Welcome Home

My mother had always been such a bitch, and now after a little Dakker was
born things have gotten much worse. It’s really no wonder daddy left her.
Hindsight is always 20/20, and now I see that I should’ve believed him.
It’s true that I’ve made some choices that I regret, but it certainly
shouldn’t be held against me to try to have a little fun in life.

Daddy left her a few years ago, after he found out about the other men, and
the money she stole for the drugs. I just couldn’t believe at the time,
that my mom could’ve done those things. After all what 13-year-old girl,
could ever see her mother in that light. It had been six months since my
baby boy came into this world. The asshole that knocked me up, left, just
as quickly as it came.

Three days ago, was my 16th birthday. Certainly not the kind that I had
envisioned. I just got home from the gym, and honestly was looking pretty
good considering I just had a baby six months ago. When I came through the
front door I found mom rummaging through my purse for cash. Dakker was
still in his crib crying, and here, my own mother was robbing me blind of
the very little money I had, to support her habit. I had, had enough! She
and I had a knock down drag out, and after bloodying my lip, she threw my
things out the door, and told me never to come back.

So, now, here I was, with a few bags in my hand and a baby on my hip, in
the pouring rain, standing on my father’s porch. I was still wearing the
things I had on from the gym, black leggings and a little white T-shirt
that rode up just enough to see my now flattening belly. I had Dakker
wrapped up tightly in a blanket to keep him from getting wet. I on the
other hand was a sight to behold, a looking like drenched, wet rat. I stood
there crying, as I pounded on the door hopefully. And why should he take me
back I thought to myself. I’ve been such a little brat, and now with a
baby. A hungry baby at that. He hadn’t had a chance to eat yet.

My breasts were aching, full with milk. I’d always been pretty skinny and
tall. About 5 foot nine, with long, wavy brown hair. I’ve always had a
decent body and pretty nice little tits., but weren’t so little anymore. I
hefted them slightly with my arm to alleviate the strain. If Dad wouldn’t
have me back, I just don’t know what I would do!

Just then the door opened, dad was in his comfies, and as he looked through
the screen door, he let out a surprised gasp. “Tracy!” He cried out.,”My
god what are you doing here! You’re soaking wet! Quick let’s get you and
the baby inside.”

I was still crying and babbling about how I was sorry and about how her mom
had finally kicked me out. I told him about the drugs, and how I should’ve
believed him. He quickly grabbed some towels, took my things, and begin
drying me off, all the time comforting me, and reassuring me that
everything would be OK.

“I’m so sorry!” I cried, “Don’t think any less of me, but I’ve got to feed
the baby. He hasn’t eaten for a while.”

“Oh of course,” dad said, “Poor little guy.” He quipped.

Well, he said I’ll leave you to it, my God, Tracy it sure is good to see
you. I sure have missed you.”

“Oh dad!” I wept, grabbing a hold of him and pressing him tight against me.
“It’s good to see you too! Oh dear!” I said “I’ve got you all wet. I’m so
sorry, but I really do have to feed Dakker.”

I sat down on the couch, with the baby and then began crying again. The
pump! i thought, I forgot that damn pump! It had been a very difficult
pregnancy, and I had, had an even more obstinate time figuring out the
lactation thing. After Dakker had been born, he showed absolutely no
interest in breast-feeding. The formula option, way too expensive. A friend
of the family had introduced me to an unorthodoxed, but very effective way
of getting things done. She called it “priming the pump”, and had given me
an old breast pump to get things started. This allowed the flow of milk to
begin, and the baby to become a little more interested in feeding. It had
worked like a charm!Almost instantly Dakker would latch on and go to work.
Unfortunately I had left that damn breast pump at my mothers. There was no
going back to get it now! In vein I tried to get Dakker to latch on, but it
was no use. And so, I sobbed even more hysterically….

My dad, by this time I peeled off his wet shirt, and hearing me cry, came
to my aid. “Tracy, baby, Tracy,” he said “What’s wrong, what’s got you so

Looking up, I noticed his incredibly strong muscles. With his shirt off
even now as a 36-year-old man, he could very easily have graced the covers
of GQ magazine. He was an incredibly handsome man, who stood about 6 foot
two and tanned, brown skin from having worked outside most of his life. I
stared, with my mouth open slight, and my eyes open wide. It had been a
while since I’ve seen a sexy man. Certainly not like that scrawny little
pencil dick, that had abandoned me and my child.

“Oh daddy,” I exclaimed, “It’s just that… “And then I begin to explain to
him between sobs and tears the dilemma that I found myself in.

“And now”, I continued “I have these massive boobs! I feel like they’re
going to explode if I don’t get some relief. And I oh, I’m so sorry…., I
didn’t mean to be crude, but honestly if I can’t get Dakker to eat, the
pain will be just unbearable!” And then I continue to cry and threw my head
and between my hands.

“Well,” he said “It sure does sound like we need to get you a new pump.
Uortunately the closest store is 50 miles away, and I’m pretty sure it’s
closed. Since it’s the weekend, we won’t be able to get you anything until
at least Monday. Small-town living, doesn’t always have all the perks.” He

“In the meantime,” dad said, “Let’s see if we can figure out something to
do. I sure don’t need you exploding all of my leather couches,” he laughed.
“To hear him, so accommodating about the situation brought a smile to my

“I honestly don’t know what to do,” I said “I’ve tried everything before.
It was mom‘s friend Mary Watkins who help me out in the first place.” Then
I told him about “priming the pump”, and how that seem to do the trick.

His eyebrows raised, as he said, “Mary Watkins huh…. That’s a name I
haven’t heard in a long time. She and your mom were pregnant at the same
time when she had you. Come to think of it,” he said “this all sounds a bit
familiar….” And then he chuckled nervously.

“What are you laughing at dad!” I asked. “What’s so funny?!” “Oh no..” he
replied, “that’s not a conversation I’m having with you!”

Now my curiosity had really peaked. “Oh come on dad!” I said “You can’t
just walk over here, make comments like that, and then laugh it up, when my
tits are about ready to erupt!” I said laughing. “Now fess up!” I demanded.

“Yeah well, still,” he said, “I don’t know if it would be an appropriate
conversation for me to be having with my little girl.” He said.

“Oh dad,” I retorted, “as you can see, I’m not so little anymore! I’m
pretty grown-up now that I’ve had a baby and all you know. And if it’ll
help me, I’d really like to know.”

“Well,” he continued, fidgeting around and looking down. “I have heard
that saying before you know. “Prime the pump.” In the same context that
you’re referring to.” He continued. “You see,” he said, “ you and Dakker
are not that much different. We had the same problem with you when you were
a brand new baby girl. Wouldn’t latch on for nothing. And well, as you
know, your mom and Mary, they were good friends. Mary told your mom the
exact same thing that you were just telling me now. Only problem is, that
back in those days we didn’t have a money for one of those new fancy
pumps.” “So,” he added, with another little chuckle, “we sort of just

“What do you mean, you improvised, “ I questioned, then it dawned on me
what he might be talking about. I’m sure my eyes must of gotten pretty big,
because as soon as I looked at him, he turned three different shades of
red and quickly looked away. “Oh,…” I said, “I see….”

As I looked in his direction, I also noticed a prominent bulge, now
protruding from his denim jeans. Was he really getting aroused talking
about all the stuff, I thought to myself? I smiled a bit, I hadn’t had sex
in ages. And here my dad was getting all worked up talking to his daughter
about boobs, and breast-feeding. If I was being honest myself, I had also
noticed a little dampness emanating from between my legs.

Looking down I realized, that Dakker had drifted off to sleep. Suddenly he
twisted a bit as he slept he kicked me really good in the tit. Wincing in
pain, I cradled my right breast, tucking it slightly underneath my arm.
“Holy shit that hurts!” I cried out.

And bringing myself back to reality, I realized that I was stuck in a very
difficult situation, that had no plausible, good outcome. I was really
crying pretty good, when I felt too strong hands gently and firmly grab a
hold of my shoulders.

“I’m so sorry baby.” my father said, “I sure wish there was something I
could do.”

“Don’t you see!” I yelled back at him now forgetting myself. “There is
something you can do!” I cried. “Oh God, dad!” I exclaimed, “I know it
would be really weird, and I can’t believe I’m even asking you this. But if
I don’t get some relief now,” I cried out, “you’re going to have to take me
to the hospital. And that’s over 300 miles away. I might just die in the

I mean I know you’re my dad at all!” I exclaimed, “but it’s the only thing
I can think of! “What I really you to do, is “prime the pump!”

“Jesus Tracy!” dad said, “That just wouldn’t be right. I mean I’m not
trying to make you feel bad, you’re a beautiful woman and all, but you’re
my daughter. Isn’t that kind a like incest?”

“Don’t think of it like that Dad.” I reasoned, “Really,it’s just more of a
medical thing. You’d be helping your daughter an awful lot….”

He fidget around, for a little while longer and then finally agreed to help
with the situation.

“Let me just lay Dakker down between these pillows,” I said “shouldn’t we
like, be lying on the bed or something? It seems like that would be more
comfortable.” I asked? He grumbled something under his breath and then
slowly we made our way down the hallway, into the master bedroom. There
wasn’t a whole lot in the way of feminine touch. I could tell that dad had
been living the bachelors life relatively comfortably. I threw the pillows
against the headboard and made myself comfortable as dad nervously situated
himself next to me.

“Not really sure, how you want me,” he said “so I’ll just let you tell me
what to do.” He laughed again.

“Yeah,” I said “that would probably be best. Just go really gentle first,”
I said “but really, I’m gonna need you to get a lot of milk out.”

With that, and pulling my T-shirt over my head, out flopped my heavy, milk
laden breasts. That was dad‘s eyes that got wide as saucers.

“Wow Tracy! Those are the most gorgeous tits I’ve ever seen. Oh I’m
sorry,” he said stammering, “I shouldn’t have said that, it’s just, that
it’s been a while.”

“It’s OK dad,” I said “I understand, they are pretty gorgeous though huh!”
And with that he lowered his head carefully and tenderly he wrapped his
lips around the areola and nipple of my right breast. Then I felt his mouth
sucking and I let out a deep sigh.

“Oh my God daddy! You don’t know what a relief that is!” I wheezed out. I
relaxed a bit, laying back into the mound of pillows, and let him go to
work. Instinctively he moved his hands, and wrapping them around my upper
torso and under my breasts he began to feed more aggressively. He was
bumbling around trying to situate himself in a comfortable position. I
could feel the rush of milk as it left my breasts and entered his mouth.
This was a completely different sensation that little Dakker. It felt good!
Real good!

“Oh God daddy! Yes!” I hissed. “That feels amazing!” I whispered, I pulled
his head closer, mashing his mouth against my wanting breast. Where there
once was a little dampness, now I could feel my young pussy completely
drenched with my juices. I could tell he was really getting into it now,
and shifting around to get more comfortable, he managed to find himself
lying between my now open legs. I could feel the hardness from his manhood,
the very manhood that had created me, as he sucked relentlessly now
switching to the left side. I let out a deep moan.

“Oh fuck! Yes!” I wailed, now losing virtually any sensibility. “Suck
your beautiful daughters tits!”

I could feel his dick throbbing between beneath the thin material of his
jeans. Tapping lightly but continuously on my now sensitive clit. He began
lightly rocking on his daughters covered pussy.

Stopping abruptly he pulled off and trying to sit up and gain his composure
he stammered out, “No, Tracy! We have to stop this! This has gone too far!
I can’t do this I’m your father!” “I don’t want you to resent me.”

“My God!, daddy if you stop right now,!” I squealed, “pulling him back
down, I just might die!”

“Are you sure,” he asked, “is this what you want?”

“Oh yes, oh god, yes daddy! I want this now more than ever before! I”

With one smooth motion, I tore off the leggings that I wore exposing my
young teenage cunt, which was now dripping. I was ready for his manhood. I
pawed feverishly, and clumsily managed to pull off his tight jeans. His
erection shot out it. It was a good size dick, about 6 to 7 inches.

“If you don’t get that thing in me right now,” I cried, “I don’t know what
I’ll do.”

“Tracy!” Dad marveled, “you are absolutely gorgeous, just amazing!”

And with that my daddy plunged his thick, fat cock deep in the folds of my
young cunt, and arching my back I screamed with pleasure.

“Oh God daddy! Oh god yes! Oh God daddy! Fuck me! Fuck me harder!” I

I pushed my body up to meet, each thrust. Our union felt completely
heavenly. With each penetration, milk shot out of my breasts saturating,
his chest and mine, as we continue to fuck. Like a pair of young lovers, we
continued at a maddening pace, exploring each other with passion.

“Get on your knees” Daddy commanded, “you delicious little bitch! I’m going
to go give it to you like you’ve never felt before!”

Rising to my knees, on all floors, I beckoned his gorgeous cock and with
one stroke he bottomed out deep into my love canal. His massive balls,
slapping against my mons. Arching my back and bending my knees, I fucked
back urgently, almost commanding him to take me for all that I was worth.

“Jesus! Tracy!” he grunted frantically, “I’m going to cum!”

“Oh yes daddy!” I whimpered, “Give it to me! Make me another baby! I need
it! Fuck your little girl!” I managed between gasps and moans. I could feel
the pressure building, mounting as I also began to approach my climax.
Suddenly, he grabbed hold of my hair, and yanking my head backwards, he
wrapped his free arm around my neck like a vice. Coughing and choking, I
could feel my breath leaving me, as I begin to moan, in the throes of a
very violent orgasm. My body shuddered, feeling like a charge of
electricity had just passed through me, and with one thrust and grunting
that sounded like a feral animal, Daddy pounded his seed, deep into my
willing cunt. Collapsing onto the bed we lay panting like like dogs who had
been locked up in a knot of love.

Just then, I heard the baby crying, and moving my messy hair aside, and
smiling my sweet daddy looked at me and simply said “Welcome home….”

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