Physical love with Monty

As I reached a new destination in my life,even my class changed from B.A 1st year to 2nd year and there I got introduced with some guys as well as gals ,who failed to clear their yearly exam,so their promotion were held and a guy Monty,is my classmate.we got introduced in a college fest as … Read more

My lover’s sexual desires

As my sexual desires started mounting day by day ,I have studied sexual activities on mobile as I watched porn videos also,looking in it the way porn actress/actor have had physical relationship there ,I am a hot learner .so Swati ,a 22years gal with whiteish complexion,figure of 5’6feet and physique measures 32-25-36 ,is now a … Read more

My mom’s punishment

Hi everyone, It’s a nice evening for me (Swati)with my cousin Yogesh as we both have enjoyed sex but at last mom caught us doing so,as she came in my bedroom and that’s true that I was being fucked by Yogesh at that time,so no interruptions needed (read’Mom caught me with cousin). So being shy … Read more

Mom caught me with my cousin

Last 1-2 months have been memorable as I have lost my virginity with my classmate and than my lover Anuj and classmate Nikhil have enjoyed me together,really two cocks at a time give more pleasure and my sexy organs are getting hot as it’s growing big and glittering like a Swati have become a … Read more

Mom’s punishment late night sex

Hi readers, We both brother as well as sister have been caught while enjoying fuck and my mom have shown her anger to Swati have took a nice bath after a brief session of sex with cousin Yogesh,I put a night wear on my body without having a cover on it,no brassiere as well … Read more

A nice threesome

Swati Jain is enjoying her life with their friends Anuj as well as Nikhil,even my cousin Yogesh seduced me and lastly I got a monestar cock of Javed,a guy who is in physical relationship with my mom Urwashi.swati,a 22 years gal with whiteish complexion ,height of 5’6 feet,pair of lovely tits with sexy squared dome … Read more

Two guys made me whore

Hi everyone, It’s a nice morning as I wake up early and after having refreshment ,bath and breakfast ,left for college.swati,a 22 years gal is in her deep maroon leggings with sky blue crop-tops,as her lovely boobs looks like pair of big oranges,her sexy ass seems to be a big watermelon with a deep cut … Read more

Blackmailed mom – got cock

A late night Live sex show came to an end as I slept at 01:20 am and left my bed at 08:10 am as I took refreshment and than walk to dinning mom is drinking tea as she is sitting in balcony alone,now I sits near him on a chair as I smiled……. “Good … Read more

Sting operation in home

It’s a weekend as my college is closed and my dad as well as elder brother left for native village to deal with some local mom Urwashi as well as Swati(me)is in home and we both are sitting in terrace with cups of coffee.It’s a nice evening as I have thought to please myself … Read more

Cousin’s midnight affair

Swati Jain have got the much awaited physical love ,she is now in hunger and thirst for sex.a 21 years gal with a slim figure of 30-24-34 as well as sexy boobs and round shaped ass have got three cocks till today for love…..Nikhil,Anuj and cousin cousin is here as he is back in … Read more

Nikhil seduced me

Swati Jain is here to narrate her one more true incidence cum story,as I lost my virginity to Nikhil and than my lover Anuj fucked me thinking about my hymens break,he is a happy guy but he is not known to the facts but In anger ,I have lost my virginity to other than … Read more

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