Coimbatore sex with a stranger after getting number in busstop

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Hi all, I’m raj.
My short 2 nd story. I now live in coimbatore. I love to have sex. But to my fate I’m still single.

So i try to correct ladies and strangers and have secret sex.

My attempt will fail mostly. But this time it got success with a lady standing in bus stop.

I was standing beside her. She was short and charming and turning here and there.

I kept seeing her at one point our eyes met. And from then she started seeing me once in every 5 sec. I went so close to her. She started to smile instead of getting angry. Green signal.

I used to have my number written in paper along with me always. I gave it to her just by touching her hand. When I passed the paper to her my hand touched her hand and both our body shivered a second.

After passing paper to her I moved one step back. She turned and saw me and opened the paper. Seeing my number she gave a smile. And I smiled back.

Then her bus came and she left the place. And after 3 days when I was in office I got a call from unknown number. And I attended it.

It was like a prank call. I dint understand anything she was telling u asked for a maid I have a person I said wrong number and cut the call.

Then after few mins I got call from same number again and she said na yaaru theriutha..

I said no. I’m busy no time to play. She just said free aitu call pannu. And cut the call.

I was surprised. And lite a strike aachu avala irrukum ooo nnu.

Then in lunch hour I called and asked where u hot the number. She said bus stand la oru nai kuduthuchu..

Then I confirmed and started talking to her. She said I’m I’m on my way to bus stop. And I said I’m coming.

We met there again. And we talked a little there share info on each other and she said she likes me. I was happy. She said purusan veliya pona appo saturday call panran.

And gave the address.

She called and I went.

To describe her. She was short 5 feet than irrupa. And normal body. White. But me 6.1 bulk body.

I went to her home. She called me in and made me sit in a chair. And she directly sat on my lap. She was in same black. Saree.

She asked is she looking ok. And I said illati na yen vara poran.

And then was speaking little time and I was just rubbing her thigh.

She was giving reactions to me for it. And after few mins I came to know that I was rubbing her thigh directly and her saree has come up till thigh.. She was looking for a good fuck.. Which she said directly to me and she asked me to remove my pant and she took lolly pop in her mouth.

And she was an expert in it. I should agree

She asked if I like it. I loved it.

And then I made her sit in tat chair and kneeled down and licked her pussy. She had shaved and superbly washed it. She asked me if I’m feeling any smell. I said noo. And she said she washed for me nu. I really hugged her and licked it more and more.

She was lying on my back when her boobs pressed on my back.

Then took condom and asked me to fuck her. I just lied on her after putting condom and fucked her. Just by lying on her. She said she liked tat position the most. We fucked for 20 mins and I came. She said enough for today. And her hubby can come any time. So will call me again after few days.

To tell review on it or to contact me plz mail to [email protected]

All comments are welcome.

Thank you

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