The Adventures Of Carly, Part 3

The Adventures Of Carly, Pt. 3
By August
Here is the third part of my story, the sexual history of Carly, part 1 and part 2

Carolyn, my Baby Boomer mom just stared at us, for what seemed like an eternity. She was wearing an old white bathrobe that night. We girls were a little embarrassed, but still high from the enormous cumming we just experienced.

She finally got out the words. “What. What is happening here?” I said, “I’m sorry mom. Were we too loud?” “Well, kinda. It’s just. Were you two doing something, I mean…”

I responded, “Yeah mom. We were fucking.” She suddenly got mad. “Don’t say that word! I should slap you for that!” Sally said, “I’m sorry Mrs. Rabinowitz. It’s just, we were having so much fun.”

“Yeah mom,” I said. “Haven’t you ever been with a girl?” She looked at me. “Well, yes, but…” I was actually shocked! My own mother liked pussy too! I wondered if it was Ms. Johnston. I knew they had met at parent teacher conferences.

“But Carly, Sally,” she continued, “I am a grown woman. You two are young girls.” “I know,” I said. “It just happened. I’m sorry.” I knew she would be so shocked if she ever found out I fucked Aaron too.

Then I got the nerve to ask her. “Mom,” I said. “You can always join us.” “What!” she exclaimed. “What the fuhhh, heck are you talking about?” I thought it was funny that she stopped herself from saying the F word. I mean, I heard her say it when she was driving me before.

Then I knew what I had to do. I walked up to her, and kissed her. It wasn’t a mother daughter kiss, but a deep tongue kiss. She was hesitant at first, but then returned it. I opened her robe. Her adult tits were so nice, about a C cup, with big nipples. I started sucking on her right nipple, just like I did when I was a baby. She moaned a bit. Then Sally walked up, and sucked on her left one.

I stuck my right pointer finger in her hairy pussy, and finger fucked her. Then, I kneeled down and started eating her out. I could tell she had just been to the bathroom, since I detected the piss taste I love so much. Sally got behind her and started eating her ass out. Then she moaned really loudly. Then we switched. My mom’s ass tasted really good.

Then I noticed Aaron was in the doorway, watching us. He didn’t seem too shocked, after what he and I had done the other day. “Oh hi Aaron,” I said with a smile. My mom looked over and smiled at him too, a little awkwardly. Then I decided to say, “You want to join us too?”

He didn’t have to be asked twice. He tore off his t-shirt, jeans and underwear as quickly as he could. I noticed his cock was way hard already. While we girls went back to eating out my mom, he walked up to her.

“Oh Aaron,” she said. “I don’t know. Maybe we should all stop. Then again, you do have a nice big cock. It grew really nicely, honey.” She reached out to touch it. Then she took it in her mouth, and started sucking.

He closed his eyes, and said, “Oh fuck mom. You give a great blow job. The best I’ve ever had.” “Hey!” I yelled, in mock disgust. “Wasn’t I good too?” She responded, “Honey, I’ve had years of practice.” So I joined her in sucking his cock. He was in heaven. I saw fluids dripping from her cunt.

Then my mom went over to my dresser, and put her hands on it, sticking her ass out. Aaron knew exactly what to do. He stuck his cock into her wet pussy, the second one of his young life. “Ooooh Aaron,” she said, “Fuck your mommy.” I masturbated at the sight. Then Sally and I started making out while watching this.

After about five minutes of this, my mom said to him, “Now Aaron. There’s something else I want you to try.” “What mom?” he asked. “I want you to fuck me in the ass.” “Um, okay.” So he pulled out, and stuck it in her ass. I saw a look of ecstasy in her eyes.

Once again, he didn’t last long. He exclaimed, “Oh mom, I’m gonna cum!” He pulled out of her, and we all got in front of him. He spewed on all of our faces. Then we started making out with each other, tasting his cum, and mom’s pussy and ass.

Then we heard a car pull up the driveway. It was my 16 year old sister Rachel, home from a date. My mom said, “Oh shit!,” and grabbed her robe. “Quickly, get dressed!” she ordered us. We did. Rachel was very religious, and mom thought she couldn’t possibly understand what we just did.

Or so she thought…

Part 4 is cumming! You can write to August at [email protected]

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