!! What’s that over there?” a second voice yelled.

“Waaa? Hey! no fair I was here first” The first said laughing as the trickster ran into the pool house and slammed and locked the door.

I gasped when I saw through the crack between the door and the wall that it was Tiffany. She was the last person who could see me. She put a small bag on the couch; and reached in taking out 2 colorful pieces of her bathing suit. She grabbed the bottom of the t-shirt she was wearing and in one motion pulled it off. I couldn’t believe my eyes, Tiffany was in a bra.

I had a choice to make; hide and hope she didn’t need the bathroom or let her know I was there; letting her see me in just my uniform. I decided that I would hide and hope. She reached behind her and undid her bra clasp. I know I shouldn’t have looked especially knowing what it felt like to be exposed, but I was unable to even move. I thought for sure she could hear my heart beating in my chest.

She pulled off her bra and tossed it onto the couch. My cock got hard seeing her small bare tits. They were only slightly bigger than I had imagined. Her nipples were tiny and her skin was milky white. She reached onto the couch for a hair band. Nearly directly facing me she looked into the mirror and raised both hands to tie her straight-red hair into a ponytail. With her arms up there was nothing blocking my view; I considered masturbating on the spot.

Satisfied that her hair was set, she reached down again and grabbed her bikini top. Before she got it on though she stopped and remained still, listening. She heard my heavy breathing and covering herself with a towel came over to investigate.

She saw me behind the door. “Come out from there. Are you trying to watch me change?” she said angry but not loudly.

“No I swear I didn’t know anyone was coming in here. I swear I wasn’t watching you” I answered

“Why ARE you in here then?”

“I was hiding. Please don’t tell. ” I answered again as she noticed my uniform and looked me up and down with a surprised face.

“And what are you wearing? Is that your bathing suit?” She asked.

“No, this is why I’m hiding. I didn’t want anyone to see me like this” I said.

“I don’t blame you, you’re just about naked.” She said calmly, without any remaining anger. Looking down she continued “It doesn’t cover you very well.”

I followed her gaze and noticed that my dick was totally hard and was sticking out of the fabric cup, a drop of cum on the tip. “So, you didn’t see anything huh?” she said knowingly. I quickly covered myself with my hands. This couldn’t be happening. My hands were cold and clammy.

Then there was banging on the door. “What’s taking you so long in there?” A voice from outside called. I knew I’d never get out of there now. Tiffany pointed to the window behind the pool house. I climbed out. Maybe I could still get away. As I dropped to the ground, I saw Tiffany at the window “Byyyyyye” she said and waved, I ran.

From behind a bush I could see Lori, she looked like she was looking for someone; me. I realized that they had expected me to be at the pool, they gave me the wrong time on purpose, probably watched me from the house until everyone got there.

I made sure to avoid Lori’s searching but I couldn’t evade Amanda as well; she was suddenly in the bush next to me. “Oh there you are” she said. “What are you doing way out here?”

She gave me a towel to wrap around me and led me past the pool near the house. I walked past the gauntlet of girls, most didn’t pay attention. Until that is, Lori met us, pulled my towel off and said. “Does everyone here know our step brother? He helped get the pool ready for us”.

Everyone looked and clapped, some girls were whistling, probably NOT because I gave them a clean pool. They only had a couple of seconds view after that since I was quick to get inside. My sisters followed me in. “Wasn’t that fun?” Lori said.

“NO” I answered.

“Well our guests enjoyed it” Amanda said.

“It was humiliating to have them all see me” I said.

“Oh? Well you better hope we don’t need you to bring us more towels later” Amanda laughed.

The towels were adequate and I didn’t go near the group again. I went to my room and etched Tiffany’s topless image into my mind. I may have been humiliated in front of a bunch of girls, but it was worth it.

I was able to catch up on most of my work the next couple days. My step sisters still ogled me but let me alone otherwise. My stepmother was expected home anytime, the house was spotless.

At about four in the afternoon a car pulled up. I was near the entrance sweeping some last minute dust as my step mother came in, followed by Mrs. Wellington and her granddaughter. I stopped and froze as they walked in, I dropped the broom and they all looked my way. After a week I had almost forgotten what I was wearing.

Mrs. Wellington look like she might faint, her granddaughter though just smiled with bulging eyes. My stepmother was beside herself. “What on earth are you wearing?!?” She asked.

I bent down to get the broom, not realizing I was giving them an intimate view of my ass. I jumped up and tuned to face them. The young girl licked her lip while her grandmother daubed her forehead with a handkerchief.

Before I could answer my stepmother, Lori and Amanda came down. Seeing the scene they turned to run back up the stairs. “What is going on here?” their mother demanded, “Why is he undressed in the house?”

Realizing the explanation sounded better when they didn’t have to tell it to anyone, Amanda sheepishly said it was my uniform. My stepmother couldn’t stop herself and let out laugh, tears in her eyes. Mrs. Wellington was outside getting some fresh air, her granddaughter remained inside though.

My step mother regained her composure, “I will be grabbing a few things and heading to the airport. I will be home in 2 weeks. When I get back I do not want your brother wearing that ridiculous thing”. Much much quieter she added as she walked a circle around me “still, I like it, very appropriate”.

“See, I knew it” Amanda said.

“Just remember that he must not be wearing it when I get back.” Her mother repeated.

“Ok mom” Lori agreed. “Ummm can we have a party with some friends while you’re away?” She asked, changing the subject.

“That will be fine” She answered “just make sure the house gets cleaned”.

She dismissed me and I went upstairs to get some laundry.

An hour later my stepmother was gone again this time she took Tony with her, I was glad for that. I could do a little simple cooking and could order delivery; the girls would just had to get the door. I continued to wear my uniform, not sure when they would let me get rid of it. I figured they wanted a few more hours to have me on display for them. I was glad it would soon be over. Even after a week, it was still embarrassing to have next to nothing to wear in front of my sisters.

At about nine that night Amanda found me and told me to go to her room. “It’s about time” I thought. I followed her and found Lori there waiting. Amanda joined her on the bed where they sat arms crossed; reminiscent of the day they first made me wear that uniform.

“Well, are you ready to say goodbye to your uniform?” Lori asked.

“I sure am” I said enthusiastically.

“Wow, I’m surprised. I thought you’d be a little more reluctant” Amanda said.

“Why would I be? I hated that thing” I said.

“Sis”, Lori said “I don’t think he gets it”.

“What’s not to get” Amanda asked. “He was there, he heard mom”.

I didn’t have any idea what they were talking about. “Can I talk off this stupid uniform or what?” I asked.

“Of course you can. That’s why you’re here” Lori answered “Actually right now would be a good time. So get to it”.

My head spun. “WHAT? You want me to take it off in front of you? You want me humiliated one more time before things go back to normal?”

“My dear brother, there is a new normal now.” Lori went on. “This is what mother wants. So take off your uniform before I lose my patience”.

“Mother said she didn’t want me wearing it when she got home, that I better not be wearing it… oh. Oh my god, no please. I’ll be naked”.

“Yes you will” Amanda said.” Now listen to Lori. Or do we have to share the Tony video.”

“You still have that?” I asked.

“Of course, we watch it all the time, just not always together. My favorite part though is what you did to mother. That’s the part that makes me lock the bathroom door if you know what I mean”.

Lori playfully slapped her sister. “Don’t tell him that” She said. “So what’s it going to be?” she continued, “You will take off your uniform right now or do all of our friends will get a video right to their phones?”

I wondered if that included Tiffany. What would she think watching me get taken by Tony? I couldn’t take the chance she would do it and I knew if I didn’t do it then, I would cave soon enough.

When they saw I was going to do it they adjusted themselves on the bed to have a more comfortable view. I grabbed the string on my right side and slowly pulled the knot loose. I held both strings in my hand. “Do really I have to?” I asked one more time.


I untied the other string and pulled off the pouch, I let it fall to the floor. And just like that, I was nude, on display for my two step sisters. While Amanda had gotten a look before, she had never seen it hairless, and this was the first time Lori saw my cock.

“Look at the way it just hangs there” Lori spoke first.

“I never saw it so open. I mean without any hair it looks bigger” Amanda said.

“Yea, good job on keeping it cleanly shaved. We don’t ever want to see stubble” Lori said to me.

I wanted to die. The difference between wearing a pouch and clothes seemed huge but it was nothing compared to the difference of just a pouch and nothing at all. They could see everything.

They got up and walked over to me, taking a good look as they walked past me. I didn’t turn; they had the familiar view of my butt, one of them pinched it. “And to answer you before you ask” Lori said as they both left the room, “Always and Never”. I stood alone for a minute, letting my situation sink in. I walked out of Amanda’s room and down the hall, through the house with nothing on. I was glad that Tony wasn’t going to be around.

It was hard to continue doing my housework naked. Even in an empty room I felt like I was being watched; and more and more I wasn’t in empty rooms. My step sisters seemed to need to be wherever I was or needed me even more often than usual to do a job for them.

The two of them went for a stroll when I was mowing the lawn ,they needed fresh air when I washed the car, they decided to tan in their bikinis when I was cleaning the pool and they actually both felt the need to hold the chair I stood on to change a light bulb and one of them actually squeezed my balls while I was looking up.

By the second day of my forced nudity I still felt powerless around them. Their attention started to get to me though; I seemed to have a perpetual erection. It ached, but I wasn’t allowed to do what I needed to do to make it go away.

That afternoon they came into the laundry room where I was folding clothes. They were glad to see me already erect for them. I couldn’t help it; I hadn’t come since the day I got the uniform well over a week past and having to be naked all the time on top of holding and folding their panties. But they weren’t there simply for entertainment.

“You have to have the whole house clean for tonight’s party” Amanda said.

“What party?” I asked.

“You remember mother said we could have a party while she was gone.”Lori informed me. “Make sure the pool is clean too in case people want to swim”.

“Oh, and it starts at 8 o’clock.” Amanda went on, “really 8” she laughed a bit.

“And you can be there too, in fact we need you there to help serve.” Lori finished as they both took one more stare before going out to get new clothes to wear. I wished I had something better to wear than my old jeans, but it would still be fun to be at a party for a change and nice to just be wearing something again. I hoped Tiffany would be there too. I remembered her at the pool house then cursed myself for getting myself excited again.

The house was spotless, it had taken a while to get everything done but I made it. It was nearly 8 o’clock and the girls were getting ready. I went up to my bathroom and got in the shower, I heard the bell ring but Lori ran by yelling that she’d get it. The guests were arriving, I was glad there wasn’t going to be a repeat of the pool party.

I got dressed and went downstairs. It felt odd to have clothes on. I was in the kitchen when Amanda walked in. “What are you doing?” she asked.

“What do you mean?” I asked. “You said you needed me at the party”.

“We said you can come to the party but we didn’t say you should have clothes on”.

“Well, I just figured since there were a lot of people…and you wanted me to help serve them…” I said, trailing off.

“Yes you will be serving our guests” She said, “But you will be doing it nude”.

Just then Lori walked in. “What’s he doing dressed? Is he joking? Most of our guests are here and people are getting thirsty”. She looked at me, “We’re letting you come to our party but you still have to follow house rules. Always and never, remember? Now get naked and do your job”.

“Hurry up, I don’t like seeing you like that” Amanda said, not too happy and even upset with not being able to see me naked.

In the kitchen I stripped naked, the fact that my sisters were there watching me take off all of my clothes made it more difficult but what made my heart sink was the idea that there was a room full of girls that I’d have to walk into. Being used to facing the inevitable, I picked up the tray and headed to the living room.

Lori and Amanda looked me over and went in before me. At least my extreme nervousness made my erection disappear. The moment before following my sisters in, I wished for the days when I had a uniform.

I went through the door and made my way among the girls. Lori and Amanda stood near the door to the kitchen just watching. At first no one seemed to notice, but then one by one conversations fell silent, then whispers turning to exclamations, “oh my god! he’s naked!”. Most of the girls were as sheltered as my step sisters and probably had never seen a naked boy before. I was sure they were all still virgins.

Everyone stopped what they were doing, there had to be at least twenty of their friends in the room. Most of them had been there they day at the pool. If they thought they gotten an eye full then, they were surprised now. Lori and Amanda watched the scene with amusement.

My face felt hot, I felt all eyes on me. I stood still having nowhere to go where I would be less exposed. I realized that my step sisters hadn’t told their friends that I’d be naked. My state was a shock to them making the initial realization and my humiliation last longer.

I tried to act like nothing was going on, I continued to go around the room asking various girls if there was anything I could get them. I got some dirty remarks and had my butt grabbed a few times. I was thrilled to note that Tiffany wasn’t there. As I walked around people would stop talking and watch my dick go by.

I couldn’t believe this could happen. My body was on display for 20 girls… 21 I thought as the bell rang. Just as I was starting to get over what was happening there would be yet another person to see me naked for the first time.

I went to the front door and opened it. There were three girls standing there chatting, Tiffany was among them. Their talking ceased as they took in the view. Their eyes went from my face to chest to my balls. Tiffany was the only one to look back up at me, into my red face. I shrugged my shoulders having nothing I could say. The size of her smile told me what her initial thoughts were.

Lori came over to greet the new arrivals. She introduced me and told them that I’d be their server for the night. The girls sounded excited and told my step sister that she was awesome. Two of them ran to Amanda giving hugs and greetings. Tiffany stayed behind, “Wow” she remarked.

She crossed her arms and took a small step back to get a fuller view. “So this is the rest of you huh?” she said, having a little fun with me. “Kind of makes us even”. As she looked, my excitement overcame my nervousness and my dick grew. She watched as it got semi-hard and then fully erect. “Wow” she repeated and walked into the party.

I continued to make my rounds bringing drinks and holding trays of food, since Tiffany’s entrance my hard-on hadn’t subsided. And as the night went on the girls got more comfortable and started to take advantage of their superior positions and my state. Many of them chose to remain seated on the couch so my privates would be eye level when I came over. But the worst were those that would sneak a squeeze of my balls or a grab of my cock when I was distracted.

At one point when I found myself in a close group; I felt hands all over me, some were less than gentle and a few were actually stroking me, probably wanting to see a guy cum. I couldn’t move in any direction. Then I felt one hand wrap tightly around my solid shaft and pull, like a dog on a leash. I had no choice but to follow.

Once I cleared the crowd I went to protest angrily; but my feelings instantly changed when I saw that the hand belonged to Tiffany. Our eyes met. “Your sisters asked me to rescue you” she said, not letting go of me. “I don’t they liked seeing you touched like that. Maybe they were jealous” she teased “I know that in my case I was”.

She pulled me again, into the big empty dining room. It was dark and quiet in there. “You are such a great brother for doing this for them.” She said, pulling me closer to her. My heart was beating so hard I couldn’t speak enough to tell her I was forced.

“Amanda asked me, her best friend to get you out of there. I think they felt they could trust me alone with their naked brother” she said so softly, giving my dick a firm squeeze. “I still can’t believe you’re fucking naked.”

I swallowed hard and asked “they can trust you?” I couldn’t believe I was alone with Tiffany and she was holding my cock in her hand.

“No” she answered drawing a design on my bare chest with her free hand, “you see they don’t know that you saw me topless and owe me”.

“I owe you” I said, capable of nothing but repeating her words.

“Oh yes, the day in your pool house, when you saw my tits. Before we got interrupted, you were about to make us even by getting naked for me. Now here you are, naked.”

She ran her finger nails up my shaft, sending a sensation through my body.

“I saw your tits, I was going to get naked” I said robotically, mesmerized by her words and her eyes staring into mine.

“Do you want to see them again?” she asked, letting go of me to pull up her top. She wasn’t wearing a bra this time; she took my hand and put it on her breast. I thought I was dreaming. I gently pinched her nipple and she moaned in a low voice.

“Now you have to make us even” she said.

“What do you want me to do?” I managed to ask.

“I want to see you touch yourself” she said taking my hand from her chest and putting in on my dick.

I immediately complied, with no reluctance or embarrassment. I had been hard for hours and was already set to explode, but I really wanted Tiffany to have a good show so I did my best to not cum too fast. I watched her face as she saw me stroke myself. I stopped a few times to make it last longer. She made no attempt to stop me from seeing her fist sized tits. Or that she had her hand up her skirt.

She could see that I couldn’t hold off any longer and came close to me. She reached down and cupped my balls. She felt them pump out the first long stream of cum. She watched me erupt; white lava spilling out of my head and down my cock and over my hand. When I was done and my dick started to shrink, she wiped her finger on the drop at my tip and licked it.

“Thank you” She said, kissing me on the cheek and leaving the room.

I stood in front of the big puddle on the floor in disbelief. I quickly went to clean it up before my step sisters went looking for me. A minutes or two later I was back in the living room, they were there and saw me come in. They gave me a suspicious look.

It was getting very late and most of the guests had left. I continued to serve those still there but found that after what had happened I barely noticed the way I was being stared at. And with a smaller crowd, the girls were better behaved. Tiffany was the last to leave, she stood talking to Amanda and Lori well after everyone else had gone. The three of them chatted and watched me clean up; until Tiffany had to go home and my sisters went to bed.

It was early the next morning when I was bringing the girls their breakfast. I opened the door to Amanda’s room and went in. She was still sleeping; I stopped in my tracks. I saw that her covers had come off and her small night gown was raised enough to show me that she wasn’t wearing underwear. I stood for long seconds holding the tray, looking at my step sister’s naked butt.

It looked so firm and smooth and unblemished. My heart raced and my cock rose. I imagined what it would feel like to get behind her and slide my dick into her. I found myself quietly putting down her tray and taking my cock into my hand. I slowly stroked myself watching her sleep, hoping she would roll over or move her legs to let me see more. I didn’t get far when Lori walked in. She walked quietly; I didn’t even know she was there at first.

She walked up to me from behind and stopped. I gasp and stopped jerking off, hoping that from the back she wouldn’t know what I was doing. She came up to me in her thin night gown and pressed up against my back. Putting her hand on my shoulder she whispered in my ear that last thing I expected her to say: “Don’t stop”.

I swallowed hard and held my cock too nervous to move. I looked through the corner of my eye. Lori was looking down at my solid dick, then she looked up to meet my eyes. Staring into them she wrapped her hand around mine and stroked me. “She’s pretty hot, isn’t she?” She whispered.

I didn’t answer. I didn’t know what was going on, was this a trick? Was I going to be punished? But I could see the desire in her eyes; she meant what she said.

“I don’t understand” I said to her.

“Our sister, she has a great body. I’ve seen it” She explained, still holding me but not jerking it. I silently agreed with her of course but thought it odd that she was saying it. “Or do you just mean this?” she asked giving my member a squeeze.

I had no words to say. I just nodded. And she chucked.

“At the party last night… we realized what we were missing out on. We have our own naked boy. We had to have Tiffany get you away from those other girls. We didn’t like sharing. Tiffany is kind of like family so it was ok when she told us what happened. Still, I was sorry I missed it”.

She stopped talking and looked over at Amanda. I followed her gaze to Amanda; she had rolled over exposing her unshaved front, I gasped with surprise. I noticed Lori looking at her sister the same way I was. “I told you” she said “and she feels as good as she looks”.

She could tell I was lost. “Girls get curious sometimes. And well, until recently, until we had you nude all the time we never really thought of you as …” she trailed off and started again, “we helped each other with certain things.” My older, evil step sister was holding my cock, nothing she said should have surprised me at that point but I was shocked. Maybe this even explained why Lori had been so hostile towards me, feelings she didn’t know how to handle.

Amanda woke up; slowly at first, then seeing me and Lori standing there looked puzzled. She looked at herself and quickly covered-up. Yet she didn’t get mad, she blushed and sat up. Lori released my dick, left me and sat on the bed next to her sister. Without being told I walked up to the bed. Neither of my sisters took their eyes off of me.

Amanda put her arm up and reached out. She let the tips of her fingers run along my erection. Lori reached out too and held my balls, lightly squeezing and pulling on them. They felt me for the first time, taking their time exploring me. “Now will you show us what you do in the shower?” Lori asked. It wasn’t an order or command, it was a plea.

I didn’t hesitate, without any feelings of embarrassment I took one step back and gave my two sisters a show. They watched me jerk-off, mesmerized; Amanda had seen the finale before but not the act and this was totally new to Lori.

She didn’t know it at first but I could see that Lori wasn’t wearing panties either. When she noticed that I was looking she didn’t cover herself, instead she slowly spread her legs, just enough to let me see her pussy. Lori didn’t shave hers either. Amanda noticed and reached across and put her fingers on her big sister’s pussy. Lori reciprocated and started rubbing Amanda; I could tell that it wasn’t new to them.

I continued to slide my hand along my dick; slowly, to stop from coming. The girls were both moaning loudly sometimes watching me and sometimes looking at each other and sometimes even closing their eyes. Lori stopped and pulled off Amana’s night gown, then her own; I saw their perfect tits for the first time in my life. Amanda’s were a bit bigger than Tiffany’s and Lori’s were much bigger than her’s but still firm. Any size, they were beautiful to look at.

They both touched the other’s hard nipples. Lori moaned again when hers were pinched and pulled. My two sisters were naked too now, naked in front of me. The sight got me to the edge; no slow motion would stop me from exploding in front of them. Amanda could see it in my face; two more seconds and …

“STOP!” she yelled, she told me to stop masturbating when I was on the verge of orgasm. By habit of knowing they were always in charge of me I stopped immediately. I could have passed out. Only a small drop of cum appeared on my head.

“Oh no” I thought, “Was this all a cruel joke to make me beg to cum? Or did they think we crossed a line we shouldn’t have?”

“I know we said we wanted you to do what you do in the shower, BUT” Amanda said.

“BUT??” I thought “oh no”.

“But” she continued, “right now I want to see something else. Show us what you did to mother in the kitchen”.

“What? REALLY!?” I asked, not believing her.

“Please” Lori finished for her.

I knelt down sitting on my feet; Lori sat at the edge of the bed looking down at me. Her face was flush; I could see the anticipation and her excitement. I looked between her legs at her wet pussy. Amanda set her face right next to mine, one hand on my head and the other resting on her sister’s thigh. I leaned forward and inhaled deeply as my body took in the sensation of having Lori’s pussy on my tongue.

“Oh My GOD” she screamed, “he’s better than you Amanda”. I ate my step sister’s pussy while her sister watched closely. I could see through the corner of my eye that she was playing with herself. Lori held her legs straight up as I worked on her. The feeling of her wet lips against mine was so erotic, my cock stayed erect wishing it could take the place of my face.

I didn’t stop or let up when Lori came; her body was writhing and squirming. She was still gripping the sheets a minute later. I know that I could have stood up at that moment and slid my cock into her without protest. I didn’t though and knew there was another job to do.

Amanda took Lori’s place on the bed; she didn’t sit up but laid back with her head on the pillow and her arms behind her head; she spread her legs as far as they would go. My little sister spread nude on the bed; jeez I wanted to lay between her legs, I wanted to fuck my sister so bad.

Instead I pleased her as I did Lori. My chest was on the bed with the rest of me hanging off; Amanda’s pussy on my mouth. I sucked her clit and nibbled it a bit; my hands were feeling her bare tits. I tried different things on her until she gave me a loud indication that I hit it just right. At first Lori was watching as Amanda had, but then moved out of my limited line of sight for a few moments.

“Now I want to try what you did with Tony” she said. She was somewhat behind me and I couldn’t see her. The mention of Tony and the bent-over position I was in set off an alarm in my head. But I couldn’t stop eating Amanda’s pussy; it felt so great to have her legs wrapped around my head, Tony himself could have been there and I wouldn’t have cared.

I felt her finger lightly touch my hole, but she didn’t push it in, she just played and tickled it a bit. Her touch sent a chill up my spine. My heart was beating as I imagined Lori behind me with a wet dildo or a strap-on. But instead of feeling a toy on my ass, I felt her hair on my chest, then my stomach.

The very moment I realized which part of my encounter with Tony she was recreating, I felt her warm mouth engulf my hard cock. My excitement was muffled by Amanda’s pussy. I felt Lori sliding her lips along me; then switching to licking it up and down. I couldn’t have imagined how good that would feel. I had never gotten a blow job before; and now Lori, my tormentor was doing it to me.

My tormentor… at that moment I couldn’t remember a single bad thing either of them had ever done. If someone had told me that it would have all come to this, I would have done twice the work doing cartwheels.

Lori was sucking my dick but there was no way for me to prolong it, I lasted about 5 minutes before my dick twitched and shot a load into Lori’s mouth. She had no experience and didn’t sense what was about to happen, if she even knew WHAT was about to happen. She jumped back and swallowed, watching me shoot out three more long streams as I reflexively took hold and stroked myself.

I continued to jerk myself dry, never stopping the oral treatment I was giving Amanda. Lori squeezed my head when I was done, taking the last drop onto her middle and forefingers. She stood up and knelt on the bed, putting her wet fingers near Amanda’s lips.

My younger step sister opened her mouth and I watched her eat my cum from Lori’s fingers. Lori rubbed her fingers, wet with her sister’s saliva around Amanda’s erect nipples then leaned in and sucked on one of her breasts. Amanda let out a scream of ecstasy.

She pulled my hair as waves of orgasm ripples through her body.

All too soon the girls grabbed their night gowns and covered up. I had never really gotten a good look at their full nudity since my face was buried nearly the whole time, now they were preventing me from seeing more. Having me see them without clothes was new to them and obviously something they hadn’t planned.

I, on the other hand had to remain nude for them. One thing was different tough, they said I could stay and share their now-cold breakfast with them. I was shocked when Lori stood up and got the trays without waiting for me to get them; it was the most amount of work I had ever seen her do and I don’t think she even realized she had done it.

“Thanks” I said.

“Oh, sure” she answered, seemingly surprised that she was doing it.

We sat and ate and I stared at them in their night gowns, remembering what lay just beneath. Amada looked thoughtful when she got up and asked Lori to join her in the bathroom; I don’t know if my stares made them feel uncomfortable but after several minutes they returned to Amanda’s room, now fully clothed; apparently having made a stop in Lori’s room.

Again I was the only naked person. With all that had just happened, I began to ask a question to which Lori answered, “You know the house rules, you must stay naked while doing house work, and you brother, still have a lot of work to do. So we get to keep having our naked boy. In fact” she went on looking at Amanda for a second “why don’t you get started now.”

Dismissed, I left the room, buck naked; thinking that the awesome morning was going to be a one-time thing.

The house was quiet for a while, I was erasing the remainder of the party from the house when I looked over and saw both Amanda and Lori standing at the doorway holding laundry baskets in front of them.

“What’s going on? What are you doing? I asked. I could only see their feet and legs and their bare shoulders. They looked very nervous and didn’t answer for a few seconds. Then, after looking at each other, said “We umm, just thought you might need a little help today.”

And with that they bent down leaving the baskets on the floor. They stood up revealing their full frontal nudity. I stared at them from where I was; a full view of my naked step sisters. They continued “and well, house rules.”

So they stayed and helped me clean the party mess; and true to the “rules” stayed nude the whole time. I could tell that they were embarrassed to be naked in front of me but still very excited, exposed so completely and for so long. They liked that they didn’t have to guess at what I was feeling, they could see how excited it made me to have them nude.

The house had never looked so good. The three of us looked for more things to clean and more work to do as long as it meant having to stay naked. Over the next couple days, with the help of my step sisters I did all there was to do.

They came in and smiled as they handed me a bag with new clothes in it. I put them on, being clothed in front of them for the first time in almost 2 weeks. It felt weird to me. I knew though that there would be work to do at some point and I was actually looking forward to it.

The next morning I woke to see both of my sisters in my room. Amanda was holding a tray; they were both naked again and now shaved clean. “We thought you’d might like breakfast” she said. She put the tray down on a desk but didn’t bring it over; instead they climbed into the bed on either side of me.

No one spoke. Lori put her mouth against mine and our tongues danced. Amanda held my dick, feeling it grow, in moments I was hard. She jerked it and played with my balls; Lori stopped kissing me and hovered over me, dangling her breasts just above my lips. I reached up with my mouth and tasted her tit. As I sucked on Lori’s tits, Amanda took everything to a new level. Straddling me she held my rigid cock straight up and sat on it.

I felt her warm pussy swallow my member. My step sister started fucking me. It was the first time for either of us and we moaned together. Lori watched my dick disappear into her sister. She knelt over my face and lowered herself; allowing me to eat her while she faced Amanda.

They played with each other’s tits and kissed each other vigorously on the mouth. Amanda was bouncing on me, sending my cock deep inside of her; she was screaming loudly. Amazingly she came first and rolled off of me, she laid there out of commission for a while.

I grabbed Lori and threw her gently onto the bed. I climbed on top of her and looked into her yearning eyes as I slid into get. She bit her lip and closed her eyes. Wrapping her legs around me, she controlled my motion. I stopped for a moment and looked down to see me half inside of her, I couldn’t believe I was fucking my step sisters.

This time I lost the race. I quickly pulled my dick out of Lori’s pussy and shot a hot stream of cum onto her chest and belly. Amanda had recovered enough to come over and lick it off of her tits as I licked her pussy. In a few minutes Lori added her own orgasm to ours.

Nothing was the same after that, except the standing house rule and even then, the one doing the work changed. It was a strange change of fortune to be relaxing in my new jeans watching a naked Amanda sweep the floor, or to be sitting with Amanda while Lori served us dinner with nothing at all on.

The very best though was the day we had a special guest over. Nothing could be better than sitting around the pool with my beautiful step sisters being served a refreshing drink by a very helpful and nude Tiffany. Watching her small tits bake in the sun or her bare bottom disappear into the house always made me want to go inside and do some house work.

You see, she had happened by one day and seeing the three of us skinny dipping together, needed an explanation. She seemed excited at the idea and at least finally understood the “uniform” and why I had been naked at the party. It didn’t take her more than an hour before she volunteered to fold some towels.

Before long I was watching Tiffany rolling around on the floor with my step sisters. Seeing three nude girls going at it gave me every reason to masturbate on the spot. But usually I joining them and having them make me cum was much better. Sometime one would suck my dick but more often I would get to lay back and watch and feel their three tongues sliding up and over and around my cock at the same time. Of course fucking Tiffany while my sisters watched was the best of all. She wasn’t shy and seemed to love the jealous looks on my sisters’ faces.

Only a little over two weeks had passed since I was first forced to go nude in front of my sisters and now I was whistling while I worked. I was in the game room dusting when I heard voices near door. Figuring Amanda and Lori were back from a shopping trip, I went to help.

But instead of one of my step sisters, Mrs. Wellington’s grand daughter was standing there. I had completely forgotten that my step mother was returning that day. The young lady was wheeling my step mother’s suitcase wearing a great big grin. “I just knew there would be something good to see if I volunteered to bring the bags in” She said looking at me like one of my sister’s friends at the party. I figured mine was her first dick. She took a nice long look. I didn’t try to hide or cover.

My step mother walked in and seeing me there simply put her thumb and forefinger on the bridge of her nose, warding off an incoming headache. “I don’t even know what to ask?” she said.

Amanda and Lori came running through the front door trying to stop a catastrophe, they were too late. “Please explain why my step son is buck naked in the foyer” she said. They had not planned on this and had no plausible explanation other than the truth.

“Well you see mother” Lori began, looking for the right words to say. “Hey umm where’s Tony?” she asked trying to change the subject.

“Oh, he got hit by a bus and a garbage truck in Europe, he’s dead” she answered “now please tell me what’s going on”.

Amanda finally answered her. “When we took off his uniform we didn’t give him a new one and we made a rule that whoever was doing chores or house work had to be naked”.

“Wow, I wish my brothers did chores” a certain forgotten granddaughter said, still enjoying my nude body. Everyone looked at her but then continued the conversation without addressing her comment, or asking her to leave.

“By ‘whoever’, do you mean that you two…” my step mother said pointing at her daughters “did house work? And did you…?”

“When we made the rule it was supposed to be just him” Lori explained. “but then we helped with stuff and, well had to obey the rule. So yes mother, we both did house work, in the nude”.

“Can I live here?” the outsider asked, blushing. I would have loved that, but my step sisters gave me a mock-dirty look when I put my thumb up. Just then Mrs. Wellington called for her granddaughter who took one more look at me and walked to the door. “See ya” she waved and ran out the door.

My step mother was mulling over it all. She remembered enjoying me and perhaps couldn’t blame her daughters for taking advantage they she had; though she didn’t know and never knew exactly how far it went. She didn’t change the rule.

I was still constantly without clothes in and out of the house, and my sisters still helped with some work. I never got tired of seeing their naked bodies. A week later though something strange happened. I went into my step mother’s room to bring her clean sheets. Naturally I was nude.

She was there ironing a blouse, and she wasn’t wearing anything. I saw her huge bare tits and dropped the sheets. She saw me look and nervously said “I decided it might be fun to do my share around the house” She turned off the iron and stood it up on the board.

“It’s not easy seeing you naked around the house all the time” she said “makes me miss the days when I had to stop you from being bad in the shower”. I watched as she walked from behind the ironing board towards me, her gorgeous tits and shaved pussy coming closer; my own nude body betraying my thoughts.

I swallowed hard with an audible gulp. I had never seen my step mother naked like this before. She stopped a few feet from me, eyeing my growing erection. “There’s something I think I owe you.” she said, slowly getting to her knees and then leaning on her hands. “Would you please show your step mother what it’s like to get fucked in the ass?” she finished, looking back at me; her ass staring at me.

I wondering how much she wanted to know what it was like and how much she wanted to make up for the past. Getting baby oil from her bathroom I stood in front of her and let her see me lube my cock, preparing it to penetrate her ass. She remained on her hands and knees watching, patiently waiting for me to fuck her. I could tell she was very nervous.

When I was ready I got behind her. I spread her cheeks and got her hole ready with my wet tongue. Her body jumped with the sensation of having her butt hole licked. I held my dick straight out with one hand and used my free had to hold her in place. We both moaned as I slowly led my cock into her.

She screamed as I went faster; pulling her towards me with my hands on her hips. Occasionally I’d stop while inside of her to reach down and fondle her hanging tits.

She lifted one of hands and rubbed her pussy as I pounded her ass. It felt so good to be stretching my step mother’s hole, having her below me. She got herself to an orgasm but still wanted me to keep sliding my dick into her ass as long as I could. Then, just as Tony did to me, I buried my cock as deep as I could into her and let my balls empty themselves. I pulled out and just sat on the floor.

My step mother turned around and crawled over to me. She pushed me onto my back and kissed me passionately on the mouth. “Thank you” she said as she got up. She leaned down and took hold of my sleeping dick, goading me to get up with her. She led me into her bathroom that same way Tiffany had gotten me into the dining room at the party. For the first time, but not the last, I showered with a family member. This was a different kind of inspection. We washed each other all over; I covered her breasts in soap and watched them reappear over and over.

Days went by; the new school year was approaching. I realized Amanda and Lori would be going away soon. I felt sad knowing I would miss them. It had been the best summer of my life. They would be home as many weekends as they could and I was going to make sure I gave them the best homecoming each time.

Some of our investments really paid off. Then money was no longer an issue. We even talked about hiring housekeepers but didn’t think we’d find anyone who could obey house rules, besides my sisters wanted to make sure I had SOME work to do when they were home.

I would be going to a new school as well. It was a private school… all boys. But I’d be home each day. My step mother apparently wanted me to stay; it would be just us, alone in the house. Someone had to do the cleaning while she watched. I think my step sisters got a little jealous knowing I’d be home naked in front of their mother.

I wondered if she would keep the house rule, even when having lady friends over for tea.

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