Bisexual relationship with bestfriend

I am gonna share my bisexual relationship with my bestfriend on this forum.I’m from Bangladesh.i like woman but.i have a bisexual relationship with my bestfriend for 10 years.It’s kind of mostly him fucking me.I’m like his girlfriend.we were in College.we were staying in boys hostel and in same room.we had two beds.but we joint it and made it one for bigger space.we used to talk about sex like boys do normally.he had great penis. Some days when his pent accidentally dropped i saw his penis.he was free minded person and extrovert.

One day his pent drooped down and he was like,”fuck,hy are you okay of i get naked infront of you?.i kind of used to like watching his i said,”its okay lts not like we didn’t saw each other naked ever.we are friends for a long time. ”

He said, “yh you are right dude.if you are comfortable being naked.its okay with me.”

i was kind of happy.because i liked watching his penis.from then he used to sleep naked sometimes.he told me it was comfortable for him and i knew that he love sleeping naked.i told him in funny way, ” you can sleep naked but dont cuddle with me at night hahaha”.he used to cuddle his long pillow.sometimes he used to cuddle me because he was afraid of at night when he cuddled me while Sleeping i loved his penis poking my ass.i let him cuddle me.he was night we were laying on bed and talking about sex stuff.he wanted to see my penis.i didn’t wanna show him.but he began to fight with me.he took my pant.i was laying naked on bed and he was over me.but he had pants on.i said you saw now give me my Pant.he said,”why? You are naked then why pants”.i was kind of liking naked infront of i said,”okay then I’ll sleep naked tonight happy you moron”.

i wasn’t ready what he was about to do.he took off his clothes and said,”then sleep naked together haha”.i was shocked but didn’t say anything.he was watching my penis and telling me that my penis was too small.i could measure because my penis was half of his penis.on midnight we were Sleeping.lights were off.i felt he was cuddling with me.i felt his penis was touching my ass.i told him to move.he said i slept like that.the next night when we were about to sleep.we were laying on bed.he asked me if we could sleep naked again.i said no.but he forced me.i loved sleeping the other when he pulled my pant i didn’t stop him.he took off his clothes and laid beside me.he cuddled with me.i asked him why he wanted to sleep like that.he told me that he felt yesterday that he was sleeping with a girl.i told him that no stop sleeping like that.but he grabbed me didn’t let me go.his penis was Between my legs and touching my balls.i got hard on.i laid like that.i was feeling great.his hand was on my belly.we were talking.i felt his hand was going on my penis.hs touched my penis.

He said,”hy you are hard on”,. I didn’t say anything.he said my penis was too small.he said how am i gonna satisfy woman with my penis.i said, “your penis is like big? Huh”. He said lets measure.he turned on the light.we were laying on bed and he said to measure his penis with my hand.i touched his penis.then i measured mine.then he touched my penis to measure.he said i was not fully turned on and he began to massage my penis ups and downs.i was loving it so i didn’t stop him.but after 20/30 second i couldn’t hold and cummed on his hand.i was ashmed.he was like what did i do.he went to washroom and cleaned his hand.he came back and said i need to work on my time.i was not talking.he said it was okay.somehow he convinced me to make him i gave him handjob.he cummed on my hand.that night we cuddled and slept.

If you want I’ll share more of my bisexual relationship here

Anyone has bisexual relationship Please share Your experience.

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