Trip to shimla,part-05

Hi readers,
My Shimla trip with my mom Nancy as well as sister comes to an end as we three enjoyed there for 4 days and now we are going back to our home as we three have hired a cab for Kalka (Prev story Trip to Shimla part 4) ,we have to board a train there for durgapur.its a hilly mountains area as cab is moving smoothly ,while sitting on front seat ,I can see nature’s paradise also but a whole night journey will not be pleasurable as I come to know from my mom as well as sister that their menustral cycle have started .

Anyhow we reached Kalka at 09:00 pm as our train for durgapur is at 11:55 pm and we three are in waiting room as my mom and sister have their dinner in a railway food plaza .now I took my bag as I opened it and took out a beer of cane from it secretly as I put it in my pocket and moved out of waiting I am looking for a deserted place as I moved to an end of platform ,I can see place safe and I took it out of my pocket as I drink it fastly and than came back outside of Kalka junction to smoke a cigarette.

I came back to my mom as well as sister after an hour as they both are sitting on chair and than I took out my Bermuda as well as towel and changed my clothes I am going to have a bath in public washroom as I moved inside it’s lobby ,I can see a matured lady coming out of it as I moved inside and took bath .now I am in Bermuda as well as t’shirt and while sitting on chair I am looking at the watch of waiting room.its 11:15 as I moved to food plaza and have a light dinner ,coming back to my mom as well as sister ,I ask them to leave the waiting hall as train is coming on I hired a coolie for luggage and than we are on platform as train will arrive soon.we are well exhausted and than we boarded our coach as coolie put luggage inside our coup and after some time ,mom and sister put their berth on place as I am sitting on a lower I can see co-passenger as she is looking at me ,she sits near me as I can recognise him ,I have seen near public washroom.she is nice looking as her dress is traditional, wearing a light brown saree with sleeveless blouse and she is sitting near me on berth .now I started putting bedsheet on my upper berth as she is putting her berth in place ,now she leaned down to put bedsheet on it as my eyes are on her big boobs .now I moved to my upper berth and slept on it,my dirty mind is on co-passenger as she is a hot lady in her mid thirties and I am waiting for something special but who will incite for sex ? ,Me or that stranger lady…….train started moving as we slept and I have put my curtains down …….it’s a peaceful coup as we all four are sleeping on our berths.I wake up after 3 hours of sleep as I walked to washroom and after urinating took refreshment.coming back inside coup ,I can see that lady(co-passenger)sitting on berth as I entered in coup ,she said……

“you young guy ,I am going to washroom ,so sit here to look after my luggage.”

And I sit on her lower berth as she is walking out of coup ,I am waiting for him and she came after some time.while sitting near me ,she asked…….”you all are family members
(Rajeev)yes ,my mom and my sister
(Lady)what’s your name ?
(Rajeev)Rajeev ,doing from a engineering college in Durgapur .”

As she moved closer to me,looking gorgeous in her saree as well as backlash and sleeveless blouse ,I wake up to move to my upper berth as she hold my wrist tightly ……..

“Rajeev ,sit here as I want to talk with you.”

And I sits near him as we are sitting too close,now she pulled down the curtain as she hold me in her I can feel her left boobs on my chest as she hold my neck and started kissing I am rubbing her back as I put my legs straight on berth ,she sits on my lap as her legs are straight and our waist is touching each other’s.she is kissing my lips as I pulled down her saree from her chest and I took her lips in my mouth as I am sucking it wildly but she pushed her tongue in my mouth as I started sucking it while my hand is rubbing her back.I can feel lashes on her back as I am sucking her tongue and she is rubbing my back.later on ,she pushed my face as she slept on berth and now I hold her breast hardly as I am pressing it hard on her blouse.she is screaming

“aahh uummm ”

as I turned him and opened the lashes of blouse ,now she took it out from her chest as in dim light ,I can see her big boobs caged in a pink brassier.I am on her top as I am kissing her boobs and that lady ,removed her brassier to make her boobs while holding her soft boobs ,I took it in my mouth as I am sucking it while pressing her other penis is rock hard in my Bermuda as it’s toching her waistline and she is screaming……

“oohh Rajiv suck my breast hard .”

And I took her other breast in my mouth to suck as my hand is pressing her other ones.we are too hot as well as horny and now I left her top as I am sitting on her legs ,now my hand is lifting her saree as well as peticote.its on her waist ,as her lower parts are nude ,she stretched her legs wide and now I put a pillow under her ass.looking at him ,I leaned my face in between her thighs as I started kissing her labias.Her hand is on my hairs as I kissed her labias and in a dim light ,I can see her vaginal portion clean hot lady have put her fingers on her vagina as its hole is open and I am licking her cunt with my tongue as she is screaming in pleasure…….

“oohh aahh nice lick it fast.”

And my tongue is rolling inside her vagina as my hand is on her breast and I licked her cunt till she shouted…….

“suck my vagina aahh.”

And I took her vagina in my mouth to suck, natural odour is coming out of it as I sucked it till she pushed my face .it’s an early morning sex at 03:30 am as kamshastra also describes physical love in the early morning and now I am kissing her thighs to legs but she is too hot to get fucked but who will suck my cock ?,that lady is now sitting on berth as her upper portion is nude and she ask me to put her bag on berth as I did it ,she opened the bag and took out her night I started removing her saree as well as peticote from her waist and she is a shameless I am lying on berth as she is complete nude with her gawn on berth ,now she pulled down my Bermuda as her hand have hold my penis tightly and she took it in her mouth as she is sucking it hand is massaging her boobs as she is sucking my cock fast but after some time ,she left it and now it’s time to fuck her………she knelt on berth as I am sitting behind her sexy ass ,I put my penis in her cunt as it’s wet and started pushing it in her vagina.

My penis is inside her vagina as I hold her waist and started fucking her ,it’s a nice hot morning as she is moving her ass fast and my penis is hitting her vaginal walls rather than vaginal depth.I am fucking her with speed as well as power as she is screaming…….

“oohh aahh you are good in fucking ,fuck me fast .”

And my penis is on her smoother path as I am going hard while my hand have hold her boobs to massage.she is swinging her ass as our waistline is hitting each others and after 10 minutes of fuck ,I poured sperms in her vagina as our sex journey ends.

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