Two sisters learn how food and liquor can light passion

My name is Maya and I am a twenty one year old country girl who prefers everything country but, I am also comfortable in formal settings as well. I am five foot six inches tall with long, thick, light brown hair. When I say long hair, I mean to my butt, long. I have thirty two D tits and a muscular body to carry them around. I work out everyday, several hours at a time so, I am toned with minimal body fat. I love to wear clothing that shows my body and if someone gets a special peek, I’m okay with that.

My sister, Cathy, and I are a lot alike in that we both take great care of ourselves. She, however, is a blonde and her tits are thirty two c I know this because when we lived at home, I would sometimes put on her bra and the fit was constraining. Otherwise, our bodies are pretty much the same, even if she is only one year older than me.

Cathy is a little bit more conservative with her clothing choices but she loved wearing sexy lingerie. The tinier the lingerie, the more she wants it. I, on the other hand, am always commando. I have to say, Cathy has some very sexy lingerie and if I had a favorite, it would be the white set that is so small, it covers almost nothing.

This past winter, Cathy bought an older home that had been renovated, inside and out. It was a gorgeous old home with large rooms, complete with a new central heat and air conditioning system. It had a large backyard and a six foot privacy fence accompanied with a few large trees around the perimeter that added privacy from the neighbors. The backyard, however, was mostly clear and the grass had been groomed professionally and looked like golf course turf.

Cathy had invited the family to spend a first Christmas at her new house so, our entire family spent a week breaking in her new home. Before the end of our stay, Cathy told me that I had to come back and spend some time with her. How could I resist an invitation to spend time with my older sister, letting her pamper me? We settled on me coming back as soon as it was warm enough to enjoy her backyard.

The seasons changed and it was time to return to sister’s house. I just got off the phone with Cathy and I was to fly tomorrow and she would pick me up at the airport. She was excited about my visit and I have to say, I was too.

As I entered the airport terminal from my two hour flight, I met Cathy and noticed she was sporting a slight tan. I said “looks like somebody is already using the backyard.”

“Yes, I tried it out a few times already and it is the best backyard for full body tanning” Cathy said as she looked down at her forearm and running her other hand up it as if inspecting it”. I stepped back from our hug to get a better look and found that her tanned legs disappeared inside a pair of blue denim short shorts. I was left wondering how full bodied her tan really was. Her slightly tanned torso was covered by a low cut, spaghetti-strapped, white top and no bra. Looking her body over, I noticed her nipples were hard and her cunt was well defined in the front of her shorts. She was also wearing cute flip-flops sporting a fresh pedicure.

I said “I have some catching up to do if I’m going to be as tanned as you” as I held my arm up next to Cathy’s to check the extent of the color differences. A small electric shock of excitement shot through me as we touched and it settled in my cunt. I have never felt that before but I liked it. Wait, what am I thinking, this is my sister!

“Let’s get your bags and get out of here. We have things to do” Cathy said as we walked towards baggage claim, arm in arm,

It took a short time to find my luggage and trek out to Cathy’s jeep. She had taken the soft top off to allow maximum sun exposure. The ride home was great, wind in our hair, sun warming us as she drove. Thank goodness I had put my hair up in a bun before we took off or it would have been a tangled mess. Before I knew it, we were sitting in her driveway. We took my luggage out of the jeep and into the house then, to the bedroom that would be mine for the next two weeks.

“Clean up, change clothes, and meet me in the living room and we will go get something to eat” Cathy said as she left, closing the bedroom door. I took my toiletries to the bathroom, stripped and entered the shower. After a quick shower, I got out, toweled off and did an inspection of my body. I couldn’t spend time with my sister, soaking up sun in her backyard if my body wasn’t ready.

I noticed that my cunt needed a quick shave as it had been about a week since I last shaved. I took out my razor and some cream specially formulated for shaving private body parts. I smiled when I read that on the can, like they couldn’t just say “cunt and dick shaving cream.” I guess that made sense that they didn’t do that but it made me smile either way.

I sprayed some cream in my hand rubbed it over my stubbly cunt. I felt that electric shock again and wondered “what is going on?” in my head. Putting it out of my thoughts for now, I shaved one lip of my cunt then turned my attention to the other lip and had to prop my leg up on the counter to get my taint. After shaving, I ran my hand over my cunt, leg still propped up, and felt the slick feel of my fresh shaved lips. A slight twinge shot through my body again and the feeling increased as one finger slipped in my wet cunt. It felt so good but I had to stop or we would never get yo eat. I took my finger out and sucked it clean quickly then wiped off any excess juices that may have leaked out and any excess shaving cream. I threw some short shorts on, a tee shirt without a bra then went to the living room.

When I walked into the living room, Cathy gave me another hug and lingered as our tits were held between us. I noticed her pushing her cunt towards me more than normal and I instantly wondered what was on her mind. Don’t get me wrong, I totally enjoyed it all. I pushed back, slightly so as not to be obvious and possibly offend her. Cathy lowered one of her hands on my back to my lower back and I felt pressure from her hand as she pulled me closer.

My mind went into overdrive imagining being naked with my sister, sucking her tits and fingering her pussy. I imagined moving down to her pussy, it being shaved like mine as I tongue fucked her to a massive orgasm. Stop! What was I thinking!. This is my sister, I shouldn’t be thinking this but, it was a pretty hot image and I felt my pussy getting a little wet. I broke our hug in fear I would act on my naughty thoughts. “I’m famished, let’s get going” I said.

Cathy looked at me with what I thought was a lusty expression then said “okay but I want more hugs like that later. It was kind of sexy and hot. Don’t you think?”

I smiled saying “yea it was” and opened the front door to walk out. Cathy patted me on the butt as I walked out, causing me to look back and smile. I pulled my hair out of the bun I had put it in earlier and shook it out as my long hair fell past my shoulders as I hopped into the jeep.

Cathy commented “glad you took your hair down. It’s much prettier down even if it covers your sexy neck.”

I looked at her and said “thanks sis, you look pretty hot too.” I put my hand on her thigh and locked eyes with her as she started the engine. I leaned toward her as she met me half way and our lips met in a kiss that felt like more than just a sister kiss. We lingered in our kiss for several seconds before I panicked and pulled away. While there was no tongue, I felt that shock again and my pussy got a little wetter. I hoped my wetness would not show as I was commando so the extra layer of wetness protection didn’t exist.

Cathy sat back up, looked over her shoulder, and backed out of the driveway. We drove to a Mexican restaurant close to her neighborhood that she liked. I love Mexican food so I was looking forward to this meal. We ate a great meal with frozen margaritas that were pretty potent. After the second one, I was a bit tipsy and my inhibitions were lessening. Cathy held her liquor better than me and she appeared to be sober still.

As we sat in the booth, I leaned towards Cathy across the table and said “by the way, that kiss in the jeep was hot” then I winked at her. I really wanted to kiss her again and put my tongue to her sweet mouth.

Cathy slipped out of her side of the booth and moved to my side. I moved over to give her room to sit with me as we continued talking and drinking. “Let’s try that kiss again then.”

She leaned in to me and I met her lips as we kissed again. Much to my surprise and excitement, she slipped her tongue through my lips and my tongue met hers as we kissed more passionately. She put her left hand on my cheek as we kissed and I raised my right hand to her tit. She inhaled quickly as my hand touched her nipple and her hand on my cheek moved to the back of my head as she pulled me closer.

I squeezed her nipple between my fingers as I tightened my hold on her tit. She let out a soft moan in my mouth and our tongues continued to dance. Cathy moved her hand from behind my head down to my tit. I inhaled deeply as the her touch reached my inner most being. My pussy got wetter than it was earlier and I knew it had to be evident at this point on my shorts. My nose caught the smell of my juices so I knew Cathy must be able to smell me.

She broke our kiss but we kept caressing each other’s tit as we leaned in forehead to forehead. “Fuck Maya, your so fucking hot and sexy. Let’s get out of here before I do all kinds of naughty things to you in this booth.” Her hand released my tit and dropped to my shorts. Her eyes lit up as her fingers found the wet spot now on my shorts. “Damn, you’re as wet as I am” she said as she pulled her hand to her nose and inhaled. “Mmm, you smell good enough to eat” then put her fingers in her mouth and drew them out slowly sucking on them.

“Go, now” was all I could get out of my mouth as my brain was in sexual overstimulation. I had to get out of there before a raped my sister right there. With the alcohol and my sister’s hands and tongue taking over mr, I had to get to a more private setting so I could respond like I wanted to.

We had paid our ticket already so we just got up from our booth and walked hurriedly out of the restaurant and hopped in the jeep. In the Jerome I put my hand in Cathy’s lap next to her shorts covered pussy. My left hand snuggled next to her pussy and she reacted by spreading her legs for a better fit. I readjusted my hand so that two fingers were directly on her wet spot.

She drove like a mad woman back home as the sexual tension continued to rise. Slamming her brakes on in the driveway, we scrambled out of the jeep and met at the front door. Once inside, Cathy pushed my against the wall and we kissed like never before as my shirt was pulled over my head. It fell to the floor as Cathy moved both hands to my tits and groped them as she squeezed my nipples between her fingers.

I reached around her and pulled her top up. She broke our kiss long enough to let her top go over her head. She returned to our kiss as she pressed her body against mine, tit for tit she pressed against me as I was pinned against the wall. Her hands moved to the buttons on my shorts and, with a few twists, my shorts were open and her hand was down the front. I felt a finger enter me and I broke our kiss as I looked up towards the ceiling and let out a “fuck, yes, that’s good.”

Cathy took her other hand and tried to pull my shorts down but had to remove her inserted finger to grab the opposite side of my shorts to pull them to the floor. Cathy’s face traveled down my body as she pushed my shorts to the floor and as she came back up my body, she paused at my pussy and gently licked my slit before moving further up my body. My tingle returned with that lick only to have it continue as she moved her mouth to my tits and sucked one nipple then the other.

I moaned while looking at the ceiling and my hands were lost in the thick locks of my sister’s hair. I was pulling her face into my tits more as she feasted on my nipples. My knees were weak at this point and I started to buckle as I felt my orgasm building.

Cathy broke her feast on my tits and backed away from me long enough to pull her shorts off, leaving my favorite white thong of hers on. Then she took me by the hand as we walked to her bedroom. Entering her room, we walked over to her bed where we both climbed to the center. I laid on my back and Cathy crawled up my body to find my waiting mouth. She laid on me as our mouths joined in unison again.

I reached around her and grabbed her ass with both hands, squeezing her cheeks hard and pulling her to me. Her thong touched my sopping pussy and I thought I would cum right there. My thumbs moved to the strings on either side of the thong, pulling them towards her feet. She raised up as if willing for them to be gone and raised a knee so I could pull the string down further. Then her other knee raised up so the string could go down, totally removing the thong.

Again I pulled her ass with my hands only this time, my crotch met Cathy’s and we began humping each other, the sensation was mind blowing. I spread my legs and Cathy pulled my knees up so we had a better angle for rubbing our pussies together, it was obvious she has done this before. We kissed as we tried to tried to grind our pussies into one.

I was very close to cumming so I told Cathy only for her to say ” good, because I’m about to cum also.” I picked up the pace of my humping so that we could cum together. I felt my orgasm building as was Cathy’s and as she climaxed, she began to call my name.

“Maya, yes, MAya, make me cum. Make sister cum!” She shouted as she took my head and raised it to her tits. “Suck my tits, bite my nipples!” Without hesitation, I obeyed her commands and sucked on her tits and lightly bit her nipples. This took her over the edge as she began to cum and her excitement took over me and I began to cum. We managed to hump clit to clit which caused both of us to gave multiple orgasms.

Cathy moved off of me and swung around so that we were in a sixty nine position. “Ready for some dessert?” she asked as she lowered herself down on me. I felt her mouth cover my pussy lips and her tongue enter my wet hole. She has definitely done this before. I’ve never eaten pussy before but I have sucked my own fingers after my masturbation sessions back home. Her pussy was only inches from my mouth so I stuck my tongue out and licked her slit. She tasted really good so I lifted my head off the bed and kissed her pussy. I followed that with a lick into her slit.

Cathy thrust her hips into my face as my tongue crossed her clit. I was lost in the building climax within and the new tastes of pussy, which I loved. I ate my sister until she began thrusting her hips into my face and tried smother me as she started to cum. I pushed my hips in the same manner as I felt another orgasm building. When Cathy came, juice seemed to pour out of her pussy and I did my best to eat it all. When I came, Cathy ate every last drop. As our climaxes began to subside, Cathy rolled off me and we fell to sleep.

I can only imagine what the rest of my visit holds. I know one thing, it will be epic.


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