N- joy with sexy aunty

Hi 2 all i m monu 27 old from hr i m about near 6 ft tall average body Cllge student professionally medical student now i m doing self business . the story about my sexy aunty name manju she is a looking sexy in every outfit size 36 31 38and she 32 yrs old and mother of 2 childrens .

when she got married i was in 12 after that i join Cllge and live in hostel on holiday when i back 2 home she asked my Cllge life and others i had few relationship in Cllge life but just up orally sex but still virgin .

i like married lady sometimes she told m 2 go to shopping with her in city which is far 10km from our home And cool place for restaurant and movies and others .

she wear every types of clothes like jeans top leggings suit salwar specially patiala and looking hot n sexy .once she told to go with her for shopping for marriage in her hometown so we went. As that time winter season so she seat close to m on bike sometimes i put breaks i felt her round messive boobs on my back .we enjoy the shopping n eat something and returns on the shopping clothes r more so some begs r put front on bije fuel tank n some she hold on the way when putting break she hold my shoulder slowly riding as winter so we talk with eachother about personal and cllge life and later she hold the begs which r puts on fuel tank .she asked about my relationship in Cllge life at starting i don’t tell but later forcing her i told her about that after it she put her hand my thigh n rebbing i felt my something and eract penis n slowly she close to m that i felt the whole her breast on my back suddenly i put break n she hold my penis above the my jeans and sounding like Ohhh Ohhhhh haaaahaaa n suddenly she put away hand n nothing say .

When we far Away 2 km from our home she asked m about r u virgin suddenly i shock n silent she forced m to told later i said yes on that she react like ohhohohoho and reached home .next day i wake late and i came out from my room got freshen and asked my mom 4 breakfast and my mom say that she busy with pooja of God and order 2 my aunty to breakfast for m suddenly i felt something in my whole body that current goes to the body .when manju aunty cane with breakfast to she looks differently n smile go to house chores after 2days i went back to hostel n enjoy Cllge life with alot of fun .after 1 l complete my Cllge return to home for further life until waiting for result then it came i passed and whole family members enjoyed it with sweets at last my aunty eat m sweets with her own hand and rubbed finger on my lips looking in to eyes seductively .later i enjoy drinking with my frnds .About 1 am i return to home manju aunty saw me that i m too drunk don’t walk properly i go to bed fall asleep .in the morning i wake later at 10 am .after that i finding job but didn’t find a job .Later family says about doing own business so i start my business and busy with it .

One day manju aunty asked go with her for shopping if u r free i say yes then we go to shopping mall in another city on bike here a truning point, she wear black red suit in which she looking hot and sexy my aunty seat on bike close to m as we reached away from house she hold m tidely her boobs connect to my back n enjoying the ride she put hand on my thigh slowly moved toward my penis and rubbed it tidely my i also enjoy her movement and also rubbed her thigh after 1 hour we reach to mall . she hold my hand as we looking couple we finished later she said to bra section here she look at m and said that select colour for her i chose red and black bcoz of my favourite .after that we go to restaurant and eat drink .On the of home she said u r looking to hot l also say that u looking very hot but u look very and sexy in red or black bra and panty which i choose 4 u suddenly she say how can say that without see me in them so i say OK if agree then u show me at home OK she said . At evening we reach she say came to my room while members r busy i say OK Then i m go my room masturbating thinking of my aunty in my favourite color bra panty ,later i go to kitchen for water she washing dinner dishes no one there i hugged her from the back and kisses her on neck and ear lob and also pissed her boobs on clothes she told that wait for night .

At night she whatsup mthat came in my as my uncle is not hometown so i go to her i say show how u looking hot and sexy in that cloth she and went bathroom and came after 2 min wrapped towel on body she realsed towel on fourl dem she is looking very hot and sexy i go to and hugged her tidely and kissing on her lips wildly she also coprate m and slowly she removed my cloth i her .both r naked enjoy each other body parts i suck boob and kisses every where on her body parts she also bitting my nipple and go to bed roll over she suck my penis whole in her mouth with enjoy later i lick her cunt wildly after that whole night i fucked in many position this way i loose my virginity to my sexy aunty later we enjoy when we got time further in part any lady aunty connect me for enjoy and see haven on the bed

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