Love trap from cute to slut – 1

Love trap from cute to slut – 1 This is Rohit from Tirupati I grow up in a different situation and become a therapist for free by profession (social service)and a small business to live my marriage life is not so happy in the matters of sex. I am now running 29 years old with … Read more

A man who loves to give and receive anal from women

Hello friends, I am 41 years old man from Chandigarh. I am into business and doing well in life. As everyone here is crazy for sex, I am also one of them. I am married now and have kids too. This story happened before my marriage, I had a GF who was married and we … Read more

Most unexpected fuck

My wife pinky and i have been married for twenty years now and are in our forties. We are pUnjabis and you can guess the rest. We are quite open about sex and enjoy fucking like youngsters, Pinky is really sexy with perfect body. Boobs of 36, most fuckable ass and sexy curves. She is … Read more