Daughter satisfies daddy

Summer is here and wouldn’t you know it, the air conditioning at the house has gone out, again! Summers in the south aren’t typical year to year and this summer was no exception. Thank goodness the pool in the backyard was ready. Until we get AC, my days will be consumed keeping cool in the pool! My mom was the real lucky one in all this. She left yesterday for a job related conference in New York. She’s a photographer and my dad is a set designer. They met while working together on a well known swimsuit magazine location.

Some vitals about us first. My mom, Tish, is 42 and could pass for a college cheerleader. Her measurements are 36D 25 35 and her breasts are showing no signs of sagging. She works out every day and looks amazing. She is 5 ft 6 inches tall with long blonde hair that reached her butt and it was very thick. My dad, Robert, is 44 and he works out with mom so, needless to say, he is in great shape as well. My dad is hung. I say this because He wears a speedo in the pool and it strains to hold him in. I figure he is packing a good eight inches and it is thick. My name is Sandy and I am a freshman at our local college. I’m 5ft 3 inches and my measurements match my moms.

So my mom had left yesterday for an out of state conference, my dad was at the studio building the next photo shoot set and I was home floating in the pool, working on a killer tan. Getting out of the pool, I looked around to ensure no one could see me and I slipped my thumbs in the sides of my tiny yellow thong and slipped it down my legs then stepping out of it. As I stood up, I felt a tingle in my pussy that sent a shiver over my body. Without stopping, I reached for the strings tied behind my back and pulled, releasing my breasts. I pulled the top of my bikini over my head and let it fall in a lounge chair. I loved the feel of the breeze against my body. I reached for my towel and stretched across the ground next to the pool then laid face down to get maximum sun on my ass.

Just as I was about to doze off, I heard the side gate to the back yard open then close. I could hear someone working just around the corner of the house so I assumed it was the AC repairman. I lay still as if asleep and, facing towards the sound, slightly opened my eyes to see if anyone was watching. I added some spice to the setting by letting out a small moan as I rolled over, ass down. I felt my nipples harden as the breeze, mixed with sun and exposure to whomever may walk around the corner. My head was spinning with dirty thoughts of some older man, standing around the corner jacking off to the sight of a young, tanned, naked female, soaking up some sun.

My thoughts were broken as I heard the back sliding door open and I heard my dad’s voice speaking to someone on his cell phone. He couldn’t see me because of the shrubs my mom had the gardener put in several years ago for privacy purposes. My dad walked around the corner of the house and I could hear him discussing the problem with the repairman. Moments later, the gate opened and I thought they both went out.

I was, at this point, in a dither. The sun, my nakedness and the possibility of being caught had my pussy aching for attention. I reached down to my pussy with my right hand, hand closest to the pool, and slipped two fingers in my wet cunt. Pulling them almost out, I sunk them back in as they were coated in my sweet juices. My left hand found my left nipple and began tweaking it. Within a few minutes I felt my body start shaking as my orgasm flowed through me. I let me head turn slightly to the left to find my dad standing at the corner of the house with his hand over his obvious hard on. Seeing him standing there extended my orgasm but I kept my eyes slightly open so he could not tell if they were open. As my orgasm subsided, I rolled back over, face down, and remained still as if asleep.

Moments later, I heard the sliding door open and close then my dad’s voice, “Sandy, are you out here.”

I said “by the pool” and raised up on my elbows, still naked.

He came around the side of the bushes, “there’s my girl!” My family, while not nudists, has never been modest, so me being naked in front of my parents was not a big deal. Seeing my dad’s huge erection in his work pants said otherwise. “Looks like the AC won’t be fixed for a few days. The part needed had to be ordered.”

I replied, “I guess this will be my attire till it’s fixed. The heat in the house was to great to wear anything at all.”

Dad said, “I’m okay with it and mom isn’t here to say otherwise.” Dad said, “If your going nude, I get to as well.”

“I’m okay with that, I said, without thinking.” With that, dad reached for the hem of his shirt and with one tug, he pulled it over his head and dropped it on the chair where I had put my bikini earlier. Next, he unbuttoned his work pants, unzipped his fly, and pushed his pants to the floor. Stepping out, he reached down, picked them up, then placed them on the chair. When he turned back towards the pool and me, I noticed he was partially erect. I watched as he walked right past me and dived into the pool. The splash of his dive fell across my hot back and felt like ice as it traveled down to the small of my back.

Across the pool my dad resurfaced and let out a shout of satisfaction to the feel of the water. I giggled when he shouted and my breasts jiggled underneath me. My sensitive nipples rubbed the towel and another shiver rocked my already wet pussy.

After a brief swim, dad ended up right next to me at waters edge. Without thinking, I rolled over on my side and asked,”Can we cook out tonight!”

He said “I don’t see why not.” As he said this I noticed he was no longer looking at my face but at my wet and slightly leaking pussy. ”

What do you want to eat?” I asked.

He said “steak sounds good, or just whatever.”

“Okay, I want sausage,” I said and that brought my dad’eyes back to mine. I noticed a red shade traveling through his cheeks and into his ears.

As dad moved to the left of me, he raised himself out of the pool enough to turn and sit on the edge of the pool. It was extremely noticeable that he was sporting a full 8″ hard on. He didn’t try to hide it as he leaned back with his arms behind him. I rolled from my side to my stomach and ended up about a foot from his erection. “What’s the problem dad?” I asked as I stared at his beautiful erect penis.

“Your body reminds me of your mom so I couldn’t help it.”

“It’s okay dad, I understand” I told him. “I’m flattered that I caused such a reaction” my stare still on his penis.

“I am one lucky man” he said “I have a knockout wife and a drop dead gorgeous daughter.”

I looked up at my dad and asked, “Dad, can I ask you something?”

“I know I look like mom and all but… ” my voice trailed off.

“But what?” Dad asked. “Sandy, is there something wrong?”

“No, well, I don’t think… I’m not sure.” I said looking back down at his hard penis.

“I’m met this guy at school and he asked me out.” I said in a soft voice

“So what’s the big deal? Did he try to get in your pants!?” He said with a much more authoritative voice.

“No dad, not yet.” Wait, did I just say that, I thought.

“What does that mean, not yet?” His eyes getting big and his cock jumping from his muscle flexing.

“Calm down dad” I said. “I’m 18 and in college now so some day soon I will have sex.” Have I lost my mind, I thought. Where is this bluntness coming from?

“So why are you telling me this?” He asked.

“Well dad, I don’t have much experience short of the self satisfying masturbation sessions and I figured you may be able to help me.”

Without hesitation he said,”sweetie, you know I’ve always been here for you, no matter what.”

“I know dad but you may not be after you here my request.” I said as I noticed a small drop of clear liquid form at the tip of his cock. His cock had remained hard since he first came out of the pool.

“I want to be able to… satisfy this guy, should the time arise.” I cleared my throat as I said this, eyes still glued to the drop of clear liquid on his cock.

“Let’s cut to the chase, Sandy. You want to be able to sexually satisfy this guy, should the time arise?” Dad asked with an eyebrow raised. “So, what do you have in mind?”

I could not form words. Was my dad agreeing to helping me learn to satisfy? After what seemed like an eternity, words came back to me and I said, “I at least know how to give a blow-job.” There, I said it. It’s out there now, no taking it back.

Dad sat silently for a minute then asked, “have you ever given a blow-job?”

“No, but I’ve seen movies and read books.” I said and in reality, I had given blow-jobs to my last two boyfriends and I was quite good at it. He didn’t need to know that, I just wanted to have his cock in my mouth and taste that drop of heaven on the end of it.

“Well” he said. “What do you know about blow-jobs?”

“Well, I know that, this is a cock.” I said as I took my left hand and reached for his rock hard cock. Dad jumped as my hand lightly squeezed him.

“Whoa!” He said, as his entire body jerked in reaction. “Okay, first rule. Warn me before you do something like that.”

“What’s wrong, did I hurt you? I asked as I released my grip and started to move my hand back.

“You did nothing wrong” he said as he grabbed my hand and placed it back on his hard cock. “You just caught me off guard.”

I looked up at him and our eyes locked. I slowly slid my hand to the base of his erection then slid it back up his shaft to his swollen head. As I reached the tip, my fingers made a circle motion and spread the clear liquid around his tip. Dad let out a gasp but never took his eyes off me. Without thinking, my tongue peaked out of my mouth and circled my lips while my fingers continued to circle his cock.

Gently, I let my hand slide back down his cock shaft and squeeze ever so slightly. Dad’s eyes rolled back in his head and his head fell back as I continued stroking his cock. As his head fell back, I took my cue and pulled my body closer to his thigh so that my mouth was inches from his cock. As I stroked his cock, I leaned it toward my mouth and as it came close, I stuck my tongue out and gently let it slide across the head of his cock, taking his clear juice. My dad let out a moan but never raised his head to see what I was doing. I took this as an opportunity to go to the next level.

As I slid my hand to the base of his cock, I opened my mouth and let the head of his cock enter my mouth. His head was almost a mouthful. When dad felt my mouth close on his cock, he jerked his head back up to see me staring right into his eyes. “Shit” was all he could say as he put his left hand on the back of my head. My tongue made small circles on his cock as my lips slowly moved to allow more of it in my mouth.

As I slid my hand to the base of his cock, I continued until I has caressing his balls. Dad let out a long, low moan and I felt his thigh tighten up. I raised up off the floor, put my right hand inside dads left thigh and pulled gently. He took the cue and swung his leg out to give me better access to his cock. With my now free right hand, I wrapped it around his shaft and continued pumping, left hand caressing his balls, and my mouth sucking his cock head.

Dad lay back on the floor and I increased the speed with my hand and my mouth widened to take more of his cock. As I pushed my mouth down his shaft, I could feel his cock touch the Bach of my throat. I put my hand at my mouth and pulled back off it to find that I had tKen almost half of dad’s magnificent cock in my mouth. I continued to pump his cock in and out of my mouth as I took my right hand and fondled my breast and tweaked my nipple. My other hand was driving three fingers into my sopping wet pussy. I was lost in lust. As I got lost in stimulating myself I missed my dad’s signals that he was about to cum. I felt his cock jump and then I felt his cum shoot the back of my throat.

I swallowed as fast as I could, he pumped cum in my mouth for several minutes. I tasted his cum in my mouth and knew it was better than anyone else’s. After this, I wanted no one else’s cum in my mouth. As he began to come down, I felt my orgasm take hold of me and my body locked in the position I was in. All I could do was say ” I’m… cu… cu cumming…!!

My body stayed in that position for what seemed like forever. As my orgasm subsided, I collapsed in my dad’s lap. His semi hard cock lay right next to my face, a drop of cum on the tip of his penis. I leaned into his penis and licked it off, savoring the last drop before swallowing.

We lay on the pool deck for an hour after that, basking in the final rays of the sun. Slowly we rose to our feet, gathered our clothing and proceeded into the house to prepare supper. Dad was so sweet as he “critiqued” my first blow-job. He was impressed at how quickly I made him cum when in reality I knew he would as he and mom haven’t had sex in what seemed like forever. I know this because mom is a very “vocal” person during sex. She would always call out my dad’s name every time she would have an orgasm, “Ro… bert… ro… bert…!” She would say at a level that, I’m sure the entire neighborhood could hear.

After supper, we settled on the couch and cuddled. Since getting up from the pool earlier, we had not put any clothing back on. There we were, full and naked on the couch. It seemed so natural as we lay there touching each other. Dad’s cock was hard again and I was stroking it as I lay at his side. He held me with one arm as his free hand caressed my breast. He told me that as a newbie to blow-jobs, there were som things I needed to know so I could get better at it. I smiled and said, “I’m all your, teach me please,”

Dad looked at me and smiled. “Don’t get me wrong honey, you did a great job. There were just a few things you need to think about.” He said,” guys like it more if you talk dirty to them as you blow them.”

“Like how?” I asked.

“Tell them how much you like their cock and moan with pleasure as you suck them.”

“Does the word cock make it better?” I asked.

“Yes, and tell them how their… ahem… ” Dad stopped as he cleared his throat.

“What? How sweet your cum tastes?” I asked, looking straight into his eyes, stroking his cock in my hand.

“Ye… yes” he managed to get out, as pleasure rushed through his body. “Just like that. Yeah, just like that.”

I slid down his body till my mouth was touching the head of his cock. While still stroking him, I opened my mouth and my hot breath got a low moan out of dad. “Mmm… ” With that, my tongue touched the tip of his cock and made slippery circles. I looked up at dad and his eyes were closed as he lay his head back on the couch. It was easy to see that he was totally enjoying this and I was definitely doing it right. I took as much of his cock into my mouth as I eased down his shaft. Caressing his balls, I pulled back almost letting his tip slip from my mouth only to bury it back in my mouth. I continued doing this till I felt his cock swell a little and I knew I was about to receive his hot, tasty cum as my reward.

With not as much as a moan, my dad released his load in my eager mouth. I let it fill my mouth this time before swallowing. It was all I could do to keep from losing this wonderful nectar but I tried. I began to swallow as my mouth reached capacity. Dad seemed to keep cumming as I swallowed load after load. Soon, he spent his last drop in my mouth and I hungrily swallowed it, never losing a drop. I was sort of proud of that and from the look on my now, smiling dad, he was too. “Honey, that was great.” He said as he pulled my up to meet him face to face. Our lips met and our tongues danced a dance that only lovers share. That night was spent on the couch as I gave my dad several more blow-jobs before we both fell asleep.

I was awakened to a wonderful tongue probing my pussy. At first I thought it was a dream but I moved my hands to touch my burning pussy I felt someone’s head. Opening my eyes, I was pleasantly surprised by the top of dad’s head. He was eating my pussy like it had never been eaten before. His tongue traveled from the back of my aching pussy all the way to my swollen clit. It was there that he took my clit in his mouth and sucked it hard. This took me over the edge and my body began to convulse with an orgasm. “Yes dad, eat my pussy, eat it good.” “Yes, that’s it. Suck me, suck you’re baby girl!” I said as my orgasm took over my body.

Once my orgasm subsided, dad and I continued to lay on the couch discussing our new found pleasure. “What’s mom going to think when she finds out?” I asked.

Dad thought for a minute then said, ” She may be okay with it but I might have to share you with her.” I’ve never thought of being with another woman, much less my mom, but now the thought made my pussy wet. I ran my left hand down my wet pussy and slipped two fingers in then brought them to my mouth and cleaned them off.

“Dad, do I taste like mom?” I asked as I wondered what I had in store.

“You taste just like her” dad said as he slipped two of his fingers in my wet pussy. He then took them to his mouth as he licked his fingers clean. As I lay there thinking of eating my moms pussy, my dad eased his way up my body, kissing very inch. He stopped when he got to my erect nipples and spent several minutes on each one, making sure they both got attention. He then proceeded to lift his body up with his arms and I felt the head of his cock stop at the opening of my pussy.

Slowly, dad pushed his cock head in my pussy and when the head popped inside, I gasped for air. “Oh God!” I shouted. “That feels so good!”

“Tell me if I hurt you or you want to stop.” He said as my dad would never do anything to hurt me.

“Ok” was all I could manage to say as I felt him push again and inch by inch, he filled my hot pussy. I felt completely full as my dad bottomed out in me. I wrapped my legs around his waist and held him near me. “Oh my God, can we stay like this forever?” I whispered as I felt his cock swell inside me. Dad raised up pulling almost completely out of me, stopping with his cock head at my lips then sinking back into me, filling me up.

For another fifteen minutes my dad drove his cock in me, pounding my pussy. Groans and moans filled the room along with the smells of hot sex. Dad was in a rhythm that could not be stopped and I was moaning in tandem. It felt so good, I forgot that the man on top was my dad. It was just my lover, is what I thought. As my pussy was taking a beating,

I felt my next orgasm take over and I let out a “Shit! I’M CUMMING!!”

To which I heard dad say, “I’m cumming too… aaaahhhhhh!” As we both came, I dug my nails in dad’s back and pulled them down toward his cute ass. This seemed to adjd to his orgasm as he let out an additional “uuuugggghhhh” and pushed his cock deeper in my sopping pussy. His cum oozing from around his cock.

Spent, we lay holding each other. My dad raised up and rolled off me saying he was going to cook breakfast and asked if I wanted anything. “No I’m just going to lay here an enjoy the after glow. “Dad” I shouted from the couch and he poked his head around the corner

“Yeah?” He shouted.

“I’ll take some pancakes with special sauce on them please.”

“Special sauce huh?” He chuckled and went back in the kitchen.”

After breakfast, dad and I agreed to stay naked for the rest of the time while we were home, until mom returned. The next few days were filled with sucking, fucking, eating and swimming. On our last day, dad and I spent most of the day in bed expiring each other’s bodies. That night, as we lay in their bed, we talked about how much fun we had and what all we would and would not tell mom.

We decided to tell her about our new relationship and dad was going to convince her to join our new naked lifestyle. The next morning i awoke and slipped out of dad’s bed and walked down the hall to my room where I hopped into my unused bed so mom would be none the wiser, till we talked to her. I was secretly hoping she would agree quickly so she and I could take our relationship to a new level. That would have to wait for another day though.

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